A/N LadyVader23's story called the Dad Vader Chronicles inspired me, those stories are really good. Basically I thrive off of Dad Vader and Imperial Luke, I would love to hear what you guys think and if you have any suggestions for this AU. This particular story is inspired by a childhood injury I got, I really like how open ended this is. Thank you for reading!

In this Luke is 5

The Emperor held an annual ball in the Empires honor, or more so, in his honor. The Emperor's Ball was long, boring and full of petty politicians and annoying public officials. This was definitely not a place for a small child, whether people brought their children or not.

Luke, he was sure would not enjoy the party. Luke was a 5 year old, there would be nothing for him to do other than clutch to his side. There may be some children there, come to think of it, last year people did start to bring their children.

Vader had never brought Luke, Luke was a baby when the Emperor started the Ball. But the Emperor has requested for Luke to attend this one, Vader thought perhaps it was a tactic to make friends with a new system that joined the Empire. They had small children too, or perhaps it was to finally have the Imperial Prince make an appearance at an Imperial event.

Vader checked the chronometer, it was time to leave, he stalked over to Lukes bedroom. He saw his son playing with the cape attached to his outfit.

"What are you doing?" Vader folded his arms. Luke looked up at him and smiled.

"Father! Look at my cape!" Luke celebrated by flapping his cape some more. "It's kind of like yours!"

"Yes it is, my son." Luke walked towards him.

"Are we leaving now?! What's the party like!?" He was practically jumping with excitement.

"Yes we are leaving now." Vader turned to leave, he didn't want to tell his son it would be boring. But he wasn't going to lie, he had always wanted to go with his father. Luke had taken the end of Vader's cape and trailed behind him, he had started doing this recently.

"Is there gonna be music? Is there gonna be dancing?" Luke continued to ask what would happen at the party, he even asked if it was actually a costume party. How in the galaxy did he get so excited for this?

"This is going to be the best party ever!" Luke cheered.

They arrived on the landing pad in front of the Palace, Luke jumped out of the speeder. They saw several other speeders land with people coming out, Vader recognized them as Senators and Generals. Luke looked at them in amazement "Look at all those people!"

Vader inwardly sighed as he and Luke made their way through the palace, Luke stuck close to his father and held onto his cape. Though he looked around in amazement, the palace was elegant, glossy stone flooring, chandeliers, the Emperor only wanted the finest possessions.

"Hello!" Luke began to greet as many people as he could as they passed them, Luke gave them a wave, his smile was bright. People who noticed gave him a smile back, though some were nervous around Vader. They entered the Emperor's large throne room, the Emperor of course was sitting on his throne. Looking over all of his guests, his smile grew at the sight of Vader.

Vader moved to stand in front of Luke as the Emperor moved swiftly over to them. "Lord Vader!" He clapped his hands together, "I am glad you are here, my apprentice."

"It is an honor." Vader bowed, Sidious moved his head around Vader and saw Luke, he felt Luke's fear slightly spike in the force. He was always scared of Sidious.

"Ah, I see your offspring is here." he purred as he moved to get a more clear view of Luke. "And how are you this evening, young Skywalker?" Luke was silent for a moment, then did a small bow.

"I am doing good, your highness." His voice was small, Vader was relieved Luke remembered his manners.

"I hope to see you at more Imperial events, young Skywalker."

Luke nodded, Sidious looked back to face Vader. "He should become more involved, if his future is to be part of the Empire." Vader thought that was absurd, he was 5, involved in what? But, obviously he wasn't going to say that.

"I agree."

"I must return to my guests Lord Vader, enjoy the ball." He said with a menacing chuckle, he was well aware Vader hated public events. The Emperor moved away from the two, Vader relaxed, he wasn't even aware how tense he was.

He felt a tug on his cape, he looked down at Luke. "So what are we gonna do now? Are there games!?"

Maybe he should have expressed to his son that these events were not like birthday parties, these were terribly boring. His son looked up at him expectantly. "I have to talk with adults, we can go and find children your age if you would like."

Luke looked around the room hesitantly, it was crowded and saw mostly adults chatting with each other holding drinks. There had to be a place people dropped off their kids, then as if on cue, a nanny droid walked up to them.

"Would you like me to bring this child to the kids room?" The droid beeped.

"Yes, direct us to the room." He was going to make sure Luke got there safely, not leave him alone with some droid. Luke hopped excitedly behind the droid as it led them to a kids room.

"Here it is, I can assure you your child will be safe in here." The droid told Vader, Luke and Vader walked in the room. It was once loud with laughter and chatter from the kids, when Vader walked in all the kids gasped at him. It was silent, Luke backed up nervously into Vader's leg at everyone's gaze.

"Perhaps I should leave." Vader said, the room remained silent. The kids stared at him, wide eyed like prey. Luke was still close to Vader, clinging to his cape. "You must let go, my son."

"I am scared." He whispered, the kids in the room slowly started to go back to what they were doing, but they kept glancing back. Some never stopped staring at Vader though. "Can't I stay with you?" Luke pleaded.

"You would be terribly bored, you will be more entertained here Luke."

