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There was an appropriate amount of silence given to them, let the two cherish the reunion they had wanted. Not quite 'cherish', maybe just a chance for communication. It seems the two had forgotten about the third presence watching them.

"Are you going back?" Mukuro asked him; his voice was silent and composed, his figure still hadn't moved from the hug; even if it was already released.

Tsuna looked at him, his orange coloured eyes died down, swiftly turning into his all too familiar blue jewel eyes. Mukuro's eyes averted at the change, his lips quirking up into a sly smirk as if he had found something new to be his amusement. Mukuro tilted his head backwards, "Isn't that a bit bold? Using flames in-front of a being that holds none of what you have."

The man pointed at Max; the knight let out an awkward grin. It seems that he didn't even hear what Mukuro had said.

"The rule of Omerta? Would that even be relevant here?" Tsuna defended. He doubts the arcobaleno who created it would even be born for the second time. At least, he hopes not. Besides, he denies Max would question much; just a lie should mislead him.

Mukuro chuckled, "Carefree now, aren't you Tsunayoshi? We never know what that man is planning."

'Kawahira...' Tsuna hadn't heard anything from the mist user after this incident started, and what Mukuro is saying is a fair point. Tsuna sigh, "Yes, of course. We never know." It came out more bitter than he planned. It was always like this, an unpredictable future. The same reason they always say regarding his family's death, an unpredictable future.

"You being salty is quite a show Tsunayoshi." His voice lets out a low emitting chuckle once again, which Tsuna hates. He would like for Mukuro to stop teasing his character change after years and years, was it that contrasting? He didn't think so.

"Mukuro-san, what you asked before, shouldn't I be the one to ask you that? Are you going back?" Tsuna paused and continued inside, 'To me?'

"That's funny, where else would I go?"

"Umm, Your Highness? Is he going to the castle with us? The criminal?" Max had finally brought himself to remember who the man is, a couple of minutes ago. He felt the urge to facepalm himself, no wonder Max was a little daze at the strange hairstyle.

Max was still a bit perplexed because this was the man that attempted an attack toward the royalties and the one whom just sent him and the prince a couple of low-level bandits. And now, the prince had both hugged him and summon him to be one of his guards. Even the king would pass out at the thought.

"Is there a problem?" The prince asked, knowing very well he holds the higher authority between the three of them. Thus, Max wouldn't be able to go against it. His last hope is the king; maybe the king would disapprove at this.

Max sighs, he looked at the man walking comfortably beside the prince on top of his ride; Max felt as if he had switched position. Shouldn't he be the one observing the prince? He feels as if he's lazing around by doing nothing. He couldn't help but pout out of frustration.

"Tsunayoshi, don't you think this guy is not needed?"

'What did I do wrong this time?' Max felt attacked, he couldn't help but scoffs back, "Pardon?"

(Max: "Fight me biatch)

"Should I send him off? It would be easy and quick." Mukuro continued speaking bluntly, not caring about the other's furious expression.

'What easy prey.'

However, Max wasn't annoying for nothing, "Shouldn't you send yourself off?" he felt satisfied when he noticed the slight rise of the man's eyebrow. His lips quirked up into a sweet grin, feeling like a champion in a marathon.

Mukuro scratched the spot under his left ear with no care, "Are you obsessed on having loyal puppies Tsunayoshi? I didn't know you were that sadistic." He tapped on the prince's leg, attempting on getting the attention and annoy the other more and more.

'Is this enjoyable for him?' The knight sulked inside.

Max's lips quiver, this man is irking him on purpose, isn't he? If he had the power, he would have knocked the man down. But considering how Mukuro was the source of the traumatized bandits, he'd rather be more wary than careless.

"Watch your language towards the prince! And you're more of a dog, look where you are." max didn't raise his voice; however, his tone is getting harsher. To call him a dog, sure it's cute and he likes them- but that's beside the point!

The man was on the ground walking, while both he and the prince is on top of the horses, wouldn't the dog be Mukuro?

