Ranma 1/2 is the creation of Rumiko Takahashi and Sailor Moon is the creation of Naoko Takeuchi. This fan-fiction isn't intended for commercial use but is rather a tribute to Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon.

Chapter 1 A Sister Returns

Beryl sat in the Dark Kingdom and sighed. She wanted the youma to respect her. As it was they only listened to her because of Hard Thought and her control over their ability to absorb life energy which was thanks to Metalia. 'Boosted piece of food' is what they called her when they thought she wasn't listening. She again wondered what would have happened if it had been her rather then her elder twin sister who had been assassinated all those years ago.

Suddenly Beryl felt pain and something she hadn't felt in who knows how long - the mental link she had with her sister. "Jadeite!" she yelled.

"Yes, my queen?" said Jadeite kneeling.

"My sister...has been reborn. I will let you tap into my mental link. Find out her current identity."

"At once my queen."

Time passed but Beryl didn't know how much. That was the one thing she hated about this place – the only way to mark the passage of time was by youma generations. She and her four generals had watched 400 generations of youma be born, grow up, grow old, and for a few die of old age. At 30 years a generation that worked out to 12,000 years.

Jadeite returned and kneeled. "I think something went wrong my queen. I followed your link but I found a baby boy not a girl."

"You forget Jadeite that youma choose their sex once they reach maturity but...blast I must be sure."

Beryl stood frowning. "Jadeite, can you use your teleportation power to take me to Earth?"

"Yes my queen but…"

"I know, the youma need me to stay alive." Beryl cocked her head to one side. "My memory crystal...what if I channeled my life energy through my memory crystal just as my youma have for generations?"

"It could work but…"

"It may not be enough over a long period of time. I don't plan on being on Earth for long. Just enough to find out how to become part of my sister's new family and to set up an identity there that I can use to visit her."

Jadeite smiled. He had learned a lot from the youma he had sent to Earth about setting up identities. A little manipulation of memories via life energy exchange and alteration of actual records was all it took.

~*~Several hours later in a Hospital in Azabu-Juban, Minato Ward~*~

Saotome Nodoka smiled at her baby boy as the door to her room opened.

For moment she was puzzled. Who was… She shook her head. Where was her brain? This was Aunt Beryl, head matriarch of the Saotome clan. How on earth could she forget something like that?

"B-chan, I'm surprised to see you."

Beryl laughed. Jadeite was living beyond her wildest expectations. "Why?"

"Your work keeps you so busy. Heck, I haven't seen you in years."

Beryl smiled. "I sensed the rebirth of my elder twin sister. I was surprised that it turned out to be my cousin."

Nodoka frowned slightly. Beryl had taken the death of her sister hard but this… Best to humor the woman.

"I've named him Ranma."

Beryl nodded smiling. A few more weeks to finish up her identity and she would return to the Dark Kingdom. Everything was working perfectly.

~*~Two Years Later~*~

Everything was effectively shot to blazes. The youma Beryl had set up as a 'maid' to the Saotome household sent information that Genma, Nodoka's husband, had ran off with Ranma leaving behind a seppuku contract. Ok, first thing was to find out what the blasted thing said and 'convince' Nodoka to get rid of it. There was no way in hell she was going to lose her sister a second time.

A knock caused Nodoka to rush to the door but instead of her husband or son she found a scowling Beryl.

"What is this about your husband running off with your son and leaving behind a seppuku contract?"

"Your maid told you," said Nodoka.

"Damn right. Let me see that thing," growled Beryl.

Nodoka handed the contract to Beryl who quickly read it. "Well there is no way a two year old even knew that this was and what the hell does 'be a man among men' even mean? This thing is worthless. As head matriarch of the Saotome clan I demand you destroy this...abomination."

Nodoka nervously nodded. You did not want to be on Aunt Beryl's bad side especially given that special martial art technique she knew. She quickly threw the contract on the fire.

"Now that has been taken care of, any idea where your baka husband is?"


