Life has always been awkward for one Danny Fenton. His parent's being weird was an issue that Danny never thought would haunt him until his later days.

He just wished to have a normal life and become an astronaut but because of his family issue, Danny faced great ridicule that had broken him down into a shy and submissive person.

There were times that Danny wished hurt on those people and even his family for being so obsessed with ghosts.

Ghosts that didn't exist. They were part of fiction.

Despite this Danny managed to make some friends in high school and his kind personality managed to stop him from taking any extreme steps.

But even that was just delaying the inevitable as everyone had their limits and no one was a saint.

Going to high school was not fun even if he had friends since it had people from high class that seem to enjoy watching people suffer.

With his personality, Danny ended up being a good target after people saw his parents running around in their ghost buster gear.

"Hey Fenton, Catch!"

Danny was walking to a table in the cafeteria when he heard the familiar voice of his bully, Dash, and was promptly hit by a pastry in the face.

It was delicious but he wasn't going to comment about that as he was only feeling fear and humiliation at the moment.

Looking at his shaking body filled while his face was covered in chocolate cream, people laughed as Dash told a joke.

It seems Dash wasn't going to continue so Danny could walk away but the laughter stung his heart and the desire to escape was too strong to resist.

His appetite ruined, Danny left the cafeteria without eating or meeting his friends.

"What are you going to do?"

Danny was sitting in the library when he heard the voice and looked around. He had come here to escape all the troubles but it seems life just wasn't letting him go.

"Come to me" Danny heard the voice again and felt his vision go dark

Opening his eyes, Danny found that everything around him was pure white except for a man sitting on a throne.

'Am I dreaming?'

"No, this is not a dream. I have called you here inside your mind so that we may talk about the future."

"Who are you?" Danny didn't what was going on and his body was shaking in fear of the unknown

This man had brought him somewhere unknown and could end him without any resistance.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and you can call me, Naruto or Master. I am here to teach and guide you towards a bright future or grant you a peaceful death."

Listening to his words, Danny was reminded of some fantasy novels and felt some hope but that was crushed by the last words.

"Wait, what?"

"You will become heroic or die. There is no in between since I can't have you shame my name as the Lord Seventh."

"Why don't you choose someone else? Why me?"

Danny saw the man appear in front of him instantly and his hand was on his head, "Do you not feel honoured by this opportunity? I have the power to crush this world of your with a mere thought. I have the knowledge of all fields beyond your worlds your capability.

Being my student means, you can learn all of it. If you so desire."

Danny saw some images inside his head accompanied by his words and felt his heart waver.

"It is your fate that we met today as such I will show you a beautiful beginning to our new life." Naruto said with a smile and disappeared from the white zone

Danny was horrified as he was still stuck here without anyone, "Let me out!"

Danny exclaimed in panic and soon found his body moved to the throne while a screen appeared in front of him.

He saw the outside world and it seems his body was moving.

'I have been possessed by a ghost.' Danny thought it was ironic that as the son of ghost hunters, he was possessed by one

'I owe them an apology.' Danny didn't know why but he didn't feel that Naruto would permanently take over his body but he was worried the situation become worse

Naruto stretched his new body which was honestly disappointing and quite fragile in his eyes since even a little child of four had better standards in his world.

He wasn't lying to Danny when he mentioned fate as it was just a coincidence that they met and not some pre planned meeting.

His life had just come to end in the final battle with his nemesis the Otsutsuki King and Naruto was satisfied with the outcome since his enemies were gone and the world was at peace finally.

Life had been fulfilling, his wife had died 5 years ago and he had many small grandchildren plus he lived a long life of 80 years.

80 was not a number that a shinobi ever considered nor did Naruto, he always thought death would come for him earlier.

Well that was something in the past since now the life expectancy was in the hundreds.

Ignoring other things, Naruto ended up in this world because of a spatial disruption as the dimension they had been fighting collapsed.

Part of his consciousness that was inside a clone slipped through while his soul entered eternal sleep so he was about to cancel his life when he entered Danny but then he saw something which made him reconsider.

This world was in danger and the boy had potential to save it.

Naruto couldn't give him chakra or anything other than guidance or else his limited existence would fade so he had to make do with what he had to the full capability.

Walking slowly in this body that was not taken care of and lacked any athletic touch, Naruto felt the difference in their realities.

He had promised to show something beautiful and many thoughts had passed by his mind since Naruto could achieve many of Danny's dreams.

Get good grades

Beat up Dash

Look cool for the crowd

Become strong and buff with great martial skills

Learn magic

Get some girls

Get Pauline

Naruto had learned all of this in one day from observing Danny while looking at the abnormal state of the world as ghosts seem normal here while in his world they wouldn't dare haunt the human world as chakra could harm them and there were so many chakra users.

Naruto wasn't going to do any of those things as he wanted Danny to grow without any gifts from him. Dash and every other factor was a goal that Naruto will use for Danny.

Naruto didn't intend to kill Danny but without fear the human mind will choose the easy path. The fear of death and the changes will encourage him to do better.

So he could only make his life more exciting and show the school a different kind of Danny.

"Hey Pauline, could I have a moment?" Naruto said in a confident while looking straight into her eyes with a smile, his posture, and voice and walking was so different that she took a moment to reply

Danny watched with horror at the scene as his body approached his crush, who was sitting with her friends outside the cafeteria building.

Pauline was someone that was very shallow and didn't even hide it so her impression of Danny was not positive.

He was a loser.

But now she felt he was different, his way reminded her of those main characters from the Korean shows. With charisma dripping from them and mystery shrouding them.

