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Chapter 1: Meeting

Rogue walked slowly down the long hallway of her new school. Nervously she watched the others students going their ways to their classes. She was searching her math class and lost her roommate Jubilee, who wanted to show her. She didn't know any of the other students and was a little bit afraid of asking one of them but it looked like she had to asked. Problem she waited a long time, tried to find the class on her own and at least most of them were already in class. But at the end of the hallway she was able to see two boys who were arguing in a different way than a usually fight. She wasn't sure if she should ask them. The didn't want to get involved in a fight but how it looked like the two boys were the only students around, who weren't in class yet. Slowly she walked toward the boys.

"We're already late, John, could we please go to our classes?" asked the taller boy the other one. He had dark blond hair and were a blue shirt with dark blue trousers. It didn't seem like he was angry. It sounded more like a request. The other boy, whose names was John after what Rogue heard from the other boy, was a little bit smaller than the blond one had brown hair and were a green pullover with a black trouser. He chuckled about the request but it didn't looked like he gonna do what blond hair one wanted from him. Instead John leaned his forehead against the blond one's "I'm always late. Professor Talls knows that. Besides I already have extra homework for this week" When the short one said Professor Talls Rogue knew they were some of her classmates. She had to go to Professor Talls' class too.

So she walked in their direction. "Sorry?" she asked to get the attention of the boys. She tried not to sound shy. Rogue didn't want to seemed shy because if you know her a little bit better she was a really tough girl. She had run away from her home and was successful to persuaded Logan, the rough Wolverine who didn't like anybody, to take her with him.

"Yeah?" John replied and turned to her. Rouge studied his face for a second. The boy had hazel coloured eyes, whose looked directly in her brown eyes and made her feel uncomfortable. But shy told herself to ignore it and instead asked her question. "You're on your way to math with Professor Talls, aren't ya?" Rogue wanted to be sure. She didn't want to asked whether they could lead the way to Professor Talls' class if they actually not going there. But the luck was on her side and the taller one nodded. She looked at his ice blue eyes when he spoke. "Well I'm on my way to history and John is trying to stop me but actually he has to go to math. Are you new?"

Rogue nodded and smiled. The boys seemed to be funny and friendly. "Yes I'm new and can't find my class. Ay'm on my way to math with Professor Talls but can't find the room. Could ya show me thay way, John?" she asked the brown haired one, who sighed annoyed. Maybe he wasn't as friendly as Rogue had expected and only his friend was a friendly boy, who punched John against his arm playfully and said "Come on, John. Don't be the dumbass you always are and show her the way. Then I can go to my class too. When I'm lucky Professor Munroe is late"

On this comment John chuckled. "Storm is always on time. And you know, I know you love me for being that dumbass" He wrapped an arm around the taller boy and kissed him on his cheek. Tall boy couldn't do anything else than smirk and wrapping one arm on the other's shoulder too.

Rogue watched the boys with an irritated look on her face. She was a little bit surprised that the first people she spoke to were a gay couple but she didn't judge them. She wasn't homophobic. One of her old friends, who was a girl had been in a relationship with another girl.

"You're gay?" she asked suddenly in a disgusted tone she didn't meant to use. John looked angry at her. He hated it when people spoke out that word with so much disgust and hate. "Do you have a problem with that?" he asked in a furious voice and clenched one of his fists. In the other hand he hold a zippo with a shark pattern and flicked it open. The other boy, whose name Rogue didn't know yet, put a hand on his boyfriend's shoulder and the other on the hand with the zippo. "Calm down. If she's homophobic let her" "I'm not homophobic!" Rogue shouted a little bit loud what made John continued glaring at her. Rogue calmed her voice down and said in a few ways friendlier "I'm just surprised to see that you're not hiding your sexuality" "Why should we?" Tall one asked and kissed John's hair. This seemed to calm him down. He relaxed his hand and leaned into the arms of his boyfriend, who wrapped them around John's waist and hugged him from behind. His head rested at the top of John's.