Beryl sighed. "Looks like I going to be pulling some of my...people off their current projects to find him. They are not going to be happy." Beryl felt dizzy for a moment.

"Auntie are you are right?"

"I think so. Perhaps some air will help clear my head."

Nodoka nodded as Beryl took her leave. Beryl frowned. Her sister had established a soul link to her best friend, Princess Serenity. Of course that meant Beryl had been linked to her as well as her sister. Beryl closed her eyes the pain of Princess Serenity's death replaying in her mind. She hadn't expected Queen Serenity to dodge her blast nor for it to hit her childhood friend and the last contact to her sister and kill her. Beryl opened her eyes which were now cold and hard. Something else to thank Queen Serenity for. If that bitch ever reincarnated...but this was the link to her daughter. That meant Princess Serenity had been reborn. Time to have Jadeite set things up...after all wouldn't her sister love to have the reincarnation of her best friend around?

~*~Four More Years Later~*~

Tsukino Ikuko jumped as her friend Beryl started screaming. "It hurts," she yelled writhing on the floor in obvious pain the tea cup Beryl had been drinking from shattering on the floor. "What in the name of the Dark Kingdom is my uncle in law doing to his son?" Beryl then went into unconsciousness. "Mommy, what happen? Why Auntie Beryl scream?" asked Usagi running into the room.

"She said she had a type of link to her nephew Ranma because he was the reincarnation of her elder twin sister. Something horrible must be happening to him."

Several moments later and before Ikuko was going to call for an ambulance Beryl woke up. "I don't know what he did," she snarled. "But when I find him I'll put him in Hard Thought for a full week."

"You think hard?"

Beryl chuckled. "No, Usagi its a...martial arts technique." Beryl gestured and a small crystal figure appeared in her hand. "It is a way to make things from your mind."

"I want to learn."

"It takes a long time. I couldn't really do it properly until I was 16 but I think can speed things up a bit," Beryl said touching Usagi's head.

Usagi shook her head. "Ohh that felt nice but Auntie what's a youma?"

Ikuko got concerned as Beryl paled. "It's particular name for many of my...employees. They...are really skilled in two martial arts techniques – one where they can appear as a different person and other where they can subdue someone without really hurting them."

"Oh I would really like to see the first."

Ikuko now frowned. Whatever Beryl had done had resulted in her child speaking far above her age level. It wasn't harmful but it was still...troubling.

"Perhaps latter. They are quite busy trying to find my nephew."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Ikuko got up and opened it. There was one of Beryl's maids clearly nervous. "Is Queen...I mean Beryl-sama in?"

Ikuko nodded noting the strange slip. Queen?

"I must speak to her."

"Morga, what's wrong?"

"It's Genma. I just found out he engaged Ranma to someone but ran off with the dowry."

"He what?!" growled Beryl clearly pissed. Ikuko noticed the maid wince and take a step back. "First that idiotic seppuku contract, whatever he just did to my nephew, and now this. What is wrong with the man?" Beryl sighed and started rubbing her closed eyes clearly trying to stave off a headache. "What is the name of this family?"

"Kuonji, Your Mag...Beryl-sama" Again the strange slip. There seemed to be far more to her friend then she let on.

"I'll have Jadeite contact them. Hopefully he can find a way to clean this mess up. Meanwhile, Usagi has expressed a desire to see one of my youma...take on a difference appearance and since you are here... And Morga, make it something non frightening."

Morga nodded and sat down on the couch. She brought her hands to her face and pulled them down. The face Ikuko now saw was totally different.

"That is so neat. Can I learn to do it?"

"It's similar to Hard Thought. It takes a mastery of ki manipulation to do."


"The life energy that is in all living things, Usagi. Youma have such a mastery of it they can enter into a state akin to suspended animation slowing they bodily functions to the point they can exist for months and even years without food or water." Beryl chuckled. "That is something I have not even to begun to get a handle on."

