Title: Forever Broken

Author: Nirvana

Rating: R

Category: Romance/Angst

Summary: AU. Set in the year 2066, Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine meet and an inevitable attraction arises. Unintentionally, the two begin a possessive affair under the worst circumstances.

Disclaimer: We all know the drill, but I must say it anyway. I do not own Cowboy Bebop or any of the characters they rightfully belong to their respective owners.

Chapter 1-Poker Alice

He never really cared for casinos even though he owned quite a few. To play games such as poker or roulette that involved risks for the hopes of winning money, never seemed to catch his interest. Gambling had always been too rash for his taste. But he had chosen to come to this casino for a particular reason, and he would make sure he got his task done. Putting aside his dislikes about the private clubs; he walked through the glass door entrance taking in his surroundings.

The sound of coin machines, music, and the laughter of men and women filled his ears. While the smell of sweet perfume and cigarette smoke invaded his senses. All who had come were dressed in their best ensembles for their own purposes. To win money, have a good time, or get laid. Overall, it was another typical yet classy casino on Mars.

He stopped his musings long enough to notice a young woman gazing at him from a distance. Her eyes were large, almost black and her ruby lips full. Her slender neck and heart-shaped face were framed by waves of ebony hair that rippled half way down her back. A sleek dress of black silk hugged her bronzed frame in a way no other type of cloth could. She approached him, a certain glint in her eyes, as she looked him up and down.

"Vicious-sama," Even over the noise he could still hear her quiet words. She smiled. "I'm surprised to see you at a casino that you don't own."

"Tara," He gave a nod; finally recognizing her as one of his numerous employees. "Gambling?"

"Working." She responded with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "This is my night job." There was a pause before she continued. "Is there something I may help you with?"

"Maybe you can. I'm looking for someone."

"And who might that someone be?"

Vicious could not help but grin a little. "Poker Alice." He knew that he was one of numerous men who were dying to meet her. For him, he wasn't sure if it was lust he felt or something more. She's beautiful, some would say, but just as dangerous as the next woman.

Tara licked her lips indistinctively. "I see." She glanced around. "Not many people get to see her, you must understand. There are always short and carefully watched appointments if a person is lucky enough to meet her." She smirked slightly. "Or has enough money. But I guess for you Vicious-sama, there can be an exception. Follow me."

She led him up a flight of stairs and down a hall, the crowds of people had thinned to a few couples and the music was now faint. They finally came to halt at a finely carved oak door. Tara knocked before reaching for the knob and turning it. The room was cramped but nicely furnished. The woman at the small table looked up, her expression caught between annoyance and boredom.

"Another client," Tara said simply. She turned to leave, but not before murmuring to Vicious, "Good luck."

Once the door had closed, Poker Alice gestured to the chair across from her. As he sat, she began to memorize all his features. He seemed like the quiet type, probably kept to himself all the time. Gray, almost white, hair cascaded down the sides of his face ending at his broad shoulders. He wore nothing but black, but that was the average attire of any person these days. His eyes, the same color as his mane, bothered her though. They were cold, emotionless, frightening almost. Yet she brushed the observation aside, he was here to play and she had to make sure he lost all his money before he left this room. Like every sap that walked in here believing they had the skill to beat Poker Alice was dead wrong.

Smirking in quiet anticipation and renewed confidence, she spoke first. "What's your name? I haven't seen you here before."

"Vicious," Was the only reply he could manage, he was too distracted with her eyes; a beautiful emerald green.

"Vicious..." She repeated his name with ease. Her head tilted slightly, a few strands of violet hair falling against her cheek. "Suits you."

"What's your name?"

She shook her head. "Just call me Alice if you have to address me by something."

"But Alice is not your real name. I gave you mine."

She was quiet for a moment before she answered. "Faye, my name's Faye."

"Faye what?"

An impatient frown appeared on her shapely lips. "You didn't give me your last name, Vicious. Besides, you came here to gamble."

"Faye what?" He was being persistent. But what the hell, what harm could there be in telling one stranger?

"Faye Valentine," A delicate eyebrow rose. "Are you happy now?"

Vicious smirked. "Very happy."


