TITLE: Set Me A Trap

AUTHOR: Erin Giles

SUMMARY: Wesley writes poetry when his friend's abandoned him. He's
dwelling on his past.
What does it take to change your views?
To show to you I am worthy to live.
You ground me down into a stub
A nothing, lesser than you,
I was left to rot on the compost heap
But dead, I wish I was.
Do you not see the man in me?
I doubt it you took that too.
Look at me as I sit and squirm,
Names burns me deeply,
Do you take pleasure with a magnifying glass?
Does it make you better than me?
Set me a trap in the middle of the woods
Do not free me 'till morning,
Make me suffer as a blind bird does
Suffering a plenty.
Look in my eyes,
Do you see me there?
I do not see me anywhere.
Look what you did when you left me like this
But you laugh without a care,
Be happy now my proud eagle,
Your mouse is no longer there.