Author's Notes: Hello, hello, hello to all! I know most of you must be upset to not find an additional chapter here, and I am sorry for that. But I have a lot to tell you, and to make up for the missing chapter, I've got cookies! As in, little glimpses of the next installment of Forever Broken and then some. I hope you like what I am about to present to you. So, here we go!

First, I want to clear up something I said in the last chapter of Forever Broken. I had asked you, the readers, to please give me your opinion of how I should go about completing my story. However, unfortunately, I made the options really unclear. Let me first state this, either way, I was going to continue this story. There was no doubt in my mind. In some of the reviews I read, I think some readers actually believed I was going to stop at chapter eleven and call it quits. That was never, ever my intentions. Besides, it would be completely unfair to you guys and I could never leave you hanging like that. So, I'm sorry about that little confusion. But most of you understood my little mistake and stated your opinion on what you would like to see done: make a chapter twelve, or branch out BUT continue Forever Broken. Thanks.

Now, I finally came to my decision. drum roll please!

I'm branching out!

Here's why:

1.) The next couple of chapters aren't just going to be two or three. I'm talking about nine to eleven chapters. So, for those who couldn't get enough of this, I hope your happy because this story isn't ending for a while.

2.) I came up with a title (which I will reveal later) and a summary.

3.) Even though the second installment, in the end, ties in with the first title, Forever Broken, which you'll understand later, I believe this new title also gives key insight into what every single character wants and what they're looking for.

So, those are my reasons. Now here's what you all have been waiting for. The sequel shall be called...

Chasing Ecstasy

Summary: AU, [SpikeFaye] It's not enough that she's nineteen and pregnant. Or that dancing, bounty hunting, and bartending is her way of life. Now, years later on Ganymede, she must deal with Spike Spiegel. The same man who turned her world upside down once before.

Good? Bad? I'll leave that to you guys!

Now, the calculations.

I don't know if any of you do this, but before I even type one letter on the keyboard, I write down my ideas for reference and safekeeping. That's what I did with this story. I have been planning to write this whole thing since the summer of 2002. So, in short, I like to plan out what I'm going to write out. It's just easier for me this way. I know, I'm probably getting weird looks for my habit but what can I say? I love to write.

But anyway, I did calculations. If you guys remember the opening paragraph of Forever Broken, I set it for 2066. Quick math, Spike's twenty-two, so is Vicious, and Julia. And Faye is eighteen. Let's say that Faye met Vicious in January. Then her meeting, attraction, and whirlwind affair with Spike occurred from February to April, and she left Mars pregnant in April. Are you still with me? Okay. If you're keeping track, or you love math, I'm sure you can do a rough estimate of the ages and whatnot. I'm still not done explaining everything, but it will have to wait until I post chapter one or I'll end up ruining the whole beginning. I know you don't want me to do that to you.

Okay, now let's move to the cookies.

Not only do I have a little sneak peek for Chasing Ecstasy, but I also have some other stories that will be coming up after this one is completed. So without further ado, here are your fresh batches of cookies. Coming soon...

Chasing Ecstasy

Rating; R, Romance/Tragedy, Keywords: Love and Reunion

Chapter 1-Seven Months

Faye remembered being the careful mother to be. And of course, this was natural for her because this was her first child. She remembered reading everything, follow instructions, taking certain precautions. All because she wanted her baby healthy, strong. Some women who were expecting, hated the early months. The morning sickness and the terrible mood swings. But for one reason or another reason, Faye had embraced every single second of her pregnancy. She had felt full, complete, whole. Yes, she remembered, being pregnant had been delicious.

It was late May now. Faye remembered days like these, when spring would silently slip away and summer would take its place. During these times, the days would seem to last forever. Everything slowed down to a grinding halt and miraculously started again when the temperatures would drop and autumn would barge in. She had counted all the days since she left Mars, left everything behind, left Spike behind. Tomorrow would be the one month anniversary, and reliving her memories was almost like a very dull pain. It barely bothered her now...But this is what she always did, if everything else in life failed, she always had the Bebop.

I hope that was enough to quench you for now. For the rest of the cookies, I only have titles and summaries, I really haven't planned out every single chapter, only general thoughts and ideas. But I'm praying some of you will be interested! My fingers are crossed!

Money Bought

Rating: PG-13, Romance/Humor, Keywords: Get-Rich-Quick Schemes, Trouble, Woolongs, Love, Family

Summary: [SpikeFaye] No woolongs means no nothing and Faye knows that bounty hunting and gambling just can't cut it anymore. With the help of her comrades, she will try to pull off her biggest money-making scheme ever: by being Mrs. Spike Spiegel.

Femme Fatale

Rating: PG-13 or R, Drama/Romance, Keywords: Deception, Danger, Greed, Revelations

Summary: [SpikeFaye]"There's a mysterious woman. Someone he's never met before. Someone you might not think, at first glance, would be his type. But she has this power over him, and he becomes completely undone when he's around her."

Note: I need to do a disclaimer, these two sentences from that summary do not belong to me. Obviously, I added a name or changed a word or two in it, but it does not belong to me. Here's the bibliography in MLA form. So, if you want, you can go check it out for yourselves. And forgive me if I did the citation incorrectly. Thanks.

Haines, Lise. In My Sister's Country. New York: Blue Hen Books, 2002.

Okay, so there you have it. It's just my way of giving everyone a heads up about what's coming up. Please, please, pretty please, tell me what you think about my potential fanfics. Honestly, you guys have no idea how much your responses mean to me. I can get the insight that I need for improvements and such. And I really did appreciate you guys telling me about how you wanted Forever Broken to continue. In addition, thank you always for all of your reviews. Where would I be without them? Until next time, see ya!