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Chapter 1: A Glimpse of the Future

"Do we really have to ask the Council for this, Master?", Ahsoka asked in a groaning tone as she and Anakin took the elevator to the Jedi Council.

"Look, Snips. As much as I would like to digress, this is our best shot to gain the approval of the Jedi Council", her former Master reasoned out, understanding her reluctance after what happened a year ago. Even though he didn't like it either, they had little choice at that matter. "And by extension, the help that Lady Bo-Katan would need to get Maul out of Mandalore"

"And it would have to involve me coming back to the Temple...", Ahsoka uttered, to which Anakin placed a hand on her shoulder to give her an assuring smile.

"I know that you made your choice, and I both respect and support that", Anakin told her, to show that he was there whenever she needed him. Her response was a rather sad smile, as the elevator doors opened, now heading towards the Jedi Council Chamber. "Besides, maybe this could be a way to make up for their screwup a year ago"

Ahsoka raised an eyebrow. "You sound confident that they're going oblige."

"It's the least they can do, Snips. Come on!"

The duo made their way towards the Council Chambers, where Anakin and Ahsoka paused for a moment, with the Togruta unsettled to face the Council after the botched trial. "You seem a little on edge...", Anakin mused, deciding to play one of Obi-Wan's tricks.

Ahsoka breathed out. "Not at all, Master. And try not to be Master Kenobi, that's not how you do it"

Anakin looked at her in mock disbelief. "Me? Being Master Kenobi? That's just absurd-"

The Jedi Knight's eyes wandered off towards their feet, where he found a medium-sized metal box covered with some rust. Picking it up, he opened the box and what's inside surprised him. "What's inside of it, Master?", Ahsoka inquired.

For a moment, Anakin felt a shift passing him through the Force, unable to explain at what he was feeling right now.

"Holotapes...and a holoplayer", Anakin responded, observing the discs containing their own video footage or others that contained various content. "Do you think anyone who worked on the Archives dropped it by any chance?"

"Can't say. I don't think Master Jocasta's age had caught up to her just yet..."

"We'll just return it once we meet up with the Council", Anakin said, before the two entered the Council Chambers. From there, he saw a few familiar faces inside. From there, he saw Padme in a middle of a conversation with Master Yoda, and with her was Rex, who Anakin would guess was acting as an escort for her. Besides that, he also saw Master Luminara Unduli and Depa Bilaba, with her Padawan Caleb Dume being with her as well. Of course, the members of the Jedi Council are also inside, including Obi-Wan,

And he could notice the empty chairs belonging to Masters Agen Kolar, Stass Allie, Oppo Rancissis and Coleman Kcaj. And both Anakin and Ahsoka guessed that they are on a mission of their own.

"Young Skywalker. Padawan Tano. Pleased we are to see you", Yoda formally greeted the two as they entered the chamber. Ahsoka gave a warm smile to the Jedi Grandmaster and then to Masters Shaak Ti, Obi-Wan and Kit Fisto.

"Master Yoda, Senator Amidala. Can I assume that we aren't interfering?", Anakin asked, to which Yoda chuckled in response.

"No, no. Finished we are, approved of her request we have"

Anakin raised an eyebrow. "Request?"

Padme turned to address the Jedi Knight, and her secret husband. "I have requested Master Yoda for a Jedi escort for a new trade treaty to be negotiated at Naboo. Captain Rex here has escorted me within the Jedi Temple, since the Chancellor is preoccupied at the moment"

Once the Senator has finished, Yoda spoke "Now, how can we help, hmm?"

"Aren't Masters Unduli and Bilaba...", Anakin began, seeing they are probably in line.

"We have received our new assignments, Skywalker", Luminara assured him. "I am to be assigned to Kashyyk to observe possible Separatist movements along the orbit, while Master Bilaba and Padawan Dume are to head to Kaller to intercept an impending Separatist assault"

Anakin nodded, with Obi-Wan and a few Masters motioning him to go ahead. Clearing his throat, Anakin began. "As you can see, my former Padawan Ahsoka Tano has requested an audience to the Jedi Council with a petition at hand"

This spurred interest within the Council. "Of what does she speak of, Skywalker?"

Anakin lightly elbowed Ahsoka, who stepped forward at the middle of the Council Chamber.

"We have received word from Lady Bo-Katan Kryze that Maul has started a civil war in Mandalore", Ahsoka told the Jedi Council, who whispered amongst themselves. "And that she has requested Republic aid to remove him from power and to restore order within the planet"

The Council whispered amongst themselves, while Obi-Wan inwardly frowned, remembering his failure to prevent Maul from taking over Mangalore. And eventually it has blown out in a debate whether or not to send in support for Bo-Katan. At one side, they reasoned out that they could not divert any forces without the risk of the Separatists taking advantage of their decreased numbers, while the others favored at apprehending Maul, seeing that he may form an alliance with the Separatists that would prove to be vital for the latter's cause.

