"So what are we gonna do about... her?" Robin asked, inclining his head towards the beautiful blonde girl who sat inside the interrogation room. They'd been chasing the assassin for months now, to no avail, and it was a miracle that they managed to finally catch her. With Night Wing's help, of course. Batman thought that they could interrogate her to learn more about the League of Shadows, a band of assassins that ran out of Infinity Island. Robin wasn't so sure. She seemed unbreakable.

Batman opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by a banging noise coming from the interrogation room. They turned to see the girl slamming her wooden chair into the wall behind her. Splinters flew as Batman and Robin swooped into the room. She fought both of them off, swinging her cuffed hands and broken chair legs at them. She was a skilled fighter, that was for sure, and they only managed to land a few blows on her before she slipped away.

She barely made it past the threshold before thick cables wrapped around her and a cold needle was inserted into her neck. Sedative flowed into her bloodstream, and she stumbled before toppling over. She hadn't taken account of the third vigilante in the building: Nightwing.

The girl awoke tightly strapped to another wooden chair, back in the interrogation room. A steady flow of blood trickled out of her nose, and one of her eyes was nearly swollen shut. Those seemed to be her only injuries. She tested the legs of the chair to find them nailed to the floor beneath. She grinned. At least these fools knew how to learn from their mistakes.

She looked up to see Batman and Robin seated in front of her, both wearing grim looks and a few bandages. Batman leaned across the table, holding piercing eye contact. "Who are you?" he asked, starting off the questions simple. She merely blinked at him, and Robin sighed. He had been right. She was never going to talk.

Robin and Batman shared a look. Maybe she couldn't understand them. "Qui es-tu?" Batman asked again. "Quién eres tú?" Robin asked. They kept trying, asking her questions in dozens of different languages. Each time she grinned at them, exposing her sharp white teeth. She understood each dialect but refused to answer them.

They continued for hours, asking her different questions. She never responded, only grinning smugly until Robin just wanted to slap the truth out of her. But Batman never allowed torture. Never. After a while, their patience wore thin, and they decided to call it a night. They posted Nightwing to guard her, especially since she had nearly escaped after five minutes of being there.

He leaned against the wall, flipping a baton into the air and catching it. He regarded her curiously, never backing down from her simmering glare. She didn't sleep, didn't even blink, for hours in a row. Nightwing became extremely uncomfortable, so he left to guard her from the outside. Her unsettlingly deep brown eyes slid across the room, following him to the door. Nightwing got the impression that Batman and Robin would have a hard time with this one.

The next morning, Batman and Robin shuffled into the room, each one tightly holding a cup of steaming coffee. It seemed like neither of them had slept a wink, but then again, neither had she. Her eyes darted to the intimidating green man that followed them into the room. She sat up straighter, trying to establish dominance with the new presence. He chuckled. "I am not here to hurt you. I only wish to talk," he said in a strangely accented voice.

She didn't relax her muscles as he sat down in the chair across the table, linking his fingers together. "May I enter your mind?" he asked. She immediately panicked, putting up the mental block that she had been taught. Just in case he made it past her defences, she mentally recited Shakespeare poems. The man furrowed his brow. "If you do not respond, I will take that as a yes," he said. There was tension in the room, but she stayed silent. His eyes glowed green. She mentally increased the volume of the poems as she felt him try and slip into her mind.

His brow furrowed deeper as he tried harder, and a bead of sweat formed on his brow in concentration. She increased the strength of her mental defenses as he almost made it to her thoughts. After ten minutes of intense concentration, the man's eyes dimmed. "I am sorry," he said to Batman. "She is using mental protection that I am not familiar with. The only way to get information from her would be to break her mind."

Batman shook his head. "Thank you for your help, J'onn." He led the man out of the room, leaving behind Robin and Nightwing to watch her.

They stole terrified glances at her, the same question running through their minds: how was she able to guard her mind like that? And from a Martian? They were some of the best telepaths known to this world. How was Batman ever going to get her to talk?

Batman stalked back into the room, holding a cup of water. The girl glanced at it warily. There was no doubt that there was some kind of tracker or serum or even poison lacing it. Batman set the cup down on the table and sat in one of the chairs. "I'm sure you're thirsty," he said, gesturing towards the water. "Why don't you drink?"

She sealed her lips and scowled at him. Batman nodded at Robin, and he approached her, picking up the glass. He held it to her lips and cradled her head, waiting for her to open her mouth and take a sip. When she didn't, he pinched her nose shut, thinking that it would force her to open her mouth. None of them noticed as her cuffed hands pried a birdirang out of his belt until it was too late.

Her ropes were cut, and she sliced the air where Robin's face was moments ago. The glass of water tipped onto the floor and shattered. Batman and Nightwing advanced on her, taking out their batons. Batman threw batarangs that she easily dodged. She ducked under the baton that Robin swung at her face and she sliced a deep cut in his thigh. Batman came up behind her, pulling her into a chokehold, but she threw him over her head and into Nightwing, who was beginning his attack.

She whirled around and smacked her cuffed wrists into Robin's face as he had been trying to sneak up on her. She left her back unguarded for only a fraction of a second, but it was enough time for thick ropes to wrap around her. She brought the birdirang up to slice them off, but Batman turned on the electricity and she shuddered violently as she was electrocuted. Her teeth chattered, and she collapsed to the ground.