She was good at noticing things about people since that was requirement to rank people but this was puzzling scene as she was confused on how he changed in 20 minutes.


"I find you beautiful on the outside but you are ugly inside that it makes me puke. Your future is limited with your shallow style of living and your beauty won't last you long. Your best bet would be a rich old man taking you in or you will only lose in life.

Still I find you hot so I shall give you an offer. Become mine and I will show you a new world."

Pauline was stunned as she looked at Danny, his face was close and his hand was touching her chin.

She wasn't the only one as his words and aura had shocked everyone in the vicinity while Danny had almost lost consciousness from the horror.

"Well, you are going to say that's not going to happen because you are rich. No, your father is rich and you are a leech. Same for everyone here. You will still end up being an expensive vase at some rich businessman's side or a crack whore since you do not have the ability to inherit the business. Your father is most likely grooming your sibling for that role and has already given up on you since time is money."

No one would have ever dreamed of a day that Danny Fenton would spout such vicious words with a smile.

It was just too surreal and unbelievable that many doubted that it was real.

Pauline's blinked rapidly while her body was shaking in pure anger at this humiliation, "Boys, break his arms."

"Aww, the princess was hurt so her lackeys need to save her. Your actions show your immature mindset and your level of intellect.

I won't hold this decision on your head as you are just a child and wait till the day i lose interest or you mature." Naruto said with a nonchalant attitude ignoring the looks and the jocks surrounding him

He turned around without much flare and walked forward towards the academic block. His gaze landed on the jocks and he smiled while people looked forward to a beating or a verbal lecture again.

"Ah, yes. You guys, the puppets in the hands of a little girl. Do you really not feel the shame in acting like puppets, where's the dignity men?

Oh, who am i kidding? Your future is gutter trash." Naruto chuckled as he easily passed through the jock in front of him while the teen was sprawled on the ground without understanding what happened

The movement was too smooth and acted without hesitance, using the power of the bigger boy Naruto had sent him to the ground.

It was the difference in experience and knowledge of the martial arts. These boys were only physically strong but lacked any training in the fighting arts.

Naruto walked away easily slipping through the crowd while the people were shell shocked.

"That was so awesome!" Sam exclaimed as she followed him

'Even if you had to choose that slut.'

"Yeah, what did you eat today? And when did you pick up Jujitsu?" Tucker asked as he was shaking in excitement

"My pleasure but this is just the beginning so wait for it. Tucker come to my house today, i have something important to talk about."

Tucker had never seen Danny so serious and could only nod in silence while wondering what it could be.

"Are you forgetting about me?"

"How could i forget you? Right Tucker, we will see you later." Naruto's arm snaked around her waist and captured her hand as he made her follow him

Tucker watched the scene with jealousy as he expected them to become closer now since he had eyes that could see MT. Tai.

The signs were too obvious and these two were just not following through.

'I am not jealous!' Tucker turned around with a hmph as he decided not to think on this painful topic as he was a single dog

Sam felt her heart flutter as Danny touched her waist and took her hand, she had dreamed many times of this day but now felt like a shy maiden.

Her usual strong personality had taken a back seat to this shy maiden as she was unsure of what was happening.

She was full of expectations but still withheld some cautions since Danny could be really stupid sometimes.

'Is he going to confess?'

'Does he like me or am i just the rebound?'

The dilemma of love has always been a complicated mess since people's feeling were not easy to read and most people were not honest.

Arriving at the roof top, Naruto let her hand go.

Sam looked at Danny and felt the difference, he didn't look like the shy guy from before and seemed to so confident in every step he took.

"When did you pick up such criminal skills?" Sam asked as Naruto had picked the lock on the door to the roof

"Every skill has its use so i have been gathering them for my future goals."

"Hopefully that doesn't mean becoming a thief."

"That would be fun in some situations like playing around with the police and stealing priceless artifacts then sending them back."

"You have been watching too many anime and it's got to your head."

"I like the smile the most so don't become meek on me." Naruto's hand extended towards her face and Sam gulped as she looked into those eyes

That smile was just cheating, he knew but was playing around.

"Hmph, i don't understand what you mean."

"Is that so?" Naruto tapped his chin and with smooth moves, he brought Sam towards him holding her waist and kissed her lips

Sam's eyes went wide as she felt his lips; she wanted to struggle but remembered it was her Danny.

'How is he good?' Sam wondered as he guided her with skilful moves and his hands moved from her waist to her ass cheeks

They seemed to be lost in the moment as the kiss went for a minute and Naruto massaged that delicious looking bubble butt that was barely hidden behind that skirt, teasing the boys.

Sam's looks were gorgeous in her own way with that purple lipstick, choker, black stockings and that purple shade in her hair, she could not be ignored.

Her body had the right curves, her ass and tits were the right shape and size.

Forget about her body for a moment, Sam was an interesting and strong person with kind nature, which sealed the deal.

"You got me."

Sam was breathing heavy as she heard his teasing voice as he never let her go and held her close.

"I want you to say it. I want to hear it."

"I like you very very much. Let us journey together towards a bright future Sam."

Sam felt a smile etch on her face as she hugged him tightly and kissed him, she had finally heard those magical words and they were real.

"I am not dreaming but how did these changes come and what are we now?" Sam sat beside him on the floor with their backs to the wall

Sam was curious girl, and adventurous girl without fear and some one that liked to be in control, which was good and bad.

"You are mine and I am yours, soon we will make it complete." Naruto whispered into her ears and bit them while holding her hand affectionately

Sam felt really hot at the moment and her mind was filled with some r-18 details from his words, she felt so happy at the moment forgetting about the scum that were destroying her beloved planet.

