Danny was over the moon with his situation plus he got to learn some new skills while the girls were meeting together for the first time.

They were at local cafe and sat quietly for some time but the atmosphere looked heavy.

"I advise you two to back away from my man if you don't want to be heartbroken later on. Without doubt, i will conquer him." Paulina put down her phone as she said those words with a confident expression and even ridicule when looking at Sam

Star just smiled as she looked at Sam, waiting to see what will be the response and she didn't have to wait at all.

"Heh, you will conquer Danny with what? You bimbos are glorified whores with nothing but your bodies to offer. I have been with him for a long time and know his secrets, what do you know?

Nothing, that's what you know, so i advice you to skip of into your slut life style and leave us alone." Sam lay on thick with no mercy, their presence angered her very much and she only endured because of Danny

"Damn girl that was vicious but i really doubt both of your claims. Danny doesn't seem to have any desire to choose one of us, he wants it all. He is a greedy and it shows so the only ones that will stay are those that can accept his life choice now.

I think you two should think about this relationship a bit more." Star gave sincere advice but it was to lay negative impression of the relation

Star was knowledgeable about this kind of relationship so she knew if they were too troublesome then even Danny would take action and let them go while she only had to play along like a supportive lover.

'Simple but perfect'

"I doubt that. Let's just not get in each other's way and play it fair since it will only cause trouble for all of us." Paulina dismissed Star's word with an hmph

"Since you are so keen on embarrassing yourself, be my guest." Sam said as she drank her coffee in silence while reading her notes

They couldn't show a fight in public so stayed together for some time and left.

'I feel like this is going to be fun. I feel so evil right now thinking that.'

'Master, this is my life you are talking about. That's pretty darn evil.' Danny replied as he looked at the scene below him from the sky where his body was invisible

It was still day time but he was using his powers. This was a time when majority of ghost and supernatural would not appear as the sun light weakened them.

They belonged to the darkness while the light contained life energy that weakened them considerably, leaving only the powerful to dare move in this time.

Danny trained in this time to build up some resistance and increase his advantage of being a Halfling.

Even though he saw the atmosphere down there, Danny doubted it will affect them much since it was unstable from the start and needed time and dedication to build it up.

He planned to let this relationship reach maturity before letting anyone else in.

Naruto refrained from commenting on his words as he knew words didn't always translate to action.

Regardless, Danny had put down some ground rules for the relation that was subject to change. He would date each girl in order for now since it was only starting and planned to later change it two of them at the same time.

Today was Paulina's day since he had a date with Sam and Star.

On the other hand things were getting good for the Fenton family since the Ghost portal had finished and had been tested to work.

Investments from other organizations came to them and order to make their places ghost free.

Finally even the shadow's came to them, the Fenton couple were very much nervous sitting in front of an individual from such shady backing.

The man looked be to very much normal with his white hair and kind looks but what he represented was something that was filled with can of worms.

"Yes, we are inviting you to become part of our organization as the head of the ghost hunter department. We promise you protection and availability of resources for further improvement."

"Please explain to me about your organization, Plumbers." Maddie asked with suspicion

"Of course, we are an organization by the government made in the beginning of our history to combat unsavoury elements. We have been in fighting against vampires, werewolves and some other abominations for a long time now but we haven't made any headway into the ghost phenomenon as it had never been so serious before.

In the past 10 years, the ghost activity has been rising and we are very much in need for people like you to help us combat the situation."

"I see, it does look legitimate but we can't trust you just like that. Have the mayor come vouch for you and we will put our trust in your words." Maddie replied, she was very much interested in the resources of the nation to help their research and fight against the super natural but safety came first

"I understand your concern so let's wait for a time and he will be here." The man said with a smile as he called a number before sitting down quietly while the Fenton's discussed with each other on the issue

Both of them agreed to follow along if the group was legitimate as they needed help and protection from humans and supernatural now.

