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''Where are they?'' Harry thought to himself as he waited on his own at Platform 9 3/4. It was almost 11 o'clock and neither Ron, Hermione, or his girlfriend Ginny were at the Platform. He was just about to board the train on his own, when he saw a flash of red hair to the right of him. It was Ron Weasley his best friend, and he had been ever since they had met on the train on their first ever day of school.

''Well finally!!'' exclaimed Harry. ''Where have you beem?''

''Sorry'' panted Ron. ''We had to go back for my broomstick'' he grinned as Harry rolled his eyes.

Ron boarded the train and it was at that precise moment that Harry caught a glimpse of his very attractive girlfriend Ginny, who he hadn't seen all summer. She looked around cautiously and then gave Harry her best smile. They had to be very cautious around each other as Ron was very overprotective of her and he was only just getting used to the idea of Harry dating his baby sister, even though they had been seeing each other for almost four months now.

As she boarded the train herself, Harry realised how much she had changed over the summer, she had grown a lot taller (although she was still shorter than Harry.) She also looked different and she seemed to have matured alot. But Harry didn't have much time to think about her as just as he was about to get on to the Hogwarts Express his other best friend Hermione Granger ran up to were he was and grabbed onto his arm.

''Hurry Harry, the trains about to leave'' she said extremely flustered.

And at that they both jumped onto the train. They found Ron and Ginny sitting together joking around and Harry sat down next to Ginny and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder avoiding the look he was getting from Ron.

Hermione was out of breath anyway after running for the train, but when she saw Ron, her heart skipped a beat as she took in how much he had changed over the holidays. She noticed how muscular he had become, probably because he was now captain of the Quidditch team she thought. He also looked very tanned, and his intense blue eyes shone out from underneath the bit of his striking red hair that always flopped down onto his face. He had changed dramatically from the tall, lanky boy she knew from their first year at Hogwarts, but then again they were in their final year and she couldn't expect him not to have changed.

''Well, are you going to sit down?'' Ron said to Hermione as he moved up so that she could sit down next to him. ''Or are you going to just stand there all day?''

Hermione blushed as she sat down next to Ron and looked at Harry and Ginny jealously. What she wanted more than anything right now was for Ron to wrap his arms around her. But he didn't look at her in that way, he only saw her as a friend.

''Wow, Hermione'' Ron remarked. '' You've really changed''

''Oh shut up Ron'' she retorted, '' I haven't changed a bit''

Ron aggreed with her, as he didn't want to start up an argument on their first day back, even though he knew it wasn't true. She had changed, She had lost a lot of weight and she was no longer the slightly chubby girl he knew form the first year at Hogwarts, she was slim and toned. She had matured alot and she had more curves than she did last time Ron saw her. There was also a look in her eyes that was different. But he couldn't quite say what it was.

As the trained rattled on out of the city and into the hills and valleys, there was alot of joking and laughing coming from the carriage that Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny had to themselves. Harry and Ginny were talking and smiling, clearly very much in love with each other. Ron and Hermione however were simply talking quietly to each other about all of the crazy things that had done in their past years at school and how much they would miss Hogwarts when they left.

''Hermione,'' Ron started, looking somewhat embarassed, ''We''ll ....... we'll never lose touch will we, I mean you me and Harry we'll always be best friends, right?''

''Of course we will'' she said softly, hiding her surprise as Ron never usually showed his feelings like this. ''We will always be best friends, forever.'' She had to try and hide her disappointment as she said this, for even though she knew that they would always be best friends she longed for her and Ron to be something more than that.

''Thanks, that really means alot to me'' came his reply.

The rest of the train journey was pretty uneventful, although there was almost a fight when Ron spied Harry and Ginny kissing, but Hermione stopped Ron and calmed him down by telling him that he would only regret it later. He knew she was right so he sat down.

When they reached the station in Hogsmeade all of the seventh year students gathered around one another and greeted their old friends and talked about their summers, when the Hogwarts carriages showed up and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny all climed into a carriage that started trundling up a slope to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary.

''This year will be amazing'' said Harry looking around eagerly.

''Yeah,'' Ron replied '' We'll definately make it a year to remember''

''What are you two planning on doing?'' said Hermione doubtfully

''Whatever it takes, I want this year to be one I'll never forget.''


After the feast the boys went up to their bedroom and they talked for a while before they decided to go to sleep.

''Ron?'' Harry questioned ''Are you sure you are O.K with me seeing Ginny?''

''I can't say I was very pleased when I found out , but I suppose I am getting used to the idea now'' came his response. ''I know that you'd never hurt her, Harry. But tell me one thing, you do love her don't you?''

''Yes'', he said ''I really do love her.''

''Thats alright then, coz she really loves you'',

''Really!!'' exclaimed Harry

''Yeah, but tell me something how do you know when you are in love? It all seems really confusing to me, and if you ARE in love what if the person you are in love with doesn't love you back?'' Ron said, suddenly regretting saying all of this to Harry.

He could see Harry grinning as he replied, ''Well,well Ron Weasley, who's the lucky lady?'' trying desperately not to laugh.

''Oh shut up Harry, I was only asking'' he said, feeling the tips of his ears getting redder and redder.

And with that he shut the curtains tightly around his bed and lay down, leaving Harry sitting in the dark, grinning to himself. Ron lay awake for sometime tossing and turning before he finally fell aslleep.

Meanwhile Hermione was also having difficulty falling to sleep. All of the feelings that she thought she had forgotten over the summer came flooding back to her as she saw Ron again on the train. She had loved Ron ever since she found out that he faced his biggest fear, by going into the forbidden forest to find Aragog the giant spider just to bring her back to normal when she was petrified. And now all of the old feelings for him that she had tried to ignore over the last few years, had come back and her desire for Ron was burning stronger than ever. All she could think about was the way his hair flopped into his face, and the way he always made her laugh, and those strong muscly arms that she longed to be held in. But there was something that upset her and that was that Ron had no idea that she liked him and he was not showing any signs of returning her feelings for him. Hermione didn't get much sleep that night and it wasn't going to be the last time she had sleepless nights because of Ronald Weasley.