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Chapter 2: The Slytherin Estate: Eleven Years Later

            Lilliana Slytherin sighed as she read the Daily Prophet.  She glanced over to the pile of letters sitting on the table in front of her and scowled.  On top of the pile lay Hadrian's Hogwarts letter.  She sniffed disdainfully, and turned her eyes back to the articles in front of her.  She was putting off the inevitable, she knew that, but she still didn't want to admit that it had already been eleven years and that her baby was about to head off for school.  She hurumphed to herself once again and flicked the Daily Prophet open.  She hated the paper, but it was the last thing she had to read.  After the disparaging articles printed about Hadrian and herself some years back, she had made it her personal goal to ruin the paper as best she could.  The Prophet had had a field day when Lilliana had given birth to Harry out of wedlock.  And when James had died, and Lilliana disappeared, the rumors that she had really been an agent for the Dark Lord abounded.  Those fools, she scoffed mentally.  It had taken a press release to quiet the hysterical mob, but unfortunately someone had let it slip that she was staying at the Slytherin Estate.  Pictures of her and Harry in the town proper below the estate had been procured – she smiled tightly though, thinking about all the attempts to find her house since.  The Estate protected itself quite well from all interlopers – the Estate would only allow those people she had specifically ok'ed onto the property.  Everyone else ended up wandering lost for days.  But mostly the attempts had made her want to scream.  She had no illusions as to who was behind the continued public interest and inquiry.  If Albus thinks he can force me and my son into becoming some perfect little idols for his grand scheme now that his precious Potter is gone…she was incensed.  So, she had admitted it to the press, much to Albus's horror, she could bet.  Yes, they were staying at the Slytherin Estate.  Why?  Because it was hers.  Hers by right of blood and decent.  The wizarding world had gone mad when they had found out. 

            Lilliana sighed and glanced up at the painting that dominated the room.  It was a portrait of Salazar Slytherin and his daughters; Augusta, Octavia, Dementia and Lucretia.  Lilliana let her eyes linger on her mother, the dark green gaze meeting the lighter hue.  Oh mother, she thought faintly, how I miss you and the family.  Lilliana could still remember the day that she had been ripped away from her family quite clearly.  Leon had just burst into the room, eyes wide and a leering grin on his face.  She had sprung to her feet, a scream rising in her throat – but she hadn't had the time to give it voice.  He had scooped her up, fully intending to Dissapperate, when she had kicked him in the side, and scratched her fingernails down his face, causing him to drop her.  She was gone before she hit the ground.  Lilliana still wasn't sure how it happened, or where the idea had come from – but it saved her life. 

            She had regained consciousness in a dusty room.  It took several hours for her to realize that she was in the Slytherin Estate – only almost a thousand years in the future.  It had been the portraits that had finally clued her in.  She hadn't wanted to accept the truth, but having it stare her in the face, she'd ended up having to. 

            She had wandered around in the manor for days, upset and scared, until her mother's portrait had scolded her forcefully and told her to look for her blood relatives.  That was how she'd found Tom.  Tom was – shocked, to say the least – about Lilliana's appearance.  He had just established his power base in England and had started recruiting heavily for his Death Eater ranks.  With his help, she had procured a fictional family and Hogwarts' admissions letter.  And so, she went off to school in a castle that was more like a second home to her than the remote, scary boarding school it was supposed to be.

            Lilliana sighed as she thought about her youth; hiding her advanced abilities had been so hard – and her inherent distrust of the Headmaster made her try all the harder to fit into the perfect little image of a good-hearted Gryffindor Mudblood.  She sneered.  She had wanted to be in Slytherin, but she knew Tom was recruiting heavily from the House, and as much as she was thrilled to have a blood relative to help her on her way, Tom's policies and fanaticism were a bit too much for her.  Besides, if Grandfather were here, he would have told the poor sod to piss off and rethink his ideals.  Her grandfather had been firmly against having muggle-borns attending Hogwarts – but his reasoning had been for the protection of the Wizarding world.  Witch hysteria had been high in those times, and though being burned at the stake was easily enough avoided – being stoned to death, hanged, beaten, etc, were a bit more difficult fates to elude.  Salazar Slytherin had wanted to keep the bloodlines pure, and supplement them with the muggle born children, who would have been taken from their families at birth and raised in proper wizarding households. 

