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Luke shuffled through his closet looking for something to wear at the Emperor's Ball, an annual event in the celebration of the oh so great Emperor. He pulled out a sleek black outfit from his closet and quickly put it on. He sighed as he looked in the mirror, it was going to be like any other Imperial Event, boring. His bedroom door swooshed open and saw his father come into the room.

"Hows the 'fit?" Luke asked with a smile as he pulled on his tunic to show off his fancy outfit.

"Fit?" His father asked as he crossed his arms.

"Yeah, its short for outfit." Luke replied, his father sighed and walked up to him and adjusted his collar and straightened his hair.

"Your outfit is fine, your hair on the other hand..." His father said, Luke sighed. He couldn't help his hair just magically went all over the place. "We must leave now if we wish to be there on time." Luke nodded and they both walked out of his room and toward the turbo-lift.

"How long will we have to be there?" Luke asked, readjusting his collar.

"Until the Emperor says we can leave." He heard his father's disappointment in his voice, "But I believe he will only want us there for a few hours." Luke shivered at the mention of that old man, Luke hated him and so did his father.

The lift doors opened to the hangar, a line up of stormtroopers led the way to the ramp of the shuttle. His father strode ahead of him, Luke close behind. In these moments where his father was walking ahead of him, he always was reminded how short he was. He was just under his father's chest, Luke shoved his hands in his pockets as they walked up the ramp. They walked into the cockpit, Luke sat in the co-pilot's seat and his father lifted the shuttle.

"I hope I don't fall asleep at this one." Luke sighed as the shuttle flew towards the Imperial Palace. He felt amusement from his father through their bond.

"If it is like any other event, I am sure you will." His father replied, Luke shrugged. He usually fell asleep due to how boring it was, he would always wake up slightly embarrassed. Luke looked out the transparisteel viewport over the city, the sun was setting. The city glowed, the lights reflected on the viewport. Luke watched the passing buildings wishing the event would just be canceled. As they flew over the city, Luke caught a glimpse of his school down below then remembered the event at his school that was coming up. The dance, Luke thought it looked like fun based on the flyers passed around the school but figured it would be like any other school event. Heavily monitored by adults with an Imperial theme, still, it was the first school dance of the year at his high school and he wanted to go. There was a lot of pressure for people to get dates, an idea that stressed Luke out considerably. Luke found the belief that boys had to ask incredibly unfair and was a sure way to lead to embarrassment.

The shuttle landed on the landing pads outside of the palace, Luke followed his father off the shuttle. The press was always outside with their cameras waiting to see who would come to the Ball. His father lifted his hand and crushed their cameras as they passed, his father did his best to keep Luke out of the public eye. Luke laughed softly as the press audibly complained about the broken equipment. They walked into the palace, music from the ballroom played in the distance. High Imperials sat out in the hall chatting with each other, drinking from their glasses.

Luke followed his father down the hall and looked around, Luke let out a weary breath as they entered the ballroom. Luke knew he had to speak with the Emperor first before doing anything. As they neared the Emperor his yellow eyes darted over to Luke, a small smile grew on his wrinkled face. Not a warm and welcoming one, but one that sent chills down Luke's spine. His father bowed towards the Emperor.

"Lord Vader and his offspring." The Emperor laughed, Luke squeezed his hands into fists and opened them as his nerves grew.

"Good Evening, my master." His father replied, the Emperor turned his attention to Luke.

"Hello, young Skywalker." The Emperor said slowly, "Enjoying the party?" Luke held his face straight but rolled his eyes internally. He had just gotten here, but Luke kept his annoyances to himself and bowed towards the Emperor.

"Yes I am, your highness." Luke didn't know where to look when he looked at the Emperor, he usually looked anywhere but the eyes.

"It is wonderful to see you at Imperial Events, young Skywalker." The Emperor smiled, "You may go, young Skywalker. Do not cause a disturbance at my party." The Emperor laughed, attempting to give off a light demeanor. The Emperor was tricky, he always had a motive and you always had to be two steps ahead of him. His father had taught him how to build up his shields, though apparently they were weak. Luke was sure his shields couldn't stand a chance if the Emperor truly wanted to know what Luke was feeling.

"Yes, your highness." Luke bowed, he looked to his father and smiled then walked away from the throne. Luke let out a loud sigh as he headed over to where most of the children would be. He walked over to his friend Aaron who was talking with a group of kids.

"Hey what's going on?" Luke asked Aaron, Aaron looked over and smiled.

"They are talking about the school dance that's coming up." Aaron sighed and furrowed his eyebrows and folded his arms over his chest. Aaron was anxious, the idea of asking a girl to the dance did not sit well with him.

