Chapter 1

The alarm screeched in her ears and jolted her from dreams of glory. Kiri groaned as she rolled over, scowling at the time. Half six. Kiri forced herself to get up to a sitting position, duvet thrown back haphazardly. She had little time to get herself showered and ready before Jenna knocked on the door. It was always a rush to get ready before Jenna knocked on the door.

Kiri was barely ready for Jenna when she knocked. Shouldering her bag, she opened the door to have Jenna's own dumped in her hands.

"Hold that for me would you?" Jenna asked, not really caring to wait for an answer before turning to adjust her shoe.

"Good Morning to you too." Kiri said, trying to blow an errant strand of black hair from her eyes.

"Oh, yeah, Morning." Jenna waved a hand back at Kiri as she bent to untuck a cuff of her trousers from her shoe. Kiri rearranged her friends bag in order to lock the door.

"So who are they setting you against tonight? They must be close to giving one of us a title run surely?" Kiri asked as she found herself carrying her friends bag to the lift.

"I believe I am next in line. You're two or three back after me, if I kept count correctly." Jenna said, giving her hand a wave as if dismissing the thought of Kiri's title reign.

"D'you think you'll get set up for Backlash?"

"No, that's too soon." Jenna said as the lift reached their floor. She paused as the doors opened and they stepped in, Kiri somehow manoeuvring to hit the ground floor button.

"When then? You've got Extreme Rules after that, then Sum-"

"Oh wouldn't Summer Slam for a win be glorious?" Jenna asked as she flipped her hair behind her shoulders. "Imagine it, Kiri. All those crowds cheering for me? Chanting my name? Can't you just hear the "Juno! Juno! Juno!" of the crowds? As I raise my hands in the air with that beautiful belt?"

"Certainly would," Kiri managed as she used the back of her hand to itch her face where Jenna's long hair had whipped her. "Wouldn't mind it myself."

"Oh I thought you were more of a Survivor Series girl, after your hero?" Jenna said with a raised eyebrow as the lift stopped. "I mean, they don't exactly focus on titles at that one, do they?" Kiri fell quiet as Jenna stepped out of the lift and began to walk to the breakfast room.

"Well, no, but it could happen." Kiri readjusted Jenna's bag.

"Why don't you put those in the car and come get me?" She replied with a smile, ignoring Kiri's remark.

"No, I want some breakfast first. I'm not doing an IHOP stop again like yesterday." Kiri handed Jenna her bag and began to walk towards the breakfast room. She was hungry. Bags could wait.

Jenna went out to her fight that evening and Kiri sat back in catering. She had already had her match early on in the night so was spending most of the time trying to kick back and relax.

"Hey Kiri." She turned to see Roman taking a seat next to her. He set his water on the table and ran a hand through his hair to remove any tangles he could.

"No fight tonight?" she asked. He shook his head.

"Camera only. Hunter wants me to rest tonight. Shame, I kinda wanted to fight. Maybe we should go one on one some day?" He raised an eyebrow at her and Kiri laughed.

"Oh behave yourself." Kiri waved his implication aside. "I can't anyway. Somehow we never get here early enough to even let me have a fight with you, or anyone else." She frowned at the thought as Roman suggested they sneak away and hit the gym instead to waste some time. Kiri decided she would like that, and after he let a passing Hunter know where they were headed, the pair headed off.

The open space of the gym was well separated from the hustle of the show. They spent all the spare time till Roman had to do some camera segment backstage in the gym. They did little working out or sparring other than some punch pad work, and instead they talked.

"So, Jenna really pulled strings to get that women's title match huh?" He said as he held up his padded hands.

"She did? News to me." Kiri though as her mind flashed back to the conversation they'd had that morning. Kiri punched the pads and Roman ducked down for her to swing. "Besides, she knows how to talk the talk."

"Thought you two were besties. Heard Hunter talking to her about it this afternoon. Looking at Summerslam for the match." He said as he held up the mits for her to attack once more.

"We are." Or at least, I thought we were. Kiri thought to herself as she struck out at the pads. "And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised for a Summerslam match."

"And what about you? When's you title match?" Roman asked, ducking as Kiri swung.

"I don't really know. Jenna said she thinks I'm like, two or three behind her? I'm not so good at keeping track, it changes so damn quick." Kiri replied, missing the frown Roman gave her.

"Jenna said that huh?" He said as he stepped back and brought down the pads. "Yeah, given her track record, I'm unconvinced it's the truth."

"She's been a good friend to me, Roman. She has…different ways of going about thi-"

"Yeah, it's called a knife in people's backs." The man said, looking at Kiri in sympathy.

"She hasn't done it to me. She won't. She's a good friend to me." Kiri repeated, but even to her ears she sounded unconvinced.

"If you say so, Kiri." He shook his head before stepping a little closer and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Look. You're my friend, y'know? I just don't want to have to mop up your tears when she finaly screws you over. Because she will screw you over. We both know it."

"She won't."

"She will." Roman insisted. "She will, because she did it to Alexa, to Nikki, to Charlotte twice." Kiri scowled at him now.

"If she was going to do it, she would have done it already by now." She insisted.

"I hope she's as deserving of your faith in her, Kiri, I really do. No one here wants to see you get hurt because you've misplaced your trust in the wrong person." He pulled the pads from his hands and offered them to her.

"I have not misplaced my trust, Roman. She's my best friend. She'd take a bullet for me."

Despite her insistence, the words Roman said did plague her as she waited for Jenna that evening. So much so, that Jenna noticed the change in her demeanour.

