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Thunder rolled.

So did his eyes and Percy had to make an effort not to burst out laughing when he saw almost everyone roll their eyes too at Zeus' theatrics.

Every head in the room turned towards Zeus as began his speech of victory over Gaia.

"We have fought valiantly and once again bested our enemies but of course with me, Zeus, at your side there was never a doubt about who would win the war. We are undefeatable and have bested Kronos, the Giants and mother earth herself….."

Percy stopped listening at this point as he knew Zeus would just keep on blabbing about the importance of gods, their power and whatnot. Instead he decided to check the reactions of the other gods to this grand speech as well as the reactions of his fellow demigods.

Some like Ares and Athena were swelling with pride to the point he thought they would blow up. Others such as his father and Artemis seemed to be displaying a nonchalant attitude but he could see it in their eyes that they too believed in what Zeus was saying.

Trying and failing to curb his temper he checked the reactions of his friends. He could see Jason trying to agree with his father but Jason couldn't conceal the glare he was aiming at his father that gave away his true feelings. At his side he could see Annabeth with an indifferent expression whereas Frank was clearly disgusted at the attitude of his father.

Percy tuned in just as Zeus was finishing his speech," And once again we have prevailed over our enemies and will continue doing so. Let the feast begin and before I forget, you have our thanks for your assistance in stopping Gaia. Consider yourselves blessed that we have thanked you insignificant beings for you help.

At that moment something in Percy snapped and he could see that his friends had instantly picked up on his mood judging from the sudden tenseness in their bodies.

"What do you mean by assistance Lord Zeus?" Percy asked in a low tone.

Zeus being an idiot and not recognizing the danger answered his question, "We are grateful for your help but being gods we did not need you demigods as we did most of the work and you did very little."

Percy was beginning to see red and a familiar feeling he had encountered in Tartarus when fighting Akhlys was beginning to course through his veins.

"What of those demigods who have died and given their lives for you Zeus?"

Zeus was offended that he wasn't called Lord but still decided to answer the demigod. "It was the duty of the demigods to fight for Olympus and they should be proud they died for a cause greater than them and their deaths do not matter as you demigods are after all insignificant compared to us mighty gods. Your existence does not simply matter in comparison to us."

He ended his answer with a laugh which every god joined in with until they all suddenly froze and stopped moving. Their eyes widened to the point they looked like saucers and they turned to face the person who had the nerve to attack them.

The room seemed to be in eerie silence as every eye turned towards Percy Jackson.

But this wasn't the Percy they were used to. His eyes had darkened to the point they seemed black and miniature whirlpools surrounded the boy as he turned his gaze towards the Olympians. A face devoid of emotion met the gaze of each and every god and goddess emotionlessly before the sound of maniac laughter was heard coming from him.

Everyone stilled when Percy began speaking.

"You have the nerve to claim everything we did as useless."

A hand stretched out and squeezed into a fist as every god and goddess roared in agony at the feeling of their own body being turned against them. Ichor bled from each and every hand as the bones underneath their flesh of their wrists were crushed.

"You have the nerve to call every death we incurred in your name useless?"

Another hand stretched out and broke a leg for each god and goddess to the point where the bones jutted out. He could hear the disgusted sounds his friends made at the sight of raw bone.

"I thought you would have changed. I gave you a chance to change after the whole fiasco with Kronos. Once again though I was wrong. Once again demigods were used to solve your fucking problems and not even properly thanked for it. The time has come for you to..."

A hand latched onto his arm interrupting his little speech of vengeance. He knew without looking that it was Annabeth just as he knew what she was about to say.

"You have to stop this madness Percy, please give them a chance. Don't do this I'm scared..."

"Shut up, Annabeth."

He could hear the shocked gasp that escaped her mouth as he turned to face her.

"You stopped me from harnessing my true power in Tartarus because I was wrong for trying to drown Akhlys but here and now I am right. This is for the greater good of demigods all over the world. The gods just aren't fit to rule anymore. The power has gone to their heads. Now please understand me and support me like you have always done, Wise Girl."

"No, I will not support you. You're turning into a monster, a beast. I'll gather forces and fight you and mark my words you will regret this."

"No, I won't regret this and though I love you this is more important than me or you. Goodbye."

Tears ran down his face as he said this. He jerked his neck and closed his eyes as he heard a distinct Crack! and a thump that reverberated in the silence.

He opened his eyes to find Annabeth's glossy lifeless eyes staring back at him. He bent down and closed her eyes before muttering a Greek prayer before taking a deep breath and facing the gods for the last time.

"So guys, any last words?"

Every god or goddess who had a child in vicinity ordered them to attack Percy.

Percy turned to the sound of hundreds of blades being drawn.

And then each and every blade being dropped at his feet led by Jason before every demigod started to kneel before him. A blink of an eye had them all standing again. The cute confused frown on Piper's face made him smile.

"Though I appreciate your support and loyalty to me over your parents, I am not your ruler or your Lord. I have fought with each and every one of you on the battlefield, all of you are my friends and family, family doesn't kneel to one another. Thank you for your support."

He started to bow to show respect to his friends but Jason's hand held him upright.

"You're family too. Don't bow to us." Jason stated.

Percy smiled at Jason and pretended not to notice Jason's eyes getting a little misty.

Then he turned towards the gods and his smile was replaced by a savage smirk.

"Well it's been nice knowing you (not really) but it's time for us to part from one another. It will take millennia for you to form and even longer for you to escape Tartarus; if you do manage to escape that is. If it turns out you somehow find your way back know that I'll be waiting right here to kill you again."

Percy beamed at them as he finished telling his plan like a proper gentleman.

"For now though, toodles!"

Then Percy screamed like he never had before. His veins stood out in stark contrast to his pale skin. His eyes bulged and his gut felt like exploding as he used the most power he had consciously used in his entire life.

There was a moment of silence before the party began.

One by one each and every god and goddess exploded in a mixture of ichor, bones and gore which caused even the strongest willed demigod to throw up.

By the end of it all they found Percy hunched on the ground supported by Hazel and Nico.

Percy raised his head and a few turned fearful eyes towards him but smiled; relieved at what he said next, it seemed he had not changed much after all.

"Now let's get some dam Pizza!"

For some reason Thalia burst out laughing.

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