Chapter 4 Darkness Awaken

Author: hello everyone, i would like to know what is your favourite part of the fanfiction so far? Jystissovyx's part of the story or the Skylander part of the story. I am switching between Skylander part and Jystiss's part, i know i will do Jystiss's part. Do you want to read less of the Skylander side and more of Jystissovyx side? Which side do you find a big interest in reading?

As I followed the golden cheetah and the golden dragonfly into the Catacombs, my HUD display suddenly went haywire.

"Warning! Warning! Dark energy increases, dark energy increases. Error! Error, system corrupted, functions malfunctioning, lockdown activated." I stumbled on to the ground as I felt my body lockup completely. I was confused as to what was going on with me as I lay there on the ground on my left side. I was going to try to access my backup power unit, until I got a message on my display.

"Backup power unit access denial, dark energy activation. Corrupted at 25 percent and increasing." My hopes sank as I saw that it was denial, but why? It was something I didn't have time for now. As I felt the dark energy course throughout my frame while it was pulsing all over my frame like a heartbeat. I knew instantly that my dark energy was unstable and I needed to find a way to stabilize it . All the while I felt an evil voice starting to speak in my mind.

"I told you Jystiss that you're mine and I'll use you whenever i feel like it." I grasp as I know that voice, it is Malefor the dark master. From what Athyi tell me, Malefor will try to use me as a weapon. But now that i think about it, maybe i could use Malefor's own dark magic against him hopefully.

I then tried to access the dark energy that is in my frame, luckily i get a message on my display.

"Dark energy access accepted, dark elements accepted. Warning! Warning! Corrupted at 50 percent, dark energy increase rapidly by 75 percent." It reads as I feel the dark energy all over my frame and into my Volizzytes energy source. All I needed to do is wait for it to load the dark elements into my system.

Normally the Zybisdilt race don't feel pain or no emotion because my race is a synthetic cyborg race. I was snapped out of my single through as I got a message that I was glad to get.

"Dark elements: poison, wind, fear, shadow and convexity are now ready for used. Corrupt stabilizing, dark energy stabilizing, dark energy ready for combat." I sigh in relief that I get the dark energy under control and completely stabilized.

I then felt my dark energy start to calm down in my frame, I knew it was there as it was not overpowering my system like it tried to do a few minutes ago.

After I got all of that settled down, I stood back up and noticed that I lost that golden cheetah and that dragonfly too. So I look down while starting my scanner to scan the ground for footprints, and within seconds I get the results that I am looking for.

"Scan complete, results indicating that an Avalar cheetah made these tracks. These cheetahs are swipe on their feet and are built to defend their tribes from intruders if necessary." I smile as I get the information that I needed, but I also noticed that the footprints are highlighted in white.

I know that I can change the brightness on these footprints, but that doesn't matter for now as I follow them. I didn't want to be off guard so I set my alarm and my scanner system to level 10, the max level in my system is very sensitive, so I need to pay very close attention to it. Just in case someone tried to jump me from behind, which is an odds of 99.5 percent that i could get a jumpscare from someone.

For several minutes I followed the footprints of the golden cheetah, everything was quiet as I noticed the layout of the Catacombs on my HUD display, while following the trail of that cheetah.

There was one pathway in the tunnel of the Catacombs with one or two paths every few miles ahead of me.

Unfortunately I heard a loud roar that shook the tunnel for a few minutes, that roar whatever it was, caused my warning and scanner induction to go off instead.

"Warning! Warning! Threat detection, proceed with caution" My HUD display read out as it pinpointed the threat, it was at what looks like a single platformed with a right exit.

Immediately I break into a sprint, not wanting Spyro and Cynder to die, I must get there quickly before it kills them. I checked the Catacombs map while rushing to Spyro and Cynder's aid and found that it was a straight path ahead to them. After running a few more minutes, I heard another roar, this time I was closer to where I needed to be.

I kept running until I saw the bright glow of magma below. I immediately halted my sprint as I slowed to a walking pace, I knew that I was close to Spyro and Cynder's location. I saw some of Malefor's force up ahead, but they retreated to a different direction. The cowards, they are not true warriors if they run from a fight every time.

I snapped out of my thoughts as I saw a turn to the left and a boulder that is in the middle of it, so I took it and hid behind the boulder that was there.

I peek to the side of the boulder and saw Spyro and Cynder chained to the ground with green magic chains attached to them. Beyond that i saw the cheetah and dragonfly that I was tracking early. The dragonfly is just standing there, but the cheetah was waiting for the right time to fire an arrow with his bow drawn.

Meanwhile with Spyro Skylander

In a desert Spyro Skylander was unconscious on his back, unfortunately Spyro Skylander and Stealth Elf landed in separation locations of the desert, until Spyro Skylander slowly opened his red eyes to avoid sun radiation from the harsh heat of the desert.

Blinking rapidly to clear up his vision, Spyro Skylander rolled over onto his stomach, and stood up. He looked around, finding that he was in a wasteland, all he can see is sand in all directions for miles.

"Well shit!" Spyro Skylander though as he deeply sighs, knew that he and Stealth Elf are completely fucked, cause they landed in the middle of no man's land. Spyro Skylander remembers the destruction of Skylander academy, the vortex and the crash landing with Stealth Elf..

"Stealth! Stealth Elf where are you?" Spyro Skylander looked all around him as he saw no sign of Stealth Elf. Then he takes to the air to search for the Stealth Elf.

Unknown to Spyro Skylander, Malefor captured Stealth Elf to make her his dark queen to rule by his side.

Meanwhile in Malefor's lair

A chained green dragon with a blue mane and light blue irus and white pulps, slowly opens her eyes. She tried to move but couldn't due to her chained body.

"My dear Silent you're awake at last." An evil voice spooked Stealth as it walked around Stealth until it was in front of her. Stealth Elf was so terrified at the huge purple dragon in front of her, Stealth Elf was so afraid to she couldn't speak a word

"My name is Malefor and you my dear Silent, will be my queen forever." Malefor laughed as Stealth felt his paw on her head. Stealth Elf try break her chains.

"NO!.. No please leave me alone." Stealth Elf yelled as she felt a dark energy pulse on Malefor hand. Malefor smiled at his new queen struggling.

"No one is here to help you now." He yelled, smiling as he forced his dark magic into Stealth Elf. Stealth Elf felt a massive pain in her head, but before she could scream in pain she passed out instead from the pain.