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I don't know where to begin

I don't know how to get out there to see you

I don't know where to dig in

I don't know how to get in there...to feel you

Kagome woke to the smell of ramen wafting past her nose. 'Mmmm...ramen,' was the first thought in her head. After that one sleepy thought, all the memories of the night before came crashing back down.

'Holy crapoley, did I really do all that with Inuyasha?'

She flicked an eye open to see Inuyasha sitting in a pile of ramen packets with little bits of dry noodle all in his hair. He was staring at a pot of boiling ramen and counting under his breath.

"Two minutes and thirty-one seconds, two minutes and thirty-two seconds..." he mumbled, watching the ramen bubble in the pot.

Kagome propped herself on an elbow as he kept muttering and jumped to pour the powdery flavoring in at exactly three minutes, in a flutter of ramen bits. He stirred the pot intently, desperately trying not to splash any of the ramen over the sides of the pot. Wait, where did that pot come from? And the wooden spoon? And the two bowls half-buried in ramen wrappers? Kagome hadn't brought any of those with her.

Kagome wrapped herself in Inuyasha's haori (he had abandoned it due to the fact that she had wrapped herself in it and growled at him in her sleep when he tried to take it back) and walked over to where Inuyasha was happily pouring the ramen into the two bowls.

"Yay! You're awake! Eat this! I made it all by myself!" he exclaimed, placing the bowl delicately in her hands.

'He's like a puppy that just realized that it was housebroken,' Kagome grinned to herself. They munched ramen silently for a little while, Inuyasha wolfing his down while Kagome tried to think of something to say. By the time Kagome got the courage to look up at Inuyasha, he was staring at her bowl of ramen hungrily. (a/n: there isn't supposed to be an innuendo there. If there was, it would read "her bowlS of ramen". But it still doesn't make much sense if it is an innuendo...)

"Do you, um, want the rest of mine?" Kagome asked, holding out her bowl to him. Inuyasha looked tempted, but resisted, pushing the bowl back to Kagome.

"Eat it all. You're mine now and it's my responsibility to make sure you're fed," he finished happily. Kagome stared at him. Since when did Inuyasha refuse ramen and how was she suddenly his responsibility? But since he was watching her so earnestly, she ate another bite and smiled back at him.

It's been too long and I'm about to be in time for me

It's been too long and I'm in time

Baby, there's something about you that

I can hold on to

I'm going to hold on to that

Baby, there's something about you that

I can hold on to

I'm going to hold onto that

After they had finished the dishes (Inuyasha licked them clean), stealthily returned them to the doorsteps of their owners in the village, and put out the fire that Inuyasha had made in the middle of the floor (he had piled flat rocks on the floor and built the fire on top of them. I don't know how the smoke got out of the hut. Y'all figger that out.), Kagome shyly looked at Inuyasha. He was sitting cross-legged across from her and watching her face. She still hadn't changed out of his haori, so consequently he was bare-chested. She blushed and looked back down at her fingers. She silently berated herself for being so shy. 'Grow up, Kagome! It was just sex; normal people do it all the time. Stop freaking out! He made you breakfast and didn't even try to steal it back from you! That's got to mean something good!' On that thought, she gathered her courage and looked Inuyasha straight in the eyes. "Um, Inuyasha? What did you mean earlier when you said I was yours?" she asked. Inuyasha shook himself out of his memories of the night before and had to think back to remember what she had asked. He grinned and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Kagome, you're mine now. My mate. For now and always. What else did you think the mark on your neck means?" he explained.

He pushed back her hair and traced his finger over the scarring mark, right where her neck met her shoulder. She shivered and her eyes closed, only to open again with a warm fire burning deep in their chocolatey depths.

"Oh. Good. Mmmmm..." she whispered as she leaned forward and kissed him, wrapping an arm around his neck and sliding the other up into his hair until she found his ear. The haori fell open as she pushed Inuyasha onto his back and kept on kissing him, having lost all her shyness at the bolt of feeling when his finger slowly stroked the bite mark.

I never thought that I would win

I never thought much about that

(It's been a long time coming)

I never stopped to begin

Thinking about the process

(It's been a long time coming)

Kagome was just getting Inuyasha's pants string undone when the roof broke. Inuyasha immediately flipped over so that Kagome lay underneath him as he sheltered her from the falling shingles, pieces of roof, and startled Kirara, Miroku, and Sango. Kirara immediately turned tiny when she realized she was lying down on Miroku. Sango and Miroku both shot Kirara angry looks and she cowered down on Miroku's chest. Inuyasha shook off the roof pieces covering him and Kagome, began to sit up, and then laid back down on top of her again when he realized that the haori had somehow gotten all the way over on the other side of the hut. And had a beam of wood sitting on top of it. A very large beam of wood.

