She was unaware how long she stood there, just looking at the cold tea from last night. Raven couldn't help but give a faint smile. She couldn't even hear the ticking of the clock. There was an unexplainable knot in her heart, and she simply felt like time had stopped.

No. Not again, not this again. And she took in a deep breath, took a long stride and dumped the tea down the drain. She turns the faucet on, and for a moment she was just staring and focusing on the running water. She knew she had to wash the mug, but she couldn't find the courage to. There was a hint of pain in her heart. And so, Raven thought, she should just take a shower for now and clean the mug later.

Raven goes to her bedroom and when she enters, she sees her bed first with nightstands on either side of it. The bedroom was fairly large because they preferred to have a minimalist look for their apartment. And because of that, there was a lot of space in their apartment and the motif being mostly white, gave the illusion of the space being bigger than it actually was. But they did not have the smallest apartment possible.

The apartment was located at the higher-end of Gotham, and by the standard of the community, it was smaller in comparison to apartments around the area. Damian had insisted and she couldn't say no. But the fact was, she spends so much time alone in here.

She looks at her left where the bathroom was located and beside it was their walk-in closet's sliding door left ajar. And she could see his clothes from where she stood, and his black duffle bag on the floor. He had brought that bag filled with his clothes, so that when he comes over, he had clothes to use. Now the bag was empty because his clothes were already arranged inside the closet.

On the other side of the room was a white vanity table, opposite the bathroom and closet door. And to the right of the vanity, near the door entrance was a study table with a nice honey brown color. Damian usually occupied that table when he was on his laptop. Raven had sat on his chair a few times when she was alone and upset when he wasn't with her.

She found that it was weird how they considered it as their apartment, when she knew that it was mostly hers—and yet somehow still theirs. A familiar emptiness settled in Raven's chest.

Raven looks back to the bed which was unmade because Damian did not have the time to fix it. He loved everything neat and clean, and he normally made the bed when he was here, the knowledge brought a smile on her lips. He must have rushed to check where she was when he realized she was not beside him this morning. Just like last night. He must have been worried. Raven frowns as she looks at the unmade bed again, proof that he did not even have the time to fix it later on. He was out on a mission right now.

She then slowly made her way to her bathroom door. Initially, she had thought that when she left the team, things would be almost as if she was still a member. But reality hit harder than she expected. And the weight of everything was slowly pressing down on her. When she thought that—this was all—there were more to feel and comprehend. The situation would become more complicated than what she thought. But she couldn't be part of the team anymore. She had made up her mind on that.

And absent-mindedly Raven took her clothes off and entered the shower. Her mind was lost in the infinite thoughts that haunted her daily life since her father's absence. She turns the knob of her shower and as she felt the cold splatters of water hit her skin, Raven awoke from her reverie.

Raven finished her shower, and went to the closet, she wondered what she should wear. But she found herself touching Damian's clothes. She picks up a white shirt of his and sniffs it. It smelled exactly like the laundry detergent she uses to clean both their clothes. And she sighs rather disappointed. She knew that it would smell like her clothes, after all the clothes here in the closet have been here long enough to be washed more than a dozen times and over.

What was she thinking, she couldn't help but shake her head.

Raven eventually changed into a white shirt and black jeans. When she went to her vanity, she picked out a random cologne and spritz it on herself. And a familiar scent filled her nose. His cologne. She was startled and looked at herself on her vanity mirror. She had not noticed that the white shirt was Damian's and her eyes started to water. She sat on the vanity chair with a thud, and she pulled the collar of her shirt to her nose. She studies herself in the mirror again, her hair wet and uncombed, wearing her boyfriend's white shirt. She had unconsciously sprayed his cologne on her yet again, a habit she had been doing more frequently than you'd think. And Raven hugged herself for a moment, and proceeded to comb her hair.

Raven had started growing her hair out since she left the titans, and now it was almost half way against her back. As she combed her hair, she couldn't help but marvel at the habits she had developed. When she finished, she stood up and check her clothes again, the shirt was too big against her frame, but she felt that she had to wear his shirt. And she decided to tuck it in to make it look a bit chic.