"Just as we can't do Hard Thought," commented Morga.

Beryl smiled. "But I can't change my appearance like you do and in many respects that is the more powerful technique. I just hope we find my nephew before my uncle-in-law does something else insane."

~*~Ten Years Later~*~

Beryl looked at the pamphlet scowling. "You said the person you talked to said someone fitting Genma's description got really excited when he picked up one of these."

"Yes, Beryl-sama," said Turqua of the Doom and Gloom clan running her blue hand through her blond hair. "But from what it says only a totally moronic clueless idiot...oh we are talking about Genma aren't we."

"Which is why I will have Jadeite and some youma go there and find out how dangerous this...Jusenkyo is and see if they can keep the Kami's gift to the land of stupid from doing something else dumb."

~*~Several hours later in the Dark Kingdom~*~

Beryl blinked at the woman and youma of clans she couldn't even begin to identify.

The woman kneeled. "Queen Beryl, we did as you requested but things went wrong."

Beryl widened her eyes. Despite the female voice she recognized that speech pattern anywhere. "Jadeite?!"

"As the Guide there said. 'Pools very dangerous. Fall in and take form of what drowned in pool. Cold water activate form. Hot water return to normal.'"

"Genma and Ranma were sparring on some poles and Genma fell in into Pool of Drowned Panda. We realized that Ranma was startled and tried to keep the idiot from knocking Ranma into a pool. Turns out pandas are insanely strong. I got knocked into Pool of Drowned Girl and saw that the idiot had knocked Ranma towards that pool and I tried to redirect him to some dry land. I succeeded but the ground near a pool gave way and he fell into what the Guide called 'Pool of Drowned Life Draining Demon'. I recognized the ki signature the moment Ranma, now in female form, emerged from the pool. Should be called 'Pool of Drowned Youma.'" The female Jadeite sighed. "Ranma goes nuts and chases Genma all over the valley and knocks someone into Pool of Drowned Piglet. The Guide then takes us to the Joketsuzoku village which has been the feeding ground for youma I sent to Earth generations ago. One of the warriors realizes what Ranma now is and rushes to attack and while we were keeping her busy Genma ran off with Ranma."

Beryl nodded smiling. "I think I have an idea where he is going. Japan. He likely thinks that stupid contract he tricked Ranma into is still in effect and will likely try to have Ranma marry someone."

"But who?"

"Nodoka mentioned Genma talking about a Tendo Soun when we addressed that whole Kuonji mess several years back. Took us a while to find a Dojo under that family name. By that time the man's wife had died and he was a borderline basket case due to grief. Said something about 'joining the schools' but I think he takes it as marriage. I assigned Balm to be their maid but she wasn't use to helping raise humans and so they think more like youma then most humans."

Beryl then gave a nasty smile. "I think you should tell Kuonji Ukyo we have an idea where Genma may be headed. I imagine she will want to thank him personally for the way he manipulated her and Ranma into nearly destroying her honor."

~*~A Month Later~*~

"Argh," fumed Nodoka. "That husband of mine. Just how stupid can he be?"

"You want the short list or would you like me to ramble on for at least an hour," sighed Beryl.

"Point made. The problem is Soun is still in 'join the schools' meaning marriage mode."

"True but thanks to Balm his three daughters were warned of this nonsense years ago. Each has taken a different tack in what Balm taught them as their father was basically useless as a teacher."

"The oldest, Kasumi, has become a master local ki manipulator making the very area have a calming soothing aspect to any who stays there for any time. The youngest, Akane, can actually use her ki to manifest objects – I think she is trying to duplicate Hard Thought. The middle daughter, Nabiki, worries me. She wanted control and to bring in some money because the place wasn't brining in students and the family trust fund wasn't going to last forever. Balm helped stop her from setting up betting pools and loan sharking...by offering herself to perform a more lucrative profession. The oldest profession."

Nodoka closed her eyes. "Which attracted the wrong attention."

