Chapter 1



I am not going to start this with the normal long introductions as that just bores me if I'm perfectly honest. So, let's just make this quick. My name is Bella well Isabella Maria Swan if you are being specific. I grew up in Forks with my Dad Charlie and my best friend Alice. I suppose I can be described as a loner as besides Alice I am just not interested in friends. I have been told this is due to my lovely personality and aggression (as per the many hours of aggression counselling I have had to please my dad). But, I am who I am and I love my life. This all started on a normal Saturday night that I didn't realise would change my life forever.


I can hear the whispers as I walk towards to cafeteria and the wide berth people give me as I walk by. I swear you knock someone out once and that's it everyone then presumes you are going to blow up at them for no reason. Argh, Mike grabbed me, a stupid mistake if you ask me and I just saw red no one touches me. It used to give me panic attacks but now, no I just see red and well let's say you do not want to be seen on the receiving end of that.


Hey Bella! I turned to see Mike strolling towards me, that boy just does not get the hint no matter how many times I tell him. I roll my eyes and turn best get this over with 'What do you want now Mike. He looks at me with this weird facial expression I think he was trying to be sexy but looks like he's having a stroke. ' I was wondering If you were interested in …' No, Mike, I am not interested. As I begin to walk away I can hear the snickers of his friends who were hanging back to witness him get turned down again I presume. I make it two steps before I feel Mike put his arm around me ' you have 1 second to remove your arm before I remove it for you' oh come on Bella you know you want me, he then proceeds to slap my arse is this kid for real. I try taking some deep breaths my Dad will really not be pleased if I get in another fight. 'Mike this is your last warning' he laughs and then shouts back to his friends 'what are you going to do Bella just come on one date with me' and squeezes my arse again. Fuck the breathing, I grab hold of his arm and twist it until I hear the resounding crack of breaking his arm, I can't help but smile as he cries out. What a weak man I know what that feels like and it doesn't hurt that bad. As he falls to the ground I begin to punch him, I can only focus on the memories, now is not the time Bella focus! You (punch) will (punch) never (punch) touch (punch) me (punch) again (punch) or (punch) I will end you! (punch). I can hear the screaming of people surrounding us and people shouting. But all I can focus on is the fear in Mike's eyes I enjoy it really. I am not a weakling you can pick on. I feel someone touch me on the back and tense ready for another attack. 'Bella you are going to kill him, you need to stop' I turn to Alice and see the panic in her eyes and allow her to pull me up and we walk away in silence.

End of flashback

I finally make my way to mine and Alice's table right in the corner of the cafeteria and plonk myself down. Not 30 seconds later Alice appears I can see it in her eyes she wants something and I am too powerless to refuse her.

'Bella… please please can we go to the new club Horizon tonight? We haven't been clubbing in ages and I know you prefer pubs but we have done that every Friday for the last month and I just feel like we should dance, we will have so much fun! I have picked out our outfits already ..' Alice stop. I swear she doesn't even breath sometimes. I debate for a second I hate clubs, the packed people, everyone in my personal space it doesn't agree with me. But, for Alice, I would do anything. I reluctantly reply, 'of course'. I swear the smile she gives me you would think would hurt. I can't help but smile back at her. She then proceeds to tell me we can go straight to hers after college and get ready. The rest of the day passes in a blur and before I know it, Alice and I on our way to her house.

'Girls how was your day' I smile at Esme, see she is Alice's mum and if I am perfectly honest more of a mother than mine ever was. I don't know where I would be without her and Carlisle.

' It was okay Mrs C, same shit different day' Esme just shakes her head as Alice begins to tell her about our Friday night plans. I just smile and make my way up to Alice's room to see what she has chosen for me to wear. She also knows how to make me look smoking hot. I can see the blood-red dress already hanging up in her room, cheeky she must have already known I was going to say yes. But, this dress I can tell is going to hug my curves and look amazing. Alice then bounces in 'do you like it?' I just smile at her and glance at her pink dress and smile 'we are going to break some hearts'. We take it in turns getting ready and have a wonderful dinner with Mrs C and catch Carlisle coming back looking tired as ever working at the Hospital. I give them both a kiss on the cheek before we race out for our taxi. Alice is already tipsy loving life, I don't like to drink you see. Not being able to remember what happened or being in control of myself just causes me to panic so I just abstain from the stuff and make sure Alice is okay and you don't need alcohol to have fun.

