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Helltaker's Legacy

"So, umm, can you tell me what is up ahead? We've been walking for quite a bit now." Izuku asked Pandemonica.

The glassed demoness looked at him thoughtfully then looked down at her clipboard. "Honestly, I shouldn't be telling you this, but Hell with it. The next section contained a few spike traps and some skeleton guards, it shouldn't be too much for you to handle. The demoness in charge of that area is another story, however. Her name is Modeus, the Lustful Demon. She's probably going to drag you away and give you a lewd punishment, don't expect death by snu-snu though; she is a virgin, after all, and intends to keep it that way."

"A-and any tip on how to… win her over?" Izuku asked with a heavy blush. Pandemonica stared blankly at him. "I-I-I mean, it's not that you alone aren't enough, it's just that-"

"Relax, we demon and demoness don't mind sharing a mate," Pandemonica reassured him. "As for how to win Modeus over, I would say…" There was a long pause. "Just don't sleep with her, that's all I got," Pandemonica said with a shrug.

"Ah, damn," Izuku groaned and facepalmed.

"Don't worry, I think you have enough wit to handle her." The demoness suddenly untangled their arms. "We are about to enter her area. Since you will have to rush through from the entrance to the exit and I don't want to run, you go on ahead."

"O-okay." Izuku nodded and took a deep breath. "U-um, before I go, you know how human-"

"Can't stay in Hell for long? Yes, I am aware. Hell is designed to drain your willpower," Pandemonica began. "Think of it as a number of moves you have in a game. You have a limited number of them, and if you lose all of them, well." The demoness motioned her thumb across her neck. "I am not sure how much you have, but spent as little as possible would be wise. So once you go past the gate, you better be quick. Also, be mindful of the spike traps. They are meant for the damned souls so it won't leave any physical injuries, but the pain will be very much real and would no doubt decrease your willpower."

"... all of this really sounds like a video game like you said… a puzzle game, to be exact," Izuku mused.

"Honestly, a few of us noticed that as well. One of us is demanding that, since Hell is like a video game already, she wanted to change the aesthetic of this place into, and I quote, 'like the Inferno faction in Heroes of Might and Magic: 3 or 5'."

"Ri-Right. W-Well, I will be off then."

"Oh, and one more thing," Pandemonica spoke up and stopped him.


"Since I have just given you that advice, it means I have just fulfilled my duty as part of Hell's Customer Service. Hooray." Her cheer lacked any and all forms of enthusiasm.

'Seriously, why does a place famous for torturing damned souls have customer service?' Izuku thought as the demoness continued.

"How would you rate your overall satisfaction with provided help, on a scale of 1-to-10?"

"Umm…" Izuku considered it for a few moments. "Ten."

"Whoa… never got a ten before," the glassed demoness mused as her shoulders slouched.

"W-Well, you deserve it with how much you have helped me." Izuku thanked before turning his attention back to the gate in front of him. He warmed up his new Quirk by jogging in place. Once he had warmed up enough, he took off.

As soon as he left the gate, Izuku once again experienced the agonizing atmosphere of Hell, but, like before, he pressed on. He quickly came upon one of the spike traps made of bone that Pandemonica had warned him about. The greenette looked around for an alternative route, but the narrow passage with that trap underneath was the only way through. So the boy gritted his teeth and ran into it.

Izuku stepped onto the spikes. He felt like his feet were impaled by the sharp blade. With each step, the pain only intensified despite the lack of any physical injuries. Tears rolled down his cheeks even as he pressed on, suppressing the agonizing sensation with all the willpower he could muster. Then, it was over; he had run past the spike trap.

"Fuck…" Izuku swore as sweat trickled down his face. His whole body shook as he tried to control his breathing. The boy checked his foot. There were no injuries as Pandemonica said, but the sensation of pain still lingered. As the oppressive atmosphere of Hell began wearing upon him again, however, Izuku knew he would have to press on.

He began jogging forward, the trauma prevented him from running at full speed.

Like in the previous valley, there was a map outlining the traps and obstacles ahead. Izuku grimaced upon seeing that there are several more spike traps in his way. He started to wheeze. Dread gripped his heart at the mere thought of having to go through something like that again.

'Go get a harem of demon girls for me, kid.' The words of his great-granduncle began resonating in Izuku's head. After years of being looked down upon, to finally have someone believing in him, believing that he could do something great, it was a sensation he would never forget.

