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YGGDRASIL, a DMMO-RPG that changed the world of gaming because of the freedom that provided to the players, the liberty to build their unique history and playstyle. But one of the most fascinating features of the game was the way you could describe your character, biography, race, lore, and more. It made for extraordinary and complex character customization. The game became popular from day one, and the following years turned into the most played game in the world.

In that period, a particular guild in Japan would turn into one of the most powerful and famous in the world, for the way to play the game. In YGGDRASIL, players could play about every race they could imagine, from human, eagle man, orcs, to angels, or whatever they want. 700 races to choose from, split into 3 categories.

Humanoid races, like humans, elves, dwarves, etc.

The Demi-human races, orcs, ogres, lizardmen, and ultimately, the Heteromorphic races, like slimes, vampires, devils and so much more.

This causes a certain problem, since, like the actual world, the game community of YGGDRASIL became quite biased against Heteromorphic races.

That guild was so notorious for that same reason, it was a guild with only Heteromorphic players. Ainz Ooal Gown. The guild that could drive themselves to the top of the game and became a legend in the community. It began with 9 players, but it grew to 41 in their prime. In the prime days of the game, they won many top PVP tournaments, guilds wars, and international events, they became the best guild in the world, and for the members in the guild; it looks that there was no ending for their victories and fame. But as years went by and the company of the game shook thanks to the economic crisis of the decade, Ainz Ooal Gown lost the battle against their mightiest foe, reality.

"Did you hear about the revolts in Europe?" a voice is heard in the social district of YGGDRASIL.

"Yeah, it's looking pretty nasty."

"I can't find a suitable job... I don't know what to do..."

"Shit is awful, this company will close by the end of the year, that's sad."

"We can play FIFA 2138... it's not that bad... I mean, still looks like something from the last century..."

"Fuck no! I won't play that shit!"

"I still play Cyberpunk 2077, shit is legendary."

"It only took them 20 years to fix it!"

"But it ended up being amazing!"

In the social district, several players seem to gather around just to chat and waste their time, it is a lot safer than meeting in real life since the pollution and constant protest, didn't make for a great idea to go outside the safety of their apartments. The square is enormous and made for a good meeting ground since it is a safe zone there is no fight here unless you wanted to be kicked out of the game. In the place, a certain demon girl seems to wait for something or someone. She brought the attention of the people around, not because of what she is wearing but of who she is.

"Hey, isn't she from Ainz Ooal Gown!"

"Shit, she is, I thought the guild disbanded."

"Wow, I wonder if she is as hot as her avatar."

"Meh, she is perhaps he, a fat dude with a neckbeard."

"I don't know, I heard she was interviewed years ago when she won her third world champion back to back, If I remember, she was adorable."


"It's true, I will send you the video!"

"He is telling the truth, she was hot!"


The demon girl was just standing there ignoring the voices on /all comms, She had short white hair to her shoulders, two long horns, that stylishly look beautiful on her head, a gorgeous face, that show how much time she spent in character creation and two eyes with demonic pupils with bright golden color. The demon girl was wearing dark light armor, fit to her body nicely, but as well a long red cape around her, and staff on her hand, and the sword on her hips. A strange combination, since many who didn't know her would ask if she was just a magic caster or a warrior. But she was a little of both, thanks to her class of Arcane magic warrior.

A very annoying build to be sure, but equally challenging to master. The players have the best of both worlds, powerful spells to do damage or buff themselves with and physical strength to use the warrior path. Still, it was not a very popular class because of its drawbacks. For the first 45 levels, you are practically worthless. You are not a magic caster or a warrior, just something in between. Besides that, you have to grind your way to higher levels to damage even NPCs. You depend on items, armor, and skill to make it works and once you do, you would have to speed a lot of points on intelligence and wisdom to have any MP or CD left to use either magic or your sword since every skill in the Arcane magic warrior class depend massively on it.

But if the player made it to level 100, it's when they can finally play the game and even then, they have to put a lot of effort to learn to move to close range and then long rage to use the abilities properly.

This was the actual reason it was not popular, not because it was a weak build, but because it took so much time level up to finally play with the class and even then, you need to unlock two trees of skills to enter the Arcane magic warrior one.

"Sorry!" A voice was heard and brought attention to the demon girl.

"You took a long time, what happened?" the demon girl asked annoyed.

"Sorry, Gali-chan I was working, that's all," the demon girl's eyebrows twitch when she listened to her nickname.

"It's Galadriel, no Gali-chan," Galadriel said with a sleepy voice.

"It's too much of a mouthful. Anyway, I brought it," Galadriel had a gigantic smile behind her VR helmet.

"Thank you, I will send you the money," the demon girl replied, taking the object from the wicked elf girl in front of her.

"Thank you a lot, this money would help to pay the rent, but still I don't get what you want this thing. Yes, it's a world Item, but is very useless, I mean, I got it in loot box when it came out, I was fortunate to get it but still, it's worthless." the wicked elf girl told.

"I enjoy collecting stuff," Galadriel replied.

