A/N 1: This #CastleFicathon story is over two years in the making! This 'The Limey' fic was begun in March 2018 in response to a prompt from acertainzest, (who probably doesn't remember) based on a Castle Quote of the Day that I post on Twitter. The quote was "The guy is crazy about you, and despite your little act…" and the prompt was; "Just before this conversation Lanie dials Castle's number (either deliberately or accidentally) so he overhears the whole thing."

Then that year went to hell for me personally, and I had a hard time writing anything, so this got put sort of on the back burner – always there, but… Then when I got back into it I decided I wanted to finish it before posting it. That hasn't happened, but I have hit 25,000 words, so I've hit the mini ficathon mark and I'm well on my way to getting it done. I'm hoping to post weekly on Saturdays.

This story will have quite a bit of dialogue from the episode – all credit goes to the writers. Also shout out to the Dustjackets wiki; an invaluable resource!

I hope you enjoy!

Butt Dial


It was loud.

Lights were flashing, people were squealing in excitement, and the constant jangling noises were giving Richard Castle a massive headache.

It almost made him wish he'd stayed home. What he wouldn't give to be drowning his sorrows in his office at the Old Haunt instead of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

But then – at the same time – the bustle was welcome. There was a certain anonymity in large crowds, an anonymity that could be annoying if he wanted to be seen; but appreciated when he didn't.

He toyed with his still-full third glass of scotch and soda, dipping his finger lightly over the liquid. He'd come to the bar immediately after checking in and had been here ever since. He hadn't even been up to his room.

'Kinda dumb, Castle,' he thought, glancing down at the small carry-on bag at his feet. He should have taken it up, but he knew he'd just raid the mini bar – and he didn't want to drink completely alone.

Castle's flight had been relatively uneventful. He'd spent most of the flight conversing with an attractive flight attendant named Jacinda. She told him she'd be in Vegas for a couple of days and hinted that she wouldn't mind seeing him again. Four years ago, he would have jumped at the chance to invite her for a drink at the hotel – and maybe more. Then again, four years ago he wouldn't have felt like Jacinda was a rebound.

There was no spark anyway. Jacinda was an intelligent, well-spoken woman, but…

She wasn't Kate.

The electronic clamor of the slot machines suddenly became too much. Castle downed the rest of his drink quickly, annoyed at himself. He'd sworn he wouldn't think about the cop who left him weak at the knees. She didn't want him. The scene he'd watched in Observation made it perfectly clear. He grabbed his bag and downed his drink.

Time to head up to his room and sleep off this funk. He'd have fun tomorrow. He'd make sure of it.


Half an hour later Castle stepped out of the hotel room shower to hear his phone ringing. He had texted Alexis after he landed and thought she might be calling to ask what the hell he was doing in Las Vegas of all places; but he was surprised to see Lanie Parish's name on the caller ID.

He ran his fingers through his not quite dried hair and breathed a deep sigh.

"Hey Lanie, what's up?" he answered the call. He didn't sound particularly enthusiastic, but then – he wasn't. Lanie didn't answer him; instead he heard her voice talking to someone else.

'Oh, great,' he thought. "Butt dial.'

He pulled the phone from his ear intending to hang up but caught some of what Lanie was saying.

"What do you think? The guy is crazy about you. And despite your little act, you're crazy about him."

A slight pause.

"Oh, what? Was that supposed to be some big secret?"

Another voice. Another familiar voice.





"Do you think he knows?"

Castle nearly swallowed his teeth. Lanie was talking to Kate and had butt dialed him. Were they talking about him? Probably not – 'she doesn't care remember?' But either way, there was no way he was hanging up now.

A/N 2: Short beginning, but I hope your interest is piqued. I'd love to hear your thoughts!