Raven had tried a few things after she left the team, and being a fashionista was one of them. She picked up a lot of hobbies over the year and a half. She dove into hobbies deep but got bored after a week or so, fashion being one of them. However, if she were to choose, she'd prefer fashion, make-up and art over the other hobbies she had tried out, but admittedly none of those held the charm it did when she started getting into it. Damian however, was surprisingly very good at art, although she believed there was nothing he could not do, and he enjoyed drawing her in the apartment every now and then.

A smile formed on her lips again as she recalled a moment where Damian had taken her out for fishing. She had picked up an interest in fishing a few weeks back and when Damian had asked her to go fishing, she had already started to lose interest in that hobby. Nonetheless, she enjoyed her time with him. But that was the only time they had gone fishing. Raven had fished more times with Jon and his family than Damian, and her smile became a frown yet again.

Raven looks down on her feet and realizes she still had not picked out her shoes. She goes back to her closet and zipped on her black lace up boots. Damian had pointed out how redundant it was to have laces on them, but have a zipper on the side to put it on. Raven responded that it was a fashion statement, and he mumbles that it was rather stupid.

Raven couldn't help but chuckle at the sudden memory. When she went to the phase of loving fashion, she found out that she had a love for shoes after the ordeal. She walks back to the vanity table and put on her daily make-up. She put on a natural make-up style as it was what she preferred and it was an added bonus that Damian preferred it too.

After putting herself together, she finds her phone, keys and small bag with her wallet inside. As she was about to leave the apartment, she realized she had forgotten something and went back to the closet and grabbed a black thigh-high coat. And as she leaves her apartment, she wears her coat.

As Raven leaves her apartment building, she checks the clock on her phone it was 9:46am. It was way too early for her work, so she decided to take a quiet walk. Damian would not be happy knowing she was just walking around Gotham, but she can take care of herself. She had done this so many times. She decided to stop by a museum, and enjoyed the art there despite having seen them already.

Raven passes time by herself, as she tried to enjoy her own company. After staying in the museum for two hours, she went to have lunch at some café nearby and stayed there for over an hour. Then, after that she went to a park and sat there for almost two hours and fed some birds absent-mindedly. She felt her phone vibrate in her coat pocket, and she pulls out her phone and was surprise to see that she had five messages.

Three hours ago, Damian sent a text saying that he will leave his phone in Wayne Manor. An hour ago, Damian had sent her a text saying he had a surprise for her back at the apartment, and she smiled at that. The third was from Damian again, it simply said 'I Love You'. And the smile on her lips twitched. And absent-mindedly she deleted his texts. The fourth text came from Jon, asking how she was and she sighs. The last message was from her employer.

Raven worked as a sitter; she was paid with a rather hefty sum maybe because she works around her neighborhood filled with rich socialites or heirs or millionaires or billionaires. Well, she was even living with a son of a rich man, who have preferred she did not work.

The message starts off with Mrs. McCoy apologizing, she tells Raven that plans had changed and that instead of Raven coming over at 5 o'clock tonight, she need her around 3 this afternoon, if possible and that she was deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

This was the most recent message, the one that she had noticed. She sees that her phone's clock indicated that it was almost 2:30pm and she still had time to go to where Mrs. McCoy's residence and she could take her time and walk there. She replied to Mrs. McCoy and tells her that it was not a problem at all and that she was free the entire day so she should not worry about any inconvenience. And Raven then decided to reply to Jon saying: Damian is out, I hope his safe.

As she stood up, she received a message from Mrs. McCoy. Thanks a lot Raven, we will see you at around 3pm. And she was about to reply but she receives a notification—Jon had replied: We can meet up if you'd like.

And she froze at the reply, should she meet Jon? Raven bites her lip and decided to tell him that she will keep the offer in mind. And she tries to finish her reply to Mrs. McCoy. Her phone rings and vibrate as she types to Mrs. McCoy that she was on her way. Alright, Jon had replied. She finishes her reply to her employer and started walking to the McCoy's residence.