Beryl winced. "Yes, the local Yakuza. At first I was able to keep them placated by offering my youma as girls of the night but one of the local heads got too greedy. I brought it to the attention of to the head of the Yamaguchi-gumi and offered to take care of the problem for him. Threw in a couple of youma as bodyguards-eye candy."

Nodoka paled as her eyes opened. "The report of that suspected local Yamaguchi-gumi leader who was literally plastered all over his apartment."

"Balm had grown to view the Tendos as part of her clan and threatening a member of a youma's clan doesn't end well. So I sent her. As expected the idiot threatened Nabiki specifically or the Tendo clan generally. The Yamaguchi-gumi leader was impressed and I think a little frightened. The next thing I knew I was the defacto overseer of the Nerima Yakuza. Took a while but I changed them into something more savory. He leaves me alone because I sent half my after tax salary as pavement. Given the frugal way I live it not like I need that kind of money."

Nodoka nodded still pale. "Ok. But what about this pool Ranma fell into? Why is it also called 'Pool of Drowned Life Draining Demon'?"

Beryl sighed. She had been dreading someone putting the pieces together. "Because that is what people think youma are due to their abilities."

"They aren't really martial artist techniques are they."

"From what I have been able to put together they likely were, a long time before I was born, but constant use resulted in the ability being able to passed on genetically. The same is true of my Hard Thought. That is the main reason I have been picking up bits and pieces of the martial artists your husband met-to recreate the techniques. Jusenkyo and your husband's Master Happosai show that people did know those techniques. I've been digging and according to the records I found Happosai is over 200 years old. I suspect he has perverted the ki draining technique that was the basis for youma's ability to do the same to extend his life."

This was insanely dangerous but she had to know. "You're not the only who has been digging," said Nodoka coldly.

Beryl promptly paled.

"I was curious about you and on the surface everything seemed fine but once I got far enough below that surface it was like you didn't exist past 16 years ago."

Beryl now started to sweat.

"Who are you?" asked Nodoka angerly.

Beryl collapsed into a chair. "I am Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom. The youma are my subjects. You know how old I really am? About 12,000 years. A 'gift' from Queen Serenity just like the prison she put all of us in," Beryl spat.

"My generals and I have watched about 400 generations of youma be born, grow up, grow old, and die of old age before our eyes. They got to live while we existed but then 16 years ago I felt my link to my elder twin sister reappear. You know how she really died? She was assassinated; she was only 8 years old. I saw and felt her die."

Beryl looked up her eyes cold and hard. "What you want with your son I want with the reincarnation of my twin sister even if she never remembers her old life."

"The thing is I remember you before Ranma was born."

"Something Jadeite picked up from the youma that were very successful in creating identities here to slowly gather life energy to free us. By reviewing the memory crystals we found out that Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg who was the wife of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was one of his youma."

Nodoka's eyes widened. "But she had a complete history…"

"Just like me," commented Beryl. "Or Empress Shōken."

Nodoka paled. "Are you saying the Emperor of Japan…."

"Has youma blood in his veins but then again so do I and before everything went down the toilet I was the Queen of Earth."

Nodoka slowly sat down. "Kama-sam in heaven."

Beryl gave a dark chuckle. "We did have Danburite who took a bunch of youma with him vowing they would dominate the humans. I thought nothing came of it until Jadeite brought the Ancient Egyptian pantheon to my attention. Fits with the habit of the clan he took with him had of mixing human and animal traits far too well. Never mind the name of that clan's head was Osiris. Must admit having humans willing give his youma life energy believing they were gods fits in with his statement."

Beryl scowled. "If he did do that he crossed a line both in my eyes and that of my youma. Being labeled as demons is acceptable but to be revered as a god...that is going way too far."


"Amaterasu Omikami a youma? I doubt it. It just doesn't feel right."

"So you are Queen of Earth."