We can never forget the fact that she was an enthusiastic protector of the planet and hated people for being careless about such an important issue.

"I have changed because i aim to become a hero. I want to change the world for the better and save this world from devastation.

You might not believe me but i had a dream. No, a nightmare where the world was falling and the people were in despair. Since that day, i have aimed to change and these things about the school seem so small after that." Naruto explained as he looked at Sam with his right hand on her face

None of it was a lie since he did decide to stay because of that future problem and Danny was of course going to change after all these gifts he had given.

Sam didn't what to say, all this seemed so unreal and his words weren't helping but there was one thing she could do.

"What do I do?"

"Are you willing to part with your peaceful life and enter danger willingly? Death and despair will never be far from this path."

Sam looked at him with determination, even if they had just been friends this would have been her answer.

"I never back down from a challenge."

"That's my girl." Naruto said as he gave her a kiss as a reward while his hands were being naughty

After playing with Sam and letting her leave while he slowed down on the way to class.

"What have you done?!"

"My life is ruined!"

"They will kill me. I am so dead. I AM DEAD!" Danny screamed at him while holding his leg

"Don't scream like a dying dog. Didn't you enjoy the scene? Didn't it look cool? Wasn't it hot?"Naruto kicked him aside as he sat down on his throne

Danny got up while looking at him, "It was awesome and hot but why Sam. She is just a friend, like a guy friend. Also how is this going to help me, are you going to take over every time?"

"No, I did all this to give a clear picture of what you can become and i will need to come out some times to guide other people around you since team work is necessary."

"Are you serious? I might not even survive the next day after what you have done."

"They are not going to kill you. Some beating is nothing. It will make you used to getting hurt so just use them as an opportunity to practice fighting since we will start from today.

Now go back and act confident, if you show fear from these weaklings than you will know pain. Wait for my instructions and follow them to the word or you will know pain." Naruto smiled making Danny shiver as he could only give into this demon that controlled his everything

'What sin did I commit in my previous life?'

It was such a beautiful day for Danny as it was filled with such colour full events but it was ruined by the fact that he didn't have the demon's power, and was going to get trashed sooner or later if he couldn't run back home.

'Think Danny, think. What should i do? Should i tell mom about it?'

'Don't think about such pointless things, your parents can't help you. Understand one thing; i can end you with a thought even if i don't hurt your family. Just focus on the goal of becoming a hero for this pitiful world and i promise you a bright future with my guidance since i have gone through the process and lived a grand life.'

Danny wanted to say that didn't you die but stopped as he feared it might trigger him since all those high and mighty masters had haughty personalities that couldn't tolerate low rank trash to talk back to them.

'Ok, so what will i be doing?'

'Physical training, like push ups, sit ups etc and running everyday following that you will be fighting me in the mind. Of course we cannot forget about academics and social life so we will also focus on those. By the end, you will conquer the top of the rankings for the academics and have a buff body of your dream while radiating confidence like i did.'

'There is no way i can do so much. I will die from the fatigue.'

'You will die some other way of you don't do the task and don't worry i know your limit. I know how to train people as you aren't my first student and all of them are world leaders right now.'

'I don't think i have heard about you.'

'Of course you haven't since i come from a different world where people have superpowers. I know you are curious but you don't deserve to see my world now. Once i am satisfied by your change then you can see it and enjoy the experience.'

Danny could only sigh at his luck; he wasn't one of those high spirited shonen heroes but a normal guy with an average body.

It was hard to muster of any drive to follow this ridiculous goal but the threat of death and pain didn't leave his mind so he had already given into this life and just went with it since there was no choice.

Heroism or Death, no in between

"Hey Fen-turd, i heard you messed with Pauline. Did you eat shit or something? Who gave you the courage to spout some non sense, huh."

Danny stopped in the middle of the corridor as Dash stood outside the class waiting for him with his goons.

This was not good. There was no escape since his speed wasn't enough to run from these football players with his weak body.

'Show no fear'

Those words shook his soul and Danny wished to cry but even that wasn't an option, "Hello Dash, surprised to see you here."

"I think he is gone loco."

"Must have bought the cheap stuff."

"Yeah, can't afford anything better."

The guys laughed at their own jokes while Dash dashed at him and threw him against the lockers.

"Ughh" Danny moaned in pain as his back was hit against the lockers with such force

Dash could easily pick him up with one hand and his body had crashed into him, which sent bad signals inside his head.

'No fear, fight back. He is just human and you will not die until i wish it.'

Danny looked up at Dash as the boy picked him up by the collar.

"Fenton, i expected something new. I guess you did smoke some weed for that act. Pathetic! Now bear the consequence of that action." Dash muttered with anger in his voice as he raised his fist expecting Danny to close his eyes in fear but the boy stared at him

"No" Danny muttered as he punched Dash in the face and got decked hard in return that made his head spin

The noise had finally brought people's attention and they found the scene so Danny was saved from further torment and left the school with a girl friend and a black eye.

Honestly not a bad exchange but Danny couldn't be bothered as he was lamenting his faith as a punch bag.

'Why couldn't you have chosen Batman or Spiderman? They are great heroes with their own specialities.'

'You will know when the time comes.'

"Danny, does it hurt?" Sam helped him walk home since Danny was still feeling woozy after the fight

His face hurt so much that his left eye was closed while his back was also in pain after the adrenaline wore off.

This day was the worst since he had never experienced such brutal beating before and this was only a shadow of what was to come since he had been saved at the last moment.

