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Ichy landed his ship as close as he could to the Flatirons, before he jumped out of his ship ran up the hill to the cave he had seen just as he had set down. Once he finally reached the cave Ichy quickly forced himself to calm down. There was no use blindly charging into what was obviously a trap, for if his guess was right, he KNEW exactly what was waiting for him. But with his friends the Secret Scouts lives on the line by mid-night, he'd have to risk it and hope Allo and the others arrived soon to help him. Taking a deep breath Ichy entered the cave unaware that another one of Ankylo's drones was watching his every move.


"Ah-HA!" Ankylo said in satisfaction as he, Dei and Rex watched Ichy disappear into the cave on his monitor. "He's here! Now sit back and watch Bossasaur…as we hopefully take out more than a few birds with one stone for your enjoyment!"

"Oh, I will Ankylo," Rex said happily settling in to watch. "Believe me I will!"





Possible hostile life form entering close scan zone...



One distinct organism…


Search data files…

Subject identified...Ichy…DInosaucer…Planet of Origin Reptlion.

Hostile entering zone of absolute exclusion...


Prepare to terminate...


Ichy cautiously entered a darkened cavern that the cave ended in and looked around. It took him a moment to accustom his eyes to the gloom. "David!" he called. "Ryan!" he went on. "Paul…Sara… are you in here?"

Just then a sudden movement caught Ichy's eye and to his horror, right in the centre of the cavern were the Secret Scouts all bound and gagged to the biggest gas bomb he had ever seen! The bomb had a digital countdown ticking the seconds down to midnight but that wasn't the only thing there. Approaching him was an enormous robot well over eight feet tall. In shape, the robot resembled a grotesque man with colossal legs, mighty body and long arms, that terminated in massive hands. Above the right hand was a tremendously powerful hand-drill and above the left hand was an equally powerful buzz-saw. In the middle of its body a huge claw reached out to grab Ichy. The enormous head was equally appalling: red lights burnt in its eye-sockets; a metal grille served as its mouth. As it moved towards him, Ichy could see that the robot was made of a shining silvery metal.

'You don't look too surprised by my robot Ichy,' Ankylo's voice came from his drone which had followed Ichy into the cave. 'Could it be you were expecting it?'

"You bet I was," Ichy said backing away examining the robot in lightening speed. "From what I saw at the Jequirity Bean Farmsyou raided, only a robot could have broken down the gates and electric fences so your thugs could gain asses without any harm."

'Very good! Allow me to introduce you to the MARTS, that's short for the Multi Armed Robotic Tyranno Servicer. Now if you want to save your friends…you'll have to get by it…before it kills you!'

"Yikes!" Ichy cried in horror ducking down as a huge metal hand whizzed past his head. He backed away rapidly, and the MARTS came after him stalking him like a great metal cat. Even as the MARTS was chasing him, Ichy found time to admire its evident power and strength; the smooth precision of its movements.

'Not a bad piece of robotic engineering hey Ichy? Genghis Rex had serious doubts about my machine and its capabilities but he's totally changed his mind on it.'

"So, I see!" Ichy gasped as he dodged the MARTS buzz-saw by the narrowest of inches.

Deciding he faced a better chance of dealing with Ankylo's robot out in the open rather than in a cave, Ichy slipped nimbly past the MARTS, and ran towards the cave entrance through which he had first entered. But when Ichy reached the entrance, he was suddenly flung back by a violent energy discharge. He only had time to JUST dodge the following MARTS arms, buzz-saw and hand-drill once again.

"A force field," Ichy said shakily getting over his shock. "I should have thought of that."

'Naturally…I can't have you spoiling my fun if you run away, now can I? And don't bother looking for the controls operating it…they're on the OUTSIDE of the cave entrance.'

"Oh of course," Ichy agreed as he ducked just as the MARTS huge fist smashed a hole in the cave wall where his head had just been. Ichy quickly made his way back to the centre of the cave where the helpless Secret Scouts were still tied up to Ankylo's gas bomb. Making sure to keep the bomb and its victims between him and the MARTS Ichy slowly circled around it.

'Very wise Ichy using my bomb and hostages as a shield.'

"Naturally…you won't DARE let your robot toy hurt my friends or damage your bomb before it goes up."

'But you can't keep it up for long, its rapidly approaching Mid-night.'

"Just long enough!"

"Where here Ichy!" the familiar voice of Teryx came from the cave entrance.

