It was early morning when Tsuna finally opened his eyes. Judai, who was slumped on a chair in a very uncomfortable way beside his bed, was woken up by a very vigilant looking Winged Kuriboh.

The older brunette immediately jolted awake, eyes immediately snapping on to the bedridden younger brunette. "Tsuna!", he said as he stood up to cradle the small face in his hands, guiding the still hazy caramel eyes to lock on to his. "Tsuna, how are you feeling?", he murmured between them, careful not to jostle some of his injuries as he ran his hands on his form, looking for any signs of pain on the other.

I'm fine.

Tsuna tilted his head to the right when he was met with a frown and narrowed eyes from the other. "Don't give me that bullshit, Tsuna. I just found you unconscious in the forest.", Judai glared when the other was about to insist his earlier statement, causing Tsuna to sigh in defeat.

Some of my injuries and bruises still stings and my head is throbbing.

Judai nodded when he finally got a more truthful answer from his charge. "I'll get some ointment for your injuries and some pain reliever. Winged Kuriboh, please look after Tsuna for the time being.", he patted the other's head and gave a smile at his duel spirit when it gave a series of excited Kuri. "Get some more rest; you need it.", he gently pushed the thin shoulders of Tsuna as he tried to get up from his bed.


He chuckled when Tsuna gave a huff of irritation before plopping back on his bed, wincing when he bothered a few of his injuries. Judai hurriedly got out of the room to fetch the needed medicines for the bedridden brunette.

Judai sighed as he closed the door behind him. He glanced to the side when Yubel slowly appeared beside him. Turning to his other duel spirit, he finally asked his still unanswered question.

"What the fuck happened last night?!", he hissed as his eyes glowed green and orange; remembering what had happened yesterday night. Yubel flew towards the kitchen with Judai following them. "After I transported myself and the dragon back to the duel monster dimension—" Yubel grimaced as they remembered the rampaging of the huge being "—the dragon basically lost their shit; so to speak. The dragon kept on speaking words that I had no idea what the relevance it had with Tsuna.", as Yubel continued to speak, Judai unconsciously got the things he needed as he tried to think about the reasons why the dragon was so adamant to get as close with Tsuna.

"Did the dragon said anything else?", he asked as he rummaged on the overhead cabinets, making a soft aha! when he found the bottles of pain reliever. He turned around and raised a brow when Yubel kept silent. "The dragon kept of saying something in another language that I cannot decipher.", Judai frowned as he opened the cabinet below him for the first aid kit he knew where he always kept it. "It's not Egyptian?", he asked, Yubel shaking their head in the negative.

"Our origin started in Ancient Egypt, so I am mostly fluent in only Ancient and Modern Arabic languages; but the words that dragon had said, I do not know.", Yubel said as frustration bled in their voice. They looked up when Judai held on of their hands in his. "Don't worry about it; I'm here and we can ask Tsuna some questions about the dragon and on what happened yesterday. You're not alone in solving these problems, okay?", Judai gave a small smile when Yubel nodded before letting them go to return back to the duel monster realm.

The situation was getting complicated.

Arms laden with the things he needed, Judai paused at Tsuna's room when he heard muffled laughing. He stood there for a few seconds to appreciate the laughter of the other brunette; it was slightly breathy and quiet but still sweet and music like twinkling chimes to his ears.

He knocked three times to appear the occupants inside of his entrance. "And what has my precious charge laughing about?", he teased as he saw Tsuna curled into a ball on his side with Winged Kuriboh floating above him. He deposited the bottles of pain relievers and the box of first aid kit on the table adjacent to the bed.

Winged Kuriboh kept on fluffing his fur on my face.

He pointed a faux irritated look on the floating duel monster. "Tsuna has open wounds so don't go sticking your fur on him; did you even take a bath since yesterday?", he huffed when Winged Kuriboh only gave out sounds resembling that of laughter. He shooed the brown fluff ball away from the teen as he seated himself back on the chair beside the bed.

"Are you still hurting anywhere, Tsuna?", he asked as he cradled his hands in his. "My wounds still hurt and I kept having dizzy spell whenever I try to sit up.", Tsuna answered when Judai's eyes narrowed, tempting him to lie.

Tsuna closed his eyes when one of Judai's hands softly patted his head. "I've got some pain reliever and ointment for your wounds.", he tried to sit up but had another dizzy spell that had Judai scrambling to his side to help him. "Don't rush, you're in no condition, Tsuna", Judai admonished when the other tried to bat his hands away.

Grabbing the bottle of pain reliever, Judai popped out two pills and handed them to Tsuna, grabbing the pitcher of water on the table to pour a glass to help the other with his medicine. "Come on, drink it.", he softly urged as he slowly guided the glass to Tsuna's lips when the other popped the pills in his mouth.