As she walked there, she thought of Jon's offer, she had not seen him in so long. Maybe she should take the offer. Afterall, she had lived with the Kent's for a few months after adventuring with Constantine after she left the Titan Tower. She had gone through a lot in a year and a half, but right now she had to focus on work not her private life.

She arrived at the McCoy's residence, and the door to their penthouse opens showing the eldest daughter, Catherine McCoy. She had wavy blonde hair with a black headband and light blue eyes. She was fourteen years old; she was in a black and white school uniform.

"Hello Raven, glad you made it." She says a friendly smile on her lips. And as she entered the threshold, she sees Mrs. McCoy enter through an archway that lead to the bedrooms. Raven takes off her coat.

The McCoy's was a family of millionaires who owned a wine business for generations and have one of the best wines in the market. Mr. Gregory McCoy and Mrs. Anastasia McCoy were married for over twenty years; they were arranged to be married at twenty-four and twenty respectively. Their marriage worked due to equal respect they had for one another. Mr. Gregory was a tall man with a lean body he had black hair and grey eyes, Mrs. Anastasia had black hair too but with light blue eyes who had a fragile feminine figure. The couple were blessed with two children.

"Raven, great your already here!" Mrs. Anastasia said when she noticed that Raven was finally here. She checks her wrist watch. "A little early than discussed, but that is what I like about you!" Raven smiles at her.

"Your flattering me, Mrs. Anastasia." To whom giggles at what Raven had said. Mrs. Anastasia was wearing a black business dress with a chain of chunky diamonds around her neck and a matching pair of stud earrings.

"Arthur! Raven is here!" Both Mrs. Anastasia and Catherine yell. Although to Raven it was a graceful yell, only something the classy could pull off, she was sure. Catherine had gone back to the coffee table and sat on the floor to continue her homework. She was facing her family pool that was separated from her by distance and a glass wall with glass doors.

Arthur McCoy, the reason why she had gotten this job. Arthur had come from where Mrs. Anastasia had come from. He wore black slacks, a pair of black dress shoes and a checkered vest over his white shirt. Raven guessed that he was in his bedroom prior to being called out. Arthur was a twelve-year-old boy who had black hair and grey-blue eyes. And he reminded her of Damian, but with a different eye color.

"Greetings, Raven!" He said, and she smiled at him, even the way he greeted her was reminiscence to how Damian would talk before. The McCoy's were the first family she ever worked with as a sitter. She was certain that Damian had helped in getting the job. But at one-point Raven had a slightly busy schedule and could not find time to put the McCoy's in. And the McCoy's exclusively got Raven to work for them. They gave Raven an offer she could not refuse.

Still, one would wonder why a rich family needed a relatively normal sitter. Well, Arthur was a handful but not as bad as Damian was at that age. The children grew fond of Raven as they connected to her as though they were not an affluent family in Gotham. And the parents noticed their children's temperament became calmer since Raven's arrival, despite her working for less than three months for them.

How could Raven be fazed by their riches when she was dating Damian Wayne? If they only knew.

The heavy empathic shield she had was still active, but she knew Damian, and Arthur was a very milder version of Damian, which gave her a head start on how to deal with Arthur. And she admitted that she has a soft spot for Arthur because she couldn't help but see her boyfriend in him. A fact she had confessed once, to which Arthur did not take well.

"Do you have specific instructions, Mrs. Anastasia?" Raven asks. There were times that Mrs. Anastasia would ask specific tasks to be done for her children.

"All we need is for you to foresee that both children do their homework." Mr. McCoy had replied for his wife, he had come from the opposite archway, where the kitchen, dining table and fun room were located. He wore a black business suit.

"And after, you may spend your time as you wish." Mrs. Anastasia had added as she approached her husband and fixed his tie.

"Raven, do you think we can watch a movie?" Catherine had asked from where she was.

