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Helltaker's Legacy

"Umm, Hell to Izuku, are you still alive?" Pandemonica asked, adjusting her glasses.

"Shh, don't interrupt them, this is exactly the kind of proper harem activity I want to see… and be a part of," Modeus mused. Pandemonica just sighed at her co-worker's response.

Currently, Izuku was on the ground, sleeping with a large smile plastered on his face. Sleeping beside him was the Cerberus trio, each cuddling him from different angles.

"I think I will join them," Modeus said.

Pandemonica sighed. "No Modeus, he has to keep pressing forward. A living human can't stay in Hell for long."

"Aww, can I at least wake him up?" the Lustful Demoness asked with puppy eyes.


Izuku was sleeping soundly, dreaming of three cute dog girls to call his girlfriends—they were playing catch in a field. It was all serene, cute, fluffy, and pure. Then something happened. He felt a disturbing aura, a corrupting aura. It was the aura… of lewdness.

Slowly, he began to feel a strange sensation and, before he knew it, he jolted awake back to Hell. Yet the sensation did not stop, if anything it was intensified. He looked at where it originated, his crotch, and discovered Modeus's hands were rubbing it.

"AHHHHH!" Izuku screeched, waking Cerberus up in the process. His face was as red as the fire of Hell itself. "Modeus-san please take your hand off my-my-"

"No," Modeus said firmly, rubbing her object of fascination faster and harder in the process.

"Hey!" One of the Cerberus called.

"Hands off!" Another continued.

"He's ours!" The last one finished.

The three girls tackled Modeus away, while Izuku hugged himself—blushing mad.

"I-I… feel like I lost my purity," Izuku mumbled.

"Truth be told, it odd to happen eventually," Pandemonica said with a small smirk. "You already throw your purity and virginity away when you decide to get a harem of demon girls. Honestly, I think you are more sinful than you give yourself credit for." Izuku looked up at Tired Demoness in confusion.

"H-How so?"

"You will see," Pandemonica said with a smirk, a rather… sadistic one Izuku noted. "Anyways, you should go on ahead. It will take quite a while before they break up if I don't intervene." The Demoness pointed her thumb behind her back where the three Cerberus and Modeus were wrestling each other, though Modeus seemed to be gaining the upper hand through the lewd tactics. "Go on, we will catch up."

"R-Right," Izuku said and got up. "A-And the next demoness?"

"That's world be Malina, the Sour Demon. She's a hardcore gamer demon," Pandemonica explained.

"Oh, what does she play?"

"From what I heard? Strategy game, mostly turn-based ones."

"I-I see. Alright, I will be off then, see you all later" he bided his goodbye and took off.

'My name is Malina, the Sour Demoness. I'm 28 years old in demon years. My workplace is in the Fourth Circle of Hell, where all the sinners from the sin of greed are, and I am not married. I work as a demoness for the Hell Technical Department, and I get home every day by 6 PM at the latest. I play strategy games, but I occasionally play RPG and survival games. I'm in bed by 2 AM, after finishing a full game of Heroes of Might and Magic 3, no matter what. After having a bottle of cold vodka and fighting with my sister for about twenty minutes before going to bed, I usually knock out cold as soon as I hit the bed. Just like a true Slav, I wake up with a killing headache in the morning. I was told I should have been dead ten times over from the liver failure at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to play a video game in peace. I take care to schedule my time for gaming, whether to play new or old games, that would let me enjoy the fun mechanic and addictive gameplay. That is how I deal with my life, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to finally find a co-op partner I wouldn't mind it.'

Malina finished her long thought process before scratching her head and wondered if she should just jot it down since she had been repeating that exact same line for a few days now. The Sour Demoness sighed. It was true though, she really did want to find a co-op partner. All the games she got had some kind of co-op and multiplayer functions, but she couldn't access them at all. She was not going to ask Zdrada to play with her. Never.

A block of stone suddenly sent forward and clashed against the wall a few inches away from her. Malina blinked in surprise. 'What the hell,' she thought. 'This better not be another of Zdrada's prank.'

A boy with green hair ran up to her, then past her and toward the gate. As soon as he reached it, he leaned against the frame with his arm while breathing in and out.

Malina raised an eyebrow, but quickly sprung into action and walked toward the boy. "Oi, kid!" She yelled to get his attention. "What do you think you're doing?"