He walked down the hall of the large building, well aware of all the lustful looks he was getting from the women, and the death glares he was getting from the men. He smirked to himself and whistled a tune to an old song his girlfriend used to sing. It seemed like another day at work to him, but just with a little more hustle and bustle in the air. The hall was crowded with mostly newly hired employees, trying to make a good impression on the first day. He would hear the occasional good morning thrown his way, but all he had time to do was give a wave or nod. For he was an important person. He had people to meet, and things to do.

He quickened his stride, stepping into the elevator, and pressing the top button. Just when the metal doors were about to close, a pale hand extended and they reopened. He watched as a wavy haired brunette stepped in, wearing a simple lavender shirt and black skirt with matching heels. She looked at him with piercing blue eyes before they filled with recognition.

"Ohayo Spiegel-sama, how are you?" She uttered, the tiniest hint of seductiveness in her tone.

"Ohayo, Jennifer, I'm fine, but I haven't seen you in days. Were you sick?"

"I went to Jupiter for a small vacation." She answered. The elevator doors opened and she sauntered out, adding a bit more hip than normal to her walk in case he was watching. But Spike wasn't, he was anxious to get to the top floor. He had questions and there was only one person who could answer them.

Finally reaching his destination, he was about to walk straight into the office when he stopped to glance at the secretary. She was seated; legs crossed scribbling who knows what on a piece of paper. Spike studied her for a few moments, certain that he had never seen her here before. Her eyes were a pretty shade of aquamarine and her hair, a midnight color. He knew he shouldn't, but the temptation was too much. He moved beside her, gazing over her shoulder. That's when she noticed his presence...

While Spike flirted, Vicious waited impatiently for him to step into his office. And when he did, a deep frown was already set on his passive face.

"Don't look at me that way, Vicious. What's the harm in having a conversation with a beautiful woman?" Spike asked lightly. He took a seat in one of the two leather chairs in front the massive desk. He grinned. "Besides, I couldn't help myself. Alicia," he nodded his head towards the door, referring to the secretary. "she's new, naive. An opportunity I couldn't pass up." Instantly, the grin disappeared and a serious look arose. "All right, enough about me, I'm here to talk about you." Spike stood again, walking towards the windows. "All morning I've been hearing the funniest thing. A rumor's been going around," Spike looked at Vicious. "you're seeing someone...undercover." His voice held no question.

"How did you find out?"

Spike thought for a moment. "Well, I heard it from my secretary, who heard it from her friend, who heard it from the janitor, who heard it from Julia's secretary. And you and I both know how she can gossip. Then I heard a few more details in the break room. But that's only one source. If this was supposed to be a secret, naturally, everyone in this building knows." He smirked. "Is it safe to say that Vicious-sama has finally decided to rejoin the dating scene?"

He was taken aback when the frown on Vicious' lips became a slight smile. It was an action he never saw very often, and they were best friends. Whoever this woman was had to be special, no one could get this always so serious man to smile openly.

"She's...unique." Vicious said vaguely, it was the only word he could use to describe her.

"So who is this mystery woman?" Spike urged, he was too curious. "I'd like to meet her if she can get you to smile so easily."

"Her name's Faye Valentine."

"Nice name. If you don't mind me asking, how old is she?"

"She's eighteen years."

Spike's eyes widened slightly before he bit down on his lip to keep from laughing out loud. "Vicious, don't tell me you're messing with little girls." He joked. "Love life that bad, ne?"

"Four years difference." Vicious' smile reappeared, his gray eyes losing their icy touch. "She may be a teenager, but believe me, once you talk to her; you'll know that she's more than just some little girl."

Author's Notes: All right, that's it for chapter one. Hopefully, I kept everyone in character. Another person will be introduced next chapter and I hope I've caught some people's attention. The chapters will unusually be around four pages, maybe five. When you review, give me criticism. On grammar, if I'm moving too fast or slow, etc. I want to make this story as perfect as possible, so all your advice will help. As you can see I have a little Japanese here and there, just enough so everyone understands. But if it is needed, I'll put in definitions next chapter. Expect chapter two by next week. Thanks for reading!