'Just make it hard for them to bully you. Nobody wants to spend time on something so pointless. It's your fault for making it so easy for this long or they would have moved onto someone else. Learn from your sister. You have been a disgrace of a man since day one and have zero excuses since your sister also lives in the same situation.'

Danny wanted to ignore his words but they loop inside his head, making it impossible to run away from such scathing comments.

It wasn't something that had missed his attention as Jazz was his older sister, the perfect daughter of the Fenton household with all the talent and confidence.

To Danny his sister had always been someone that could do anything she wanted without any difficulty except find a boyfriend.

She had been accepted to high class University on scholarship bases for engineering course since the Fenton blood coursed through her veins and creativity flowed through naturally.

Thinking about it, he was the only average among these abnormal people but it only made him depressed.

'Well now i can definitely fit in.' Danny commented sarcastically

"Of course it does, look at my eye." Danny replied as he looked ahead as this situation was so damn awkward

He remembered the scene from the rooftop and felt shy about it plus he didn't want to hurt Sam by telling her that it was a joke.

'She is cute'

Now that Danny had seen her soft side, his opinion was slowly changing. His type of girl was beautiful and girly so Sam had never really entered his sight before.

Sam felt bad hearing his words as she couldn't think of a way to help him but soon remembered something and made him stop.

"Danny, stop. Let me make it comfortable." Sam said as she held his head making him blush

Sam was concentrated on his eye that was closed so she didn't notice that this Danny was not the self confident one that had made her submit.

Danny watched as Sam blew onto his eyes slowly, her beautiful purple lips in his vision along with the mint smell made his heart beat increase.

No girl had ever been so close to him before and it was really nerve wrecking but soon he calmed down a bit as the pain lessened from her attempts.

"Sam, I feel better now so let's get home quickly." Danny muttered as he increased his speed so that he wouldn't have to converse with Sam now

'Right choice, you don't have to face the problem head all the time because you can't have the solutions available every time a problem comes up.'

Sam was worried about his well being and her happiness was dampened a bit since Danny wasn't being lovey dovey with her but she reasoned it was because of the beating.

'Or there is something wrong?' She had felt this from the moment Danny confronted Pauline but it was beyond her comprehension.

"Relax on the sofa and watch carefully since we will discuss our futures." Naruto dragged Danny to the white zone and threw him on the sofa while taking over

"Damn you demon" Danny wanted to scream but he could only whisper because of his fear of retribution

"I heard that but next time try screaming, who knows that will happen."

Danny heard the voice as his body was electrocuted slightly increasing his fear as the voice teased him. He didn't dare utter a word and sat down obediently.

He was a long way from becoming heroic and self confident.

Naruto could force him to take action but that was not his own choice.

"So i am happy for you guys but why invite me as the third wheel. Did you want to rub it in?" Tucker sat on the carpet and leaned against the bed while Sam sat on the beanbag on the right and Danny sat on the chair near the computer

They were inside his room and some drinks and snacks had been laid out.

"I thought you knew me bro. I feel so hurt by those thorny words. The thought of hurting my friends would kill me but i definitely brought you here to feel the pain of being a single dog."

Tucker was moved by his words and threw chips at him by the end.

"Okay, enough playing around." Sam calmed the situation before it peace broke down

Naruto could easily talk to them in a formal manner but that would give him away and he liked playing around. There was no way he would spend his time helping the kid without enjoying something.

"Ahem, this is going to be a serious topic and the subject will be our future." Naruto started in solemn tone as he looked at them seriously and they both quite down

"I have decided to change and become a model person with fighting skills and high life skills for the goal of becoming a hero."

"Like Batman?" Tucker asked since Spiderman had powers while Batman didn't

"Yes, and for this i have been training hard and fixing my personality as courage is required to fight against enemies in a dangerous situation.

I intend to create a team for this task since one man cannot achieve this task nor do i believe that i possess invincibility.

This path of heroism requires sacrifice of our time and enjoyment plus it puts our life at risk. I have chosen you two as my close ones and for your qualities but i will not hold it against you for denying this request since we all have one life." Naruto finished with this and waited for their answer before he could elaborate on what he wanted them to do

Their answers were within his expectations since people were easy to read.

Tucker would have made a joke about it if he didn't hear it personally and see the look of utmost seriousness.

'I never knew Danny had such complex thoughts inside his head. When did he become so heroic?' Tucker couldn't remember his bro ever acting heroic for someone else or going out of his way to help anyone not even old grandma's crossing the road

'Living like Batman is definitely dangerous and we don't have his resources. How is he going to do this?'

"We have been together for years bro. I am in, what do you want me to do?" Tucker decided to go with it as he trusted Danny to not put their lives to risk without any reason

"I trust you" Sam replied with a smile as she stood behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders

"Thanks guys i will make sure not to let you down. Now, this is something long term so we are not starting now because we need to build up our strengths and cover our weaknesses.

None of us has successfully gone though a fight and will obviously feel the pressure, which would inhibit out thinking capabilities so we need to cover this up quickly.

All of his learn fighting skills that suits our style. It doesn't have to honest and straight forward. Winning is all that matters since we are not athletes.

I will write down the instructions tonight and pass them to you tomorrow but the basic gist is that we will all focus on some physical training and also keep our mind energetic as it will be our main tool in this fight.

Tucker will focus on the tech side, hacking building gadgets etc and i will provide the help before you apply your own capability.

Sam will focus on bio-chemistry, which is your subject of interest and can be used in our path as Poison Ivy has demonstrated." Naruto explained slowly with some details so that they could imagine and understand what he expected of them

"What's our team name?"

