Dewey Duck Vs. The Nega Verse

Book 2

Can't take the U out of Universe

Chapter 1

"W,what just happened?"

Webby Vanderquacks nightmares were getting worse ever since they got back from the Nega Verse five years ago. It's been such a long time that she wondered how the world collasping situation was going. Nothing seemed to be happening on their end yet, so she had assumed all had gone well.

But with the nightmares still lingering in her mind at night, she's had a hard time sleeping since then. Seeing her best friend from the Nega Verse dying right in front of her by her double. Even though Lena had been evil in that universe, she was still her friend. She hadn't been able to talk, or look at her friend the same way again without choking back a sob, or bursting into tears and running away from her every time Lena tried to get her to talk about it.

What Lena did know of it Louie had told her. So she wasn't completely in the dark about it. Louie had noticed how much Webby hadn't been sleeping. He could feel her tossing and turning in her sleep as she laid beside him, and muttering to herself. He had woken her up and asked what was bothering her, when she didn't answer him he got out of bed, and held out his hand. Webby had looked at it blankly, then up at him.

"Come on." He said, grabbing her hand before she could protest.

He had brought her up to the roof, it was a beautiful night out. The sky full of stars and the moon almost full. He'd figured if she couldn't sleep, then maybe a change of scenary and fresh air could do her some good.

Webby was greatful to him that he had thought of something sweet to do for her, and as she snuggled up against him she almost felt like it was back before they ended up in the Nega Verse. It felt...


"You ever wonder what they are doing?" Webby asked, finally.

"Who?" Louie asked, as he gazed up at the moon. Webby knew he must be thinking back when his mother had come home. Webby noticed he's been a bit distant lately.

"Our doubles." Webby said. "You think they're doing alright?"

Louie didn't answer right away and she had a feeling he was remembering what had almost happened to him, his brother, and thinking about Huey's double. Even though it's been over five years since that day it still weighed heavily on everyone's shoulders.

Especially Louie.

"Hey, guys." Said a voice from behind them.

Louie didn't move but Webby craned her neck and lifted up a bit to see Dewey climbing on the roof. He walked over to them and sat beside Webby. He looked rather tired, but happy, as he stared up at the moon too.

"Couldn't sleep either?" Webby asked him. Dewey hadn't been able to sleep since they gotten back home either. He had told Webby that he kept seeing himself dead, and he's afraid that if he sleeps, he'd never wake up.

"No." Dewey replied, and yawned. "But it's okay, cause' I got news." He said, brightly. Webby sat all the way up and Louie finally turned his head to look at him.

"What kind of news?" Webby asked, suspiciously.

Dewey held up his left hand, and a smile slowly spread across his face.

Both Webby and Louie's eyes widen as they stared at the golden ring on his finger.

"Y,You're engaged!" Webby squealed, and flung her arms around him, Dewey chuckled at Webby's excitment. He looked over at Louie who forced a small smile at him. Dewey had a feeling something was bothering Louie. But he didn't want to ruin the moment by asking.

"Yeah, purposed to Gosalyn tonight." Dewey explained. "She rushed home to tell her Dad. Should be back sometime in the morning." He added.

"That's wonderful, Dewey." Webby exclaimed, beaming at him. "Isn't that wonderful, Louie?" She asked him, urging him to join in the conversation.

"Yeah. Wonderful." Louie grumbled.

Louie spotted a large storm cloud over head. That was weird. The weather man on the late night news never mentioned anything about a storm. He watched it slowly roll over head directly over them. He had a gut feeling that this wasn't no ordinary storm cloud.

"What's with you all of a sudden?" Webby asked, noticing the irritation in his voice.

"It, It's weird. I, I have this horrible -." He stammered, but a sudden flash of lighting made him push both Webby and Dewey out of the way, injuring himself in the process and having something heavy fall on top of him.

"OW." Louie shouted.

Dewey and Webby scrambled to their feet.

"Louie!" They shouted.

Louie groaned as he pushed whatever had landed on him off him. Dewey rushed to his side and helped him up.