"The barks are getting too loud for my poor innocent ears." Mukuro's gloved hands went to cover his ears as if he had almost gone deaf from Max's voice. Which is not loud!

"Oy! Look at me when you're insulting me!" The knight demanded the insults were very clear to be directed to him. But at the same time, it's not- Henceforth is why it bothers him the most.

"..." Mukuro didn't answer, only the sound of the grass getting stepped on rustles in Max's ears.

"Seriously?!" Now he chooses to stay silent?

"Both of you, stop. We're here." A voice interrupted both of them, shutting the voices down rapidly.

Max turned his head quickly, looking at the familiar massive place that was pointed out by the prince. His eyes grew wide, he didn't even realize it. The time was too short compared to the last trip, he shook his head. There was no problem with arriving faster, but this fast?


Max's eyes snapped towards the source of the odd chuckle, he tilts his head at the man smirking casually. He'd better not get too close to him, he might be some creepy being naturally.

The two knights guarding the gate stand strictly, looking at all of them with a cold glare, like an unwanted guest. It was good they are on guard.

The guards' cold glares softened at the sign of Max, their eyes shine in admiration. And of course, Max took quick notice. He had almost forgotten those two didn't know anything about the second prince's identity. They must've been confused, they were quite new as well.

"Sir Rosenberg! Welcome back!" Both of them yelled with the sheer enthusiasm in their voice. The excitement died down at the sight of the other two, radiating with an awful aura completed with the suspicious cloak to hide their faces under the shadows.

"And who might these people be?" They asked, sharpening their eyes at the two figures.

'These people?' Max thought aggressively, but he couldn't spat back. It's not like both of them know the figure under the cloak is connected with the royalty with the colour of his hair and eyes.

Talking about those, what happened back there again?

"I am just a mere foreigner from another nation. This," he pointed at Mukuro, "Is my butler. We'd like to keep quiet on our nick-names until we meet the person we are scheduled to meet here. For now, please do call us as Sawada and Rokudo." The prince briefly explained, Max thanked him in silence that Tsuna had stopped him from the one making up a reason. That could've ended up in another disaster.

The urge to face-palm himself after the excuse he put out in the cafe is massive. It would be better and will be better if he does not speak too much.

"Butler?" Mukuro whispered, smiling bitterly. It was a bit of a touchy subject to being treated as a servant, even if it's only pretending. But maybe he can let it slide since it was Sawada, he had owed a lot. He doesn't want to admit it though, but Tsunayoshi deserves more than Mukuro's untrusty loyalty.

He wondered, why had the decimo trusted him to be loyal? It's as if Tsunayoshi was that naive. But if Mukuro were to say the condition now, Tsunayoshi is far from a simple oblivious being. He had learned major of things from the baby tutor, he had experienced things, he had seen things.

If he were to describe Tsunayoshi now, it would be a paradox.

He never fails to amuse the man every single day. Always bombarded by a surprise for Mukuro, like a new thing to learn every day. Nevertheless, he wouldn't at all not getting the answer, he's satisfied the way it is. There's no harm on being simply curious about it once in a while.

"Sawada and Rokudo? Are you from the land of the rising sun?" In other words, Japan. The guards assumed so because of their odd names, not fitting for the empire's common name.

The guards look at Max as if asking for a confirmation on the speech the prince had given for a short amount of time.

'Ah, of course, they would do that, I'm one class under the head of the knight after all! Hahaha!' He proudly announced to himself.

"Yes, and I'm the escort for them. Please treat them as respectful guests, they are the king's visitor."

"The king?!" One of them shouted. Their jaw slacking at Max's words.

The other knight notices the sudden outbursts and quickly tries to shut his friend up in a whisper, hoping it will go unnoticed. "Shh, don't shout! That's impolite."

The guy shut his mouth in embarrassment, he quickly averts his gaze from the guests and his senior. Though, he nodded at his friend from reminding him.

"Oh, yes, of course. Thanks, man. I almost screeched." He whispered back, slightly chuckling in the process.