"W-Well I was just t-trying to catch a-a…" Izuku paused, and his eyes slowly widened at the demoness standing in front of him. "Oh, she's pretty."

Malina's eyes widened while Izuku realized he accidentally said that out loud. The gamer demoness quickly recovered and glared at the greenette.

"Flirting is not going to get you out of this," she hissed before grabbing Izuku by his suit collar and dragging him closer. "Tell me, what's a living human doing here."

Izuku quickly explained his situation and Malina felt… impressed. Getting Modeus on board with this harem plan was as easy as finding a drunkard in Russia, but taming Cerberus was a different matter; that wild dogs weren't easy to get along with yet this boy managed that somehow.

"W-Well, are you in Miss…"

"Just call me Malina, the Sour Demoness," the gamer introduced herself. She rubbed her chin. This kid, he looked nerdy enough. Could he be the co-op partner she was looking for? Well, only one way to find out. "Say, do you play any video games?"

Izuku blinked at the sudden question but quickly gathered his thoughts to answer. "W-Well, I do play some games in my free time. I usually like puzzle games, it's stimulating my brain." Malina rolled her eyes, puzzle game was usually a baby game to her (despite the fact that she was in one). "I also play some RPG and platformer, but besides the puzzle games, I also play a lot of strategy games. I play 'X-COM' the original and both of the reboot, 'Phoenix Point' as well. 'Civ 3' all the way to 6, I even play 'Beyond Earth', but nothing can top 'Alpha Centauri'. I play real-time strategy as well: all 'Company of Hero' games, 'General Zero Hours', 'Red Alert', 'C&C' series… even the fourth one, 'Battle for Middle Earth' series, 'Warcraft', 'Endless' series, 'Dawn of War' series, 'StarCraft', 'Supreme Commander' series, 'Age of Wonder' series, 'Age of Mythology', 'Age of Empire' series, all the 'Total War' games especially 'Warhammer', 'Empire Earth' series including the third one, and-"

Izuku paused as he noticed Malina's current state. Her face was as red as the fire of Hell and her breath became laborious, saliva seemed to leak from the corner of her lips, she sweated as if she had just run a marathon, and her eyes became fixated on the boy like a predator ready to pouch. "Just keep going!" She commanded and Izuku had no choice but to oblige. "Tell me what's your top 3 favorite games of all time!?"

"O-Of course! Uh-Um, the third in my top three isn't a strategy game so I will skip that." Malina felt her chest pounding harder as minutes went and a tingle of fear in her heart that, despite all the strategy games Izuku had played, he never touched her favorite series. "The second has to be 'Dominions' series, it wasn't well-known though." But she knew about it! And if she did, there's no way the first place couldn't be what she thought it was going to be! "M-My favorite game of all time though is Heroes of Might and Mag-" Malina finally lost control and jumped on Izuku. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"

"JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!" Malina screamed as she tore her own shirt and vest open, revealing her black silky bras and gave Izuku a general idea of how curvaceous Malina really was. Izuku had never studied body language, but even he could clearly see that Malina was now extremely horny. "COME ON! YOU WANT IT TOO RIGHT?! YOU'RE A GUY!" She said as she tore Izuku's own suit and shirt open, revealing his bare chest (with little muscles now, due to the effect of his Great-great uncle's ritual).

Something seemed to click inside of Izuku's mind when he heard that. He frowned and he audibly cleared his throat. "Malina-san," Izuku's voice was very cold and indifferent, something one wouldn't expect to hear from someone as timid as him. It made Malina paused. "I understand that this is a general misunderstanding, but not all guys just want to have sex all the time or accepting a random offer for sex," Izuku said with unfamiliar firmness in his voice. "I appreciate your interest in me, but the same cannot be said for your advance. By thinking that just because you take off your shirt and that because I am a man," not boy, not guy, man, "I will immediately, as you said, fuck you is not only an insult to me but also the majority of males human population who doesn't go finding one-night stand all the time or are horny no-life basement dweller. So, please, let go of me."

Malina quickly retreated her hands from Izuku's shoulder, which allowed the boy to sit upright and level his face to the demoness. When she gazed into his determined emerald, she felt a sensation rush over her body. The gamer demoness felt a chill running through her spine in contrast to the previous heat and she could only stare at her target of fascination, not daring to move, akin to an animal caught in a headlight. The way he was looking at her, there was so much willpower behind that eyes; the willpower that overwhelmed her, dominating her.