            A sudden pounding of feet drew her from her thoughts and she looked up in time to see Hadrian burst through the doors.  He halted abruptly when he caught sight of her still at the table, but relaxed at her fond smile.  Hadrian had grown up to be a fine boy, small and slight like herself and her grandfather, as well as his grandfather's unruly hair.  She glanced at the messy locks – no matter what charm she'd used on it, it would calm down at all.  She shook her head slightly and returned to the paper.

            "Mother?  Is it here?" Hadrian asked hesitantly.  She glanced at him over the top of the paper.

            "Maybe.  Why don't you come and see?" she said teasingly.  Hadrian approached eagerly.

            "Draco said his came yesterday.  He was so proud, he kept showing off to me.  He wouldn't stop lording it over me that he'd gotten his first and –," she raised an eyebrow.

            "And when did you see Draco yesterday?" she asked sternly.  Hadrian halted, one hand reaching out to the pile of letters on the table, a guilty look crossing his face.

            "Er, when he fire-called me and then flooed over?" he said sheepishly.  Lilliana scowled at him.

            "Hadrian, how many times have I told you to ask me before one of your friends comes over?" she demanded.  Hadrian looked down at his shoes and shrugged.  "Hadrian, I will not permit such stature in my house.  Look up at me, in the eye and answer me clearly."  Hadrian raised his head and looked at his mother.

            "Many times," he said clearly.  "I'm sorry, Mother.  I wont do it again."  She snorted.

            "Of course you will.  But maybe I'll have more time between panic attacks next time," she said sourly.  Then her face softened.  "Hadrian, remember, it's for your own good.  There are many people out there who would hurt you, kidnap you, kill you, all because of you name.  You have to be careful, careful with who you associate with, who you're around.  Because if you're not, then one day you may just end up dead because of it," she said seriously.  Hadrian nodded quickly, clasping his hands in front of himself tightly.  "Alright.  Now you may look at your letter."  His face lit up.

            "So it did come!" he exclaimed, springing forward to the pile on the table.  Lilliana smiled.

            "Of course it did, silly," she said as she watched him tear the letter open.  He scanned it quickly, face glowing.  He looked up at her, eyes wide.

            "Does this mean we get to go to," he voice dropped to a whisper, his eyes going wide, "Diagon Alley?" Lilliana smiled wider.

            "If you like," she said dismissively.  He nodded vigorously.  "Why don't you fire-call Draco and see if you want to go together." Harry nodded and ran for the study.  She watched him go with fond eyes.

            The Malfoys were the one family out of all of Tom's followers that she had let have intimate communication and access to the manor.  She remembered the Malfoy family from her Grandfather's time – and little seemed to have changed over the many years.  Lucius followed power, and it was undeniable that Hadrian and she had much more power than Tom's precious little Lord Voldemort routine.  She chuckled to herself, setting down the paper and getting up.  Besides, she wanted to talk to Narcissa about the new fashions in from Paris, and no one else around the manor could accommodate her.  Lazily she followed her son into the study, coming in time to see Hadrian chatting a mile a minute to Draco.  The blond was wide-eyed and excited, happy that his best friend could come to Diagon alley with him.  Draco was as protected and fussed over as Hadrian was – perhaps more so, for Lilliana was young enough and healthy enough to have more children if she so chose.  Narcissa, on the other hand…Draco's pregnancy had been hard on the frail woman, and she would never be able to bear any more children.  Thus making Draco the only hope for Lucius's line to continue.  She smiled at Draco when he caught sight of her.

            "Hello Aunty Lill.  How are you?" the blond asked politely. 

            "I'm fine, Draco, thank you.  When you boys are through, could you get your mother to fire-call me?  We'll work out the details of our little shopping trip, alright?" Draco nodded quickly and Lilliana wandered from the room, knowing the boys would be talking for some time yet.  It was a blessing for the two boys that they got along so well – Hadrian and Draco adored each other, to be truthful.  While Lucius had tried to get Draco to associate with other children, the blonde's insistence in including Hadrian in everything had severely hampered those friendships Lucius had tried to make Draco forge.  Draco had spent a lot of time over at the Slytherin Estate, roaming its countryside and riding its horses.  Lilliana hadn't minded in the least – she was happy that Hadrian had found such a close friend, and having Narcissa come over had also helped in easing her own loneliness. 

            She walked out to the patio and leaned against the cold stone railing, looking out over the immaculate gardens.  She let her gaze roam over the fountains of roses, the nicely trimmed hedges.  She let her mind relax and the stress ease from her body.  She still had a little under a month with her boy, her beautiful Hadrian before he left her.  She would make the most of it.

End Chapter 2

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