When we arrive at the club the line I massive as Alice goes to join the line. 'Fuck this' I grab Alice and direct her to the door, hoping that Jake is the bouncer tonight if not I will improvise. Fuck lining up in that. I walk to the door and just my luck it wasn't Jake, I ensure my dress if right and plaster a smile on my face. 'Hey handsome what's your name' Paul. One line and that's it, going to have to turn this up a notch. I move closer to I can smell his cologne, he's kind of hot on closer inspection, built and packing some serious muscles. I can see his eyes wander towards my chest and my close proximity I am just about to speak when I hear 'Bella' I look back and see Jake and smile. We have known each other for years, he has always been interested in more but since the incident, I just haven't had the interest. 'Paul let her in stop being so serious' Paul then proceeds to move out the way so there is room for Alice and I to move past shaking his head and smiling. So he can smile huh. I give Jake a fist bump and make my way in. Alice is in her element, bouncing off the walls with excitement I smile at her joy and just follow her to the dance floor. The night is starting off well I am having a blast. Alice looks at me with a twinkle in her eye as moves her eyes to behind me I turn and see what has caught her attention, a blonde a hot blonde at that sitting in the corner looking serious, slim and a pretty boy but looks like he has an edge. I know what she is thinking before she opens her mouth and smile and nod at her. We begin to grind on each other and grant the attention of the men surrounding us, see I know I am hot as fuck and Alice has this cute but sexy look going on. I keep an eye making sure no one is getting to close as Alice begins to run her hands down my sides from behind me as I grind into her and I throw blondie a wink. He then winks back and begins to make his way through the crowd toward us. 'We have a visitor' I whisper into Alice's ear making it look like I'm telling her a secret. She smiles and comes next to me as blondie comes close. He just stands there for a minute staring at Alice as if dumbstruck, Alice then tells me he's the one and jumps into his arms. Blondie smiles 'Hi Darlin'. Alice then looks at me to check I am going to be okay and I nod. I can go sit at the bar while they get close. See Alice has this I don't even know how to describe it, she just knows shit sometimes and hasn't been interested in men until she 'has found the one' adamant she will know when she sees him and blondie seems to be him. I keep her in my eyesight as I make my way to the bar, her and Blondie seem to be becoming acquainted. Alice has the biggest smile on her face, and I admit I'm happy for her but if she breaks her heart I will break his legs.

Alice has been speaking to blondie for about an hour and I am enjoying sitting at a table in the corner away from everyone similar to what blondie was doing. I'm distracted by Jake coming over to chat and then I hear a scream, a scream I would know anywhere I frantically look for Alice and she is gone. I spot a flash of pink in the corner going towards the back entrance of the club and make a break for it pushing people as I go. It takes me longer than I would have liked and when I open the door the sight shocks me Jasper is standing there with a man who is pointing a gun at him. Who is this guy, the man with the gun has three friends. Jasper looks calm but I can see him calculating in his head, protectively standing in front of Alice, who is crying. I begin to see red and charge at the man with the gun, he doesn't have time to react before I have knocked the gun out of his hand and stood in front of Alice and Jasper.

'Get the fuck out of here before I make you regret it' I can hear my voice has gone hard as steel as I glare at them. I am giving them a chance to back out and go away, no harm no foul, as much as I know I can take three it is going to hurt. The man just laughs and his goons surround him as he gives them some kind of hand signal before they come towards me. I look at blondie fixing him with my glare ' you do not leave Alice, you protect her or you will regret it' I can see him assessing me before he nods. Knowing Alice should be okay, I smile at the goons as they come towards me and let the rage take over.

' we are going to have some fun with you princess' goon one states I just shake my head 'let's get this over with, but it is me that is going to have fun with you' I wink and then they charge. I can see they both know they are big guys who can pack a punch but this is their biggest weakness cockiness. Goon one tries to grab me and I twist out of his reach and punch him he looks shocked as he looks at goon two who is trying to get behind me. I need to move them away from Alice but I don't like not having her behind me. I look at blondie who looks in shock but he is still standing furiously protective in front of Alice I'm just going to have to risk it. In my moment of distraction goon two manages to get his arms around me, I have a plan but I know this is going to hurt. I pretend to be stressed and lash about as they smile at each other and goon one begins to come closer a sinister smile on his face. All the while I am forming a plan. As goon one gets close enough I elbow goon two right in the kidney winding him causing him to let go. I then am on the attack we are far enough away from Alice and I shout 'Blondie take her and go' as goon one lands a punch to my ribs. Fuck that hurt. I can hear Alice screaming. I need to end this now. I charge at goon one and knee him in the balls and manage to land a roundhouse kick to his face my heels scratching his face in the process getting blood on them. Damm, I liked these heels but besides the point focus Bella. Goon one is now knocked out cold, I can see goon two coming towards me but before I can react three loud shots are fired and they all drop. Headshots. I look up and see a man, well not a man a god, I can feel myself react to his mere presence and he just smiles and I am frozen for a couple of seconds before the situation comes back to me and I am furious what the actual fuck happened and why was blondie with these guys. My body and eyes harden and I see the godman looking confused before I turn towards blondie. I mean if he was going to shoot me he would have done it by now, and I need to make sure Alice is okay. I make my way towards Alice pure rage coursing through me and attack blondie 'What the fuck are you playing out bringing her out here what is I didn't come' before I can advance further Alice places herself in front of him. 'Bella Stop' I stare at her in disbelief 'Stop Alice you could have died because of this prick took you outside of a club and all I hear is you scream and come outside to find this fucked up situation, we are leaving now' I think Alice realised there is no changing my mind she looks at blondie and asks if he's okay he still looks like he's in shock he nods but keeps his eyes trained on the godman shaking his head and his eyes looking pleading. Godman then raises his gun at Alice and I and my heart sink. He says 'Em' and before I know it I see Alice drop to the floor before my world starts to go black but not before I feel a pair of arms catching me front dropping to the floor. What the fuck is happening.

Authors Note

Stephenie Meyer owns all characters. Just my spin on it. Hope you like it.