"Hey Inuyasha, don't squish Kagome. You must be heavy," said Miroku.

"Um, no Miroku, I'm fine. Hey, Sango, could you push all that stuff off my bag and maybe toss me a shirt and shorts, please? Like now?" Kagome squeaked muffledly into Inuyasha's chest.

"Oh, whoa, Kagome. You're naked. Under Inuyasha, who has no shirt on. Which means we interrupted something..." stammered Miroku, turning red.

"Which means, 'You're dead, monk.' What the hell did you three just do?" growled Inuyasha.

Sango grabbed some clothes for Kagome out of the bag and brought them over. "Turn around, monk, and start telling us EXACTLY what happened to make you three break our roof," Inuyasha snarled, carefully getting off Kagome and brushing himself off.

Kagome hurried to get dressed and hopefully stop Inuyasha from tearing Miroku into pieces. In her hurry, she accidentally put the shirt on inside-out but she didn't notice and there were more important things to worry about, like Miroku's life. She jumped to stand between Inuyasha, whose eyes were starting to turn red, and Miroku, whose knees were starting to shake.

"Well, Inuyasha, see, we hadn't seen either of you for so very long that we started to worry. And then Kagome went home but Kirara told Sango that she smelled her back. So we figured that Kagome might get lost by herself and maybe kind of lonely, and we set off to go find her. Kirara was flying us around and she suddenly smelled you, Inuyasha, and so we all got really excited but we got to this village and Kirara got confused because there were so many smells coming from here that smelled sort of like Kagome. So we landed on this roof for her to figure out where exactly Kagome was. And then the roof broke and I saw Kagome's beautiful naked brea...gulp...and I didn't see anything, and um, is that ramen I smell?" Miroku ran out of the hut as fast as he could. Kagome wrapped both arms around Inuyasha to stop him from chasing after the idiot monk.

It's been too long and I'm about to be in time for me

It's been too long and I'm in time

Baby, there's something about you

I can hold on to

I'm going to hold on to that

Baby, there's something about you that

I can hold on to

I'm going to hold onto that

"I'll kill him," Inuyasha mumbled, but he didn't chase after Miroku. Instead he turned to Sango, who was protectively holding Kirara in her arms.

"What do you mean, this whole village smelled like Kagome? I didn't notice that, and I have an even better sense of smell than that cat." Kirara hissed, swiped at Inuyasha, and snarled.

"She doesn't want to talk to you right now, Inuyasha. I suggest we get some lunch and then leave this village. I don't know if you noticed, but there is an evil feeling coming from this area," Sango said nervously. She looked out the door for Miroku.

"Kirara, would you please go get him?" The little cat stared back at Sango.

"Oh, dammit. I'm going to have to convince him that Inuyasha won't kill him, won't I? That idiot. Both of you," she added, looking pointedly at Inuyasha as she went out the door, followed by Kirara.

"Good. We're alone for now. Kiss me," Kagome whispered, pulling Inuyasha's head down.

"But he, he saw you, Kagome! I have to go kill him! Only I get to look at you!" he argued.

"I don't care and if you say one more word concerning Miroku I'll make you S-I-T, get it?" she told him irritably, silencing him more effectively with her lips. She draped both arms around his neck and leaned into the kiss. Inuyasha lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his hips, slowly grinding into him. Inuyasha moaned and walked over to the nearest wall (there being no room on the debris-covered floor), pushing her against it in order to let his hands roam. Inuyasha trailed kisses down her neck to his bite mark as she arched into him. Inuyasha paused. Kagome heard the pattering of boots running toward the hut. Kagome slid down the wall as Inuyasha said edgily, "Don't worry, it's just Sango. But she's upset about something. I can smell that and fear in her scent."

Sango ran up to the doorjamb and grabbed on to hold herself up.

"It's Miroku! Kirara can't smell him anymore and we saw..." she gasped out before collapsing on the threshold. A greenish spider-shaped mark glowed faintly in the air above her before fading.

And I'm going to be there...be there...alright

It's been a long time coming

I'm going to hold onto that.

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