And their debate ended when one of them spoke up. "With due respect, Masters. But at this point, our lack of activity towards Maul's activities at Mandalore have leads us to this scenario. If he remains in power and is in league with the leading Crime Lords including the Hutts, this may cause indirect results to the Outer Rim", Obi-Wan reasoned out, realizing that Maul had to be apprehended before he could commit more atrocities.

"While it is unclear if Maul still served Darth Sidious, perhaps capturing him would provide the information we need to root him out within the Senate", Master Ki-Adi Mundi voiced out his approval, to which the other members of the Jedi Council began to consider the idea.

Master Windu also considered the request where he turned to Master Yoda, who gave his nod of approval. "Very well, an assault towards Mandalore with the support of Lady Kryze to capture Maul would prove to be beneficial on who could be his master. If so, then we would assign Master Kenobi and Jedi Knight Skywalker to lead the assault to apprehend him"

Ahsoka looked at Anakin with a relieved expression, where the Knight merely gave him a look that translated to told you.

Noticing the box that the Knight carried, Plo Koon inquired. "You have something with you, Skywalker?"

Anakin remembered the box he was carrying. "Yes. I have found it on the Council Chamber doorstep before Ahsoka and I entered. But there is something...of about it"

Sensing the uncertainty within him, Yoda spoke. "Enlighten us, would you?

Clearing his throat Anakin began. "When I first opened the box, it contained several holotapes and a player. When I first held it with my hand, I felt a shift through the Force."

Anakin's statement caused the people within the Council Chamber to be intrigued, particularly the Jedi. "Come again Skywalker?", Shaak Ti asked, not getting the gist yet.

"I felt something through these tapes", Anakin repeated, walking over to Master Yoda for him to examine them. "What's more is when I observed the nature of these tapes, I found a dated inscription that read as a A New Hope for the Galaxy"

Yoda examined the box and its contents a bit further, his clawed hands touching the aged surface of the tapes. Within moments, he felt quite agitated, which spurred the worries of the Jedi Council.

"Felt it too, I have...", Yoda said, to the utter confusion of the others, to which Yoda passed the box to Windu. And sure enough, he felt it too. As did the rest of the Jedi present. And they began to come up with their own conclusions, from the Force speaking through these contents to them being made by those who follow the Dark Side because it tried to lure them into watching the contents.

"It felt as if...it was urging whoever holds the box to view its contents", Plo Koon spoke in a rather shocked tone.

"I could sense as if a Dark Shadow looms within these tapes as if something is wrong in the future as we speak...", Saesee Tiin said.

The Jedi were unsure what to do next, especially if it contained information regarding their future. As much as they would want to dismiss it as a joke, the fact that the Force may be urging them to look at the future is what changed their minds, and they have to concede.

"If the Force would want us to know what happened to the future as we speak, perhaps viewing them would be a viable option", Mace Windu said, looking at Captain Rex and Padme. "While you may or may not know much about the Force, perhaps viewing this with us may be able to provide answers that you may need as well"

"We accept, Masters", Padme complied, with Rex agreeing as well. Giving the box to Anakin, the Jedi Knight prepared the holoplayer and inserted the first disc, unsure what it has in store for them.

Moments later, the holotape began to play.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

"But I thought this holovid was about the future?" Ahsoka asked as the Jedi present had a similar thought.

"Yeah, Snips. This is a bit strange." Anakin agreed on this

A vast sea of stars serves as the backdrop for the main title. War drums and numerous instruments echo through the heavens as a rollup slowly crawls into infinity.

The very sudden and loud music fills the air and causes some Jedi to jump from surprise. Caleb almost jumps out of his chair and the look on her face causes Master Bilaba to burst into small giggles.

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.

"Rebels? Galactic Empire?" Anakin said in confusion. "What happened to the Separatists and the Republic? Have they won the war?"

Yoda hummed in thought, "Hmm, to find answers, watch more of this, we must."

"I could presume that they had won and turned the Republic into an Empire", Master Mundi suggested as the others frowned at the thought.

"I couldn't even imagine Dooku being an emperor in that case", Anakin mumbled at the thought.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Everyone's eyes widened in shock. thinking that it was not possible for such a weapon to be constructed firsthand. While the both sides have their own weapons of mass destruction, none could comprehend on what kind of weapon the Death Star has.

"A weapon that could destroy a planet?", Ahsoka uttered. "We have to do something about this..."

"I have to agree with Tano. Perhaps we should send a group of Jedi to look for the plans. The Separatists may have been planning this for a long time now." Mace said with a frown, knowing too well how crafty Dooku and the other Separatist leaders are.