"We will take one once we start."

"How did you get information on poisons?" Sam questioned as her mind thought of many wrong things about this situation

"My parents have tested many things so i picked up what could work on humans and listed it down." Naruto replied, which wasn't a lie since his parents did test many things that was affective against humans same goes for Danny's

"Okay, i find your idea appealing. I never thought about using my knowledge about plants like that. It sounds so fun." Sam smiled at the thought as she rubbed his hair while Tucker also felt excited and unsure since he was the tech guy so when did Danny learn how to make anything

'Did he hide it from us?' Tucker thought maybe Danny had wanted to go solo in the starting but decided against it as that could be the only reason he might not have shared such things as it would give away his identity

The trio continued to talk for an hour and ate and relaxed as the next day was going to be hectic plus Naruto had given them a task for the day.

It was a basic workout and nothing impossible but it was followed by running one kilometre in the morning while knowing that their bodies will be aching since they didn't work out.

The duo didn't make noise about it since the goal was serious business and filled with excitement, some pain was acceptable.

Giving a goodbye kiss to Sam, Naruto returned to the room and sat down while Danny was feeling conflicted.

This demon had taken over his life and now his friends were also walking this damned path.

They were doomed.

Plus why did he have to suffer more than them.

When a friend gets a bad mark, you will feel better but when they get good marks while you got bad marks then life losing its shine.

It was a similar situation as he was suffering more than both of them. More training and the demon directly in control of his life.

"You have rested enough. Stretch like this." Naruto showed him the images inside his head while Danny moved according to the instructions as pain was a great driving factor

After that he was made to start with 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 5 pull ups, 30 sec planks, and many other basic exercises to build up his physique and focus.

This went on for an hour as he dropped to the floor unable to continue, his stamina had left him and his breathing was heavy.

'I have never felt so tired. My body is killing me.'

"Well done, rest for now. I will call on you after some hours."

Seeing that he was free, Danny lay on the floor with his body facing the ceiling.

After two hours of rest, Danny was tasked to go through the history book that had been marked by Naruto.

He wanted Danny to actually learn something from these books so had read them personally while writing his instructions.

Danny spent two hours reading the boring book and good shocked at least twice for losing focus.

'Damn you demon!'

He had been forced to do such an unholy thing.

"Now we will fight or more accurately, you will get beaten for an hour so that you can grasp some skill from what you experience." Naruto dragged him in while his body slept on the bed

Danny knew this was going to be a terrible day but there was no choice since there was no escape so all he could do was hope it wasn't too painful.

Naruto beat him up so badly that all his body had been hurt at least once while explaining the techniques and methods to counter them.

Danny knew he was being easy on him since Naruto wasn't moving fast at all but at a pace that he could follow easily but lacked the skill to make use of it.

After get thrashed for an hour, Danny found himself back in the library.

"Now live through the day again and act like i did. There are two parts today, Pauline and Sam so do your best or experience an extra tasty shock."

Danny groaned as he wished to cry but tears couldn't come as his body shuddered at the thought of getting punished for crying.

Going through the day again and again, Danny realized how difficult it was to act confident and powerful even when he had already seen it happen personally.

He was unable to show any of those points when talking to Pauline as her beauty distracted him along with the fact that there were so many people.

Danny didn't want to make her angry and ended up doing half assed job, which got him screaming in pain from the failed mission.

Continuing from there, Danny came across the Sam part and ended up enjoying pain once again.

Finally it was the scene with Dash and Danny enjoyed a complete beating this time.

Each step took 10 to 20 min and Danny went through them more than once until 3 hours had passed, and he went to a blissful rest.

'I will definitely become weird by the end of this month. This demon, what does he think i am? There is now way i can just do it.'

Those were his thoughts before going to sleep and he shook during the sleep because nightmares didn't leave his side as the next day was going to be worse.

While Danny slept, Naruto was thinking about things related to their future and training of the boy.

Just punishment will only create hatred even if it is for the good of the people and his own future. People are complex beings and Naruto didn't want Danny to fall on the wrong side.

His presence wasn't permanent and the stronger Danny would get the less power Naruto might hold in the future.

What if he started doing the opposite once he was free?

What if he tried to get rid of him with the powers Naruto helped him gather?

What if he was completely burnt out?

Such things weren't out of the realm of reality as Danny was just a normal human boy with simple dreams and nothing grand like he had in his childhood.

"Rewards are necessary" Naruto muttered as he thought about the ways to accomplish such a thing

Danny was a teen and his family was middle class so he definitely lacked money to buy many of his wants.

He wasn't the cool kid that his heart desired.

Studying was a chore and exams were a stress minefield.

'If i get him Pauline, he wouldn't complain so much.' Naruto smirked at the thought about the Latina girl

She was really not his type of person since Naruto disliked shallow people

Pauline wasn't a kid so this quality wasn't easy to look away from even if she looked like a beautiful flower.

In his eyes she was just a beautiful vase without any use except getting her father's money.

But Danny was still a simple child and such things were far from his mind, all he could think was with his pink tinted glasses and his lower half.

Now that Naruto thought about it, his presence was a cruel blow on the young kid since he won't be able to relieve himself anymore.

'Now i really need to do something or he will hate for something stupid.'

Money wasn't hard to gather and was one of his goals while the rest needed to be accomplished by Danny or he won't grow up.

His hands kept on moving as the content for Sam and Tucker needed to finish while his mind contemplated on the subject.