"Are you whispering in-front of the kingdom's guests?" Max crossed his arms, do these impudent fools think he will be stupid enough not to notice their loud whispers? Who were in charge of then?! He needs to have a word with them.

And on top of that, they dared to laugh at their own mistakes! In front of guests! Were they raised in a barn?

They stuttered themselves again, "N-no. I'm sorry, sir Rosenberg. It seems that we deserve punishment for this. Please give us a verdict right here!"

Both of them quickly bow down, skin turning white as a paper. They didn't want to get any punishment! They were just released on duty yesterday! But it was a must.

Max shook his head, "Raise your heads. You are wasting these gentlemen's time. Your job now is to escort them inside in my place while I inform the king for their arrival."

'Huh?' Both of them thought to themselves, they were... forgiven? Truthfully forgiven? They are still alive! They hadn't lost their heads in that place! Perhaps, Maximillian Rosenberg wasn't as terrifying as the rumours told?

"I do not want to repeat myself." Max retorted.

"Y-yes! Right away sir!" They hurriedly stand up without any hesitation, opening the gate welcomely.

Tsuna and Mukuro took a notice of the move and step ahead of them inside. The knight followed behind, replacing Max's duty.

Max had already left them on their own. He was instructed to accompany the prince on his journey; means that his job is now finished. Time to write a report to the king.

[Author's note: - Max has left the chat QAQ -]

"They are from the land of the rising sun, aren't they?"

"Just look at the younger's hair. And his eyes!"

"Is it that odd?"

"Their hair is messier."

"You got a point."

Tsuna's eyebrow twitched, did they think he didn't notice those loud whispers? Were they even trying to hide it? His hair isn't that messy. Of course, it's tamed; Very much for your information.

"Mukuro, what do you think of the place?" He starts, finally speaking in Japanese. That was a mouthful, but it feels... not foreign at all. It was more refreshing. After such a long time, he finally gets to speak his native language again.

Mukuro look taken back by the sudden change of language, "It's big." He replied, not knowing what else to say about it.

Tsuna chuckles, it is indeed bigger than the mansion they had. The garden is gigantic as well. Scratch both of those, the whole land is massive. It'd fit 500 people at least.

"Do you feel comfortable here?" He asked, trying to bring up another conversation.

"I just arrived here, Tsunayoshi. It will take time to adapt." Mukuro replied, looking at the bright cheery paintings. It's different from the mansion the ninth vongola reserved for them, but it was bearable.

"No rush, we have all the time in this world," Tsuna said.

And the conversation ended again. Tsuna sweatdropped, hah... maybe he should let Mukuro observes his surrounding more. Because sooner or later, he'll be sleeping here... if he's comfortable enough.

-time skip-

It didn't take more than seven minutes for them to reach the castle's door thanks to their fast-walking.

The unique sent of the castle clears his cloudy head a bit from the trip.

However, something was odd. It was very quiet. Tsuna assumed the knights went to their training ground, and they should almost finish by now as it is almost time to eat.

But where were the maids and butlers? And the tutor along with his brothers as well? This time he's not worried about getting caught due to his change of appearance.

"I heard it was lively here, but it seems to be empty now." He spoke back, stating— almost asking the knights on why is it so lonely.

"Oh yes, the maids and butlers are currently being educated on a new system. While the knights are at the training grounds." One of them replied eagerly from behind.

"We'll take you to the king as soon as we can so you would not be uncomfortable in our nation." The other said, following after his friend's reply.

"I see." Tsuna blandly said back, so that's why. He wonders, what kind of new rules did his father add? He wasn't informed of this.

"Kufufu, a new thing to overthink about again, Tsunayoshi?" Mukuro noticed the frown on his face and retort an annoying statement.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Tsuna shot back, he pouted.

"Ah, we're here." The knights announced.

They are standing in front of the king's office. The knights halt both of them from stepping further, "Wait here for a moment."

They knocked and enter the room upon the king's single order, leaving Mukuro and Tsuna outside.

"It's funny that they are stopping the prince from entering his father's room," Mukuro said in an amused tone, clearly seeing something odd for the first time in his view.