Izuku quickly realized that, for the first time in his life, he stood up to someone. That was another major confidence boost. At this point, the boy began to believe that he was truly capable of escaping Hell and with his harem on top of that. Speaking of the harem. "Malina-san," Izuku said, breaking the demoness out of her trance. "Why do you ask me about games so much?"

"I…I…" Malina stammered, her usual cynical and sourness made way for something she couldn't identify. "I am just looking for a co-op partner to play with." Izuku blinked, didn't expect that answer. "But then you just start talking about all those wonderful games and I just knew you are the one. When you mention Heroes 3 as your favorite game of all time, I kind of lose it." Malina scratched the back of her head, looking guilty and uncertain.

"Well, as I said, I appreciate that you have a feeling for me, but I don't want to think of as a stereotypical man who just thinks with their dick over their brain; I don't like discrimination of any kind really." As someone who had been on the receiving end of these things on a daily basis, he really meant what he said. Malina felt an urge to apologize, but by her nature, as a demon, she could say the words. "You don't have to say anything, I can see from the look. It's okay," the Sour Demoness didn't know why but she felt a wave of relief passed over her. "By the way, you still don't answer my question. Will you join my harem?"

Malina gave it a thought but remembering that she had already made up her mind. "Of course, I will. Where else can I get a co-op partner?"

"Great," Izuku said, letting his stern expression fall in favor of a smile. "Umm, I don't suppose you know where I can get a new shirt?" [1]

'I, Zdrada the Bitch Demoness, have a dream… to get a new pack of cigarettes.'

Zdrada thought as she puffed out a trail of smoke from her lips. It had been a slow day, but she had heard some… interesting rumors from the souls of the skeletons passing through to be reconstructed. Apparently, there was an intruder in Hell and he was descending this place in order to, and she kid you not, get a harem.

The sheer balls of this madlad just made Zdrada grinned. Invading Hell to get laid with a bunch of demon girls? Just thinking about it made her chuckle, but in the process, her current cig dropped from her mouth. The Bitch Demoness grunted. What a waste.

As she took out a new cig and tried to light it, Zdrada spotted two figures walking toward her. She quickly recognized one of them as none other than her sister, Malina, while the other was unfamiliar to her. Judging from the fact that Malina was locking arms with him, the demoness quickly put it together as to who it was; the legendary invader himself.

"Well, well, doesn't expect to see you here, sis," Zdrada greeted when they were close enough.

"Oh, just shut it will you," Malina replied with venom. Izuku, on the other hand, felt too ragged to say anything.

"So I guess that is the guy going around collecting demon girls for his harem, right?" the older demoness asked even as they walked past her toward the door. Her condescending smile never ceased.

"How would you know that?" Malina questioned and let go of Izuku's arm, who continued on until he reached the door and let out a long tired sigh. 'Who thought it's a good idea to make automatic retractable spikes?' He muttered quietly as he rested.

"Ha! It's not that hard. The souls talk a lot, you know?"

"Yeah, fine, he's the guy. What about it?" The Sour Demoness crossed her arms.

"Well, I am joining his harem that's why!"

"WHAT?! Fucking seriously?!"

"Did… Did she just say she will join my harem, just like that?" Izuku joined the conversation.

"You heard that right," Zdrada confirmed as she smoked her cigarette. "I'm joining your harem, it sounds interesting. Besides, I ought to keep an eye on my sister, family and all that, you know?" The demoness used her middle finger to stretch the skin under her left eye. "And I am not missing out on the good dicking."

Izuku blushed at the vulgarity while Malina looked annoyed.

"I saw him first! Get in the line!" The younger sister commanded, but to no effect.

"Yeah? You just set yourself up for a disappointment. Ever heard of a human fetish called 'NTR'?"

Izuku choked on the air at that mere mention of it and soon realized just who he just got into his harem. "I am… going to be in for quite a time with you, isn't it?"

Zdrada just blew out a large amount of smoke as she laughed. "TOO LATE TO REGRET NOW!"

He was really in for it now, huh?

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[1] Hey, I told you, Malina is my favorite, don't blame me that she gets a lot of screen time.