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy...

"Princess?", Ahsoka asked. "Could she be from Naboo or Alderaan then?"

"Only one way to find out, Snips", Anakin told her as they continued to watch.

The yellow planet of Tatooine emerged from a total eclipse, her two moons glowing against the darkness.

A Rebel Blockade Runner firing blaster bolts from the back of the ship, races through space. It is pursed by a huge Imperial Star Destroyer. Several laserbolts were firee from the Imperial Star Destroyer, causing the main solar fin of the Rebel craft to disintegrate.

Inside the ship, the walls shook as several explosions went off from the damage. Soldiers in uniform rushed to their battle stations in a bid to hold off the advancing invaders for as long as they could.

"They shut down the main reactor, we'll be destroyed for sure." A gold human shaped droid spoke in panic as its companion, a diminutive white, and blue droid beeped in response.

"Artoo and Threepio?", Padme asked, surprised at the droids' sudden appearance. "What are they doing there?"

"They are perhaps, part of the Rebellion as we speak. Or are support droids unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire", Plo Koon hypothesized.

"Maybe Skyguy is a rebel leader here?", Ahsoka suggested.

"This is madness. We're all doomed… there'll be no escape for the princess this time." Threepio said, receiving several beeps in protest from Artoo.

The tension mounted inside as the soldiers took cover wherever they could, waiting for the inevitable breach. The sound of clamps locking the ship into place echoed through the ship and the safeties came off. Finally, the moment they'd been dreading arrived. Sparks showered off the door as the breaching charge went off and blew it apart, allowing laser fire to pour through the gap as Imperial troopers clad in white armor, rushed in to take the ship.

"Are those Clone Troopers?" Anakin asked in bewilderment, due to the striking similarities of their armor.

"Oh no...what have I done?", Shaak Ti muttered as the thought of the soldiers she had overlooked in training on becoming ruthless warriors from a tyrannical system not possible.

"It can't possibly be Master Ti's work", Plo suggested in support for the Torguta master. "It is possible that these clones are produced by the new government, not that of the Republic nor the Jedi"

"But in case if the Clones turned against the Jedi, we should be more careful", Mace said as the others agreed to his point. "No offense to you, Captain", he told Rex.

Said Captain frowned at this. They lost the war? Now they are being used to enforce their tyranny? What could have happened to them at this point.

"None taken, General", Rex said to Mace while focusing back on the Screen.

Unwilling to go down without a fight, the rebels returned fire, shooting and killing as many boarders as they could before the sheer numbers overwhelmed them. Smoke and venting coolant clouded the room as the corpses of the fallen were trampled underfoot and the rebels retreated deeper into the ship.

Once the entryway had been secured and the rebels pushed deeper into the ship, a man in dark armour stepped aboard. Heavy mechanical breathing emanated from him, increasing the aura of dread he put off. Stopping only to inspect the fallen form of one of the rebels, he pushed onwards in search of the princess who had the audacity to steal from the Empire.

The audience had chills run up to their spine at the sight of the black clad individual, who is clearly the commander of the Imperial troopers present. Even Yoda and Mace thought on how powerful this man truly is.

"Whoever this man is, he is not someone who is simply there for show...", Kit Fisto observed, feeling a sense of dread upon hearing the mechanical breathing of this individual.

Anakin didn't know why, but he felt there is a connection between him and this monster. And he hated that connection to his very core, thinking if that man was responsible for the galaxy's sufferings.

Obi-wan, however, felt a sense of deja vu, feeling that he was responsible for the creation of that man.

The princess in question had linked up with the droids and was busy inserting several codes into Artoo. Her face was obscured by the smoke in the engine room, but her white dress was unmistakable

"So this is the Princess", Ki-Adi Mundi mused.

"She looks like Senator Amidala", Obi-Wan observed as the others have a similar thought. 'And a bit of Anakin, though I could be wrong'

'I would name my child Leia if she was a girl, but I hate to admit it, she looks like me and a bit of Anakin. Could it be possible?', Padme thought before shaking her head.

"Where have you been? Oh… they're coming this way! We'll be sent to the spice mines of Kessel or smashed into who knows what!", Threepio said with barely contained terror, Artoo just beeped and lead the way to the escape pods while the Princess watched them go.

"That is pretty much a Threepio thing to say", Anakin said with a chuckle with Padme.

"You don't say?", Ahsoka seconded.

Outside, captured rebel prisoners were being marched away as the imperials continued scouring the ship. One of the stormtroopers returned to where the black-clad commander was waiting with the bad news. "Sir, we've finished checking the logs, the Death Star plans are not in the main computer."

The Cyborg nodded and returned his attention to the rebel officer he was holding by the neck, ignoring the man's flailing legs as they sought the floor. "Where are those transmissions you intercepted? What have you done with those plans?"