"Was, Nodoka. The Kingdom I ruled died 12,000 years ago. This world is effectively alien to me." Beryl gave a humorless chuckle. "The only Kingdom I can truly claim as my own is the one that has been our prison for 12,000 years." Beryl then scowled. "A prison built from the life energy of Queen Serenity's Moon Kingdom. You see all the technology they and we used was ki based. They used that technology to build huge space habitats and make the Moon and other rocky planets habitable. But to make a prison like the Dark Kingdom and send us there takes energy. You only have to look at the state the solar system is in now in to see where the energy came from. The people on Mercury, Pluto, and the Moon likely died quickly. The rest...I'd rather not think about it. We have no idea what the death toll was. Lowest estimate I have seen was 20 billion. Highest 100 billion."

"All those people dead just because the mother of my sister's best friend wanted to punish us. If the damn bitch hadn't moved I would have killed her not her daughter."

Beryl started to sob. "Princess Serenity always suspected her mother or someone in her court was behind my sister's assassination. Princess Serenity realized that she shouldn't have been able to sneak off to Earth as easily as she was to have her affair with the Prince of Earth. It didn't take her long to connect the dots. She figured that once the affair became a marriage that something fatal would happen to me."

Beryl started to pull herself together. "What happened next wasn't really a war between the Earth and Moon Kingdom but a civil war in the Moon Kingdom. In the confrontation I tried to blast Queen Serenity but she dodged and I wound up mortally wounding my best friend and only remaining connection with my sister. Queen Serenity didn't want to listen to my idea of using a memory crystal to allow her to live in a youma's body. Instead of trying to help me save her daughter she choose to punish me, slaughter billions, destroy her kingdom, and blast mine back to the Stone Age."

"What you mean 'use a memory crystal to allow her to live in a youma's body'?" asked Nodoka as she tried to grasp what Beryl had gone through as well as her feelings towards the woman.

"There are rare times when a youma is so respected and valuable that another youma will ask to have their memories transferred into them. However, this effectively destroys the youma's original memories. The body lives on but the youma that was there is effectively dead. In my long rule I have seen it happen only 5 times despite the fact any youma that does this is seen with even higher regard then a Term."

"What is a Term?" asked Nodoka determined to learn more about this woman that she had thought to be part of her family.

"It is short for Terminal. It is a youma with their version of cancer. It first beings with a cough that produces black goo and pains in the joints. The condition progresses until all the youma can do is writhe in agony on the ground screaming as they cough up their own innards as black goo. As a mercy the Guardian of the clan will absorb all the youma's life energy putting it out of its misery. As a general rule Terms will volunteer for the most dangerous missions in the hope that something will kill them before they get to that stage. The only thing more dangerous then a Term is a youma that has been made clanless."


"To be declared clanless means you are seen by your clan to have no value. Even boosted food ie people who were given or easily acquired power rather then sacrificing something for that power are seen to have value. A clanless youma will go to any means to prove it has value which generally results in a bloody rampage across the countryside. Think of a Ronin samurai with a death wish combined with Viking's desire to die in battle and that is effectively a clanless youma."

"In theory, I could force a Guardian or Clan head to declare a youma that pissed me off clanless but I vowed I would never do that. Not after what happened when the youma that had been assigned to protect us was declared clanless. She went totally berserk and killed about 20 of Queen Serenity's regular guards, 10 of her former clan members, and one Sailor Senshi before being killed...by me."

"I take it this Sailor Senshi was akin to a samurai."

"They were the successor to the youma. Each one was effectively a one person army. Mercury could freeze an entire division solid, Mars burn an entire division to ash, and Saturn...well story was she was powerful enough to blow up planets. True or not everybody tended to avoid her because they were scared out of their wits. I think Princess Serenity, Morganite, and I were the only ones who were actually friends with her. To everyone else she was the Senshi of Death and Destruction."

"The poor woman."

"It was so bad that I think she used ki to make herself appear younger. She looked only 12 years old when Morganite was killed and still looked 12 when everything went south nearly a decade later."