Tsuna emptied the tall glass of water before he laid back on the headboard of the bed. "Wow, I didn't even realize that I was that thirsty...", Tsuna mumbled out as he kept his gaze on Judai as he took the first aid kit on the table and laid it on his lap. "That's what happens when you've been unconscious for more than god long how many hours.", Judai said as he took out an ointment out of the box. "What?!", Tsuna shrieked before clutching his head as his vision blurred around the edges.

He heard a click of tongue before his face was tilted up. "Stop moving and just lay there!", Judai scolded as he pushed Tsuna's body back to lay rest on the bed. He just laid there as Judai proceeded to lather different kinds of ointments on his wounds and bruises. He was already half asleep when he heard the click of the first aid kit. "Judai...?", he mumbled sleepily, eyes half opened in exhaustion. "Sleep, Tsuna. We'll talk later, okay?", Judai murmured and the last thing his brain registered before he succumbed to the tiredness was the feeling of soft lips on his forehead.

When Tsuna opened his eyes, it was now dark in his room. Blinking his still heavy eyelids of, he surveyed his room and found out that Judai was nowhere to be seen.

He must be in his own room. Judai must be so tired after taking care of him.

He slowly sat up, wincing when he put more force on his left arm; finding that there was a large gash on it. He turned to where his alarm clock was on the side table; he was shocked that it was already 6 in the evening. He had been asleep for almost seven hours!

He flinched when the sound of a knock echoed in the silence of his room. "Tsuna?", he breathed a sigh of relief when Judai's muffled voice entered his hearing. "I'm coming in.", the sound of the door knob clicked and turned before the tall figure of Judai walked inside his room.

How did you know that I was awake?

"Winged Kuriboh.", was the only thing that left the older's mouth that had him rolling his eyes; sticking out a tongue at the wispy form of the mentioned duel monster. He squinted from the sudden barrage of harsh artificial lights on his still sensitive eyesight. "Sorry!", Judai murmured before dialling the light to a much more lower setting. He sighed at the much more comfortable lighting, eyes trained on the other as he sat himself beside him on the bed.

"Feeling good enough?", he asked as he brushed away a few strands of hair out of his face. He nodded and nuzzled the hand now cradling his face. "Do you think you can eat at the kitchen?", he thought about the question as he made to move his legs under his blankets. He shook his head when he was stung by the pain on both of his feet.

"Make yourself as comfortable as possible while I'll get you your dinner, okay?", Judai patted his head before straightening up and walking out of his room once again. He hear the distinct clatter of cutlery on plates before the footfalls of Judai grew stronger as he neared his room.

He entered with a tray laden with two steaming bowls and a glass and a pitcher full of iced tea. As Jade laid the tray on the bedside table, he took a smaller table and put it on his lap beaming a smile at him as he did so. As soon as the tray was set in front of him, he was assaulted by the heavenly smell of soup and side dishes. "I tried to make a lighter meal for you since you haven't eaten for almost a day know and I didn't want to shock your stomach and cause it stomachache if you are too many heavy food.", Judai explained as he sat himself again beside him. He gave the other a smile that hopefully transmitted his gratitude

Thank you.

"You're welcome. Now, eat up. We still have a lot to talk about.", he was then directed to the cutlery at the side of the tray. As he took a spoonful of the still warm broth, he almost upended the bowl when the hunger that he didn't know he had immediately sprung up. "Easy or you'll burn your tongue.", Judai chuckled, causing him to pout at the other but acquiesced to his request and started eating more slowly.

He had eaten at least three bowls of soup along with the side dish that Judai had made for him. He patted his full stomach as he laid back in the bed in contentment. He opened his eyes when he heard the clearing of a throat beside him. He tilted his head to the side as a question to Judai.

"Let's talk about what happened yesterday.", he frowned as Judai became serious and solemn as he gazed at him with darkened chestnut orbs. He flicked his hand to the side as a sign for the other to start the questioning first.

"Why were you in the forest?"

I didn't know I was headed to the forest.

"Why were you even out of Domino? You know it's dangerous for you!"

Someone was calling out to me.


They were calling out my name. They kept whispering.

"When did this start, Tsuna? Why didn't you tell me this?"

I didn't tell you because I only started hearing them just yesterday.

"Did they tell you anything?"

They told me that they need me.

"Need you?"

They kept saying something like riddles over and over again along with screaming my name.

"Do you still remember the riddles, Tsuna?"

No. I'm sorry.

"It's okay, it's not your fault."

Judai sighed as he gazed at the sleeping teen beside him; absently patting his head as he thought back on the company on the conversation he had with Tsuna.


Are they related to what the dragon said to Yubel that they can't decipher?

Was the dragon and the one who spoke to Tsuna the same or are they separate beings?

Why did that spirit even need, Tsuna?

