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Crown Prince Adrian couldn't help but pace. Even if it was an unkingly thing to do, even if it showed weakness. He was nervous.

Jehan had gone into labor, and so far all was going smoothly, but he couldn't stop the panic. He couldn't help but think that something would go wrong.

"Hey, how is she doing?"

Adrian turned around, then smiled at Melody. "She's doing pretty good so far," he said, then chuckled. "She kicked me out though. Said I was making her nervous with all of my pacing."

Melody raised her eyebrow, then exchanged a glance with Sebastian. It hadn't surprised Adrian at all when they finally got engaged, although he was surprised that it took seven tries on Sebastian's part for Melody to say yes.

"And with the trench you're making in the floor, I can see why," she said as she placed her hands on her own baby bump. She would be due in a few months and Adrian couldn't wait to meet her child too.

Adrian inhaled deeply. "I can't believe that I'm about to be a dad," he said. "What if I'm a bad dad? What if…"

"Don't you start that what if nonsense," Jensing warned as she walked in. "You are a great father to Beatrice, and you will be a great father to this baby too."

Adrian nodded, but the thought was still in the front of his mind. He had grown up with King Abernathy as a father, he had been berated and hurt. He had no intentions of becoming his father, but the thought still terrified him.

"I should go check on Jay again," he said. "I don't wanna miss the birth of my baby."

"Go," Melody said. "I'll keep these crazies in check."

Adrian nodded, then walked into the room that had become the delivery room for Jehan. They had decided against going to the Angeles City Hospital because of how public it would be. They didn't want to risk any attacks happening during the delivery.

"Hey, Jay," he said as he walked over to her. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently. "You doing okay?"

Jehan looked up at him. She was covered in a sheet of sweat and her hair was matted down to her face. "Okay is subjective," she told him. "But I think it's almost time."

Adrian nodded, then brushed her hair away from her face. "I love you," he said. "You've got this."

Jehan leaned back against the pillow and squeezed Adrian's hand. "I love you too."

After the doctor came in and told Jehan that it was time to start pushing, everything became a bit of a blur to Adrian.

He only had one focus, and it was supporting Jehan. He held her hand tightly as she gripped his. He ignored the nurses and doctors giving instructions to his One on when to push and when to rest. He whispered words of encouragement and love when she was resting, her big tired eyes focusing only on him in those moments.

"One last push, your highness," the doctor said.

Adrian looked up at the doctor, then back at Jehan. "You've got this," he told her. "You can do this."

Jehan nodded, then pushed.

The cry of the newborn baby filled Adrian's heart with love and joy like it had never been filled before. He watched as the doctor placed the baby on Jehan's chest and as Jehan began to coo over her child. Over their daughter.

"Hi, baby girl," Adrian said as he gently placed his hand on the baby's back. His baby girl. His perfect little daughter. He couldn't keep the tears out of his eyes.

Jehan wiped her tears from her eyes, then looked up at him. "She's perfect,"

Adrian nodded, then kissed the top of Jehan's head. "Absolutely perfect," he said. "And she's ours. We made that."

She leaned her head against his shoulder. "Yeah," she said. "Our beautiful daughter."

He nodded and laid his chin on the top of her head. "And her name fits her perfectly," he said.

Choosing the name had probably been one of the hardest things they had ever tried to do, it had taken days, maybe even months. Adrian had no idea what they would do if they had more children.

"Yeah," she said. "Our perfect Corrine."

Adrian looked down at the baby in his arms. She was chubby and soft and very pink. She had the rosiest cheeks ever.

He was still trying to process that she was in his arms though. He couldn't believe that she was finally here. He felt like at any second he would wake up and it would all have been a dream.

But she was here, safe in his arms.

"Hi, baby," he said. "Do you wanna meet your big family?"

Corrine looked around, her big brown eyes full of the same light as her mother's. She was perfect, beautiful, and his. He couldn't even begin to describe the way his chest swelled with love and pride when he looked at her.

Adrian adjusted his hold on her, then carried the baby out of the room. He knew that Sebastian and Melody would be dying to meet her, plus Jensing said that Davina was bringing over Bea to meet her as well.

That had been another interesting turn of events that had happened since the end of the selection. Davina and Jensing had gotten together. They weren't married yet, but Adrian could see it in their near future.

"Is that the baby?" Melody asked as she stood up faster than any pregnant woman Adrian had ever seen.

Adrian nodded, then walked over to her. "It's a girl," he said. "And she has the chubbiest cheeks ever."

Sebastian walked over behind Melody and peered at the baby. Adrian watched as a smile broke out on his face. "She looks like you," he said.

"Can I hold her?" Melody asked. "What's her name?"

Adrian's smile widened, if he was being honest, he probably hadn't stopped smiling since her birth. "Her name is Corrine Anne."

"Anne, like your sister?" Jensing asked as she helped Bea walk over.

Adrian nodded. It had been a tough decision to name her after Ana, but it fit so well that it felt wrong not to. "Yeah," he said. "I hope she's a lot like her."

"Hey, Honey Bea," Adrian said as he lowered himself towards the ground. "Do you wanna meet your baby sister?"

Bea sucked on her fingers for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah!" She said in the most adorable toddler voice he had ever heard. Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday he was showing Bea to Ana...

Adrian sat all the way down so he didn't have to worry about falling. The last thing he wanted to do was fall while holding Corrine.

Bea walked up and sat on Adrian's lap. "Baby!" She exclaimed happily.

He nodded. "Yeah!" He said. "This is your baby sister Corrine. Do you wanna touch her hair?"

She reached over and ran her hand through the baby's hair, the whole time Corrine's big eyes watching in wonder as her big sister touched her.

Adrian smiled. "It's soft, isn't it?" He said. He had been surprised when Corrine came out with a head full of hair, but he couldn't deny how soft it was.

It was at that moment though, that he understood something. Something that his mother had said before his selection. He hadn't understood it before, but he did now.

"Momma, do people really have happily ever afters?" Ana asked.

Aurora hummed for a second as she continued to play with Adrian's curls. "I believe so," she said. "You two are my happily ever after."

He hadn't understood how a person could be his happily ever after, how it wasn't the things or the way he lived that made it a happily ever after, but it was the people.

Sure the selection had caused more grief than it should have, and yes he still missed his mother and sister with every beat of his heart. Abernathy was still alive and was probably plotting some awful way to kill him. But… None of that mattered right now.

He looked around. At Sebastian and Melody, Davina and Jensing, then down to Bea and Corrine. His friends, his family.

He pulled Bea a little closer and smiled down at his two daughters. "You're my happily ever after," he told them.

And he really did mean it.

The End

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