Nodoka started to get a shocked look on her face.

"I was wondering when you would realize how old I was when I first killed someone."

"Eight years old," she whispered.

"Yes. Morganite and I had been messing around and creating various objects out of Hard Thought rather then simply encasing things in it. The youma had moved on to trying to kill my father so in desperation I formed a piece of Hard Thought in her and made it large...fast. The scream she made still haunts me to this day. But to protect my family it had to be done."

Nodoka sighed. "I am angry with you for how you manipulated me but I understand why. It was a matter of duty even if it was a reincarnation of a family member. You also opened my eyes with regards to just what sort of...person my husband was. Once Ranma returns and is safe I will find out how much damage he has done to the family's honor and go from there."

"Thank you for being so forgiving, Nodoka." Beryl gestured and a sword and scabbard appeared in her hands. "It's symbolic but I want you to have this."

Nodoka picked up the sword and scabbard. While one color the scabbard was decorated with a fine inlay with a circle with a cross in it and another with the cross on the top looking like an upside down version of the symbol for women seen in the West. She unsheathed the sword and noted that while a darker color then the scabbard it was well balanced. "I am honored."

"More then you realize. That is as close a duplication to my family's personal swords as is possible with Hard Thought. It shows that you are part of my family...the royal family of Earth."

~*~Several Weeks Later~*~

A panda burst into the Tendo house with a female figure on its shoulder. "Oh my, this must be Genma and Ranma," said Kasumi.

The panda blinked and pulled out a sign. 'Why yes. How did you know?'

"Pops, are you going to put me down or do you need another lesson?" asked the figure.

The panda promptly dropped the female figure on the floor like a sack of wheat.

"I meant gently you baka," fumed the figure as it stood. While female it clearly wasn't human as humans didn't normally have skin the color of a freshly cooked lobster. A huge mallet appeared in the figure's hand which it promptly slammed into the panda's head.

The figure turned. "You don't seem to be surprised regarding our appearance."

"Oh no. Balm here told us you went to Jusenkyo and fell into the Pools of Drowned Panda and Youma. I assume you are Ranma. I'm Kasumi."

"As least hot water reverses this so you can still marry one of my daughters. Kasumi is 19, Nabiki is 18, and Akane 16. Choose one," said Soun.

"Father, I thought Beryl make it perfectly clear that 'joining the schools' did not necessarily mean marriage," said Nabiki clearly annoyed.

"Besides I don't want to be exchanging life energy at that level until I know them well." commented Akane.

"Well if Ranma has mastered some of his youma abilities he should be able to give you some physical pleasure," said the woman in the maid outfit.

"Well tentacle sex does have a kinky appeal to it, Balm," commented Nabiki as she poked Ranma's left breast.

"Wah, one of my daughters is into perverted sex," cried Soun.

"Perverted by normal human standards," commended Kasumi in a slightly annoyed voice. "You forget that we were raised with youma standards. Ki exchange not physical contact is how one is intimate."

Kasumi cocked her head to one side. "I always wanted to learn the appeal of that but was too shy to ask Balm."

"Eek," said Soun.

"Kasumi is right, dad," said Nabiki. "Balm explained that youma are intimate via how much ki they trade with their partner not by how much they and their partner screw each other silly."

"Gagh," commented Soun.

"Oh my, I think we are loosing father," said Kasumi.

"Figures. Though perhaps Ranma would like to have a threesome," grinned Nabiki squeezing the left breast.

"Hey, don't leave me out of this," protested Akane.

"Perhaps we should use my room I think its got the bigger bed," commented Kasumi.

"Bla," said Soun as his eyes rolled up into his head and he fainted.

"Would someone mind telling me what you two are on about?" asked Ranma.

"Oh that's right," said Nabiki. "You just fell into the pool. Likely still learning how to go beyond the basic human form. Well Balm here can teach you. She is quite popular with many of my fellow students. I admit I was surprised just how many girls are into that sort of thing. You wouldn't believe the amount of money she brings in."