"So errrrr, could you lead the way, John?" Rogue asked again and again John sighed. He turned in the arms of his lover and kissed him on his lips. "See you later, Bobby. And don't forget, the first U.S. patent was grounded in 1790" Bobby looked at John confused. He had no ideea what his boyfriend was talking about. One part of his brain said that he actually had to know it. But the rest had really no idea. "The first U.S. what was grounded when?" John shook his head and grinned. Bobby had to write a test in History today and it didn't matter how hard he tried he wasn't able to keep history stuff in his brain. It was too boring for him. John could only laugh at this"You gonna fail your test" Bobby bit his bottom lip. He was a good student. Probably one of the best in this school. But history always ruined his grades. "I should take a look at my notes on my way. See you later" Bobby gave John quick one last kiss on his forehead and then left.

John turned to Rogue still grinning and an amusent glance in his eyes. "This way" he said and walked in the left corridor. Rogue followed him quickly.

"So, what's your name stranger?" John asked to break the uncomfortable silence they walked in. He hated them so he had to speak. "Actually Marie D'Ancanto but I prefer Rogue. And You are John after your boyfriend, who has the name Bobby, right ?" Rogue answered his question and asked another at the end. To her surprise she wasn't right. "Actually no. His real name is Robert. Robert Louis Drake. But we decided it would be better to call him with a name, which sounds like he's four than to call him with a name, which sounds like he's fourty. And actually John isn't my full name either. But I hate my full name so just John" Rogue expected to hear John's full name too but the boy was quiet although he didn't like the silence. He just didn't want to speak out his whole name because that reminded him of his past and his family. First Rogue was quiet too but already a few seconds later she wanted to know his whole name. "And what is your full name?" She asked but just get a "I said I hate it, didn't I?" from John, who sounded annoyed. Rogue, however, wanted to know so she continued asking. "Yeah but ay want-ta know it. Ay swear I'll never call you with it" "Sorry but you won't hear it from me" And with that the conversation ended and they arrived Professor Talls' class

"Ah Mr. Allerdyce nice from you to join us. 8 minutes after the start of the lesson" Professor Talls spoke in an angry tone. John just shrugged his shoulders and went to his seat. He didn't care if he was late or what the others were thinking. He just sat down and did nothing. Rogue who, was still standing in the doorway as the Professor moved over to her, watched John slightly irritated. She didn't think the name was that bad. But maybe it wasn't his last name, which bothered him. Maybe he had a middle name or John was his middle name and he hated his first name. Rogue didn't know.

"You're Miss D'Ancanto, aren't you?" Rogue nodded. She won't say that she preferred to be called Rogue in front of a teacher. Especially when the teacher called you with your last name. When the teacher reached her, he introduced himself. "I'm Professor Christopher Talls your maths teacher. Please sit down next to Ms. Pryde" A brown haired girl in the last line raised her right hand and Rogue went to the seat next to her. Ms. Pryde wanted to introduce her too but Professor Talls cut her off before she was able to began. "No talking in class, Ms. Pryde. Or do you want an own seat like Mr. Allerdyce?" Again the girl couldn't speak because John had been standing up and called defending himself "I just asked peder if he could explayyn the exercise ta me 'cause I 'adn't understood it"

Rogue was surprised by his accent that suddenly appeared. She wasn't sure which people spoke like John but she was sure it was no place in America. Instead of surprise Professor Tallswas a little bit angry and raised his voice when he said "Curb your temper young man and stop your terrible accent. That's horrible. You aren't in Australia so speak american english!" Now ahe knew John's homecountry. But then she asked herself in her head What is he doing here when his home is in Australia. There has to be a mutant school too, hasn't it? Rogues thoughts stopped abruptly when she realized that when John wasn't allowed to speak in Australian she wasn't either. Rogue stiffed. She wasn't allowed to speak in her southern accent. When she had spoken with John and Bobby she tried to hide her accent. It wasn't completely successful so what should she do when he wanted her to speak.

Rogue was relieved, when the Professor said "Ms. D'Ancanto, you are allowed to speak in your accent but please try to speak normal american english" Rogue just nodded. The knew immediately that she didn't like this teacher, who was turning back to John.

