I looked at Professor Dumbledore straight in the eye. We were at the great hall.

"Another great year at Hogwarts has not been wasted yet again." Dumbledore says.

"Well duh it hasn't started you dumb dumb." I hear Malfoy say loudly. Oceania giggles.

"Well of course it hasn't started yet ." Dumbledore says quietly to Malfoy.

"Well would you look at that?" I say. "Umbridge finally got her job."

Sure enough, Umbridge is at the staff table.

"No way! She tried to fire Hagrid!" Hermione gasps.

"Eghem." Umbridge clears her throat.

Dumbledore looks at Umbridge.

"Can I just say a few words to our, celebrity?" Umbridge asks.

"NO!" I gasp. "I would do the Clever Taunt if I could."

We found out that Mum is related to Rowena Ravenclaw but I'm more brave than smart, but my second house would be Ravenclaw!

"Are you serious Dani?" Harry asks in a whisper. "Obviously the celebrity would be US!"

"But she said celebrity." Beth says. "Wouldn't that mean ONE celebrity?"

"Well for her it means more. I just know. We were all there when Cedric died. WE WERE ALL THERE AND WILL BE IN THE TRIWIZARDS TOURNAMENT TOGETHER THIS YEAR!" Harry says.

"And let me welcome our fellow schools competing against us in the Triwizard Tournament!" Dumbledore cries. "Beauxbatons and Durmstrang!"

"Fleur! Sit with us!" Ginny pleads. She is right beside me.

"Ok Ginny." Fleur says. "'I 'Arry."

"Hi Fleur." Harry mumbles.

"Anything new? Let me tell you zat Viktor Krumble 'asn't gotten any better since last year." Fleur says.

"It's Viktor KRUM Fleur not Vicktor Krumble." I correct.

"Well I don't care." Fleur says. "What is that dumb'ead doing 'ere? She tried to scentance Bill to death!" Fleur motions her head at Umbridge.

"She got a job here Fleur!" I say.

"Not 'ere!" Fleur cries. "Not 'ere! 'Ogwarts need to be without that Umbridge dumb'ead!"

"Fleur you know she can throw you in azkaban." I whisper.

"And now we will say our thanks, to have a wonderful Triwizards Tournament!" Dumbledore says. "And NO trying to kill someone, and NO pranks." He adds, glaring at Malfoy and the Weasley twins.

"Zat's it!" Fleur roars. "I could NOT eat today! I will not be chosen I will not! Madam Maxime does not wish for me to go a second time! If I were her, I would make sure zat I got in no matter WHAT!" She roars.

"FLEUR!" Madam Maxime says, coming up behind her. "Where are your manners?!"

"Sorry Madam Maxime." Fleur mumbles.

"Fleur, dear, stop! I will NOT be treated like that." Madam Maxime roars. "Oh! Where are my manners? Hello there. Nice to see you guys again I suppose."

"Nice to see you again too Madam Maxime." I say as I shake her hand. "Hagrids right up there. Why, look at that! He's waving at you!" and indeed, hagird was waving at Madame Maxime.

"Oh my goodness! I must go say 'i! See you girls and boys around 'Hogwarts!" Madam Maxime says. "'Ello 'Agrid!"

Her voice shatters the great halls' glass windows.

"Olympe! Please sit down!" Hagrid whines. "Please sit down!"

"O' 'Agrid! You must be joking!" Madam Maxime whines. "I could never sit down!"

" Ah…" Hagrid says. "But you must Olympe! I swear you must!"

"O' 'Agrid!" Madam Maxime says. "No way! I could never! I don't want to be beside Delores Dumb'ead!"

Everyone in the great hall laughs.

"I can put you in azkaban Madam… what was it? PIG?! HAHAhAHHHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHH!" Umbridge laughs. Nobody else laughs. Hagrid stands up and Madam Maxime goes red.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Hagrid yells. "As if she needs YOU to call her a pig! She needs to be away from you! Cornilius FUDGDEHEAD

MUST' NOT EVER PUT YOU IN CHARGE AGAIN! You might as well be a death eater than a ministry employee!"

The whole great hall fell silent. Even Dumbledore, who was normally talkative, was silent.

"You might as well as be in Azkaban." Umbridge says finally.

"Well I have been there thank you very much and as much as I don' like you, I don' like it there either." Hagrid says

shortly. "An' as you haven't been there you wouldn' like it if you were in there fer three months."

"Because maybe i'm a death eater in disguise." Umbridge says.

"She can't be!" Ocean says loudly.

"Because I am." Umbridge says.

"No no no no not Avery…" Beth whimpers.

I was silent. Was she really a death eater?

Is she a death eater or a ministry employee? I wonder.

She quickly vanishes from view, then reappears as a death eater.

"Not Avery please not Avery!" Beth mumbles.


But they went too far. The death eater revealed itself to be Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Yes not Avery!" Beth grins.