~*~Azabu-Juban, Minato Ward~*~

"Let me go," pleaded Osaka Naru.

"Boy, you are as loud as your mother. I must admit you two are really into the role playing. If I didn't know better…" Morga shook her head, "But Nabiki is very good at giving out information that will net her large amounts of money in the long run and so made sure every female knows the safeword," Morga commented as she used her tentacles to unbutton the girl's top.

"Please, don't."

"Stop!" yelled a voice.

Morga turned her head and dropped the girl in shock. "A Sailor Scout?"


"Usagi? What in the name of the Dark Kingdom are you doing in that get up? That outfit could get you seriously hurt if not killed."

"Just what were you doing with Naru?"

"Same thing I do over in Furinkan High School. Everyone knows the safeword so if they really don't want tentacle sex they will use it."

"Beryl was right. You guys really don't understand how different we are from the humans she ruled over 12,000 years ago. Naru wasn't using the safeword because she didn't know it."

"Uh what?!"

"Sailor Moon what are you doing?!" yelled Luna who paused. "Wait a minute, did you say Beryl?"

"Yes, Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom."

Luna's eyes widened and took a step back. 'What have I done?"

"A mau?" said Morga who then smiled. "So that isn't get up. You really are a Sailor Scout." Morga then frowned. "But that doesn't make sense as Beryl has been on about how you are the reincarnation of her best friend Princess Serenity."

Luna blinked her eyes. 'But if this girl really is the princess...ah crap. Mind control. Great, wonderful. This day is really turning out well.'

Morga then coughed covering her mouth. Usagi widened her eyes when she saw black goo on Morga's hand.

"Morga, no."

"Sorry, Usagi but I'm afraid it is. Real early stages though. From what have heard I still got a few good years left."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Make my death quick when the time comes."

"There has got to be something else I can do!"

Morga smiled. "I could do a ki exchange with you."

"How far?" asked Usagi.

"As far as you want."

Usagi closed her eyes. "All the way." Usagi then opened her eyes. "But not here and not now. I'll see to Naru and see if I can fix any mental trauma you have likely caused. Meanwhile…"

"Don't loose heart Sailor Moon," said a male voice.

Usagi sighed. "I was going to say leave before anyone else showed up but looks like that idea is shot. Take the energy and go. Hopefully I can talk some sense into this formally dressed...person."

"Uh what's going on? Why aren't you attacking the youma?"

"Whoever you are, I think she under control of the Dark Kingdom," proclaimed Luna.

"Perhaps I can shock her out of it," he said throwing something at Usagi.

Usagi cried out and looked at what was now embedded in her arm. "A rose?"

"Hey fancy boy, you leave my best friend alone or I make you look like one of those stretchy toys," said Morga.

Usagi rubbed her head sighing. "Morga, I know you want to go out in blaze of glory but not here and not now. I'll keep Mr Tux here occupied long enough for you to get back to the Dark Kingdom and then I'll get out of here as I have no idea what either I or he are able to do."

"There are legends…."

"LATER. Get out of here."

Morga nodded and vanished.

"Don't worry Sailor Moon I, Tuxedo Mask, shall free you from this evil influence."

"You wouldn't happen to be related to that weirdo Kunō Tatewaki I heard about would you? Or do you just happen to use the same moronic scriptwriter?"

Usagi then dashed over and grabbed Naru. "I think getting my other best friend away from you is a good idea. Anyone who talks like you can't be all right in the head. Bye."

Usagi then ran like crazy with Naru holding on for dear life saying "I would like to wake up now" over and over.

The startled Tuxedo Mask just stood there. "Uh, what just happened?"

"You let a youma escape with who knows how much life energy and then let the princess, who is clearly under some form of mind control, escape, you freaking idiot!" screeched Luna. "Tuxedo Mask? Tuxedo Moron is more like it."


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