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"What's this all about?" asked Terrible Dactyl as he and all his fellow Tyranno's strode through the Tar-Pit's II Base.

"No idea," Quackpot shrugged. "All I know is that Ankylo wanted to see us all right away."

"He must have a new plan against the Dinosaucerssssss," Plesio said thoughtfully as they made their way towards his quarters/laboratory.

"He'd better!" Genghis Rex rumbled as they reached their destination before opening the door. "I'm the LEADER here and I'm NOT used to being summoned by ANYONE!"

Once inside Ankylo's quarters, the Tyranno's found themselves in a room with walls covered in pieces of fine art, ranging from classical paintings of prehistoric animals along with marble and crystal sculptures of different forms of dinosaurs set around the room.

The adjacent room which led to Ankylo's laboratory, was also done up in a similar style, but with lab benches and complex computer consoles along with other instruments lining the walls. At the far end of the room sitting at desk with a built-in computer console calmly sipping tea was Ankylo himself, sitting next to him was Rex's sister Princess Dei.

"Greetings dear brother," the Tyranno Princess said calmly as she poured herself some tea. "So nice of you and your underlings to join us. Some tea?"

"You better not have summoned us just for some stupid tea Ankylo," Rex rumbled threateningly. "I am HOPING you've come up with a new way to defeat the Dinosaucers, you KNOW I'm not used to being summoned by my MINIONS or anyone else for that matter!

"Indeed, I do Bossasaur," Ankylo said placidly. "You'll be pleased to know that I DO have something in mind against our enemies. In fact, I can inform you that my plan is already underway even as I speak."

"Wow really?" Styraco spoke up in amazement. "That WAS quick!"

"Would you like to SEE my plan in action?" Ankylo asked his fellow Tyrannos. As he spoke, he pressed a button on the control panel on his desk. Almost at once a monitor screen lit up behind him to reveal Captain Sabretooth, Smilin Don and the rest of the Sabretooth Pirates.

"What's your status Captain?"

"We're in position Ankylo and ready to go as soon as you give the word."

"Then proceed…"

"Right away sir, just sit back and enjoy the show!"





Possible hostile life form entering close scan zone...



One distinct organism...Young mature male...

Hostile entering zone of absolute exclusion...


Prepare to neutralize...


The notice over the massively barred gate read;



The security guard was tired and bored. How come he always got the night duty? His bad luck that's why! He sneaked a look at his watch. Another hour stuck out here in the hot, windy Mexican darkness guarding a gate to a farm that grew beans, MOSTLY for what he knew was jewellery BEADS. So why bother guarding it at night? They weren't THAT valuable! He continued his rounds grumbling under his breath. Suddenly he stopped.

Something was moving, out there in the darkness. He strained his eyes. The area round the gate was brightly lit by an overhead lamp, but this only made the surrounding darkness all the blacker. But there was something…Something huge, metallic…

The security guard drew his gun and was about to call out a challenge, when IT stepped out of the darkness causing his words to dry up in his throat. He stood frozen to the spot, unable to believe his eyes. The thing closed the gap between them in two swift strides. As the security guard sucked in air to scream an alarm, a huge metal claw shot out and grabbed his neck chocking him to unconsciousness within seconds.

It caught the security guard as he fell and laid the body to one side. Then it moved forward to the gate. After studying it for a moment, it reached out and snapped the cable of the external alarm system. Blue sparks flickered for a moment around its metallic fingers. It then broke the heavy steel chains, smashing the heavy lock from the gate, and pushed it open. Gravel crunched beneath its feet as it moved up the drive towards the fields of Jequirity Beans. Suddenly it paused for a moment as the sensors detected movement. Some form of animal life was approaching…

An enormous black Doberman, raced up the drive growling low in its throat. It was a particularly large and savage specimen of one of the fiercest breeds of guard dog in existence, and would have tackled anything from an armed man, to a mountain lion without a second's hesitation. Yet, as it came up to its quarry it skidded to a halt, claws raking in the gravel, scrabbling desperately to check its run. The dog backed away whimpering, then turned and fled in panic. The giant metal intruder then reached the field 's just as a large truck pulled up with the back opening up to reveal Captain Sabretooth and the rest of his Pirates.

"Nice work Ron," Sabretooth said to his First Mate.

"Thankyou Captain," Ron smiled as he stepped out of the truck with the rest of his fellow Pirates, while the metal being walked back into the truck.

"Ok you lot," Sabretooth said to his crew. "Load up this truck with all the Jequirity Beans you can carry, we have to get them back to the Tar Pits and Ankylo before dawn."

"Aye-Aye sir!"


"That's it?! Rex exclaimed to Ankylo as he and his fellow Tryanno's watched the whole thing happen. "You ask us here to watch you steal some worthless Mexican BEANS?!"

"Not just ANY beans Bossasaur," Ankylo replied calmly to his leader. "They're Jequirity Beans."

"But what good ARE Jequirity Beans?" Styraco asked in puzzlement.

"By themselves nothing much," Ankylo said mysteriously. "However once processed…they can be quite useful."

"How useful?"

"You'll see soon enough."

"What was that robotic thing that broke into the farm we saw?" Terrible Dactyl asked suddenly.

"A device of my own making," Ankylo told him. "When the time comes it will help in what I have in mind against our enemies.

"I'll believe that when I see it," Rex said doubtfully.

"Oh, you will dear brother," Princess Dei said confidently. "You WILL!

"Indeed," Ankylo said in agreement. "When Sabretooth and his crew come back with the Jequirity Beans, I will explain the rest of my plan to you. THEN we wait for word of this robbery to reach the Dinosaucers, when my opponent works out WHAT I'm doing," he smiled evilly. "Then the REAL game will begin!"


There we go dear readers; it may be short but it's to the point! Just WHAT has Ankylo got up his sleeve this time? What does it have to do with that robotic device of his? And those Jequirity Beans…what's so special about them that Ankylo would want to STEAL them? We'll see if Ichy can work things out for his fellow Dinosaucers, won't we? So, see you next chapter when I can manage it and, in the meantime, don't forget to read and review! Cheers!