With a sigh of relief Ichy and the Secret Scouts saw that the Dinosaucers had finally caught up with Ichy at last despite being separated on purpose. Making sure to keep the bomb between him and the MARTS Ichy quickly ran back to the cave entrance.

"There's a forcefield here!" Ichy cried as joined them. "The controls are probably on your side!"

"I'm already on it!" Dimetro called getting out his Rep-Tools which he kept with him on this trusty Rep-Tool Belt.

'You'd better hurry up then,' Ankylo's voice called out warningly.

Spinning around Ichy ducked again-just in time! The MARTS hand-drill shot over his head and collided with the forcefield, there was a bang and a flash as the hand-drill was blown clean off by the energy discharge. Ichy quickly made his way back into the cave to where the bomb and Secret Scouts were keeping them all between him and the MARTS.

"Listen," Ichy said to his friends as he took off their gags. "I'm going to try and diffuse this bomb I need you to let me know where the MARTS is."

"Don't be an idiot Ichy!" Paul exclaimed as the Dinosaucer quickly edged around the bomb away from the MARTS. "You'll never manage it with that robot chasing you!"

"I have to try!" Ichy called out as he managed to rip a panel off the far side of the bomb and started to examine it.

The next few minutes felt like an eternity for Ichy as he attempted to diffuse the bomb to save his friends while desperately avoiding the MARTS arms, claw and buzz-saw. It was obvious that the MARTS was programmed not to damage the bomb, because every-time it tried to attack it waited until it had only ICHY in the clear without the bomb. Thanks to the shouted warnings of the ungagged Secret Scouts Ichy was able to avoid getting killed. Soon Ichy quickly abandoned all attempts to diffuse the bomb, and concentrated simply on trying to escape!

'Its frustrating isn't it Ichy?' Anklyo chuckled. 'Because of this cave you CAN'T Dinovolve to defeat the MARTS because you risk filling up this cave. Plus, there's the added danger of bringing the cave roof down on you crushing your friends and risk setting off my bomb.'

"Will you hurry up!" Teryx said urgently to the working Dimetro as she and her fellow Dinosaucers watched on helplessly at the cave entrance. "Ichy is tiring out in there!"

"Just about got it," Dimetro said cutting the last few wires on the Forcefield Generator causing it to deactivate. "Done!"

"Alright," Allo said to his fellow Dinosaucers. "Let's give Ichy a hand and the MARTS something ELSE to chase! But don't hurt our friends or that bomb!"

"You got it," Bronto Thunder said picking up a decent sized boulder and throwing it at the MARTS hitting the side of its head with a loud 'CLANG.'

'Ah the reinforcements arrive at last,' Ankylo said happily causing the MARTS to turn around and face its new attackers.

The Dinosacuers drew their weapons and started firing, the shattering roar of laser fire filled the cave. But everyone could see the laser bolts bounce off the MARTS body.

"Man, its like they're shooting spit balls at the dammed thing!" Ryan cried in helpless dismay at what they were looking at. "We've GOT to help them!"

"Already on it," Ichy said to them working on the bomb again now that the MARTS was no longer chasing him. "First I have to disarm this!"

'Tick, tock Ichy!'

"QUIET!" Ichy yelled firing his laser absently destroying Ankylo's drone.

"Good shooting!" cried Paul happily. "Now get us untied!"

"One thing at a time," Ichy said as he sorted through the bomb's workings. "First I disarm this bomb…" he went on clipping through a power cable with a pair of pliers. "Like SO…now I DEAL with the MARTS and THEN free you"

"How do you do that?" Sara asked looking over her shoulder trying to see what Ichy was doing.

After a few minutes of fiddling around in the bomb's interior Ichy slowly and carefully removed a large section of circuity. "With THIS!" he said triumphantly. "This is the bomb's detonator, had it exploded it would have released the gas it contains killing us all. I'll just stick it to the MARTS to destroy it."

"But you didn't want Ankylo to know what you were up to," David said in sudden realization. "Which is why you destroyed his drone."

"Precisely!" Ichy said turning his attention back to the MARTS still threatening his fellow Dinosaucers. "But I have to time it JUST right, if I'm not careful I might cause the cave roof to fall in on top of our heads."

By now the MARTS had forced the Dinosaucers back towards the cave entrance despite their best efforts to destroy it with their weapons.

"Whatever Ankylo made the MARTS out of," Bonehead said to Allo. "Our weapons don't work on it!"