"Mr. Allerdyce, sit down! If you had a question because you are late and don't understand the exercise you are going to ask me and not your classmates! It's enough that you stopped Ms. D'Ancanto" Rogue wanted to speak, explain that it wasn't John's fault that she was late but John was faster and yelled at his teacher "I 'aven't stopped hah! She couldn't find the room! I was with Bobby neahr the dinin' 'all! If I stopped anybody than him!" That made Professor Talls angry. He hated John's disrespect"Shut up Mr. Allerdyce because I cannot understand you in Australian! That is such a terrible accent! Stop talking or do you want more extra homework?" John got angry too. He didn't like this teacher. Honestly he probably hated him. That was one of the reasons why John started to insult Professor Talls "Fine! Give it ta me ya fuckin' dumbass! I'm just wonderin' agayyn how ya got a teachah! 'Cause no othah teachah would fawrbid his students ta speak in their language or accent if it's still able to understand them! Even Mr. Müllah is allowed ta speak in his german accent!" That pushed the first part of Talls patience over the edge. "St. John(pron.Sinjun) Allerdyce that is enough!" Now Rogue know his whole name. She wondered why he called himself John if his real name is Sinjun. But she hadn't much time to think. John shouted again something to his teacher. "Oh, now ya can speak strine to. Now wen you ya want me ta stop 'n av ta call my wine name although everybody in this fuckin' place knows that I 'ate my name. Even ya" "I can call you whatever I want. And if you ate your name and now have a stomach upset, is it not my problem. Now do your exercises!"

With the power of telikinetic the teacher gave John some papers but the student flipped his lighter open, lit it and burned the tasks. Everybody looked shocked in John's direction. Nobody has enough courage to do that in Talls' class. "Okay Mr. Allerdyce that is definitely enough! No powers in lessons! Get out of my class! Now! Immediately!"

He hadn't had to said it twice. John grabbed his backpack and left. He was more relieved than angry when he was able to get out of math. Not because he didn't know how to do it, which was the main problem of lots of students, no only because of his teacher, who shouted after him "Before you go to lunch you are going to come to the professor's office! Get it?" Christopher yelled after his student but only got a "Root ya!" back. He hated John. He hated his character, his disrespect, his way how he doesn't care about anything, his accent, the fact that he is from Australia but most of all his parents and past which made him to who he was now. Deep inside he knew John wasn't this asshole but that he was made to be it. And he was sorry for him. But his past wasn't an excuse for disturbing his class, which was the only one John really disturbed.

All other teachers weren't as string as Professor Talls was. They were friendlier and tried to understand John's acting to give him a punishment but not as hard as it could degenerate. They weren't happy when John came late but then they tried their best to explain him what the class was doing and he was allowed to ask other students. Every student was allowed to ask another if he didn't understand the task.

John ran into the boys bathroom. A blue white 9 square meter room, with 12 toilets, 6 on each side, 3 urinals and 3 sinks. At the back of the room where a door, which led to another room with 12 showers. In the bathroom he stood in front of the mirror, a hard grip on the sink and looked himself deep in the brown eyes. Why he always had to fall back in his accent when he was angry? He hated his accent. He hated Australia. He hated his name, his parents and Professor Talls. He hated his life. The only good things in his life were his gift and Bobby.

John was going to distroy the sink when his grip went tighter. He whispered to his reflection "I hate you!" and was quiet for a moment. Then he screamed it and shattered the mirror with his fist. The glass drilled into his skin but he didn't care and hit the mirror again and again and with every hit he screamed "I hate you!"

After the last punch he slid down the wall next to the broken mirror and whispered to himself "I hate Me" Then he pulled his legs up to his body, wrapped his arms around them and put his head on his knees. He whispered "I hate me" softly one last time and then stayed there quiet. In his head, however, was a chaos. He heard the voices of his parents, his brother and his ex-friends in his head. They blame him. For everything. You're worthless. Everyone whispered You don't deserve to live. The sentence echoed in his head. Stupid kid. He heard his auntYou're not our son. His parents I don't want something like you as a brother. His brother How could I've ever thought you're my friend. His ex-bestfriend You killed you're family Again everyone You killed our chemistry teacher A friend I was next to her. You killed me too His dead friend. You're weak! His mother. You're a shame for our family His father You're a shame for humanity. Everyone "Stop, please" he pleaded quiet to the voices in his head but they didn't stop. The opposite. The voices grew louder until they were screaming and John covered his ears with his hand and hoped the voices would stop but no. They screamed to him. They screamed and screamed and continued to do it. John lost himself in the screams, was unable to distinguish whether the voices were only in his head or whether the people were standing right in front of him.

He lost himself. In the screams, in his thoughts, in his head. He was lost.

Thanks for reading my story. Probably it isn't easy with my very bad grammar and word mistakes.