"We're under disguise, Mukuro." Tsuna rolled his eyes, facing the other way. He could feel it, his intuition is screaming that if he replies anymore the teasing will continues. He'd rather not after a long tiring day.

"It was a joke." He said, "Oldman."



'Since when had you become so talkative?' Tsuna thought, maybe he had met a few people who force him to talk a lot. He would have to ask that person what is the secret formula on forcing Mukuro to the point it eventually becomes his unconscious habit.

Tap, Tsuna tapped himself.


Tap, tap, tap.

"How long will those loyal dogs be done?" Mukuro broke the silence, noticing Tsuna's boring taps.

'He took the words right out of my mouth.'

Tsuna's intuition rang, alarmed suddenly. His eyes snap up, sharpening at the alert. There was no strange presence he found in the room, and no weapons either. Oh, sometimes he wishes his intuition can speak and just tell him.

"I'm going in." Mukuro suddenly said.

Tsuna's intuition screams and vibrates inside his head as soon as Mukuro said that, the prince widen his eyes when he sees the mist's hand is already pushing the door.

"Mukuro wait-"

"Too late."

And the door was opened. The cold air inside the room hits Tsuna's face and spread shivers around him.

"Your score passes!" Somebody suddenly exclaimed in a happy tone. The voice was young and hoarse from the sudden rise of voice, as if proud of someone.

Licht's voice?

They interrupted something important, did they?

"Your welcome Tsunayoshi." The bastard announced proudly. He knew that ticked Tsuna off. The room turns silent at Mukuro's last cheeky remark, all eyes on both of them. Some filled with curiosity, others filled with confusion and shock; especially his father. Tsuna sweatdropped as his father's eyes grew wider by each second. Perhaps because of his appearance, like how Max reacted.

"Tsuna...?" The king asks, confirming.

[Viktor knows Tsuna's name. It was under Tsuna's request to call him that.]

"Yes, f— Your Majesty?" He said instinctively. He clenches his fists behind his back, he could feel the heavy stare from his 'brothers'. A stranger barging in so carelessly, it would be a sight for them.

'He recognizes me despite the change.'

"Father, who are they? Guests?" Licht interrupted, his hair swing around as he swirls the two of them. His eyes shone in interest. He seemed dense against the atmosphere, the other princes behind him looked at him with worry.

"Licht, don't get too close," Kai suggested the brothers looked at him, surprised. Kai spoke in a full sentence without hesitation nor venom in it. He was rather wary, judging from the tone.

Kai's eyes focus on Mukuro if looks can kill, Mukuro would be lying dead on the ground right now. the white-haired prince grabs his younger brother's hand, pulling him closer to their little pact.

"Brother?" Licht questioned, flabbergasted by the little action.

"He's right, Licht. you shouldn't get too close to someone that has barged through the door, uninvited." Bruno came from behind, adding.

Tsuna wasn't weirded out by the treatment, since they are strangers in the brothers' eyes. especially Mukuro, his face alone is chilling in a perverted way; especially when he fakely smiles, like what he is doing right now.

Viktor sighs, he didn't expect this. Who would? This was one of the most unexpected things he had seen today. He doesn't want to get in details why; it's already obvious. he shouldn't be surprised after all this time spending time with his second son, Edmund Von Granzreich, or Sawada Tsunayoshi.

Viktor's eyes dart towards the man accompanying his son, standing tall and pleased, enjoying this situation.


"Even if you both are guests, it is still immoral and informal to interrupt someone else's an important event; and not to mention its is prince Leonhard's score celebration." Another figure steps in, his small body could only lead to one person, Heine.

"Oi! you don't need to mention it!" Leonhard added from behind the tutor, hiding from the guests' sight. His cheeks reddened at the thought of celebrating his average score in front of strangers. He's going to die out of embarrassment.

"So? Would you like us to leave, little one?" Mukuro said, mocking Heine's height.

Licht turns his head fast towards Mukuro and cackles out of his restrained, he grabs his stomach, a teardrop from his eye, "Ahaha! I like this one " He said between his laughter.

