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Hercules was getting desperate. It had been three weeks since Hecate, and Meg was now practically resembled a siren, red flames for her hair with viscous claws for fingers. With each new woman he brought, Hades dismissed them with a flourish, and Hercules was sent again to find another one. Herc flew over Greece on Pegasus searching for women of Hades taste.

"Pegasus, if you were Hades what woman would you like as a wife?" Hercules asked his flying horse which in return gave a look of disdain. Hercules shook his head.

"Never mind, I have no idea what Hades wants in a woman, I need to clear my head for a second, do you know a nice, peaceful place?" Hercules asked Pegasus, who thought for a minute and flew off in the direction of Enna, a towering mountaintop with vast fields.

"Nice job," Hercules said as he was captivated by the beautiful scenery. He never saw such a beautiful place, even compared to Olympus; he stared in wonderment, but shook his head as his thoughts drifted back to Megara.

"How am I ever going to get you back Meg?" Hercules wondered out loud. He put his head in his hands until a shadow fell over him.

"You know you are kind of trespassing, but being Zeus's son, I guess I can overlook it." A soft soothing voice interrupted his thoughts, and he looked up coming face to face with a beautiful younger woman with flowing magenta hair, and bright blue eyes.

"Oh, Uh I'm really sorry, you know I was just resting, and you know um I really didn't mean to uh disturb the um, well the uh nature of this place, but I was kind of on a mission here" Hercules stammered on, as the woman gave his a questioning look.

"A mission here, huh? Well, that's defiantly new, I hardly get visitors, my name's Persephone, part goddess of the harvest, how are you?" Persephone gave the young hero a slight smile extending her hand. Hercules shook her hand, perplexed. She was a goddess, but for some reason Hercules couldn't remember ever meeting her, and she was with the harvest then this goddess must help with Demeter the true goddess of the harvest, but he couldn't even remember Demeter mentioning her once.

"Well actually my mission is to find a woman suited for Hades." Hercules muttered. Persephone's eyes rose slightly.

"Hades? Ruler of all the underworld? Blue flaming hair right? I always thought that hair was interesting…and you're trying to find someone for him in a place where I'm the only female for miles around?" Persephone laughed at the thought.

"Don't worry, I wasn't planning on asking you, I just needed to clear my head, he has my girl, and in exchange, I need to find someone for him." Hercules explained. Sadness shone in Persephone's bright blue eyes.

"I can't believe he would be that desperate, he must really be lonely all by himself down there, I don't expect he gets much company either, well unless you count all the souls that hate him." Persephone said. Hercules shrugged.

"He has two little imps, but they seemed to just fuel his anger." Hercules said.

"That must be difficult to deal with, no wonder he wants a woman by his side, he wants some one to talk to, to not drive him nuts all the time, you know I think I met him twice, I wasn't there on his ill-fated attack on Olympus, thankfully, but the times I did meet him, he seemed sad to me, really misunderstood." Persephone mused in memory

"Yeah, sure Hades, sad that sure describes him." Hercules scoffed as Pegasus came up to him. Hercules sighed in defeat.

"Well nice meeting you, but I better go and try to find someone for Hades." Hercules said mounting Pegasus.

"Right! You tell Hades he has to come himself; I'll be in the field collecting flowers." Persephone said, smiling at the young hero, who neally fell off his winged horse.

"Wait a second! You want Hades to come to you? I don't really think you're his type." Hercules exclaimed in amazement, he couldn't believe what he was hearing this beautiful goddess actually requesting for Hades to come to her. Persephone just shrugged.

"I always thought he was pretty interesting, and how do you know his type? I'm thinking he's turned down every girl you sent to him, I'm guessing they were gloomy, or dark or some form of 'evil' I certainly wouldn't want to be stereotyped into my type, always happy and cheerful, uh! Mother wants that kind of guy for me, but I would want someone with a little more adventure in their life, and well, Hades just seems exciting to me plus he's also ambitious! I mean trying to take over Olympus, that takes guts, but if he wants me he has to come to me. Tell him to come soon, before sundown" Persephone explained and set off to the field to collect flowers as Hercules stared after her. In a way she made sense, even though he thought she was totally crazy, but she was his last option at getting Meg back to normal. Hercules flew down to the underworld once again, hoping that Hades would find Persephone worthy enough to be his bride of his dark, gloomy kingdom, and wishing that his Megara would soon be with him again.