"They were all looking at us…"

"Not at you, but at me. You have nothing to fear."

Luke took a deep breath, stepped away and looked up at Vader. He looked nervous, Vader ruffled his hair which seemed to bring a smile on his face. "Bye bye." Luke smiled with a wave and walked into the room.

He walked back out to the ball, people parted like water as he came through. He was sure a few senators would muster up the courage to speak with him, this was going to be a long party.

The night passed, he had ended up spending most of his time with his master. He was glad the ball was running to a close, he could finally take Luke and leave this place. Several times during the party he brushed against Lukes force signature, making sure he was alright.

Everything seemed fine for a while, the party seemed to be proceeding as normal.


The ball room went silent except for a few murmurs and whispers, there was a crash. After nothing further happened, everyone slowly went back to chatting like nothing happened. Vader did not ignore it though, he swiftly made his way through the crowd to see what happened.

Perhaps it was a Rebel attack, though the Rebellion was too small to attack the center of the Empire. Though, no one ever said the Rebels were smart, they could be foolish enough for such an attempt. After he left the main ballroom and entered the hall, he saw a group of children crowded around something.

The kids looked up at Vader and gasped, they moved aside to reveal what they were fixated on. He saw his son trying to stand, he leaned against the door frame to the children's room, Luke blinked his eyes weakly.

"What happened!" Vader demanded, "Why was there a large crash?"

Luke rubbed the back of his head, "Well, I was running out of the room to come find you...But I slipped on some ice and fell." Vader was relieved to hear his son didn't get into any trouble at least or break anything from the palace.

"Are you alright?" He stepped closer to Luke, who still seemed pretty woozy, he wondered how hard he hit his head. Children were clumsy after all.

"Yeah.." Luke still rubbed the back of his head, "My head just hurts." Luke pulled his hand from the back of his head, his hand was covered in blood. Luke's eyes grew wide and tearful, Vader felt his heart drop to his stomach.

With a flash Vader swooped Luke up and headed for the exit quickly.

Was he going to die?

He was too young for this, too innocent.

Luke had tears running down his face, "Am I going to be okay?" He whimpered, maybe he was scared of his father's reaction.

" Yes! " Vader insisted as they made their way to the speeder, he put Luke down on the seat right next to the drivers side, Lukes hair began to gather blood. Vader grabbed a handful of his cape and pressed it on Lukes head.

"Hold this in place!" He directed Luke, Luke moved his small hand over and was looking around nervously. They entered Coruscants speeder traffic, he sped through not following any of the flying laws.

"Are you speeding?" Luke asked, his voice was weak. His son was concerned with speeder traffic laws!?

He didn't answer his son, he felt no words come to him. 'Get him to a medcenter' played over and over in his head. Thankfully, they made their way to the medcenter quickly and landed on a landing pad. He quickly got out and picked up Luke, he then pressed Lukes small cape on his head and he rushed into the building.

"My cape.." Luke cried, tears still streamed down his face. His presence silenced the waiting room, he walked up to the reception droid.

"I need a doctor right now, I will not wait." Before the droid responded, a doctor rushed into the reception room.

"L-Lord Vader." He blinked quickly.

"Mend my son immediately." Luke's hair began to drip, the doctor nodded quickly and motioned for a nurse to bring a gurney.

"Father, I am scared…" He clung to Vader's cape, the doctor brought over a gurney, Vader laid him down gently. Luke held onto his cape,

"It will be alright, my son." He sent through their bond.

Luke looked at him nervously, Vader sent ease through their bond, relaxing Luke. The doctors rushed him back, Vader clenched his fists tightly, he wouldn't lose Luke, he can't.

An hour passed, but not for a second did Vader stop pacing the waiting room. The people in the waiting room eyed in fearfully the whole time, he did not care. The doctor eventually came out, Vader stormed to him.

"How is my son!?" Vader had lost his patience soon after the doctors took Luke away, he had to know if his son was alright.

"Y-yes he is, it was only a scratch, his head is wrapped up. You will just need to change the bandage tomorrow. Cuts in the head tend to bleed a lot more than other parts of the body. He is good to leave now"

He will be alright, everything he worried about dissipated away. "Take me to him."

"Right away, my Lord." The doctor led Vader back behind the Emergency Room doors, down the hall and eventually stopped in front of a room. Vader entered and saw Luke sat on a bed, his head wrapped in a white bandage. His hair stuck out around the top, he looked at Vader and smiled.

"Luke." He breathed as he moved to his side.

"You were right, everything is alright!" Luke cheered while he held a lollipop. "I am sorry if I messed up the party.." he suddenly looked sad.

"You did not mess up the party Luke, you do not need to be sorry." Vader paused, "I am just relieved you are alright."

"Can we go home please?" He shifted anxiously in the bed.

"Yes, we may go."

Luke crawled out of his bed, he almost lost his balance but quickly recovered. Luke grabbed onto Vader's cape and followed Vader out of the hospital.

"Well that wasn't as fun as I thought it was gonna be but I made a lot of friends and played games.." Luke continued to tell Vader all about his evening on the way back to their home, Luke could chatter for hours and Vader could listen to him the whole time.