They were very much worried about their children plus this would give their children authority and wealth.

Within half an hour, the mayor had arrived and vouched for the gentleman. The Fenton's looked at the agreement to see if they were being enslaved or not before accepting the offer and following the man to the closest base where they could look at their work area and make any requirements known.

Danny received the message that they will be gone for a few days and thought they were just going on a trip or something.

He went through his training and academics while improving his combat ability. The skill set had increased since starting as a ghost.





Ghost sense with limited range

Ghost eyes with large range

Ghost blasts


Ghost weaponry

Ghost Bike

Super stats

Energy Control

His energy control had reached higher stage and Danny learned new skills by exchanging the points gathered from the tasks done.

Now he could make his energy take shape into chains and ropes to capture his targets. This is his realization after the last battle.

If he had this skill and bit higher energy then the ghost would not have escaped.

After the difficult battle last time, Danny had increased his focus on learning high speed combat and adds his new skills into the combat style.

Part of the training done, Danny was hanging out with Paulina around town and was very much pleased. His eyes and heart were in bliss along with his body since she looked smoking hot.

Danny was very much enjoying the girl's rivalry now as they were definitely walking towards the goal of making him submit. This meant eye candy and fun times.

They were wearing very daring dresses to make him go wild that Danny doubted his control skills.

Paulina was wearing a short pink skirt with a black top that didn't cover her mid section.

During the whole date she hadn't mentioned anything about the others girls and acted very much like a perfect lover as they enjoyed each other's presence.

They got to know each other personally this time instead of just what they saw. Danny got to know her problems from the surface as she wasn't willing to delve on it and he didn't want to pressure her pointlessly.

It was fun time and Danny saw her daring side as she sucked on him in the cafe along with having sex outside as she sat on him and covered it all up with her skirt.

It was a wild day indeed and filled with first times for both of them.

Even though Naruto wasn't interfering with his relationships, Danny was still being assisted as he was always being told if the feelings have gone up or down at the end of the day so he can make his decisions.

He was really living the life as most people would kill for such a service and here he got it for free.

It made life so much easier since he knew which people to actually trust.

Danny was driving through the town with Paulina sitting behind him when someone approached him when they stopped.

"Nice ride"

Danny looked at the young man with blonde hair and handsome looks wearing a biker gang wear with a Harvey. He wasn't alone either as a beautiful girl sat behind him.

"You too"

"Since fate has brought us together, how about some fun?"

"What kind?"

"A race to the hill top, you interested?"

"Why..okay but you will give me a reward if I win." Danny was about to decline but saw the look on Paulina's face and decided to go with it as he wanted to make his girl happy and see his awesome side

"Okay, let's see what you got." The man said as he revved up his bike and once the green light came, he zoomed through the crowd

Danny didn't hesitate either as he went full charge, "Hold on tight."

Paulina felt excitement fill her heart as Danny drove so fast that everything was a blur.

Danny was driving fill concentration as he had to watch the road and control as he had a passenger. The man always kept ahead of him as he controlled the beast of a bike with smoothness unlike his wildness.

Danny had covered the bike with mist so that none could see them clearly and thought the ghost rider was on the streets.

They had a clear run for a few miles into the city center, and although it was only one lane in easch direction, there was a wide band of chevrons between the lanes. They raced along that median strip with the man leading the race. Twice they had to swerve into the margin of their lane to dodge oncoming traffic in the other direction.

Danny clipped a wing mirror, a horn blared out, and Paulina screamed with excitement that drove him to boiling point.

Danny had always imagined such an exciting life before and now he got it, and it was beyond his expectation.

He was so happy going this fast and zooming through the streets while dodging traffic. It was dirty and it was fast and everything you could see wanted to kill you. The car drivers were either dozy and inattentive or alert and seething, and either affliction might make them suddenly swerve out a bit and hit you.