"I am not going with you Dash, quite asking," A girl named Hallie Randd said as crossed her arms and looked at Dash annoyed. Dash contorted his face in frustration.

"Stop being so stubborn Hallie!" He huffed, "I am going to get some punch.." He said quietly and stormed off, Hallie just rolled her eyes. She then turned to Luke and her eyes brightened.

"Oh, hey Luke. Are you going to the dance?" She smiled as she twirled her coily hair between her fingers, Luke cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Uh- I don't- I'm not sure...Probably" Luke coughed awkwardly and tensed, Hallie laughed.

"Do you have a date?" Hallie asked with half a smile. Luke blinked quickly and swallowed hard.

"Uh- No, I- I haven't asked anyone...yet." Luke fiddled with his tunic awkwardly. Somehow talking with a girl about the dance was way more awkward, especially since he didn't know Hallie that well and she was considerably popular at the school. He wanted to find a way out of the conversation, he wasn't really sure how to talk to girls anyways.

"I don't have a date either." Hallie shrugged and looked at Luke with a somewhat expectant look, Luke wasn't sure what she wanted or where the conversation was going. Hallie then loudly sighed, "Hopefully someone asks me soon.." She said staring at Luke the entire time, Luke then spotted an open door that led to the balconies overlooking the city.

"Good luck with that," Luke said then quickly darted towards the balcony doors. He walked out onto the balcony, the sun had fully set. A couple of the older kids sat out here with their significant others and looked out over the glowing city. Luke had to admit, even though he saw this view a million times, it was still breathtaking.

Luke walked up to the rail in an almost empty part of the balcony and just looked off at the view, watching the Coruscanti traffic cut across and move smoothly. Luke folded his arms on the rail and sighed, wishing the event would end soon. The cool night air whipped his hair around and made Luke shiver slightly. Luke felt someone stand next to him, Luke looked over and saw Aaron.

"Luke, couldn't you see where the conversation with Hallie was going!?" Aaron asked excitedly, Luke looked at him confused.

"Huh?" Luke asked confused, now facing Aaron.

"Hallie wants you to ask her! To the dance!" Aaron emphasised, Luke's eyes flew open. She wanted to go to the dance with him?

"How do you know!?" Luke asked frantically.

"It was obvious! Luke, go ask her!" Aaron encouraged, Luke began to breathe quickly and felt anxiety swirl in his stomach.

"But I thought we were gonna go together without dates! What about you!" Luke asked nervously, trying to get out of asking a girl.

"I'll be fine! Hallie Randd wants to go with you! Ask her!" Aaron pushed.

"I-I can't!" Luke squeaked, Aaron rolled his eyes.

"You can! And you will!" He grabbed Lukes's shoulder and brought him back to the entrance of the party. Luke struggled to get away from Aarons grasp but froze once they entered the ballroom. Luke's eyes were stuck on Hallie who was talking with another girl. "You got this man!" He pushed Luke into the ballroom.

Luke looked back at his friend nervously, Aaron stood in the doorway of the ballroom and waved Luke to move forward. Luke looked back nervously, took in a deep breath, then marched forward towards Hallie. Hallie took notice of Luke and watched as he came closer, Luke grew more anxious with each step. Just as he felt a small burst of confidence when Hallie smiled in his direction, Luke then stumbled on his feet and flew down to the ground in front of Hallie.

Luke fell on his back and took a moment and let out a shaky breath, his brain slowly accepting what had just happened. He quickly scrambled up, he looked at Hallie nervously as he heard people softly snickering around him. Luke flushed brightly as Hallie looked at him in shock. Luke couldn't stand being under these people's ridicule any longer, he ran out of the ballroom and into the halls.

Luke leaned back against a wall and slid down to the ground and pulled his knees into his chest. He hid his face, embarrassed for tripping in front of everyone. Luke let out a shaky breath, he then felt his father's force presence brush up against him.

"What is troubling you, my son?" His father asked through their bond. "You are spilling your emotions into the force." Luke felt slightly embarrassed his feelings were being blasted into the force, but the only people who would be able to tell was his father and... the Emperor. He grimaced at the thought of him.

"No- I am fine, where are you?" Luke asked.

"In the ballroom." His father replied.

Luke cut the connection and stood up in the hall and let out a loud sigh, he was too embarrassed to hang out with the kids his age. He couldn't possibly ask Hallie to the dance right now, so he decided he would just be with his father. Even though it would be boring as his father would just be talking with boring adults but it would be better than being laughed at.

