Rainy Days

By Tione

Disclaimer: I laugh.

            "We should probably find shelter," I suggested. The reason should be rather obvious, seeing as I'm soaked to the bone and the intensity of the rain has just increased a tenfold.

            "Hn," My companion, who should be rather obvious as well, responded.

            This particular hn meant "whatever." You see, being Hiei's "best friend", I've got a rough idea of what all his hn's mean. It wasn't a yes, because that would show weakness. Like I already didn't know that he could withstand a storm.

            "There's a cave over there," Hiei informed me arrogantly. He promptly turned and marched in the opposite direction.

            Once settled into the cave, a fire crackling dejected (courtesy of Hiei), I started chuckling at an amusing mental picture.

            "What are you laughing at, fox?" Hiei snapped.

            "Nothing, just at how well Yusuke and Kuwabara must be faring out in this weather," I answered, flipping my sopping hair over my shoulder.

            "Hn." This one meant something along the lines if "It'll only be funny if they kill themselves and/or cause extreme bodily harm."

            I had half a mind to reply "You shouldn't be so morbid." But there was no gain in letting him know that I could decode his language.

            We lapsed into silence and I was struck by the closeness of Hiei. I had to fight a blush back, I'm loath to admit.

            A tremor coursed through Hiei. So tiny was it, that it almost escaped me. Then I realized that I was shivering as well. Not good to sit around saturated with water, I suppose.

            "I think we should get out of our wet clothing," I told my companion. With a flare of ki, his clothes were dry.

            I smiled to myself and, not for the first time, wished I could do that too.

            So I stripped down to my boxers and set the clothes next to the fire.

            Settling down, I studied Hiei. Was that… a blush? As soon as I thought I'd seen it, it was gone.

            A comfortable silence set in and I basked in the warmth of the fire. My eyes closed and I felt Hiei's eyes roving over myself. It sent an electric jolt down my spine.

            We sat like that for a while, listening to the pangs of the rain smacking the ground.

            "Your clothes are dry," Hiei said suddenly. I could practically hear the sounds of silence shattering.

            "Good," I murmured and stood to get them. Hiei stood as well.

            As fate would have it, there was a rock on the cave floor. And I happened to be in the path of that rock. It was inevitable. Really.

            I tripped over the stone and toppled onto Hiei. As it so happened, my lips landed on his.

            And oh, boy, did it feel good. Understatement of the Year Award goes to… Kurama!

            I didn't want to move, so I didn't because I knew Hiei would take care of that. But I think he was frozen in shock, but all I know was that he didn't move.

            "Hey, Kuwabara, look over there! There's a cave!" Yusuke's voice drifted to us. Still neither of us moved.

            "Oh, hey, Kura-" Kuwabara started.

            "What the hell are you two doing?" Both said simultaneously.