Izuku tightened his hand into a fist. He would do this, he would see it done, he would get that demon harem. So with renewed determination and stiffing lips, he pressed on, ready to take on the pain.

It took Izuku all his willpower and strength to walk upright instead of crawling on the ground. Even so, he could only drag his feet across the dirt instead of any meaningful steps.

"I… I…" The greenette breathed. His wheezing and breathing were laborious.

Soon, however, Izuku finally came into the presence of a new gate. Even as he began approaching it, the greenette could feel some of his energy returning to him. The teen increased his pace toward the gate, but before he could get there someone stepped in-between him and his respite.

She was a demoness much like Pandamonica, but that was where the similarity ended — well, except for the horns and the short skirt -this new demon girl had them too. Despite her thick layer of clothing, composed of a black suit and red sweater on top of the red stockings, Izuku could still make out her voluptuous figure.

Sweat beaded a little more as the boy stared at her hourglass body, but her cute facial feature was nothing to gloss over either, especially with the hearts in her eyes and hair. She appeared to be blushing as well.

"You and me. Now," the demoness commanded with a sultry yet haunting voice.

"Uh-Um." Izuku was at a loss for words. This must be Modeus, the Lustful Demon, who Pandemonica warned him not to sleep with — whether she meant sex or just literally sleep next to her he had no idea, but he knew he couldn't follow this demon girl's command. "S-Sorry, I'm a little b-busy."

Modeus blinked and retreated her head a little. She looked the greenette up and down. "You are the first person who has ever rejected me. Why?" The demoness leaned her face in close to Izuku's own, uncomfortably close even. Izuku's face turned crimson as he tried to think up an excuse.


Izuku shouted up to the ceiling of Hell. He quickly composed himself and looked back at Modeus. There was a momentary silence as the two stared into each other's eyes. Then the demoness's heart pupils grew as she leaned in even closer to his face — their noses nearly touched at this point.

"Demon harem? You poor fool…" Rather than sounding malicious, Modeus's voice indicated that she might be… aroused. "They will rip you to shreds, and I HAVE to see this."

"W-Wait does that mean you will… join my harem?"

Modeus blinked a few times then she blushed several shades of red, which only accentuated her more pinkish skin in comparison to Pandemonica's paler skin. "H-HOW LEWD! YOU'RE TRULY ARE A SINNER!" There was another short silence. "But yes, I will be joining you."

"G-Glad to hear that!" Izuku cheered.

"I see you won her over." A voice Izuku reckoned as Pandemonica said from behind him. The greenette turned around and was greeted by the glassed demoness. "I am a little impressed, most men fell for her charm and were punished for it."

"W-Well, I wouldn't say it didn't work…" Izuku admitted.

"Pervert," Modeus whispered and fidgetted her index fingers together, then proceeded to grab a hold of Izuku's arm and rest her head on it.

"M-MODEUS-SAN!?" Izuku cried out.

"Oh, don't mind her, she could be quite clingy," Pandemonica informed.

Izuku looked frantically between the two demonesses before sighing and resigned to his fate as the man of the harem… At least his mother would get her wish of seeing her grandkids.

"Okay, who's the caretaker of this section?" Izuku asked.

Pandemonica opened her mouth but was interrupted by Modeus who mumbled, "Mmm, soft," as she continued to rub her head against Midoriya's arm. "Why bother collecting more girls? Let's just find somewhere quiet and comfortable and let's engage in proper harem activities"

The coloration of Izuku's face turned to match that of tomato at the suggestion. He knew what she was referring to when she said 'proper harem activities'.

"Please, forgive Modeus. Most demons are like her. Lust for sins is in our blood, hard to keep it in check," Pandemonica apologized. "As for your previous question, the demon in charge of this sector is Ceberus, the Triple Demon."

"C-Cerberus? The Three-Headed Hellhound?" Even to someone unfamiliar with western mythology, the infamy of the Hound of Hell was still known to him.

"Yes, though she isn't, you know, a real dog with three heads," Pandemonica corrected. "Still, you should treat her like a pet dog, I am sure she would like that."

"That sounds really kinky," Modeus mused. "Or maybe you prefer she's a real dog?"

"Nope! Nope, nope, nope!" Izuku cried out as he began prying Modeus from his arm — mind stained at the imagery. "Uh-um, anything else I should know before I go, Pandemonica-san?"

