It was a beautiful Sunny day as many people were enjoying the weather how one individual is prowling the forest floor determined to get somewhere,determined to get to get to someone. He was a fox one of the most famous ones more famous than Rosalie, his name is Cadmean he's also gone by Cad for short. He has orange and black fur he has a white stripe going down his back and soul piercing orange eyes he is the most elusive theif and assassin ever known finding him if you know where to look is child's play but catching him is extremely difficult and even if he is captured somehow he escapes.

He was heading to the United pack for one reason to kill Eve for it was her who made him the way he is.

It was many years ago Cadmean was merely 5 years old when it went down he was playing with his older sister when it happened Eve came out of nowhere with murder on her mind and slaughtered his parents and sister leaving him an orphan alone in the world and to fend for himself every skill and trick he learned throughout the years was self taught he was honing his skills waiting for this moment the day he could finally get his revenge.


in the western pack something else was happening nothing bad but rather entertaining Humphrey and Kate sat in front of a huge crowd of males and females and in front of them were a massive field of tall grass and a female wolf stepped in front of them. "Alright ladies and gentlemen get ready to pray to your goddesses for a good time!"she shouted and the crowd cheered,today was the annual Grass Goddess show it's a show where 10 female wolves between the age of 20 and 49 dress in a grass skirt and wear a green bra and dance strip and interact with the audience.

Alphas and omegas both can be a grass goddess,Kate wanted to be one herself but Eve and Winston wouldn't allow it.

Alphas and omegas both can be a grass goddess if they can handle preforming in front of a large crowd.

"Alright goddesses come on out and say hello to your worshippers!"the female said and one by one 10 females stepped out of the tall grass half of them were wolves Humphrey and Kate knew there was Sweets and candy,Claws and Ebony but there was one that to kate completely by surprise:Lilly.

Kate stared at lilly with complete shock as she began walking towards the crowd confusion and anger sweld over kate as she was trying to figure out why lilly got to be a grass goddess and not her. Meanwhile sweets was showing off her breasts to Humphrey and invited him to motorboat them "hey Kate I'm gonna motorboat sweets boobs." Kate was to focused on lilly to care "yeah that's great Humphrey have fun." She responded in a whatever tone then she stood up and walked over to Lilly who was dancing in front of a group of males and pulled her away.

"Lilly what the hell how come you get to be a grass goddess when i can't?!"Kate asked upset Lilly looked at her meekly " and dad doesn't know I'm doing this.. please don't tell them." Kate scoffed and grabbed Lilly's arm and dragged her away.


Winston and eve were in their den cuddling Winston looked at eve with a grin "you know eve ever since Kate and Lilly were born we haven't been able to really express our love...but now they are out of the den and on their own..." Eve smiled seductively "i hear you loud and clear big boy." Then Winston got on top of eve but before he could do anything a familiar voice ruined the moment. "Uh ew!" Winston and eve looked to see Kate and Lilly looking at them "damn it."Winston muttered in disappointment.

"What can we help you Kate?"Eve asked Kate gestered towards Lilly "you can help me by explaining this." Winston and eve looked at lilly in confusion "Lilly you're a grass goddess i thought we agreed neither of our daughters couldn't be grass goddesses?"eve said looking at Winston "no we agreed Kate couldn't be one."

Kate frowned at her parents as one fact came into her mind "and the reason was never astablished i asked you guys but you just said no and left it at that." "Kate the reason we won't let you be a grass goddess is because... well.. you're the future leader of the pack you have an image to maintain dear."Winston said calmly. Kate looked at them in confusion and anger "what image dad?" Eve looked at her with a you know expression.

It took Kate a few seconds to figure it out "oh ok...i leader of the pack I can't be seen doing ludicrous things because my pack mates will see me in a different light makes sense that makes perfect sence."Kate said sarcasticly Winston and eve both frowned knowing kate was only being sarcastic. "Let me educate you I've done some pretty unladylike things before example 1 when jewel purpusly injured me so i couldn't complete in the great wolf games guess what i did in retaliation...i made her and her team lose..and you wanna know how...?"


It was the day of the 3rd annual great wolf games it was the north vs west kate who was about 16 at this time watched from the sidelines after being injured by jewel who make her sprain her ankle on another event although she claimed it was an accident but kate knew better. The final event was a race around a ring and which ever team crosses wins,the race started as the teams began running kate watched with anger as the north was gonna win then a mischievous idea popped into her head.

Jewel and her team was nearing the finish line kate carefully stood up from her seating position and turned around and pulled her loincloth down while also bending over and mooned the north team "up here guys!" Jewel and her team stopped to look at Kate bare ass in disgust as the western team blew passed them winning the race and the great wolf games.

Flashback ended

eve frowned at that memory "we grounded you for the rest of the year for that stunt."Winston stated "the point I'm trying to make is that even though I'm the leader of the pack I'm allowed to have a little fun Humphrey brought out my fun loving side when i married him." Winston and eve knew this was true originally kate was disaplined and a no nonsense woman now she laughs and plays games with Humphrey. "Why the hell do you want to be a grass goddess anyway you're gonna be stripping and dancing on males and females won't Humphrey hate that?"eve asked "not at all i told him about it years ago and he said he's fine with it as long as i think about him the whole time."

Eve still wasn't convinced "you're not becoming a grass goddess kate." She said Kate only scoffed "i wasn't asking for your permission I'm 33 years old mom you can't tell me what i can or can't do anymore it's my my life and my choice." Eve frowned " the choices you make are stupid." Kate chuckled scornfully " choices are stupid?!" Winston could see this is getting a little too heated so he tried to calm things down "ok ladies lets drop this conversation before we say things we regret." "No dad i wanna know what were my stupid choices?"

"Walking out on Garth during the moonlight howl, marrying Humphrey."eve said causing kate to look at her in confusion "what the hell Mom you said you were all for me and Humphrey getting married!" "at first i was until me and your father were getting messages from other packs who heard about your unholy marriage and they didn't like it, some even threatened us with war." Kate nodded scratching her head "yeah I've gotten those messages too and to tell you the fenrir honest truth:they do frighten me... make no mistake about it,the thought of a whole army assembling with no doubt Romulus as the leader all out for a marriage that i wanted frightens me,but let me tell you something else i also got positive messages from packs who agree that wolves who marry whoever they want they even followed in our footsteps,so i think i made a pretty smart decision."

Eve scoffed realizing she's just wasting words "whatever kate fine go be a grass goddess.. you'll look like a tramp in those outfits anyway." kate frowned after hearing her mother say that "well let's see if anyone agrees." She then stomped out followed by lilly Winston glaired at eve then went after his daughters.

"Kate wait!"Winston called out but kate ignored him to angry to say anything Winston ran in front of her stopping her "she didn't mean any of that you know she can be a bit of a hot head."Winston said calmly Kate snorted "hot head is an understatement dad,mom threatens anybody who breathes wrong." "Yeah remember when she threatened that wolf who barely grazed her chest when he walked past her?"lilly asked "she maybe a little short tempered but she cares about you,me and everyone here and she and supports your choice in marrying Humphrey,she loves you kate never forget that." Winston said kate scoffed not sure if that fact was really true.

Winston kissed Kate's forehead and went back to his den kate and Lilly walked away as well unaware of Cadmean who watching the whole conversation from behind a bush.