"You, young lady should be grounded from what you did!" Mr. McCoy yelled; Raven was startled by this. She just stares at Catherine quietly.

"Daddy, she totally deserved it!" She replied crossing her arms. Raven looks at Arthur who gave a shrug and said rather indifferently, that Catherine had attacked a fellow classmate.

"That is not the type of behavior your mother and I approve of!" Mr. Gregory says, and Raven noted the eyeroll from Catherine.

"Honey, our children are good children. This is the first time she has caused a scene." Mrs. Anastasia says and Mr. Gregory sighs mumbling that they should not be enabling their children's behavior. Raven observed the pair and she could not help but admire how these two were a couple brought by an arranged marriage and yet act with such care and respect for one another, dare she say that they even love one another?

"We will discuss about this later." Mrs. Anastasia looks at her wrist watch. "We need to go; we cannot afford to be late." Mr. Gregory nods and the couple bid their children and Raven goodbye.

"Just enjoy the day, Raven." Mrs. Anastasia had texted Raven after they had left and she replies politely.

"So, Catherine, will you tell me why you did what you did?" Raven asks as she approached Catherine, Arthur was sitting on the couch on his tablet at this point. Catherine refuses to respond and Raven did not force her to.

"Arthur, you should be doing your homework." Raven says but he just glances at her.

"Can't I do that later? Can we just sit here in silence?" Arthur pouts, and Raven just sighs while Catherine looks at her brother with a smile on her lips.

"Alright. For an hour." Raven conceded, and she sat on a free couch. Raven was sitting on a couch behind Catherine and Arthur was laying on the couch on her sister's left side, but he was facing Raven. Raven had taken out her phone and decided to send a text message to Jon.

Hey, Jon. Raven leaned her head on the couch and looked at the ceiling until she felt her phone vibrate and hear it ring. She sat properly on the couch as she looks down on her phone. Arthur had been quietly observing Raven and Catherine was glancing at her brother every now and then.

Jon: Is anything wrong?

Raven: No. Nothing at all.

Jon: Okay.

Raven couldn't help but frown with Jon's reply to which Arthur couldn't help but frown at Raven's expression. Catherine on the other hand, noted that her brother's crush on Raven was clear as day, and she felt bad for the poor man. Although she rather preferred her younger brother liking a woman like Raven, then some woman who only knew how to show way too much skin and flirting shamelessly, or was after their families' riches. But then again, Arthur liking Raven was not that surprising, Raven just seemed like someone up his alley. She also thought that Arthur liking their sitter was a pretty normal thing of him to do, and perhaps a rite of passage for him.

Raven: I know you can't tell me anything. But will Damian be long?

Jon: I'm sorry, I actually don't know.

And Raven let out a long sigh. As a Teen Titan member there were information she was allowed to know, but there was even more information she could not know because of her status as a Teen Titan member. But when she left, she was left in the dark with everything. She understood why it is like that, and she did not want Damian or anyone else she knew to get in trouble because they were breaking rules. Even so, being in the dark sucked.

But since Jon replied the way he did, the mission Damian was on must be strictly for Batman.

"Are you texting your boyfriend?" Arthur asks not standing the frown on Raven's face, although he sounded annoyed when he said boyfriend. Catherine smiles as she does her work knowing that her brother was jealous. How adorable. Raven blinks startled by the question then scrunches up her face.

"No, no, no, no, no! Of course not!" Raven sounded like she was reciting a mantra, and Arthur couldn't help but scrunch up his face.

"You seem to have poor relations with your boyfriend." He points out bitterly, and Catherine silently held her breath as she stopped writing and stared at her younger brother.

"No, no, no!" Raven says quickly standing up, her eyes widening. "This really is not my boyfriend!"

"Okay! Arthur, why don't you do your homework!" Catherine cuts in before Arthur could respond to which he glares at his sister. "Your already homeschooled and your refusing to do homework?" She sternly adds.

"It's exactly because I am homeschooled that I like to be lax!" Arthur got up from the couch.

