Harry Potter x Den Brother

1: Girls vs Boys

Lily Luna Potter was heading to her girl troop meeting as the newest member of the Bumblebees.

"Hey. Lily right?" Lily nodded. "I'm Emily Pearson. Head of the bumble bees. Nice to meet you. I'll do great here." Emily said.

"Middle school?" Lily asks.

"Yes. But don't worry, my brother is the den mot- Excuse me, Den BROTHER of the troops. You'll be in his perfect hands." Emily said.

"Great. You'd like my brothers. James and Albus." Lily said smiling.

"Maybe I'll meet them someday. But for now, let's get you acquainted with the other girls." Emily said.

But as she said it, another troop group came by.

"Oh! That's Hugo and Rose." Lily said.

"You know them?" Spoke a tall man. "Lily, this is my Brother Alex."

"Hello. Yes. Hugo and Rose are my cousins." She said.

Alex didn't look too happy about it. He walked outside and Emily and Lily followed.

"Well, if it isn't Alex Pearson. Here to ruin the den mother name?" It was a tall lady. Lily didn't like the way she talked. Rose and Hugo waved to her and she smiled.

"What are you two doing?" The lady asked.

"Sorry Den mother." Hugo said sadly.

"She's our cousin ma'am." Rose said.

"Ah. Well, miss..."

"Potter." Rose said rolling her eyes.

"Potter. Why is a sweet little girl like you over with...these troops?" The lady asked.

"Because...it's where my mother said I am to go. She trusts these people." Lily said.

"Well, I am known as Mrs. Dina Reams. A Den mother to a troop of boys." She said. "Since the whole girls one got ruined by THIS boy." She said growly at Alex.

"What had Den Brother Alex done?" Lily asked.

Dina laughed. "Den BROTHER? Ha! That's a hoot! This boy, faked being a den mother and lied to everyone around him, just so...what was it again? Oh yes! To get a car, become the only all-star player for hockey, and try to win the girl, which...how did that work out for you again?"

Alex looked really angry and red in the face. But Lily saw he was hurting. She walked up and took his hand. "It's okay. Us girls are very stupid cause we don't see things clearly." She said.

Rose bagin to laugh. While she agreed, boys could also be said the same way. But she wasn't going to tell her little cousin that.

"You're a mean lady." Lily said.

"Excuse me?!"

"Lily!" Coming down to them, Lily's two brothers came running. "You forgot your lunch. Hello. I'm James." Her older brother said.

"Hey Rose."

"Hey Albus. How you and your friend doing?"

"Your asking about Scorpius? That's new."

"Don't get any ideas Albus. I care for you because were family. I don't care about your friend." Rose said.

"Why is your face all pink Rose?" Hugo asked.

"SHUT UP!" Rose yelled.

Both boys began laughing. "Take care and have fun Lily." Albus said.

"Yes, and I'll talk to you later, I hope." James said to Emily.

Emily shrugged at him before his younger brother dragged him away.

"I like Albus, but your older brother James, he's...a bit much." Emily said.

"He thinks he's a hot shot as mom puts it." Lily said.

"Bye Dina." Alex said.

Dina scoffed and took her troops away.

"Bye Hugo!" Lily waved.

He waved back but stopped as Dina turned and glared at him.

"She's a mean old lady." Lily said. Alex and Emily began laughing. "Old lady? Ha! That's a good one. Welcome to the Bumblebees Lily Luna Potter." Alex said.

Lily smiled. They headed inside where Lily met with the rest of the Bumblebee troops.

"Wow. You have such pretty hair."

"What does your parents use to make it so shiny and silky?"

"Are your brothers single and closer to your age?"

Lily became popular. But she only cared about talking with Alex and Emily.

"Alright girls. Line up!" Alex said.

"So, what are we doing first?" Lily asked.

"Well, with Dina being in charge of a new, boy troop called Butterfly. I don't know. But this means there is going to be a contact between the boys and girls." Alex said.

"So, I have to go against my cousin Hugo?" Lily asked.

"Sorry Lily. But it is a "war" of sorts when it comes to selling scout cookies." Emily said.

"Okay. I know how to be cute enough to sell things." Lily said.

"Let's hope so. Now, our goal, is to sell over 2,000 boxes of each cookie. And there are four different ones, so that's 8,000 boxes total." Alex said.

"There are a few spots we will be visiting in the next three weeks. We must best these boys, because,"

"Boys drool and girls RULE!" Everyone said.

Lily didn't get it. But she went along with it.

After the meeting, her brothers picked her up and took her home.

"Hey mom! Hi Dad!"

"Hello Lily. How was girl scouts?" Ginny asked.

"Good. Did you know that Hugo joined a boy scouts? And it's a contest! Girls vs boys." Lily told her everything that happened.

Ginny looked to Harry concerned.

"Great news sweetie. I'm glad you had a wonderful time." Ginny said.

"And James likes one of the girls there. WHo was she?" Albus asked.

"Emily. My Den Brother's sister." Lily told him.

"Ha! Den Brother?! Okay. James will love to hear this one. He's got no chance to get with...Emily." Albus said.

As the kids went upstairs, Ginny went on ahead and called her brother.

"How did Ron and hermione get Hugo into a boy scout? That isn't around in this area." Harry said.

"I know. I don't like the sound of this." Ginny said.


"Ron, it's Ginny. We need to talk. It's about Hugo and Lily."