The White chevrons you rolled on were slick and slippery with spilled diesel that could spill you into the path of traffic. If you fell you could only roll like gymnast and hope you hit the curb before you hit a car. The wind got into your eye along with the dust and made the surrounding into a blur of speed and glare as the chaos of racing another at top speed made your heart rate rivet and the adrenaline blitz your senses.

Racing like this Danny almost forgot about everything in his life and just saw the speed.

Time went on and he was about to close the gap when he ended up almost crashing into a truck and the bike slipped through the small opening under it but in the mean time the guy had increased the distance even more.

"I lost"

"No, you tried your best and it was awesome. I can't believe i could experience something from a movie." Paulina had some scratches on her long beautiful legs but her excitement had reached high levels as she hugged him tight and kissed his face

With her words, he felt better as she was right. He tried his best plus it's not like he could be the best at everything.

Even now Sam had better understanding of poisons and plants while Tucker was handling the programming and hacking.

So they were there to inform him of any threats and help out when necessary with their specialities since he wasn't just aiming for ghosts but also humans.

"Thanks" Danny felt her hot body coiled around his waist as he kissed her deeply and sucker on her tongue before breaking away

"They must be waiting for us and people are looking." Paulina didn't think they would be in trouble because of her family background

They could get away with some minor offence but looking at Danny it seems he was confident that this wasn't a problem.

"Yeah" Danny nodded as he sat back on the bike along with Paulina and drove towards the end point

"I am impressed by your performance with a non modified bike." The man was sitting on a bench with his girl on his lap and stood up once he saw them arrive

"Thanks, i have also only respect for your insane skills. How long did it take you?" Danny replied as he parked the bike and walked closer and shook his hands

The man had a powerful grip so he understood one thing, 'Not a normal human and the other side also got the message.'

"Let's talk there and let the girls talk."

"Paulina, keep our new friend company." Danny said as he walked away with the unknown man

"He got guts racing with my Johnny."

"He has more than guts and next time Danny will most likely win." Paulina replied with a smile

"You aren't so bad after all. I thought you were just a slut by the stud's side but you got some spirit. The name's Kitty."

"Paulina's the name and fear is not part of the game. "

The girls sat down and talked about different things that Paulina didn't realize she was talking to a ghost.

"What are you?" Danny's smile hardened as he glared at the man

"The name's Johnny and i am the 13th leader of the night riders. I am extending the invitation to you since your skills much better than most."

"You are a ghost"

"Yes, got a problem with that."

"Yes, i have problem with that." Danny's eyes shone as his hand was formed into a fist and attacked but was blocked by a tangible shadow

"Relax Danny, not every ghost likes to fight. I can see that you must have come across the dangerous type that likes to kill. I am the type that just likes my freedom and enjoyment. Racing and my girl is all i got.

And shadow."

Danny took some distance as he looked at Johnny and the shadow, 'From the looks of it, he isn't lying and he is much more powerful.'

"Sorry, just had a bad run in few days ago."

"I can tell that you are a young ghost or this was something you would know by now especially not to fight someone stronger than you."

"Thanks for not beating my ass, okay. Here the reward for the race." Danny held his hands up in defeat and extracted a tiny portion from his powers towards Johnny

Johnny looked at the small energy in Danny's hand and his expression, "I am surprised you actually did this. You are truly a man. Let's make an exchange and you can call me brother from now on."

Danny never expected such a thing from a ghost and it made him revaluate his understanding of this species.

"I am willing to do that but you can't make trouble in the human world again or i will have to fight you."

"No problem, the most i end up doing is racing and picking up girls for a sweet time."

"Then let's shake on it" Danny passed his portion and got Johnny's portion in return

'I will give you something similar as a skill from now on.'

Danny heard Naruto's voice and his smile became bigger as he conversed with his new friend with great interest since they had so many similarities.

"I will warn you to be very careful around here. This is one of the most dangerous places on earth right now as a powerful ghost lives in this region." Johnny warned before leaving Danny as he zoomed away into the night

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