"Well i will throw you a bone kid." Naruto muttered as he finished and stretched his body while impressing some moves into Danny's mind

They were just pure memory so he will still need to go through practice to make it natural but now he knew the moves and how to connect them.

For a normal kid, it wouldn't be easy to remember such things and especially during fights things tended to be forgotten.

It should help him reduce some pressure and create some goodwill since Danny only felt pain from his existence.

"Understandable since he is just a kid now." Naruto said since he knew that unless Danny was a genius, he wouldn't really understand the things carefully and would think with his emotions.

Night was still young and Naruto borrowed the power of nature to keep his body energized or Danny wouldn't wake up tomorrow.

Either that or Naruto would have to give up on operating things by himself. Which wasn't possible since waiting for Danny to grow up to such a level would take too long. They needed resources now for the team to really take shape.

Money and equipment was necessary

Information was needed and connections were required. These things couldn't be left to kids so Naruto had to do his part. Of course, Danny will learn these things and Naruto will make him earn it.

Moving through the house like a shadow, Naruto took out the pistol and put on a hoodie while covering his face with a mask.

His powers still existed even if they were weakened considerably so locating evil wasn't too much of a hassle.

Walking the quiet streets of Amity Park, Naruto felt the cold chill in the atmosphere and saw ripples in space in some places.

Yin energy was leaking from these places and giving him more energy to move since it was free for him to utilize.

Of course there was a reason for such a phenomenon and this town was known for such things.


There ghosts roaming in the night, some were harmless and some were extremely dangerous. Naruto had seen thins properly before talking with Danny so the problem was related to ghosts.

An ancient ghost that would cause unimaginable horror on this universe once it left the ghost zone.

Naruto could have handled the problem at his peak but now he didn't have anything and he couldn't always be there for the people. The world needed a hero of his calibre or it will fall sooner or later.

There was enough time to properly teach the kids or Naruto would have hurried even if it meant destroying his social life and his emotions.

Controlling a kid wasn't much but Naruto didn't like such things.

Soon Naruto arrived at a mansion where many guards could be seen. The man living here was clean on the surface according to Danny's memories but Naruto sensed evil, meaning a double faced scum.

'He is going to be so sore in the morning.' Naruto thought as he expertly climbed over the wall while passing through the security like a shadow

Not even the dogs noticed his presence and he dodged the cameras.

Using such moves would also be good for Danny since his body would remember continuous movements and react faster than his own mind.

Naruto didn't hold back after that and only restrained enough that the body wasn't damaged as healing wasn't possible without using too much energy.

Yin/Dark energy wasn't good for healing and would cause damage to his mind.

After passing through some obstacles Naruto finally arrived in the master bedroom where the boss was sleeping with his young wife.

Moving quickly Naruto tapped the woman on the neck and passed some yin energy inside to keep her sleeping as he didn't want to cause a disturbance.

Placing his gun on the head of the man caused his eyes to open in shock as he stared at Naruto.

"I know this might be surprising but i hope you don't make any noise or you know it might get to bloody in here." Naruto pointed at him to get up and sit down on the sofa while he sat opposite him

"What do you want?" The man wasn't new to this field so knew that Naruto wanted something or else he would have been dead

"I need some money and equipment plus your loyalty. I have a proposal that is non-negotiable and a path to riches beyond your dreams. I know you won't believe it without seeing it happen and i am a nobody in your eyes so there is no trust between us.

So I will prove to you that your life is in my hands and come visit you tomorrow. Think about it and don't waste my time or i will make you experience a fate worse than death." Naruto said as he looked at the old man with a healthy body and sharp eyes

The man took in the words and felt humiliated to the extreme, if he a gun on hand then he would have shot the bastard.

'He will definitely pay for his arrogance.'

Naruto could tell his thoughts and smirked with a cold glint in his eyes because soon this man would break and would believe anything he wanted.

Getting up from the chair, Naruto saw that something was thrown inside and quickly kicked it through the window.

Smoke bomb

'No, something to knock us out.' Naruto felt and resisted it with the Yin energy since he had quickly kicked it outside and his face as covered

The mafia boss was feeling drowsy as he had smelled the smoke and a figure entered the room. Without much guessing, Naruto could easily tell.


'What is she doing here? Did this guy have connections to Gotham?' Naruto sighed as this situation became troublesome but he had to protect the criminal now or he would have to find another tool

"Apologies my beautiful lady but i need you to excuse yourself." Naruto moved towards Barbara without the gun as he didn't want to shoot by mistake

Barbara was surprised to see that her tactic had failed because according to data this man shouldn't have any bodyguards worth notice.

Hearing the man's words and seeing his demeanour, Barbara was able to guess that the situation wasn't as simple as it seemed.

'I will find out once he is down.' She had confidence in her fighting skills and her gear while the foe lacked any thing but it didn't mean they had nothing since superpowers were a thing

With swift movement, she threw out her gadget to capture his legs while carrying a baton forward if she missed. Most goons would be caught by that move as it wasn't a common move but Naruto passed it without any wasted movement and hit Barbara on the chin.

Barbara didn't know how but she was on the ground without any resistance, this was too much and reminded her of her teacher.

"I don't want to hurt you so leave. He is my pawn so i can't have you messing things up. I will make sure to clear away his wrong doings so let him go and i owe you one." Naruto whispered as his hand was one neck

Barbara felt the danger and looked at him, hearing his words surprised her and she couldn't do anything about it except sending a shock through his body.

The suit had many self defence functions so an electric shock was released but Naruto endured it and threw her through the window while guards gathered after he shot near her foot.

Seeing things were becoming worse for her, Barbara quickly escaped while Naruto followed as well since he had made the body go through some extreme situations.