"Oh. I wonder why your homeschooled." Catherine mocks her brother.

"Catherine, hearing that from you…" Raven butts in gently trying to diffuse the tension between the siblings but was unable to finish what she wanted to convey. Catherine turns her head to look at Raven with furrowed brows, she understood what Raven was getting at.

"It's not what you think Raven…" She starts and glances at Arthur. "She insulted Arthur." She sighs as she looks down at Arthur's shoes. Raven felt guilty accusing her like that, she stood up and knelled by Catherine's side. Arthur was surprised by his sister's revelation.

"I'm sorry, I know you wouldn't do something like that without reason." She hugs Catherine who hugs her back.

"You…you did not have to Cath." Arthur whispers. Catherine turns her head to look at her brother with an of-course-I-have-to expression.

"Let's finish all your homework now, so we can do whatever you kids want." Raven then says, as she pulls away from Catherine who nods.

"Alright." Arthur says. "But I'm not a kid." Catherine rolls her eyes at her brother too tired to even respond to what he has said. Arthur then goes to his bedroom.

"I will check your pantry and fridge and see what we have to work with if you guys want to cook something." Raven puts her phone beside Catherine's papers and leave for the kitchen. When Raven was in the kitchen it rings and vibrates, a message from Jon, saying that he is always there for her. Catherine had accidentally read the message and she furrowed her brows.

"Well, I don't know what I was thinking, you people are rich! Of course, your pantry will be complete, we can literally make anything." Raven said as she came back, she noted that Arthur had left. He preferred doing his homework alone in his room. Another thing she liked about the family is how they don't act snobby at all.

"So, Raven…" Catherine says as Raven went back to her seat. Raven looks at Catherine waiting for her to continue. "You know what, never mind." Catherine nervously laughs.

And then the two sat there in silence. Catherine doing her homework and Raven just thinking. Sometimes Raven wonders what her job really is. She even feels like she is not doing what a sitter should do. It was like she was stealing from the McCoy's. The blurriness of her jobs purpose makes her think that Damian must have paid these people for her to work for them and that his actually paying her. It was something he would probably do.

Although Raven admits, that silence with other people in the room was better than her in the apartment all alone. Still, the best way to describe her work for the McCoy's was literally 'she's paid to hang out with the kids'. Well, its unconventional, but Raven supposed it was just something rich people do.

Raven would glance over Catherine's work and would check up on Arthur every now and then. The two kids preferred doing their things on their own. And they were rather smart for their ages, even more so for Arthur. When she found out that Arthur was a genius, she felt a chill run down her spine. By no means was he smarter than any bat kids, but the fact that he was genius put the cherry on top on how Arthur was similar to Damian.

It was beyond creepy how Arthur was like Damian for Raven. She even wanted to stop working for the McCoy's because of the parallels between her boyfriend and a kid she is paid to be around with. But the truth was there was guilt there too, behind her desire to leave Arthur—the McCoy's.

Raven had recalled how after her two months of mopping around in silence, she decided to get a job. And boy was it a mess. She at first worked as a barista at a cafe, but then she noticed how she still had way too much free-time, and then she started working two more jobs. A waitress at a fancy restaurant and a cashier at a diner. Safe to say, she did not get to keep any of those jobs.

Damian was not pleased knowing she got a job. And knowing that, when she got her other two jobs, he was very furious. To be fair she had kept the two extra jobs a secret for almost two weeks. When she had mentioned getting a job, he was not the most supportive because it was Gotham, and that she had no plans to work for his father—where it was relatively safer. But he gave in to Raven and then she hid the fact that she works two more jobs—he would not have known she had the other two jobs had she not arrived late, that one night. How was she suppose to know that he'd be back, she had not seen him for three days!

But after two weeks in, working three jobs, she could not juggle everything anymore and got herself fired or she quitted from the job. And somehow, she got to work with the McCoy family.