"Relax Bonehead," Allo said calmly to his worried nephew as they backed away out of the cave altogether. "Once the MARTS is outside in the open with us, we'll use our Dinovolving to destroy it properly."

"That won't be a problem Allo!" Ichy called from the cave mouth.

Hearing Ichy's voice the MARTS turned around to face him, as it did so Ichy quickly slapped the detonator he was carrying on the turning robot and then dived for cover as the MARTS suddenly exploded into flaming metallic fragments

"Ichy!" Teryx cried in distress as she flew back to the now smoking cave entrance followed by her fellow Dinosaucers.


In the Tar-Pits II Base the control panel Ankylo had been using to operate the MARTS suddenly went dead. As Ichy had destroyed his drone, it had been the Tyranno's only way of knowing what was happening with the Dinosaucers. Now with his instruments not longer working and the countdown to his gas bomb halted he had to assume that his enemies had triumphed.

"Looks like Ichy and his fellow Dinosaucers thwarted your plan Ankylo," Dei said quietly to her silent lover.

"So, it would appear," Ankylo observed. "Still," he went on cheerfully. "That doesn't matter as all went according to plan."

"It certainly did Ankylo," said Captain Sabretooth entering behind them to hear this. "Everything went as you said it would, we got the goods!"

"Excellent!" Genghis Rex said in evil satisfaction. "I can't WAIT to see the DInosaucers faces when they see the news in the morning!


The next morning in his quarters a grim face Ichy put down the newspaper he had been reading. The headline said "BOULDER BONE DRY AS ALL CITY'S GAS STATIONS ARE MYSTERIOUSLY EMPTIED DURING THE NIGHT."

"Clever devil," Ichy muttered quietly to himself. "Very clever…you first distract us to kidnap our friends the Secret Scouts, THEN you put them in danger distracting us yet again from your TRUE intention. The stealing of Earth's natural resources for Genghis Rex to send them to Reptlion, the main thing on the Tyranno agender besides the destruction of me and my fellow DInosaucers."

"A shame it took you so long to work that out hey Ichy?"

Looking up Ichy saw Ankylo's face on his computer screen where he obviously had been watching him. "Yes," he said in reluctant admittance. "You managed a brilliant display of Dupery on me and my friends TWICE over."

"Indeed, I did. So, the score between us now is 1 ALL, as you beat my last scheme and I have now beaten you."

"So it seems," Ichy nodded. "I really must up my game a bit. A lot like how you upped your clothes, as you may remember I did comment on how much I liked them, especially your coat."

"I could give you the address of where in Boulder I got them from, along with the cleaners I use for them."

"You use the Stellar Cleaners on 7th street," Ichy replied calmly.


"Did I work that out?" Ichy went on as he began typing away on his computer. "It wasn't too difficult. I saw the stitches on your collar that made up the cleaning mark number 314731, when we met last night at the Boulder US Meteorological Air Testing Centre carpark. After we defeated the MARTS and saved our friends the Secret Scouts, I went through the phone book and called all the cleaners to see WHICH one of them used that cleaning mark. Then it was mere Childs play to work it out."

"Work WHAT out?" Ankylo asked with a sudden frown as he realised Ichy was up to something.

"That you USE that particular number as your computer password for your laboratory as well as your ENTIRE base," Ichy said in triumph as he finished his typing and leaned back in his chair with a flourish. "While I was explaining things to you, I just uploaded a computer program into your systems instructing EVERYTHING in the Tar-Pits base to shut down."

On Ichy's computer screen Ankylo looked up in horror as the lights in his laboratory started going out one by one.

"Don't worry Ankylo," Ichy said smugly to his enemy. "It should only take you about…1 Year, 7month, 4 days, 3 hours and 10.3 seconds before you're able to power up the Tar-Pits again. So have fun…oh and now the score between us stands at MY 2 to YOUR 1!" With a friendly wave Ichy turned off his computer screen on his defeated opponent.


In his laboratory Ankylo sat in silent furious anger as the all the lights and systems shut down all over the Tar-Pits. As each system shut down Ankylo could hear the cries of confusion and anger from his fellow Tyranno's, but the loudest cries came from Genghis Rex himself.


'Very good Ichy,' Ankylo thought to himself ignoring all the chaos in the surrounding darkness around him. 'You managed to turn my victory over you and your fellow Dinosaucers, into a DEFEAT! It seems you were able to pull some Dupery over ME…but next time…NEXT TIMEI will be the winner…the SOULWINNER!'

Then his scowling face disappeared into the total darkness of the Tar-Pits.


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