'And he doesn't even know who Heine is. He's already starting a fight.' This is exactly why Hibari and he couldn't be in the same room together without Tsuna or Reborn keeping an eye on them. It's a blessing he's still alive after all the mess Mukuro has made, not to mention the paperwork coming in every second.

Tsuna didn't spot the two knights that escorted him earlier in this room, where were they?

"We'll leave, for now." Tsuna expressed, not wanting to lengthen the conversation anymore. They are already confused enough. He bowed in the result.

"Tsunayoshi you don't have to bow down to these-


Mukuro flinches at the sharp call of his name, "Yes." He needn't look at the brunette's expression, he can already feel the intense gaze on him. It was enough to shut him up.

Tsuna sigh relieved the man listened to him obediently. He took the last peak to make sure Mukuro wasn't hiding any tricks to mess the situation up even more. Once confirming the man is safe, he speaks in a firm tone, "Very well, blessings and glory to this nation."

'Shit, I forgot the kingdom's name.' He smiles awkwardly to himself.

Both him and Mukuro turn their back, stepping one step further from there ready to leave the room.

However, it seems like the king wants to say some last words before departing. Leaving him with duty.

"Wait before you go— Tsuna, the princes would be visiting the training grounds after this to train as well. Would you kindly accompany them? Maybe they'd learn a thing or two. We'll discuss out our matter later." His father knows very well Tsuna has an advantage at physical fighting because he has duelled against his son and he lost, surprisingly.

Tsuna's smile cracks, his once forced smile turns into a blank stare, 'Just when I thought I'll get peace.'

"But Your Majesty, I-

"I heard from your superior your fighting skills are splendid, one that could surpass a royal knight. I'd hope my sons would learn a lot from your techniques and maybe use them for later if needed."

His lips twitches, 'Superior my ass.'

If he refuses once more, it'd give him a bad look from his brothers. Denying a king's request is a bit too bold in this world. And his father knew it, it explains much from Viktor's cheeky smile.

"Understood." He gave up eventually, sighing inside.

"Wait, father! We don't even know this man. He entered the room so suddenly, and you seem close to him. It will be nice to get even a sentence of explanation." The fourth prince, Bruno Von Granzreich speak up. He decides it'd be too weird to just blindly follow his father's order this time.

He knows nothing about the man that is about to teach him. Usually, he would do quick research on his teacher's background, but this was sudden. He can't help but feel suspicious.

"I'll explain to you later. Or, if you want, you can ask your 'mentor' later." Viktor pointed out Tsuna in his words.

'Mentor huh? Never thought one day I'll inherit Reborn's duty.' Tsuna thought sadly. Ah, why is he being gloomy again? Didn't Byaakuran say there's a possibility Reborn would come here as well? He's over-thinking again.

"You think too much, breathe Tsuna. Breathe."

Shit, Tsuna's vision blurred for a split second. He manages to hold himself up without moving; he missed a flashback though. The words were muffled by a sudden gush of wind hitting his ears, but he knows what those words are. He knows. He does.

Bruno stays silent. As long as he gets answers, he'll follow the order.

"It's almost lunch, all of you should hurry. You will all be having lunch with me. Our guests are special, let's celebrate it with a fine meal." The king spoke casually.

"What's so special about them?" Somebody whispered; but all the people in the room chooses to ignore it, as Viktor promise they'll get their answers later.

"So are we going now?" Licht's eyes lit up again.

"I think so," Leonhard added.

Tsuna glanced back one more time at Viktor, he was smiling. Tsuna's intuition rings again, what is his father planning this time? He hopes it's nothing close to revealing his identity.

Tauna sighs again, let's just go on with it. Why must he over-think everything?

"Yes, I will be watching from the back," Heine said, stepping forward, followed by the other princes.

They exit the room with mixed emotions; wary, disbelief, shock, and excitement.

The lone person left in the room smiles as the door closes, "Good luck on dealing with your brothers; this time."

Ah, he can't wait to see Tsuna's reaction on them. How chaotic they can be.

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