Juliet could not sleep after that. When she first began falling for him, she never expected a kiss with Shawn Spencer to trouble her so, but it did. Everything was such a mess.

As the day to leave for Amalfi with Declan drew closer and closer, Juliet grew more anxious. What could she do? She did like Declan and he went through so much trouble and effort to put this trip together for them. Heck, he bought an entire hotel just so they could have the best possible view and experience!

However, the more she thought about it, she sort of felt like she was being held hostage by Declan's efforts. Shawn, on the other hand, had been willing to let her go even though it caused him pain, just because he wanted her to be happy. Did she really like Declan as a person or did she like the things he did for her, the things he bought her?

As she laid awake for the third night in a row, she remembered how uncomfortable it was to actually stay at his house when he wasn't there. In fact, looking back, being with Declan had always felt more like a luxurious vacation rather than a proper relationship. It had swept her away and dazzled her, but if she stayed too long, she would probably get tired of it. She didn't want that.

She wanted her relationship to feel comfortable and safe. She wanted to be with someone who treated her like a person, a best friend, not just a date or romantic interest. She needed someone on her level both mentally and physically, not above like Declan and not below like a lot of the guys who commonly asked her out... but was that person Shawn?

Their kiss continually replayed in her mind, over and over again. In the past, she had dreamed of that moment and had imagined many different scenarios of how it would play out. This, however, was not one of them. She should've known though. Their entire relationship had consisted of pain, missed opportunities, and bad timing.

As much as she wished she could forget it ever happened, it was impossible. No matter how hard she tried to push it out of her mind, she could not forget the feel of his lips against hers, the sound of his breathing, the subtle movement of his hands against her hips. It had felt so right; they felt complete.

And ultimately, that was the clincher.

Anytime Juliet kissed any other guy, she had never experienced such a feeling. She felt like a teenager kissing Todd Jameson for the first time- the tingles, the heart fluttering, the inexpressible giddiness that only a first kiss can bring. However, even Todd Jameson could not compare to Shawn Spencer.

That's when Juliet knew she was mad about him. That's when she realized she had to break up with Declan and she had to tell Shawn as soon as possible before something else went wrong.

The breakup went smoother than she anticipated. Declan took it in stride, but she could tell that he was definitely masking his disappointment. She sprung it on him in the middle of dinner while he was in the middle of planning out a plan for Amalfi. He had just been trying to decide what was the best SOMETHING when Juliet suddenly cut him off, "Declan, I can't go to Italy with you!"

He was certainly surprised at that. "What?"

Juliet wished she hadn't been so sudden in blurting it out, but she couldn't take him being so happy and oblivious to her struggle anymore. She quietly repeated herself, "I... I can't go to Italy with you."

He stared at her, confused. "You.. why not? Did something come up at the station? Because we can reschedule."

"No," Juliet said, shaking her head.

"Was it too fast?" he asked, quickly, "Because we don't have to go if it's too much for you. I just... I like you a lot, Juliet and I thought by taking you to Italy, I might show you-"

Juliet couldn't take it. She held up a hand. "No, no. It's... it's not that."

Declan stared at her for a moment, then she could see the realization come into his eyes. He looked down. "I see," he said softly.

"I'm sorry, Declan," she said sincerely.

He didn't say anything, still looking down at his plate. He finally cleared his throat and asked, "Was it something I did?"

"No," Juliet said quickly, "No, you've been great. Wonderful, even."

He finally lifted his eyes and looked at her. "Then what happened?"

Juliet sighed. "I just... don't think we're right for each other. We never had that connection, you know?"

He tilted his head, curiously. "Connection?"

"I mean, we hit it off right away and we liked each other, but... there was always something missing, wasn't there? Did you never feel that? Like, we could never seriously talk to each other and think about it, what do we really have in common?"

Declan was silent once more. He let out a breath. "Well... I guess you're smarter than me to notice it."

"I'm sorry," Juliet said again, "I didn't mean-"

He held up a hand. "It's alright, Juliet. I understand." He took her hand and looked straight into her eyes. "I hope you do find someone you make that connection with. I'm just sorry it wasn't me."

