Chapter 1 Jystissovyx's Capture and Escape

Author: Hello everyone this is a new fanfiction that me and Razer14 came up with together. Me and him will work on this fanfiction together. Big thanks to Razer14 for the setting of the story. This story, this time will be Skylander and Legend Of Spyro but will have a twist. The timeline in this story for Skylander is in one season and the timeline for Legend of Spyro Trilogy is in the third game. So enough of myself talking, let's start the story but first a disclaimer.

I don't own anything of the Spyro series, all the rights and copyrights belong to Toy of Bob and Actvsison. I own nothing, I only own my ocs.

I am a A.I bio mechanical dragon built for battle, I Am Until 93 M-D type 7 Jystissovyx or Jystis for Short. I am a cyborg dragon with a midnight blue color and my underbelly is black that runs all throughout my cyborg body. My neck has outlets, plugs and many wires that are plugged into my head that act as my support system. The outlets and the plug ins are for me the plug into any technology. My horns are straight, they are deadly sharp with small edges like backwards teeth on my horns. My eyes are the standard bright red color that is on every cyborg dragon that was made. My claws are curved downward instead of straight claws like regular dragons. My wings are anti gravity powered, if it's damaged, i would not be able to fly. My power source is an energy called Volizzytes, a blue energy source that is made in every single cyborg dragon. I know nothing about Volizztytes for now. My tail is like a scythe like blade.

I was currently in a world called Dragon Realms in an underground city that is my home. I was secretly made by an ancient race of dragons called the Zybisdilt in an underground city where technology is very advanced. So much that our technology is far superior than the dragons living above our underground city. The Zybisdilt are a cyborg race of dragons that are unknown to the world above. I was born in the underground lab in the middle of the city, two years ago.

I was in my room. It has a repair station, if I was damaged I can repair myself easily. A bed for me to power down in the middle and a sliding door, that is it. Our cyborg dragon race does not have weaponry, because we are a peaceful race of cyborg dragons.

I was currently looking through my memory system on my HUD screen, until I saw my threat warning spike to max level. I immediately rushed to the sliding door, and out of my home. When I got outside what I saw my home was ablaze with every cyborg dragon with fried artifact brains while smoke was rising from the lifeless cyborg dragons and static was showing across their metal bodys.

I felt something behind me, so I turned around 180 degrees and saw a large purple dragon with yellow demonic eyes shine.

"Who are you? What have you done to my race? And how come I did not hear your attack?" I said, snarling in my artifact voice chip at the purple dragon while I saw other cyborg dragons torn to pieces with their cyborg parts scattered everywhere. The purple dragon darkly chuckles at my questions.

"My name is Malefor, you are the last of your race now and how I attacked your underground city is very simple. I used electric fury to fry every cyborg dragon's artifact brain except for you. Now you are mine!" Malefor said, roaring with an evil smile as he shot a stream of electricity before I could react. Causing me to overheat as my power level decreases rapidly on my HUD.

My hud was displaying my power level as I felt the electricity throughout my cyborg body.

"100 percent, 75 percent." I saw my HUD display read as I tried to move my hydraulic legs but they were locked up tight.

"50 percent power level decrease. Power decreasing." I tried to access my backup power until but somehow i can't access it one fucking bit.

"Warning, warning, warning power level decreases to 25 percent error, error." My display read as error messages appeared on my HUD. As my body prepares to shut down.

"Error, error 10 percent, 5 percent power level decrease error, error. 1 percent power level, all function offline, recommendation immediately repaired... Fail self system activated..." My HUD display as it showed a blank screen, I felt Malefor's electricity stop, then I felt myself begin pick up while the fail self system was activating, as it began to activate it also activated the auto repair system. But I was not worried, because if I was in danger of my artificial brain being fried. My body has a fail self system that will automatically save me from shutdown completely. That is because I am a newer mobile of cyborg dragon, since our technology gets better every year.

"Oxygen support system deactivated, cyborg body deactivated, all functions offline are currently begin repair!" I saw my HUD display showed me before I felt myself lost conscious. Known that my auto repair system is repairing me even if I am unconscious.

I felt myself power back up after I lost consciousness as I got a massage on my HUD about the damage report.

"Repair status at 25 percent, increasing in power level and climbing. Blue plasma fire: offline, anti-gravity wings: offline, scanner: online, shield: offline. Combat and speed mobility at 25 percent and increasing auto repair until is currently at work..." my HUD showed me as i was glad that i was no longer in danger of shutdown, but my speed and combat is very low, but i will manage. Then I get information about where I am at on my HUD.

"The Dragon Temple once was a temple from the guardians to train the other dragons. Now is a fortress made by Malefor's dark power. No information is available at this time" My HUD display reads after as i was shows the dialog mesueses of the Dragon Temple's height and width. I looked around and noticed that I am in the dungeons

"Ah you are awake good." Malefor said, who was in front of me, grinning like a child with a new toy as my vision is full of him. I try to pull the chain but I will chain down as I feel them on my tail, wings, hind legs, my fore legs and lastly my neck which has a big collar on me. Preventing me from escaping the dark master.