With exposition to shock and the poisons, Danny would soon build up some immunity. It was lucky that Naruto was able to counteract the affect with small supply of energy or he might have ended up in prison.

'He would hate me for life.' Naruto chuckled at the idea and arrived back home quietly, and going to sleep after putting things back in place.

"AHHHHH" Danny screamed like a bitch when he woke up in the early morning because of Naruto since it was time to jog

Danny had a dream of becoming an astronaut and exploring space but when the rocket got through the planet, he was greeted with a face smiling at him.

It covered his view and sent chills down his spine as he looked at that grin of the demon.

"Well hello there Danny, how about a mission?"

"AHHHHH" Danny screamed in horror at those words and screamed again as his body hurt so bad when his eyes opened in the real world

'What have i done to deserve this torture?' Danny felt his heart breaking at the thought of his future being a slave to a demon

"Enough wallowing in despair, we got long way to get to the real thing."


"Nothing, i was saying relax. I have given you a gift for your hard work and plan to reward you from now for every successful task."

Danny was suspicious about it as he definitely heard something dangerous but in his sleepiness, he hadn't registered it.

But hearing the things about rewards got his interest as he knew Naruto was magical and knowledgeable. He was wise and smart like a monarch but a complete bastard of a man.

"Close your eyes and think about the fighting skills i taught you yesterday."

With his suggestion guiding his thoughts, Danny found that he could remember each move clearly and couldn't help but smile as he stood up from bed and went through some combos before realizing that his body was incapable of following majority of them in this state.

Without any finesse, he fell to the floor and hit his chin against the hard boards beneath his face.


Naruto was disappointed even though he had no expectations from this student of his, 'Hold it in or he might die soon.'

"You are going to fix that personality flaw of yours or you will sooner or later. What if there was knife on the floor? You would have died in such a stupid way.

Forget it, i will give you task points for each success and the amount depends on the difficulty of the task. Jogging everyday will give one point everyday while the event clearance will give you 5 points at least."

"What can i get for one point?"

"Air, you need at least 5 point for something. I can give you many things from money and equipment to knowledge and experience."

"I thought you were going to give me the equipment regardless."

"Very smart Danny but I was planning not to reward you in the first place as being my student was the ultimate reward. But since i found you sad and pitiful, i graced you with a skill so don't think of eating free lunch and contemplate on how to earn it."

Danny had learned at least one thing from doing the mission yesterday and his long life of getting bullied.

He could read the mood after a while, which most of the time useless since people weren't patient but since Naruto was taking it easy on him there was a warning bell.

"Okay, i am getting up. Any other task, i need to do."

"That's the spirit. Keep it up and you will be in my good boy list."

"Thanks" Danny rubbed his face awkwardly as he ignored the mention of list and didn't want to know more about it

"Of course you are going to get a new mission. I got the right one for you and it is going to be so fun." Naruto smiled at the thought

Danny felt his heart go cold at the tone and wished to dig a hole.

"SAVE ME!" Danny screamed as he ran through the empty street in the early morning while a medium sized dog of brown color chased him down while barking and baring its sharp teeth

"Don't be a wimp boy. I was wrestling bears the size of a car when i was 11 and look at you so damn disappointing."

'I am human.'

"A coward is what you are. With the skill i provided you with just a few minutes ago this doggy shouldn't be a problem as basic martial art covers all kinds of creature's not just humans. The only thing keeping you from finishing this task is your own nature."

'It's too damn scary. I might die, please.'

"Danny, i will see you up there."

Danny felt his stomach hurt from the stress and his body was aching from the pain, his breathing was becoming difficult while his heart was going wild.

The sound of his steps and the dogs barking rang out in the empty street as he finally decided to climb up a pole nearest to him.

With his speed, he managed to jump high enough to stick to the street lamp and climb up slightly with difficulty as it was slippery while he didn't have much strength.


Danny heard as he slipped down the pole and felt the sharp teeth bite into his ass. He felt the pain of almost losing a pound of flesh before he was relieved and stared at the white ceiling in relief before he heard the angry voice.

"You will remember today the consequence of failing to follow through. Nobody refuses me."

Danny shivered as fear set into his body and pain, the pain was unimaginable.

'I am sorry' Danny knew he had made Naruto angry this time and heard the sigh

"Only this time, i will take it easy on you. Get used to the pain and increase the tolerance, this is practice as well." Naruto muttered as he kicked the dog aside before it ripped off his ass and gazed it with killer intent scaring the living shit out of the poor thing that it almost of died of heart attack

Leaving the shivering animal, Naruto walked back home while his body cooled down and basked in the morning's fresh air.

He was giving him extreme workout so that Danny would become strong faster and become somewhat independent or Naruto would have to do everything.

Naruto was already working in the background and even controlling the body down to the molecules to shape Danny to the extremes of human capacity.

It required workout and a lot of nutrients, which was torture to normal humans but by the end of one month he would be packed with muscles.

Beautiful and strong muscles that would get the appreciation of any guy and girl.

Naruto wasn't really used to cowardly students like Danny since all his had been high class and talented while Danny was normal.

Seeing such actions annoyed him slightly even after his warnings, it seemed he had become prideful and actually looked down on others.

'Need to remove that mindset but the action was right since i had given him the rules. If i didn't follow through, he would continue to rely on me.'

Sadly this body was unable to digest natural energy to grow and he didn't want to make the chakra system as he had seen that Danny will get different powers in his vision.

Naruto didn't understand what they were but they were powerful enough to replace his chakra ability, which saved him from the hassle of extra in humane training.