"Raven, I'm done." Raven thought she heard Damian's voice but when she turned it was Arthur. Her face had lit up thinking it was Damian but quickly disappeared as her eyes focused on Arthur. Arthur as perceptive as he is, noticed her reaction, and he could not help but feel hurt. Raven had mentioned absent-mindedly or in passing how Arthur reminded her of her boyfriend, or memories she had of her boyfriend, but she failed to mention his name to them. And Arthur knew, that Raven had mistaken him for her mysterious boyfriend at that very moment.

"We just have to wait for Catherine then." Raven faintly smiles.

"Yeah." He replies, Raven not catching the sad tone in his voice and he turns to go back to his bedroom. Raven figured that he had to get something from his room, and she went to where Catherine was and noticed her phone, completely forgetting she had left it there. She picks it up and sees Jon's text, she replied to it with a thanks.

The three were at the living room now with a similar sitting arrangement when they had gathered there previously. But this time around Arthur was facing their family pool outside on his tablet. Eventually Catherine finishes at almost five in the afternoon.

"Finally." Arthur complains to which Catherine glares at him in response.

"So, Catherine, I have been wondering. Did you receive punishment?" Raven inquires, and Catherine stands up to stretch. She frowns as she looks at Raven and sighs.

"Yep. I'm suspended for two weeks." She shrugs like it was nothing. Raven at that moment thought that she could never understand the minds of rich folks.

"Oh, yes which reminds me. I might stop working for you guys." Raven had suddenly said, and Catherine who was collecting her papers, had dropped them back on the table. Arthur turned his head at Raven that they heard his neck crack in the silence between the three people in the fairly large room.

Arthur could not even be embarrassed by his neck cracking. And Catherine did not bother with some of her papers that had slid off the coffee table. Both asking and overlapping with one another as they ask Raven questions of whys, what, and when.

"Okay. Okay, calm down." Raven put her hands up and gestured for them to slow down. "Do you recall me mentioning going to school?" The McCoy kids both nods quickly.

"Well, I'm thinking I would have to quit this job if we can't make it work somehow—"

"We can make it work!" The two children cut Raven off with urgency.

"We can arrange for it!" Arthur insists. "You already have a pretty unconventional work agreement with my family." To which Catherine agrees.

"Well, I would have to discuss the details with your parents—"

"We will talk to them!" Arthur cuts Raven off again, and Raven just smiles in response. He could be very stubborn.

"We will handle it. You do plan to go to Gotham University right?" Catherine chimes in.

"Yes, I am. I have talked about it with my boyfriend." Raven replies and Arthur hid an eyeroll from Raven.

"Then we can see you still. We will arrange something." Catherine says firmly and sighs as she starts cleaning up her stuff. Raven wondered if Damian had actually paid the McCoy family to have her work for them. Why else would they go to so much lengths to keep her? Raven was very certain her job was to hang out with these smart kids. It really just doesn't add up for her why she was needed here.

Raven conceded but couldn't help but let out a sigh. Her terms for her job was very unconventional. But what really mattered to Raven is that she gets to get out of the apartment. And it even comforted her that the McCoy's get the option to call her anytime of the day and randomly call her to do something. The McCoy's do not randomly call Raven in though, they would set up a schedule for the week and if plans change, they notify Raven a day before the prior appointment. Nonetheless she enjoyed doing anything she could to keep herself busy.

And the night passes by rather uneventful. The three were huddled up on the couch as they watched a movie. Raven receives a text from Mr. McCoy telling her that she may leave if the children were done with their homework. And so Raven with a heavy heart decided to go after the movie.

They said their farewells for the night. Raven puts on her coat, and places her phone on her coat pocket. Once the door closed behind her, the smile and comfort that Arthur and Catherine brought to her for the day disappeared.

Raven decided to walk back to her apartment. She felt like the walk going back to her apartment was long and her feet felt heavy. When she arrived in front of her door, there was some hesitance in entering. She reflected on her day, and aside from the company of Arthur and Catherine, and especially Damian, she knew her day was and felt rather meaningless.