Luke walked back into the ballroom, trying to hide from everyone he embarrassed himself in front of. The ballroom was almost divided with one side adults and the children on the other, Luke headed to the large group of adults. He slipped through in between the crowd quickly, trying not to bump into people. Finding his father is not difficult, his father was very tall and stood out in a crowd. His father turned to Luke as he got closer.

"What are you doing here, my son?" His father asked. "Why are you not with the other children, surely speaking with adults is not entertaining for you."

"Can't a kid hang out with his own father?" Luke laughed awkwardly, his father folded his arms. Luke scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Okay I- I slipped on the floor in front of everyone and some people laughed."

"You should not care what the other children think," His father asked, stuff like this flew over his father's head. His father didn't care what anyone thought about him.

"It's hard not to!" Luke whined, his father didn't get a chance to respond as a Senator had come up to his father and spoke with him. Luke stuck by his father's side during the evening, thinking about what happened with Hallie. He couldn't believe a girl wanted to go to the dance with him, he smiled slightly at that thought. He would have to ask his father for advice on how to ask a girl to a dance. He was sure that was going to be an awkward conversation.

As the evening passed, Luke kept wavering. Standing next to his father and listening to the conversations he had were so boring. His eyes grew heavy, every now and then he would end up leaning against his father. Soon enough, his father told him it was acceptable for them to leave. Luke was excited to go home and flop in his bed. First, they had to bid farewell to the Emperor. Luke and his father walked up to the old man and they both bowed.

"We are both grateful to have attended this event, my master." His father said, the Emperor smiled and kept his eyes on Luke.

"Of course, Lord Vader, an Imperial Event is not complete without you." The Emperor chuckled, "Young Skywalker, do tell me why you grew so upset at the party and blasted your feelings. It was rather disturbing." Lukes's eyes flew open, his heart stopped that he had to recount an embarrassing moment to the Emperor. Luke was silent for a moment, wanting to just run away from him.

"I-I slipped and fell, your highness." Luke muttered, feeling more than a little embarrassed. The Emperor just laughed sickeningly which made Luke crumble internally.

"You are a clumsy child, aren't you?" The Emperor chuckled, Luke tensed. "You always have been."

"He is only a child, my master." His father cut in, the Emperor still laughed as if he hadn't heard his father speak.

"You two may leave." Luke and his father once again bowed and walked out of the Ballroom and towards the landing pads. Luke shifted uncomfortably and sniffled, that was way more embarrassing than falling in front of the girl he was about to ask to the dance. Luke and his father could not discuss the conversation until they reached his fathers shuttle, the Emperor had spies everywhere making sure his father and others stayed loyal to him. They walked the halls in silence and eventually walked out into the landing pads. Luke felt an uncomfortable knot in his stomach as he thought over the night, to say it was a bad night was putting it lightly. They walked up the ramp to the shuttle, Luke walked into the cockpit and sat in the co-pilots seat as his father closed the ramp. Eventually, his father walked back into the cockpit.

"That was so embarrassing!" Luke complained as he raised his arms in emphasis. "That whole night was so embarrassing..."

"Do not let what the Emperor says get to you, my son. He will say anything to make those around him upset." His father instructed, Luke sighed and deflated in his seat. "He never speaks the truth, remember that." His father added as he started the ignition sequence. Luke nodded, even though he understood what his father said, the Emperor always got under his skin.

"I know.." Luke said softly as the ship lifted from the landing pads, Luke dwelled on the evening. Despite being embarrassed in front of Hallie, he was still happy she might have wanted to go to the dance with him. She probably didn't want to go with him anymore, he could find out if he could just ask her. But he just lost all words when it came with girls, he looked to his father, maybe he could ask...

"Can I ask you something?" Luke asked softly.

"Yes, you may." His father responded.

"How... How do you talk to girls? Luke asked awkwardly, "I-I just don't know how to speak to them! I don't know what they like! What they are thinking!"

"Girls are no different than you, their brain does not work differently." His father responded, though, it didn't really help Luke. "Why do you ask?"

"Well- it's about the dance-" Luke was quickly cut off.

"You cannot go with a date, young one. You are too young to think about such things." His father said quickly, Luke opened his eyes in shock.

"But! But!" Luke sputtered.

"No, I will not allow it." His father said with finality, Luke huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. Why was his father being so frustrating? It was just a high school dance.

"Other people are going with dates..." Luke said softly, his father didn't say anything. Luke was frustrated with his father for not letting him go with a date, seeing as the only positive of this night was the possibility of going with Hallie. Luke sighed as he considered begging to be able to have a date for the dance. Hopefully his father would change his mind.

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