The next two months for Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny passed in a blur, with they exams and their last goodbyes to everyone that they knew in Hogwarts. Hermione passed all of her exams and got top marks in them all, Harry and Ron also passed all of their exams, but not with marks anywhere near as good as Hermione's.

They were all waiting at Hogsmeade station saying goodbye to the teachers and waiting for their luggage to be taken onto the train. When they saw, out of the corner of their eyes Neville kissig a fifth year Hufflepuff.

''Well, looks like evryone found love this year.'' Ron exclaimed wrapping his arm tightly around Hermione's waist pulling her closer to him.

''Almost everyone'' stated Harry pointing over at Draco who was being slapped across the face by a very angry sixth year Slytherin.

They all looked over to where Draco was standing looking shocked with a big red hand mark on his face, and started laughing. They were still laughing as they boarded the Hogwarts Express and went to find an empty carriage.

''I'm going to really miss you guys next year.'' Ginny muttered, tears forming in her brown eyes.

''Awwww Gin, you won't be on your own, Hermione will be here teaching and you have other friends besides us.'' Harry soothed her as he wiped away her tears.

''I know but it won't be the same.'' she said quietly.

''Gin, we are getting married, you''ll probably end up spending so much time with me you'll wish you were in school without me. Harry teased. ''And we''ll always be best friends, we'll see each other all the time.''

''I know,'' she replied cheering up.

''What are you two going to do after we've finished school, are you still going to see each other as boyfriend and girlfriend or will you just be friends.'' she asked Ron, noticing him shift uncomfortably in his seat.

''I've been meaning to talk to you about that Mione.'' Ron began uneasily, ''I don't think we should be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.'' he finished looking at her beautiful brown eyes, with tears threatening to form in them.

''Oh........... O.K Ron............... whatever you want.'' she said, trying to hold back her tears.

''Yes, I think that its best if we stop being boyfriend and girlfriend now.'' he repeated, as Hermione became closer and closer to tears. Ginny and Harry stared at him in amazment, mouths open in shock.

''What are you sayin mate?'' Harry asked Ron unbelievingly

''I;m saying that I don't want to be Hermiones boyfriend anymore...........I want to be her husband.''

Hermione looked up immedeately, ''What did you just say.''

''I said, that I want to marry you.'' Ron stated, pulling a gold ring out of the pockets of his robes. ''Mione, will you marry me.'' he said as he got down onto one knee.

''Yes'' she shrieked, ''Of course I will.''

He placed the golden ring onto her finger and scooped her up into his arms and kissed her passionately. When he finally put her down she hit him playfully across the head.

''Ow............What was that for Mione?''

''I thought you were breaking up with me.'' she replied, kissing him again.

Harry and Ginny were congratulating the newly engaged couple, and they were all sitting around the carriage talking and having fun, when the train pulled up at platform 9 3/4.

Hermione and Ron got off the train together holding hands, Ron kissed her passionately, much to the shock of his mother who was standing waiting for him and Ginny, before saying to her, ''See you soon Mione.'' Hermione kissed him goodbye and walked through the barrier smiling, to tell her parents the good news.

Harry and Ginny got off the train after Ron and Hermione, Harry had his arm wrapped around Ginny's waist, he kissed her goodbye and whispered something in her ear that caused her to blush and went to find his godfather as he would be spending the summer with him training to become an auror. Ginny ran over to hear Ron telling his mother that he had proposed to Hermione, and Ron almost getting suffocated to death by the hug that she gave him. Harry was right she thought to herself as they walked to their car they would always be best friends, and she was looking forward to their time together after Hogwarts.

**************** THE END ***************************************

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