"Shit!" I thought as I knew that I was trapped, I heard the dark master chuckle at my attempt of escaping.

"You can't escape me Jystiss. In fact I could use you." Malefor said with a booming voice, not known that I was not going to help him on his quest. I was surprised that the dark master knew my name, but i did worry about that now.

"Fuck you Malefor, I will never help you." I snarled as Malefor gave that creeper smile.

"Though you would say that." Malefor said, smiling looking down as he picked up a crystal shred then held it up in front of my eyes to see.

"Do you know what that is mm." Malefor grinning, waiting for an answer from me, all while i was ran a diagnoses on the crystal, in seconds it was done ready to relieve what it was.

"A dark crystal, it has a corrupted nature that can turn good dragons, evil for whoever touches it. The one only to destroy them is to shatter the crystal itself." My HUD showed me as I was grinning, showed my metal teeth.

"Yes it is a dark crystal." I simply replied as I saw Malefor smiled.

I knew what he was going to do to me. So I secretly prepare my chest beam launcher, which is where my energy source is stored, in a blue orb on where my artifact heart is.

"Very good now, let's see if I can control you." Malefor said grinning as he plumbed the dark crystal into my chest beam launcher. I roar in pain as dark energy is infused with my Volizzytes energy into my system from the dark crystal.

"Unknown energy source detected, analysis unknown energy." I saw showed my frame that begins infused with the dark crystal on my HUD.

"Unknown elements detected, analysis complete." My HUD showed me as I pulled up the completed analysis.

"Unknown elements are dark elements from the dark crystals made by Malefor himself. They are poison, wind, fear and shadow. They are very dangerous to use." i was shock in as I found something else on my HUD display.

"Dark elements infused complete, Chest beam launcher at 300 percent max level, ready for use." I grin as I was happy that my HUD showed me that, while i smiled at Malefor.

"What are you smiling at?" Malefor growled as I gave him my answer. My chest beam launcher begins to hum to life.

"I will not be yours Malefor, not now, not ever." I said with a fang grin on my metal nuzzle.

"What!" That was all the dark master could say before I fired my chest beam launcher.

"Ahhh." Malefor roared in pain as my chest beam launcher hit malefor in his chest. Causing him to fly backward into the opposition wall, a large crater was formed as Malefor impacts it. Malefor tried to move but noticed that he was stuck deeply. While Malefor is busy trying to get unstuck.

That gives me time to snap off my chains. First I started with my left fore legs. I pulled hard against the chain unit, I felt it snap off. I ripped off the right chain with my right front legs, with a quick cut the chain was off. Then my wings, I pulled against my chain wings. With ease I rip the chain bonds on my wings. I snapped the other chains on my hind legs then my tail and finally, I tore apart the collar with both of my front paws.

I then use the masseuse on the Dragon Temple to find my exit. Within seconds the map display of the Dragon Temple was on my HUD

"Dungeons second floor of the Dragon Temple, the exit is closer to the left. About 1500 feet to the dungeon exit that leads to the throne room." My HUD display showed me as I made a run for it.

Turning left I heard Malefor call out, as I ran towards the exit.

"You cannot escape me that easy Jystis" I heard Malefor roared out as I kept running toward the dungeon exit.

While I was running, I put my map display of the Dragon Temple and the distances up on my HUD. So I will not have to pull it back up again.

I saw the dungeon exit as I increased my speed, then I heard Malefor roar in rage. I knew that he was not going to be happy, but I do not care, cause all I want is freedom and I will get it.

The stairs are a sprial but I did not worry about that as I rushed up the stairs. I heard Malefor roars become muffled as I reached the throne room. I did not have time to amried the throne room as I quickly saw my exit, a double door with an image of Malefor's head on it.

I rush to the door, standing on my hind legs, I push it open with both of my metal front legs. With ease the temple door opening relieves the outside world as I walk out of the temple.

I then sit down to catch my breath to cool down my cyborg body, after a few minutes. I stood up and looked around, I closed down the dragon temple map and the distances icon. Then I pulled up my memory system to find a map of the Dragon Realms on my HUD.

In seconds I found, I was in the Burning Lands where the Belt of Fire is around it. So my best bet is to go to the catacombs where Spyro and Cynder are currently being transported too.

I know the prophecy about the purple dragon and, I know about Spyro and Cynder too. Because I learned of them among my kind two years ago. But i will worry about that later.

Before I take flight, I check my anti-gravity powered wings and my blue plasma fire on my HUD.

"Anti-gravity wings and blue plasma fire are currently at 75 percent power level and is down on power but are fully ready for use. Shield: online, combat and speed mobility is at 75 percent power." My HUD display showed me as I smiled, knowing that my anti-gravity wings are now in working function. I was glad that my power level was almost fully restored too.

I flapped my wings as my anti-gravity powered wings began to hum to life. In seconds I was in the air as I proceeded to fly to the catacomb, the fly should take me at least two days without rest. But I don't need to rest since I am a cyborg dragon. The time that i need rest is to recharge myself. I thought to myself all while I was flying to help Spyro and Cynder.

Unknown to me, there is another world that has a Spyro in it as well.

One that is cocky and hot-headed then the Spyro here in the Dragon Realms.