"Still, I don't get why though, I mean, YGGDRASILis going to be over by the end of the year, why collect such stuff anyway? You're not going to take it home, it will disappear," Galadriel said nothing, just save the ring in her dimension pocket.

"It's none of your business," the demon girl responded coolly.

"Ok, ok, geez... any case, can you help me with something?" the dark elf girl said, to which the demon girl could only raise eyebrows.


"Remember, my guild? The Greedy ones? Well, one guy just asked for a date... and well I don't know what to do... he is a nice guy, but I am not a nice girl at all, I don't know what to say to him, I need someone to talk to," the dark elf girl spoke with a whiny voice.

Suzuki Satoru, also known as Galadriel, didn't know what to answer. She was not the best person to ask such a thing; she was a mess in that kind of activity. Even at the age of 34, she was still a virgin. If she reaches 40, she would convert to a grand wizard, or in her case a grand witch.

"Eh... didn't you say that you... well, sleep with two of your guildmates, including your guild master?" Galadriel asked, a little flustered.

"Oh, yes, it was a party and stuff... two at the same time as well," the dark elf said with pride and Suzuki Satoru could only wince in her room. She met this girl a few months back, in her quest for world items, and it baffles her how honest and carefree she was. This girl, after a few days of meeting her, told her entire life, all the things she does, notably her nighttime activities. Making the 34-year-old virgin want to die.

"Well, I don't know... just be honest?" Galadriel responded with a random emoji in chat.

"I will try, or perhaps I will just blow him and tell him after, I don't know."

"Don't you think that it would cause problems?" questioned the demon girl.

"Mmm, I don't think so, besides is just a flint that's it, I like those guys, we are only 8 left in the guild so... what is the worst that can happen?" Galadriel only sends a smiling emoji, as she bid her farewell to the promiscuous elf girl.

As she finally reached her guild base, she went directly to the treasury.

"[Odin's Aesir ring]" Galadriel grinned as she put the ring on the finger of the mannequin.

"Not the best one, but still one of the world Items... with this, we have around 23 world items. Fuuh, when they see how many I collected, they would go nuts!" Galadriel said with a smile almost dancing with joy.

"They would be so happy, when they heard I manage to get [Atlas] back, as well [Ahura Mazda] and [World Savior] Fufufu~," she said cheerfully.

"Still, I have to sacrifice a lot of money and time... as well to talk to those guys," Galadriel felt shivers run from her spine, as she remembered that guild of hardcore role players, who love to play as the good guys.

"Those guys are at the same level as Ulbert-san in terms of role-playing," she said.

"Good thing they were noobs, and two of them had an unhealthy crush on me... eww, still I manage to get [Downfall of Castle and Country] and [Ouroboros] and the only thing I have to do, it's giving them a picture of me, in a maid outfit... god, Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama-chan would have lost their shit for that, they even made me take an in-game picture of them at their kneels as I pat their heads with the sun on my back, to make me look holy, so cringe, gosh so cringe, I don't want to remember it," Suzuki could only cover her face in real-time, as she remembered those things, only to get those two world items.

"In any case, I still need to get a more, I don't think they would like that I speed a lot of money, especially now... Haha, I can imagine Yamaiko-sensei getting furious at me for wasting money, or Touch me-san... yeah," Galadriel said slowly. She slowly looks at the surrounding mausoleum and saw the statues she designed for her friend's equipment. She felt lonely and depressed when she saw that, from 41 players, 37 left the game for good. The other simple stop coming online, but she hopes that they would come the last day, she would email them. They have to come, at least one more time to say goodbye.

"I need you guys... I miss you guys a lot," suddenly. She wept, even though her character in the game looks stoic and unfazed. Suzuki in her bedroom is breaking down. She didn't have anyone else, not family, friends, or even pets, just YGGDRASIL.

She is a lonely woman, who works for a big company that exploits her wellbeing in every horrible way possible, just like many of her female coworkers, she had to endure some men touching her with no possibility to fight back, the humiliation and sexual assault was not worth it. She earns quite the money, sure, but nothing more. Her life is work, suffer there, go home, play, sleep, and go to work again. In YGGDRASIL, she had a family, friends, she is popular, she had the life she always wanted, but more importantly, she is not alone.

In the mausoleum, the cries and sobbing were loud. For long minutes Suzuki let herself run out of tears, again. It had become normal at this point. She would get some world items or legendary ones, bring them to the treasury, and cry.

"Get yourself together, woman," she told herself.

Once she finally stops, she looks around and saw her creation, Pandora's actor, standing there, with the same weird face. Galadriel knew that she perhaps was losing herself, but she just spoke to him, like she always does. Her lonely companion of the night.

"Sorry, Pandora's actor, I cried again... I just got lonely, that's all," she told.

Galadriel knew she is speaking to an NPC, that would never answer her back, she knows that, but at the same time, she just doesn't have anyone else to speak to.

"Just take care of the items, please?"

"I will try to... I will try to get more and maybe they would come... I hope," she practically whispers.

Galadriel saw the time on her VR and curse, she would have to wake up early to go to work. So, she quickly told her goodbyes to Pandora's actor and went offline. She would come tomorrow and keep searching for more world items.