"W,What just happened?" He asked, rubbing his head.

His temples were throbbing as his ears started ringing so loudly that he could barely hear what either Dewey or Webby was saying. When he squinted his eyes at him, he saw Dewey roll his eyes, and turn him around.

"Y,You?" Louie asked, his eyes widen.

"Me." His double said.

The 'other,' Louie as the other's like to call him was standing in the middle of the scratch mark the lighting strike had made on the roof. He was patting his shoulders down as tiny flames sizzled across them.

"That's the last time I take the Time Vortex Train instead of the stupid birthday cake." He grumbled. He paused at patting himself down and looked up at the three original's in front of him. They were staring at him in disbelief. "Um. Hi. How's it going?" He asked, sheepishly.

"H,How's it going?" The 'original,' Louie repeated. Webby grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly, not taking her eyes off the 'other,' Louie.

This, this couldn't be happening. Her nightmares flashed across her mind as she stared at Louie's double. She shivered slightly, making Dewey take notice.

"What are you doing here?" Louie 'original,' demanded to know.

"I, I need your help." The 'other,' Louie said, in a desperate voice. He watched the original's glance at each other before he continued. "I, It's Webby. I, I think she's in terrible danger..."

"Danger?" Dewey asked. "What do you mean?"

"I, I haven't seen or heard from her since you guys left my world." He explained.

The 'other,' Louie watched the 'original's blink at the same time, confused.

"W,what?" His double was the first to ask. "Y,you haven't seen or spoken to her in the last five years?" He asked, in bewilderment.

The 'other,' Louie nodded, gloomly.

"I, I can't find her anywhere. I, I looked everywhere and, and..." He stopped as his eyes brimmed with tears.

All three of them stared at him.

"I had hoped she might have popped over here. You know, to check up on you." The 'other,' Louie said.

"C,check up on us?" Dewey repeated. "Y,you mean you guys have been going back and forth from the Nega Verse just to, check up on us?" He asked.

"Kind of her thing." The 'other,' Louie insisted. "Even though she shouldn't, she can't help but subject herself into making sure the ones she cares about are safe."

"It's just, we didn't now you guys could come over to this side." Webby said, nervously, as she pushed her nightmares deeper into her self-conscious. Trying hard to keep them locked up inside and far away from reality as she could.

"We didn't mention that?" The 'other,' Louie asked, in surprise. He watched all three of them shake their head. "Oh, well, we can. We just can't stay for very long or -." He was interrupted by a rumbling sound as the ground shook under neath them. He looked down and saw a wide crack. The 'other,' Louie looked up at them in alarm and swallowed hard. "Please, will you come back with me and help me find her?" He begged.

The other's looked at one another again.

"I, I know it's asking a lot," The 'other,' Louie continued quickly, "after all you guys been through, but, I wouldn't be asking if I knew I could do it on my own..." His voice trailed off. "I, I can't loose her. Not now." He looked at his double.

"Remember, what was in that letter Huey wrote to me? It, It's happening, and, and with her missing it's just the start of what's coming, it's just like he warned us..."

Both Webby and Dewey looked at the both of them confused.

Webby remembered the letter that the 'other,' Huey had made her give to Louie's double. But she hadn't read what was on it. Louie never told her what was written on it either, and that bothered her a bit. She had assumed it wasn't worth mentioning, but now, with the 'other,' Louie here and mentioning it again, she really wanted, no, needed to know what was in that letter.

"L,Louie?" Webby whispered.

Louie looked over at her, his eyes shining brightly with determination and she knew at once that he had already made up his mind. She sighed deeply. She'd have to ask him about the letter later.

"Okay." Dewey said. "I'm not really keen on going back to the Nega Verse so soon, but if it's for Webby..." He glanced over at his Webby, who had a look of sheer terror on her face. "I'm all in." He told him.

The 'original,' Louie nodded in agreement.

Dewey had no idea why Webby was suddenly acting like a scared little kitten. She was always so determined, brave, and ready for anything that life threw at her. But he was going to find out, and if he had to go back to the world he hated so much for answers,

Then so be it.