He shook his head, standing up and tucking Tsuna more securely and giving his forehead a kiss before he strode out of his room. "Good night.", he must murmured towards the slumbering younger brunette before turning all light off and closing the door shut with a click.

"I haven't seen you since our talk earlier.", he said when Yubel appeared beside him, floating alongside him towards where their kitchen was located. "The incident yesterday had caused me to deplete most of my energy so I had to recuperate back in the realm to properly aid you with our current problem.", Yubel exclaimed as they frowned when Judai made himself a large cup of coffee so late into the evening.

"I'm not mad at you, Yubel. I was just curious on where you were.", he grunted as he took a seat at the head of the dining table, a starting cup of coffee in front of him. "Have you asked Tsunayoshi about yesterday?", Yubel inquired as they took a seat next to Judai despite their non-corporeal being at the moment.

"Yeah but he can't remember anything more relevant that'll help us with this.", he sighed before giving a short summary of what Tsuna had told him earlier. "I see.", they were quiet as they mulled over all the information they had.

"It would have been highly beneficial if Tsuna had remembered more from yesterday.", Yubel broke the silence as they stared hard at the table i. front of them. "Maybe his brain's still had not accumulated from all the happenings of yesterday; let's give him time to heal first and I'm pretty sure he has hit his head since I found a small bump on the back of his head, so that might be one of the reasons why his memories are a bit foggy at best.", Judai explained to his companion before taking a large gulp from his cup.

"If only I know what that blasted dragon had said to me!", Yubel hissed as they clasped their clawed hand on their head. "Hey! Hey!", Judai tried to soothe the agitated spirit, standing beside Yubel's hunched up form. "You couldn't have known that the dragon might speak a language that you know nothing about.", he made murmured as he stroked the spiky hair of Yubel. "But I should have known!", Judai growled and glared at Yubel. "You are not omniscient, Yubel! Don't be hard on yourself for not knowing everything!", he scolded. "Give yourself a break, Yubel. You're running yourself ragged. I'm here to help too!", the kitchen was quite as the two of them were lost in their own thoughts.

The silence was then broken by the shrill scream of Tsuna.

"Tsuna!", they both screamed as they dashed to Tsuna's room, bulldozing the door when it wouldn't budge fast enough. They were assaulted of Tsuna thrashing on his bed, screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Shit! Yubel, muffle the whole house!", Judai ordered as he flung himself to the other, hands immediately cradling the sweaty and scrunched up face of Tsuna. His body gave a tiny shiver as he was exposed to the Light of Destruction energy, indicating that the sound barrier Yubel had put was a success.

"Tsuna! Tsuna, please wake up!", he pleaded as he softly tapped his hand on his cheek to wake him up. His gestures started getting frantic when Tsuna still kept of thrashing and screaming. "Tsuna!", he shouted and was flung back when a barrier flew up around Tsuna. He grunted in pain when his back collided from the closet at the far end of the room

"Fuck!", he swore when he was momentarily blinded by the bright light the barrier emitted. He flinched when he heard Yubel screech in pain. "Yubel!", he shouted as he tried to stand up, hands clasped on his eyes to shield as much light as possible.

The ear splitting shatter of glass breaking echoed that caused the room to slightly shake from its force. "Yubel! Tsuna!", Judai hurried towards Yubel's downed form beside Tsuna's bed. "Are you okay, Yubel?", he asked as Yubel clutched at their right arm as they kept staring at the now silent Tsuna. "I'm fine. I just damaged a few of my outer armours on my right arm when I used it to pierce and break the slowly hardening barrier around Tsunayoshi." Yubel answered before standing up and going back to their non-corporeal form to conserve as much energy as they can.

"Tsuna? Tsuna?", Judai continued patting the other's cheek when he notice the fluttering of Tsuna's eyelashes. "Please open your eyes, Tsuna.", he pleaded as he bundled up the prone form and cradled him in his arms. He smile when Tsuna's eyelids started to slowly open. Yubel hovered behind them as they kept a vigilant eye for anymore unwanted interruptions.

Judai sucked in a harsh breath when he was met with burning sunset orange instead of Tsuna's caramel orbs.

"He, who belongs above, had been dragged down to those who sees him as a means.

He, who is the rightful heir of the throne, shall finally get the vengeance his soul seeks.

They, who think of themselves better than the greater above, shall finally pay for the ocean they had created.

You, who is the harbringer of darkness, shall stand beside the one who is wronged.

The harbringer shall help the chained one to locate the the dragon, the magician and the pyramid. For they will be your guide and lending hand to achieving what was cruelly taken."

Tsuna fell unconscious again as Judai stared at the limp teen in his arms. His heavy breathing the only sound heard in the room. His vision was blurring at the edges and his mind a whizzing mess of thoughts.



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