Raven's hesitance in entering made her turn her back on the door and she leaned against it. She closes her eyes and she started thinking of scenes of what would happen when she opens the door. It was a little over 6 o'clock. It was not that dark out yet. Not dark yet, that worried Raven. What if when she opened it, he wasn't there? But he had said there was a surprise, perhaps it was him with something grand for her.

However, there was a feeling that settled down her stomach. And a familiarity that blanketed her thoughts. She knew. She knew when she opened the door, what would await her. And so, she did not see the point of dragging this out for long. Raven braved herself to open the door.

She opens the door slowly, her head casted down. And she knew that the contrast of the hallway light and the lack of light in her living room told her that she was right. She looks up and was welcomed by darkness, gloom and silence.

He was not here.

And Raven closed her eyes. She knew at that moment that she was in denial. She was still hoping during the duration of the day, that Damian Wayne would keep his word, that he would be here. And Raven couldn't help but press her lips together. She closes and locks the door behind her. And she walks towards her bedroom to open a crack on the door to check if the lights were on, in hopes that maybe he was here. But he was not, she turns her head and happens to glance at the counter, she notices that there was a piece of paper.

She approaches the counter and notices that it was a card; in the front it said Raven, in Damian's perfect handwriting. Raven picks the card up and opens it to read what was written within.

I am so sorry I could not keep my word, my love.

But with Alfred's help, I am leaving Titus with you, to keep you company.

I really am sorry, Babe.

Babe. That word, Raven sighs loudly. He must feel really bad, that fool. She shakes her head a vaguely sad smile on her lips.

We will see each other soon. Raven could not help but inhale a sharp breath from reading that line. Another lie she was sure. She closes her eyes as a tear fall from her eye. Maybe she should have never left the team. She wipes her tear and looks for Titus in the room, she did not spot him. But she then noticed that there was dog food and water in the room, which she had not noticed when she arrived.

She decides to check her bedroom. When she opened her door widely, she came across Titus who seemed like he was about to leave her bedroom.

"There you are, Titus." Raven knelt down and Titus greets her by rubbing his face against her neck, she giggles. "Have you eaten yet? I think Alfred already prepared your food for you beforehand." And Titus licks her face, and she felt better.

"Let me shower, and we can hang out, alright?" Raven pats his head as she stood up and he barks in response.

When she steps out of the shower, she was surprised to see Titus right outside her bathroom door.

"Don't tell me Damian told you to keep and eye on me." Raven teases as she slimly evaded stepping on him and walks to her closet. Titus just sat there and stare at her quietly. "I will take that as a yes."

Raven changes into her silk sleepwear. And she and Titus went out to watch a movie together on the television. She had taken the leftovers from this morning to eat for dinner while watching. Titus was on the couch his head on her lap, and she absentmindedly stroke him. She tried to focus on the movie, but she was rather upset, but she was glad Titus was here. The night could be worse without him.

"Alright. I am sleepy now. Let's go to sleep, Titus." Raven stands up and walks to the sink to was the container. And she was shocked to see the mug from last night. She had completely forgotten. This was why she felt like she had forgotten something when she was about to leave, it was not the coat that she had forgotten. She stood there a bit too long that Titus started barking from where he was. Raven snaps out and glances of Titus he was beside the couch facing her. She smiled at the dog reminding her of his owner.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She apologizes as with an empty smile on her lips. She washed everything including the mug she failed to clean since last night.

"Let's go to bed, Titus." Raven says as she walks pass her bedroom doorsill. She turns to look at Titus, but found that he had went back up on the couch and was laying there, his head facing the main door. Damian taught Titus well.

"Alright. You stay on the couch then. But I will leave the door slightly open for you." Raven tells Titus who just stares at her and then glances at the front door.

Raven walks to her bed and laid down under the covers. Her phone was right beside her on the nightstand. It took Raven an hour to sleep as her thoughts plagued her in the dark, but eventually she did fall asleep. And her eyes suddenly open wide with fear after four hours of sleep.


Did not expect this to be written this way, I hope someone likes it.

I also did not expect to make new characters and have it this long.