"W-we intercepted no transmissions hrrk! Th-this is a consular ship! We're on a diplomatic mission!" The officer sputtered out as he struggled to breathe through the iron grip.

"If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?" the black-clad commander asked rhetorically before tightening his grip and snapping the man's neck.

The Jedi present hissed on the man's unfortunate fate at the hands of this monster and some even held their necks in instinct, particularly Padme. Anakin could only glare at the man for what he did to the poor trooper.

Tossing the dead body to the side, he addressed the soldier who brought him the news. "Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans! And bring me the passengers, I want them alive."

"A voice of a tyrant", Mace snarled at the Cyborg's mannerisms.

"Qualities of a Sith, he has", Yoda agreed on this.

Once the orders were passed down, the Stormtroopers switched their blasters to stun and resumed their hunt. Several of them made it into the engine room where the princess was hiding, before they could make it any further in and compromise Threepio and Artoo, a single shot rang out and the lead storm trooper fell over dead from a shot to the heart.

Drawing attention to herself, the distraction allowed the droids to slip away unnoticed while the princess herself was stunned and captured by the imperials. The last thing she heard before falling unconscious was the sound of the escape pod firing. It was all up to fate now, she could only hope that the plans would get to where they needed to go before the empire could become unstoppable.

Both Anakin and Padme growled at the sight of what they did to the young woman. They felt a connection with her for some reason, though they couldn't explain why.

"Where are all the Jedi though?" Ahsoka asked. "Surely we would help out the rebels wouldn't we?"

"Yes, and I have a feeling that that man is a Sith Lord. Surely we would be helping the rebels" Plo Koon said.

"The Separatists had won the war, they must have. In hiding, the Jedi could have gone. Hmm?" Master Yoda pointed out as a possiblity.

And fate was on her side this day, capture notwithstanding. As the escape pod shot into the void, headed for the planet below, one of the Star Destroyer's gunners was about to fire on it before being stopped by his superior.

"Hold your fire, there's no life signs aboard that one. It must have short circuited or something. Save the ammunition for the actual rebels."


"At least his overconfidence ensured hope", Obi-Wan breathed out a sigh of relief.

"They didn't really think that droids would be carrying whatever Princess Leia installed of them?", Caleb asked.

"Possible, and I have no doubt that his overconfidence would give rebellion hope in the meantime", Master Bilaba told her Padawan.

Receiving word about the princess's capture, the black-clad Cyborg stepped out from where he had finishedinterrogatingseveral prisoners to address the captive.

"Darth Vader, only you could be so bold. The imperial senate will not be still for this, when they hear you attacked a diplomatic vessel-" Leia stared at the Cyborg, thoroughly unimpressed with his actions and letting none of her fear show through.

Everyone grimaced at the Cyborg's name, knowing only one side who use it for their title.

"A Sith Lord?", Mace exclaimed in disbelief.

"Is the Empire ruled by the Sith then?", Luminara suggested.

"Perhaps so, but how is this possible?", Saesee Tiin added in disbelief.

"Could he be Dooku's apprentice then?", Kit Fisto suggested.

"Unless they don't follow the Rule of Two anymore, could be possible", Mace Windu mused.

"Learn more of this, we must", Yoda said to them.

"Don't act so surprised princess. You weren't on a mercy mission this time, several transmissions were beamed to this ship by rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you."

"I don't know what you are talking about. I am a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan." She protested her innocence but Vader wasn't having any of it.

"You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. Take her away!" Giving the order, Leia was marched away by the Stormtroopers as their blasters dug into her back.

Anakin could not not help but feel bad for the Princess on board who gave hope against the dark regime of the empire while inwardly cursing Vader, wondering where he was or the Jedi at that matter.

Once she was out of hearing range, an imperial officer mustered up the courage to question Vader's actions. "Sir, holding her is dangerous. If word gets out, it could generate sympathy for the rebellion in the senate."

"I have traced the rebel spies to her, now she is my only link to finding the rebel's hidden base."

"She'll die before she tells you anything."

"Leave that to me. Send a distress signal and then inform the Senate that all aboard were killed."

Anakin and Padme felt shivers at what this man was planning to do to her.

"Sir, we've searched the entire ship. The plans are not aboard it and no transmissions were made. There was an escape pod that made it to the planet but there were no life signs aboard." Vader received the report and nodded.

"Great, now they're after Threepio and Artoo", Ahsoka sarcastically remarked.

"Let's just hope they landed on the planet, preferrably somewhere safe", Anakin mused, worried about the two droids.

"She must have hidden the plans aboard it, send a detachment down to retrieve it. See to it personally commander, there'll be no one to stop us this time."

"Yes sir."

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