"What's the deal with you tonight? You're not normally so morose." She said as Kiri parked the rental car at the hotel. "Someone upset you?"

"Nah. Just really wasn't feeling it tonight. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't." Kiri lied. Something inside her really didn't want Jenna to tell the truth.

"That I can believe. And your fight, it was so early too. Shame." Jenna said, flippantly saying the last word as she unclipped her seatbelt the moment the engine turned off.

"A little. I got to spar with Reigns for a little, so that's not exactly a loss, is it?" Kiri said, to the sound of a car door slamming shut. Jenna had gotten out while she was talking and as Kiri made sure she'd gotten everything, Jenna was already heading for the hotel steps. It didn't help but fuel the thought Roman was right.

As the pair arrived at the next arena the following day there was excitement all around. Three titles were scheduled to change hands that night, so there was a lot of it in the air. Kiri loved nights like this. It was like everything was supercharged. As Jenna walked over to the entrance ahead of Kiri, Roman came running over.

"Kiri…he's here." He said as he skidded to a stop. "I wanted to tell you, so you didn't get caught offguard because, well, you know why."

"He's really, really here?" Kiri asked as Jenna decided to forget waiting for the pair and walk off towards the ladies changing rooms herself. Roman confirmed that yes, he was. He was scheduled to make an appearance later in the night.

"Oh fuck." Kiri swallowed hard as she realised that would mean he'd watch her fight that evening. Reality came back to her in the form of Roman clapping her on the shoulder.

"You ok?" He asked amused.

"I…yeah…I think so." She took a deep breath before steeling herself to walk in to the arena. She decided that the best course of action was to run as fast as she could to the women's changing room.

As soon as she got in to the cubicle to change, a voice called over the noise of the changing room.

"Hey, Kiri, your fancy man is here!" Becky said, making the women in the room laugh.

"Funny, Becky. Very Funny." Kiri called.

"You going to hide in here all night?" asked Charlotte from nearby.

"It's a good option right now, what can I say?" Kiri opened the door to the cubicle as she replied. "I'm not going to lie, I can't talk to him. That's not happening."

"Because you'll choke?" said Jenna in a sarcastic voice. The women in the room shot her a glare and disapproving glances at her tone of voice.

"I know I will. How am I supposed to keep my head straight around him?" Kiri asked as she brough up her foot to slip on a wrestling shoe.

"You need to stop worrying girlie." Becky said as she sat down next to Kiri and ruffled her hair. "For all you know, he could rather like you." Kiri batted her hand away with a laugh and continued to put on her other shoe.

"As if." She said, ignoring the second glare Jenna was getting as she rolled her eyes at Kiri's response.

Showtime had dawned and the pair were heading towards the room they had secured for themselves for tonight. Or rather, Jenna had secured. Kiri wondered what she had said to get it, but seeing as she wasn't ready to meet her idol just yet and be able to form a coherent sentence at the same time, she was going to pretend something had gone right and gone their way. As Jenna talked about how she was looking forward to being crowned the new champion at Summerslam, Kiri was alarmed to see Hunter and her idol walking towards them. As they passed, Kiri tried not to attract his attention, but Hunter paused to speak to Jenna. Kiri stood a little way off quietly pretending to ignore the fact her idol was stood less than a few feet away.

"So, d'you and Paygan want to fill a spot for me?" asked Hunter.

"Oh Hunter I would LOVE to." She said. "But, I don't think Paygan is in the right frame of mind to do that. I mean, she knows her way around the ring and all. But with her idol here, I wouldn't want her to lose focus-"

"Hey-" Kiri frowned as she caught what Jenna was saying.

"-Could be disastrous for the event. And you don't want that…."

Kiri didn't hear the rest of the conversation as Hunter's companion turned to look at her. Kiri then abruptly turned away herself and looked anywhere but him. If she spoke, she was likely to either say something stupid, or vomit. Or a combination of both.

"Great Hunter, I'll see you there!" Jenna called as she began to walk away from the COO, looking thoroughly pleased with herself. She hooked Kiri's arm in her as she passed, and Kiri found herself being forcibly waked away from where she stood.

She had been about to say something, anything. But Jenna was right. He wouldn't want anything to do with her. He barely knew she existed. As Kiri wondered if he even DID know she existed, they had reached their room and Jenna was checking over her ring outfit, looking at her blonde hair in the mirror and fluffing it up.

"Tonight is going to be the best." She said with a satisfied smile.

"I don't understand why I couldn't have been in the ring too for this. It would be the first title match I've been in on main roster." Kiri voiced as she began to re-tie her laces.

"And that exactly the problem, sweetie. It's so close to Backlash, so close to a pay per view. We don't want you to get in there and lose your head." Jenna said, barely giving the other girl her attention as she primped and preened. Kiri looked up and frowned at her friend.

"And besides, your boyfriend is here." She said turning around to face Kiri. "We don't want you getting hurt in front of him after all. Whatever would he say if his biggest fan made a fool of herself, and got hurt?"

"He's not my boyfriend Jenna, you know that. He probably doesn't know I exist. And I suppose you're right about me getting hurt. I mean, I don't want to embarrass myself." Kiri sat down on one of the spare chairs and watched the man working in the ring on a viewing screen.

"Anyway. Having two ladies in the match would distract everyone from the prize. And I don't want to have to beat you, anymore than you want to try beat me." Kiri frowned again at her words. "Now, now, it's not long till I fight. If you wait here you can see exactly how I'm going to shake this match up."