100 days with you (KHR fanfiction)

Note : this was only my side project , so I will not make too many chapter in this one. And if u say its copied from somewhere else it's not. I get the inspiration from a story in but I don't copy her story and when u get inspiration it's normal if the story similar in some way. I don't own any thing in khr only own this story plot.

When u only get 100 days to live , what will you do ? will you search your true love and be with him? Or will you distance your way from him?. Tsunahime De Sinclair was diagnosed to only live 100 days, for the last 100 days she want to meet her love ones even if they hate her.

Chapter 1 : 100 days left

In namimory, japan

" YOU ARE JOKING , RIGHT?! " shouts reborn clutched the docter collar.

" we are very sorry sir, but miss tsuna illness can't be treated again." Said the doctor nervously.


" reborn, stop this. Even if you shouts it's not like it will help tsuna " said luce as she calmed down her husband.

" luce, let me go! Let me strangle this useless person! " said reborn while trying to go near the doctor to strangle him again if not for luce hold him down.

" enough reborn-nii. *cough*cough* … we know my illness will be difficult or even can't be cured at all " said tsuna.

" are you alright , tsuna ? " said luce while she rub tsuna back to help her control her breath.

"yes, I am okay. Reborn-nii calm down. I will be alright. " said tsuna.

" we are sorry miss tsuna, but we tried all the possible treatment we can but the result still zero." Said the doctor sadly.

" it's okay…. It's … really okay… can you tell me how long I will live ? " said tsuna.

" that's.. at most it's 100 days. If in 100 days you can't get the right treatment , you will die miss tsuna. We believe there's still new or unknown treatment way in this world, that's why we will try to help you search it, we just sorry can't help much " said the doctor sadly.

" it's okay, I know my illness will not get cured easy. Perhaps this was god punishment to me… for betray him.. " said tsuna sadly.

" miss tsuna… please don't be so sad. I believe miracle will happen so don't give up! For the mean time we will give you some sun pills to help with your relaps and we will contact you if we find the cure we promise to you " said the doctor.

" thank you. Can you leave the three of us alone for a while ? " tsuna said.

" of course , miss tsuna. Meanwhile we will prepare your medication and the sun pills " said the doctor and he left the room after that.

" 100 days ? that's short … oh.. god…." Said reborn as he sat down in chair near my bed hospital. He look so sad , I can't bear look at him like this.

" reborn-nii … it's okay , I will be okay so please don't that sad " said tsuna.

" tsuna look, the doctor said we still can hope right? Don't give up please ? " luce said as she take tsuna hand.

" luce-nee , i.. I want to meet them.. can we go to Italy ? " tsuna asked.

" you want to meet them ? " luce asked.

" yes, it's already three years after all… I … I want to meet them for the last time even if they still hate me " said tsuna sadly.

" tsuna , why not tell them the truth ? " luce asked.

" but it will not change the fact that I betray them.. betray their trust " said tsuna

Tsuna gaze at the photo frame beside her bed, in that there's 16 people, 13 boys and 3 girls. Tsuna miss them, miss their laugh, miss their words, miss their smile, but inside tsuna heart she know no matter she begs them forgiveness they will never forgive her for her betrayal to them. Even if she know that she still want to meet them once again for the last time in her live.

" tsuna… at that time you was tricked by stephano, you don't know and it's not your faults. I am sure giotto will understand you " said luce.

" luce-nee a betrayal will always a betrayal, it will not change anything but even so I still want to be with them for my last time. " said tsuna sadly.

" fine we will go to Italy in two days. Rest and don't force yourself, kay ? " said luce.

" okay , luce-nee " after tsuna said that she fall a sleep.

" luce, will it be okay ? " said reborn.

" I don't know dear but I want tsuna to be happy and perhaps we will find miracle there " said luce.

" let's hope , we will find it. I will never let my little sister suffer even if I have to kill myself for it " said reborn.

" yes, we will never let tsuna suffer and cry, she was our beloved little sister.. she will be happy " said luce, and they walk out tsuna's room.

( Tsuna dream point of view )

" tsuna , why you do this to us ? "

" why you betray us tsuna ? "

" I thought we are family "

" I hate you tsuna and I wish to never meet you! "

Everyone… I am sorry… forgive me… please … don't leave me… don't.. don't go…. Please …. Please stay with me… at my side.. please… for the last time please stay with me….