Lucky Danny or he would have drowned in the river of bloody tears

Arriving home with an aching body, Naruto took a quick shower with hot water and came down to get some breakfast.

Maddie Fenton, mother of Danny and a genius in the fields of science with beauty to boot along with Jack Fenton, his father and a very careless man filled with creativity that kept overflowing mostly into stupid things.

Following that was his genius sister, Jazz, sitting at the table having breakfast while being engaged in the topics of the supernatural.

"Good morning Danny, i am so happy to see you work hard." Maddie said as she looked at him with a happy smile since she had seen Danny come back from the jog

"Of course, he is my son. He will definitely become strong soon so don't hold back and ask this old man for help." Jack ate a mouthful and spoke with enthusiasm like always

Jazz looked at him briefly and nodded, she was happy that her little brother had finally shown some change.

Naruto smiled and sat down as he filled the whole plate with meat and fruits, eggs, honey and other good stuff.

This caught everyone by surprise and increasing the shock factor was that he shoved it down at blinding speed.

"Danny, what are you doing?" Maddie asked in a worried tone

"Mom relax, i just feel so hungry that i need more. Look nothing wrong" Naruto replied as he continued to eat

"This has to be work of an enemy ghost, to bat cave." Jack exclaimed as he took off to find some gadgets

"I never thought this could be real." Jazz watched with wonder at the anime like scene of her brother devouring food meant for three people

Naruto didn't hide the weird things from Danny's parents so they would get used to the small changes in their son and not cause him problems.

The food entered his body and was quickly handled in a perfect manner so that the energy was utilized for specific purposes, none going to waste.

He could feel his body regain some energy and his body strengthening slowly since the food was low class stuff. If he had gotten one beast from back home, he would have surpassed the human level easily.

'I could order some tiger's and such large animals for food to gain some strength.' Naruto thought but he still needed the practice or the body would be unable to digest such large amounts of energy

As such these low level meals were fine for now and large beasts would be for later when Danny had grown stronger.

"Well reality can be stranger than fiction sis. How's everything going for you? Need help getting a boyfriend?"

"Dan, i will slap you."

"Chill sis, i am actually serious since i love you so much. If we weren't siblings then i would have taken your hand for sure, those brutes out there are blind."

"I am impressed at your new skill but flattery won't get you anywhere with me. Besides it would be pointless taking help from lonely devil."

"Sadly, i got flower on both hands." Naruto smiled and looked at her proactively



"That's not a true challenge, show me if you can get another girl to accept your words then come back to me."

"You are just letting your pride get in the way. It won't hurt to follow my plan."

"Okay, hit me with it."

"I will date you for a week and let you understand things about boys in detail, and how to make them dance to your whim."

"You are betraying your kind."

"I was never one of them."

"Fine, i will buy you ps3 if you get it done."

"Deal, let's start from tomorrow since i am busy today."

Jazz looked at him curiously as he was really too different and talking to her so confidently that she had almost forgotten he was Danny.

'Really makes me want to check what's got him occupied.' Jazz wouldn't care usually about her brother's antics but this one was making her intrigued as he had changed too much from yesterday

"Okay, take care at school and don't get bullied." Jazz said as she stood up left since class would start in an hour and she needed to leave

After Jazz left, Danny also walked out and saw Sam waiting for him outside while hesitating to come closer and knock on the door.

"Hey there beautiful, you just made my day wonderful with your presence in the morning." Naruto said as he hugged her from behind and breathed in her scent, giving her a kiss on the neck and enjoying the warmth

"Hya" Sam felt embarrassed at the weird noise slipping through her lips and then felt happy at the close contact

"I feel the same and couldn't wait to see you." Sam replied as she felt content with this position but wanted to see his face

"We got great chemistry so of course our thoughts will match. Did you sleep well or had some naughty dreams?" Naruto spun her around and asked with a teasing smile

"A good dream"

"I knew it, you naughty little minx of mine." Naruto muttered as he gave her kisses on her lips since she loved this type of contact

He could feel the jealousy role over him in waves from a certain someone.

'It won't be long before he realizes his attraction to Sam.' Naruto knew that deep down Danny did find Sam attractive and even had flights of fancy about her before but that changed some years ago

Naruto felt that Danny's taste was just bad, a condition that most teenagers suffered since they only saw the beautiful cover.

But he wasn't going to impose his will and was okay with letting Danny have fun without making too much of mess with girls.

With Danny's current state, he would most likely accept any invitation to sensual activities by a beautiful girl and Naruto didn't mind as it was process of learning.

Only choosing his partners that where he would get involved since it will affect his future.

Pauline could be useful if trained, she had the money and connections from her father's side.

Sam was also loaded and smart with good quality as she was loved by nature.

Batgirl was an option and Naruto preferred her over the rest since she knew how to fight and had a great connection with Batman.

'Now it's time for school, Danny. Go and beat up one of your bullies today. Use the weak one and utilize some creativity, your father is fountain of it so you must have got something.'

Danny jolted back into his body and felt some strange feeling as he held Sam's hand; he wished to experience the kiss.

He had been watching his body do it but the feeling never reached him. Looking at Sam's reaction it must have felt wonderful but he didn't have the guts to initiate the kiss.

Plus hearing the mission content made his legs weak as he remembered that today was going to be piƱata day and he was it.

"God have mercy on my soul"

"What happened?"

"Nothing, just praying for our success." Danny smiled forcefully

If it was the normal Sam, she would have seen something suspicious but for now her cognitive abilities had lessen because of the love sickness.

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