The assassin already knew that her bonds had been doubled when she awoke in the interrogation room. There was a metallic taste in her mouth that she recognized as blood, and her body ached from going so long without food or water. Not to mention the several new bruises and cuts that throbbed with every beat of her heart. But she was used to it.

She glanced around the room, noticing she was alone. A small plate with a sandwich sitting on it stared at her. If she wanted, she could lean closer and take a bite. She settled back into her chair, already knowing she wasn't going to eat any.

The door opened and her eyes snapped to the lone vigilante that entered the room. Robin. Where was Batman?

He caught the assassin's cold eye and held it as he pulled out a chair and sat down across from her. He prodded the sandwich toward her with a gloved finger. "C'mon, aren't you hungry?"

She glared emotionlessly at the stupid smirk that was plastered across his face.

He sat back more in his chair to match her relaxed position, crossing his arms. "Y'know, it's just you and me. You can tell me anything, if you want." He leaned a bit closer and put his elbows on the table, placing his chin on a bed of interlocked fingers. "You're not scared of me, are you?"

The amount she wanted to punch him in his stupid face was indescribable. To force down the simmering rage that was building in her chest, she glared at the security camera positioned in the corner of the room, out of which Batman and Nightwing were surely watching.

Robin caught her attention again by clearing his throat. "Though, I could name more than a few people that're scared of you," he said, pulling out a thin paper file and laying it on the table in front of her. She raised an eyebrow and gave him a lazy smile.

He pushed the sandwich to the side so he could open the file, giving her a view of what was inside. He thought he saw the colour drain from her face, and her spine seemed to stiffen as she stared silently at the photos and text.

"This was you, wasn't it?" he said, pointing at the mangled victims in the pictures. He picked up the file again and straightened it. "Shall I read it?" he continued. He gave her a playful grin, hoping she couldn't tell how scared he was. Her muscles were rigid and her eyes were cold as he turned the first page.

"Victim number one: Nozomi Nakamura. Age: six years old." He turned to look at her, studying her walnut eyes. "God, her screams must've sounded awful. Or maybe good, for you."

The assassin could barely contain her rage, she was almost shaking. Her muscles continued to get more and more tense by the second.

"Victim number two: Aiko Nakamura. Age: four years old." He paused. "Wow, you're a monster." He gave her a silent glare before turning back to the file. "And their parents, Hiroshi and Kumi Nakamura."

He set the file back down on the table and pressed his fingers into it. "Your first kills were children, weren't they?" he hissed with accusation. She glared at him through her lashes.

"I wonder what the cries of a poor child would sound like as you mutilated them in this way." He picked up the file and shoved it into her face. "Aren't you ashamed? You kill children!" he shouted.

"Enough," the assassin whispered.

Robin froze with shock. "What?"

"I said enough!" she screamed. She picked up the plate with her teeth and the sandwich fell to the floor. She whipped her head back and threw it at his face. He managed to duck just in time before it crashed into the wall behind him.

He stood up quickly and backed away from the table. "Batman, did you hear that? We got her!" He let out a tired laugh before exiting the room with a wink.

A few hours later (the assassin counting each agonizing second as it passed), Batman and Robin entered the room. They both pulled up a chair across from her and sat down.

"So," Batman began, lacing his fingers together. "We finally got you to speak."

She slumped back in her chair with a glare. "Well, you might as well tell us your name," Robin piped up.

Her eyes hardened. "You don't have the right to know my name," she growled.

"So what are we supposed to call you then?" he continued. She didn't have an answer for him.

"What are the Shadows' plans?" Batman interjected in his gruff voice.

"Deciding to get straight to the point, are we?" She gave him a sly smile. The two vigilantes continued to ask her question after question, to no avail. Neither of them seemed to notice as she dislocated her thumb and slipped out of her bonds until she let out a hiss of pain.

They both stopped in their tracks. "What the hell was that?"

There was a moment of silence. Then, faster than they could register, she jumped out of her chair and attacked. She landed on the table and swung a kick at Robin's face, who ducked out of the way only at the last second.

Batman grabbed for her, but she jumped out of the way and back onto the floor. Robin threw a few birdirangs as Batman brought out his baton and swiped for her with it. She ducked and spun out of the way of their weapons. She made it to the door just as Nightwing opened it, and the tiny room became overcrowded with action.

None of them seemed to realize that she wasn't even in the room until she made it to the heart of the Batcave, relocating her thumb on the way. She picked up a baton from a nearby stack of weapons and used it to deflect the birdirangs that flew her way. Batman and Nightwing ran for her with their batons and attacked. Metal clanged as she fended them both off.

"Guys, back away!" Robin shouted, throwing a gas bomb in their direction. The men distanced themselves from her and covered their noses and mouths.

The assassin didn't have anything to protect herself against the stinging smoke that exploded around her. She coughed and shouted, dropping to her knees as the smoke filled her lungs. She was unconscious in seconds.