And that was the end of that. Juliet made sure she got all of her things out of Declan's house by the end of the night. The next order of business was to figure out what to do about Shawn.

She didn't have a lot of time to think about it though because no sooner did she get home from Declan's did her phone ring. It was Lassiter telling her that they were going to Canada... the next day. Apparently they had to go extradite the famed art thief, Pierre Despereaux. Why Lassiter couldn't tell her about this earlier, she didn't know. Good thing she had her passport all in order. She contacted McNab to tell him she would need it sooner than originally planned.

The next morning, she and Lassiter were on their way. She was quiet for most of the flight, half glad that she had this time to think over what to say to Shawn when she saw him, but also half upset that she had to wait longer. Lassiter didn't seem to notice her mood and simply went on explaining how important it was that they get Despereaux back to the states as quickly and as smoothly as possible. He also expressed pleasure that Shawn would not be around to mess everything up. Juliet felt the opposite, but kept her mouth shut and simply nodded along.

They finally touched down, early afternoon and Lassiter wasted no time in heading straight for the RCMP headquarters. However, when they arrived, the man at the front desk told them that Despereaux was no longer approved for extradition.

"What!? Why not?" Lassiter cried.

"He's under suspicion for murder," the clerk explained.

"How is that possible?" Lassiter asked, incredulous, "Did he escape?"


"Well then how could he possibly murder someone from inside prison?"

Juliet backed away slowly. "I'm going to go find the commissioner."

She slipped into the back. She remembered where the commissioner's office was from the last time they were there. He was sitting at his desk, bent over some papers studying something closely. He was momentarily surprised at her entrance, but he was soon giving her the rundown of what had happened.

Apparently, the Crown Prosecutor was murdered and Despereaux's fingerprints and signature cigarette were found at the scene. Even though the art thief apparently had been in prison the entire time, they were trying to find any holes in their security. Until everything was sorted, they couldn't release him into their custody. Juliet thanked him for the information and went back to tell Lassiter.

As she returned to the front, she was greeted by a surprising sight: Shawn and Gus were standing next to a very irate Lassiter who was still shouting at the desk clerk. Her heart stopped at the sight. What in the world were they doing here?

Shawn's eyes met hers and she saw them light up. Her heart began to pound. She couldn't believe it. He was actually here. She gave him a small smile which he returned. He began walking towards her and she suddenly didn't know what to do with her hands. She awkwardly fidgeted before finally clasping them in front of her.

He was simply gaping at her in awe when he stopped in front of her. "You came here," he said softly, "To Vancouver."

That wasn't exactly what she expected him to say. "Yes," she replied, unsure of where this was going.

"That's why you needed your passport in such a hurry," he said, sounding relieved.

"How did you know that?" she asked. She couldn't quite make out the emotion on his face. He sort of looked like he was going to fall over. "Are you OK?"

He beamed and stood up straighter "Yes I am!" He suddenly turned serious and said, "I need to speak with you though. You and I, before you head off to Italy with Declan and get all caught up in the magic that's Barcelona and the running of the bulls-"

Juliet tried not to smirk. "You do know where Italy is, right Shawn?"

He continued, disregarding her interruption. "Before you make any major life decisions, can we please sit down and talk?"

As much as she would love that, she wasn't quite sure now was the time. They were, after all in the middle of the RCMP and a murder investigation. Sorting out romantic drama seemed a little inappropriate at the moment. However, he did try to ask her out over a dead body once, so Shawn wasn't exactly one for decorum. "Here? In the lockdown?" she asked, just to confirm.

"Sure," he said, gazing at her intently.

"OK," she said, deciding to along with it. He seemed so serious and that was rare.

However, he suddenly glanced back at Gus who was shaking his head. Shawn appeared to snap out of his intense focus on her and came to his senses. "Not here. Not now," he said.

"Later?" Juliet asked hopefully.

"Yes, later," he replied, "We'll speak?"

"OK," she agreed, smiling again.

"OK." He smiled back and then left quickly with a spring in his step.