Now that the night passed, it's time for Toothy to wake up. Well... at least Toothy since Cuddles is still very much asleep. Toothy got to his knees and gave a yawn from himself and a stretch afterwards. When he looked behind him to fin Cuddles still asleep and his feet still un Cuddles' face. The sight of it made Toothy laugh and he pulled back his feet. He eventually turned around to face Cuddles.

"Good morning, Cuddles". Toothy whispered into his ear, which however got no reaction out of him aside from a quiet groan. Therefore, Toothy came up with something different. He came closer to Cuddles' right cheek and gave him a wet lick. This managed to get a small reaction out of Cuddles, however ir wasn't enough to make him wake up, so Toothy went for his other cheek to give it a wet lick as well. But yet again, he didn't wake up.

"Maybe he got a bit resistant by me licking his feet last night. I should give it one more try !" Toothy said.

He got closer to Cuddles' face and gave it a big, wet lick. Despite getting a bigger reaction out of him, he still wouldn't wake up and instead, he only whiped his face clean. Toothy got sad that he couldn't wake him up. He wanted to give up on trying until he got an idea. He jumps from the bed and walks towards Cuddles' feet. He removed both his slippers again. Toothy gives Cuddles' left foot another lick, which is followed by more licks.

This action managed to get Cuddles to wake up and start laughing. Cuddles got up and looked what causes these tickles. He wasn't surprised to find Toothy licking away on his feet. Although it tickled alot and Toothy's wet tongue gave him shivers, it still felt really good to him. Toothy then began to bite down on Cuddles' left foot, which made Cuddles laugh alot. After what seems like an eternity, Toothy began to do the same with the other foot, licking and biting down on it. Many minutes later, Toothy stopped tickling Cuddles. Toothy then jumps back on the bed and onto Cuddles' chest.

"Fun, wasn't it ? I'm gonna make sure it will be like this for a long time. It's your turn now." Toothy said.

Before Cuddles could say anything, Toothy stretched out his legs and placed his feet back on Cuddles' face. He then starts moving his feet in a circular motion once again. Toothy's plan wasn't it to have Cuddles tickle him, but to rub his feet on his face again. When Cuddles tried to get a hold of Toothy's feet, Toothy grabbed both of Cuddles' arms and pulled them closer to him without letting go.

"You'll be exposed to this for a very long time so don't expect this to end any time soon." said Toothy.

Cuddles gave no response. He was busy relaxing under Toothy's feet. To give Cuddles more pleasure, he starts licking Cuddles' right hand, which is then followed by gentle bites. Toothy stopped when his hand was covered in drool and repeated the same process on Cuddles' left hand. Cuddles began moaning quietly from the treatment he's getting from Toothy. Toothy starts hearing the moans from Cuddles and gives him more licks to give Cuddles the best time he ever had. The foot rubbing continued for hours until Toothy decides to stop, which won't happen any time soon. All Cuddles can do is enjoy the softness of Toothy' soles and the soft feeling of Toothy's tongue going across his hands.