Characters: Abby Spencer- 21 years old. Agent for WIA(World Intelligence Agency) Was part of an experimental program to induct children and turn them into perfect agents. She was 7 years old when she entered the program. Seemly cold and emotionless agent with no problems with killing.

Mark Callaway: Wrestler who falls into trouble with Victor Kasseris. Mark's ex wife starts dating him after Mark dumps her and she convinces Victor she wants him dead.

Victor Kasseris: Member of a wealthy Greek family who are also the head of the Greek Mafia. Cold blooded killer.

John Burrows: Was best friends with Jason Spencer, Abby's dad who was also an agent, Head of the WIA. The man who stated project Cradle as it was called and inducted Abby into the agency after she witness her whole family brutally murdered.

Summary: Victor Kasseris tries to murder Mark Calloway, and The WIA gets involved. They have been trying to catch Victor for years. John decides to put Abby on the case, since he is one of the men that murdered her family.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Undertaker or Mark Calloway and I make no money from these stories.

Rating: R for language, violence and sexual themes.

Blood…too much blood for a seven year old to comprehend. She had been mad at her daddy for taking her Brother Pete's side in the argument. So she stormed off to the kitchen. She had heard a deafening noise fill the air and a sulfuric smell. She had climbed in one of the kitchen cabinets and hid knowing something was wrong. The noise stopped and she climbed out and creeped toward the den. She picked around the corner and almost screamed but stopped her self. Blood everywhere, Her family lay in the floor blood pooled around them. They were dead there was no doubt in her mind. They had been shot down all of them. She seen three men there laughing. She looked at them and imprinted there faces in her brain. She knew if they seen her she was dead. She ran to the kitchen and out the back door. She headed for the woods and stayed there for what seemed like a long time.

She slowly came out of the woods and quietly made her way into the house. She went into the den. The men were gone but her family was still here still dead. She went to her father and knelt down beside him. She touched hiss cheek it was cold. He was covered in blood which by now had congealed. She should have been screaming and crying but she was in shock.

"Daddy I'm sorry I got mad." She whispered.

She checked her mother next. Dead. She had been 6 months pregnant.

"Love you mommy." Abby said.

Abby checked her 5 brothers. Pete first, then Michael, James, Robert, they were all dead.

She got up and walked to the playpen. She didn't want to look but she had too. Finally tears came as she seen Justin. God he was just a little guy, how could they kill him. He was just a year old. Crying she picked him up and walked to the phone. She called Uncle John's number.

"Hello." John said.

"Uncle John, its Abby." She said.

John heard the tears in her voice.

"What's wrong Abby?" John asked.

"There dead. There all dead." Abby said.

John felt a cold chill run down his spine.

"Abby we'll be right there honey." John said.

Abby hung up the phone and sat down in the floor holding Justin in her arms.

"Shh baby, don't cry, sissy's here, I'll take care of you." Abby whispered. She sat and rocked the baby and waited.

John had walked in on the most horrific slaying he had ever seen. And in the middle of it Abby was sitting rocking the dead baby. They had to fight her to get the baby away from her. John had took her out side and got most of the story from her. He had took her back to the agency headquarters and cleaned her up, she was covered in blood. Then he had showed her different pictures of men her dad had come up against or been after at one time or another. She had picked out Stavros Kasseris, Stephan Kasseris and Victor Kasseris. John sighed. He should have known they would pull some shit like this, they were cold blooded killers.

"Abby do want to catch these men who killed your family?" John asked.

He knew he was manipulating her and using her grief, but the program he had come up with had yet to be started; now they had a child for it free and clear, she had no other family to claim her. She was perfect.

"Me?" She asked.

John looked at her. She looked just like her dad, long dark brown hair and big chocolate brown eyes. The sweetest looking child in the world. Yes perfect she could be an perfect agent, who would ever suspect a sweet faced child. He felt a moment of guilt but then swept it away, after all they were the good guys, and this program would benefit the country.

"Yes Abby, I want to put you in training to be an agent; you would be the first in this program, a prototype of sorts. You could catch these men and punish them for what they did." John said.

"I'll do it. But I'm going to kill them; I swear to you, I'll kill them." Abby said.

John looked close there was a coldness in her eyes he had never seen before.

"We'll start tomorrow." John said.

Present Day

Abby woke up in a cold sweat.

"Shit." She cursed. She hated the dreams the blood. It all came back in her dreams. She got up and got some water. Her phone rang and she picked it up.

"Yea." Abby said.

"Get up to my office. Victor has turned up again and I figured you would want this case." John said.

Abby hung up and put on her shoulder holster and slid her Glock 9MM in the holster. She left her room and headed down the hallway of the barracks. Agents didn't have to live here, but a lot of the younger ones and single ones did. Who had time to keep up a home, to Abby this was home, she was raised and trained here. Her only family was The WIA. So Victor turned up again. She had killed his two cousins years ago in a standoff, but him, he was still out there. She was going to kill him this time. She didn't want to bring him to justice, she wanted revenge.