"Just don't bother with any skeleton that isn't in your way. Going out of your way to fight them is a waste of energy and time," the glassed demoness advised.

"Noted," Izuku replied.

"Also the map is there." The demoness pointed at the layout of the area imprinted on the wall.

Izuku quickly scanned the map and drew in a sharp breath. Spike traps. There are spike traps everywhere. Whichever paths he chose to undertake, he would face those damnable spikes that pierced his soul. Then there were the symbols of key and keyhole on two opposite sides of the map, which meant he had to make a returning trip after getting the key, meaning he would have to run through the field of spike twice. By whatever gods out there, he could imagine the pain.

"Don't worry," Modeus suddenly spoke up, startling him. She still did not let go of his arm. "You made it to me, you can do it again. You can do this," she said and snuggled against his arm. Her few words of encouragement filled him with iron resolve to take on the task ahead. Had she cast some kind of spell on him without him noticing? Or was it just sheer joy and happiness of having someone believing you have the will to do the impossible? Izuku didn't know, but there was one thing he knew.

"Yes, I can do this," he reassured the two members of his harem.

Modeus let go of Izuku's arm at her own volition to let him prepare. Within a few heartbeats, he took off, gritting his teeth and not looking back. "...he really shouldn't be here," the lustful demoness commented.

"I know, he's too good to be in Hell," Pandemonica agreed.

"Though Lady Lucifer would probably fight us on that," Modeus pointed out

"Oh, she definitely will. She loves nothing more than corrupting a pure-hearted mortal."

"Unless they could, you know."

"Yes, but, how many people could ever do that?" Pandemonium doubted.

The two went silent afterward. They could only hope their cinnamon roll would survive.

He did it. He did not know how, but he did it. He managed to survive the killing field of spikes. Izuku limped toward the golden door where Cerberus was supposedly located behind, golden key held loosely in his hand. He slammed his shoulder against the door and stood like that for a few good seconds, before roughly jabbing the key into the keyhole and twisting the lock open.

The door just faded out of existence, and Izuku, who wasn't prepared for the door to disappear, fell to the ground, landing on his side. With a groan, the greenette pushed himself back up and limped on. He walked on a little and finally came upon the door. The boy readied himself to be jumped on by a demon girl, but nothing happened even as he finally reached the door.

After getting to rest and recover, Izuku began scanning the area for Cerberus. Strange, shouldn't she be at least sizable having three heads and one body?

As Izuku continued to look around, three figures were standing behind him. Whenever he moved, they moved to stand behind his back. Whenever he turned his head, they shifted their position to avoid his vision. However, they couldn't hide the sound of their footsteps. Once Izuku realized he was being shadowed, he activated his Quirk and jumped around to confront his stalker — or rather stalkers.

Standing in front of him were three identical girls. They had the usual elements of a demoness, white hair, pale skin, red eyes, black devil tail, and a black and red suit, though they wore pants instead of business skirts like Pandemonica and Modeus. The triplets had fluffy smooth long hair along with two dog ears on top of their heads.

"Hey, are you a real living human?" the three of them asked in unison. Their voices were cheerful, pleasant, adorable, and somewhat rough. "Can you take us to the surface world?"

Their questions passed through Izuku's skull. His mind was occupied with something else. The triplet had awakened something within him he didn't know he had. As Cerberus were staring at him with those adorable red eyes, Izuku's hands began to move on their own. With a speed faster than he believed he was capable of, his palms shot toward the demon-dog girls.

Once he regained his senses, his face reddened as he discovered where his hands were aiming for. Their heads, his hands were now resting on the two heads of Cerberus. The greenette tried to resist his primal urge, but he could not. With a resignation heavy in his heart, he began patting their head.

Two of the Cerberus only stared at him in surprise, but as his soft hand continued to dig through their hair they began to enjoy it. The two demonesses closed their eyes and bobbed their heads in rhythm to the stroke of Izuku's hands. The left out Cerberus pouted and walked forward to rest her head against Izuku's chest and rub it against the boy as a way to receive a pat.

Izuku didn't care about anything anymore. He just wanted to pat the demon-dog girls' heads. Blessed be his great-granduncle for giving him this opportunity. He would get out of Hell, getting out and giving head pats to demon-dog girls all day, everyday.

For now, though, he just wanted to head pat Cerberus.

A/N: Cerberus is not my favorite demon girl actually, it's Malina.