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Chapter 52

Waves of comfort came and went, softly caressing her skin. Galadriel felt numb. Yet, it wasn't a sensation of desperation that crawled into her. No, it was a feeling of joy and celebration. A strange allure appeared inside her, and Galadriel did not know what was it. Also, Galadriel felt surreal, as she was sleepwalking, a rather peculiar sensation to feel no doubt. Since it's been quite a long since she felt so disoriented.

Galadriel stared around her, and couldn't see properly. Yet, felt something in her arms, and realized she was cuddling something. She couldn't see what it was, just like the surrounding things. Galadriel couldn't see but could touch, and while everything was blurry. There, in her arms, lays a cuddle of joy.

What is this? Galadriel thought, deep in that strange world, that she was currently hostage. But, perhaps, the word prisoner was wrong. She felt no threat, no unhappiness, only bliss. Curiosity got the best of her, yet again. And Galadriel had to know, had to feel and understand what was going on. It was like having tunnel vision. She couldn't see clearly, but the light was slowly coming into her sight. So, feeling braver, Galadriel slowly bent forward, trying to see what was under that weight in her arms.

And the moment, sight came to her eyes. Galadriel froze, as she stared at two golden eyes. The same shade of color she had. It wasn't Albedo's but hers. Now she was utterly confused. Galadriel had times in which she had to choose what to do, and at that moment right there was one of them. Yet, Galadriel could do nothing. She just stared at those beautiful eyes, and as she was doing so. Galadriel noticed that what she was holding on to was something she was so surprised to see in her arms. Galadriel was holding a baby.

A baby…? Where did it come from? Galadriel thought as she inspected the baby. But as she stared at it, the more her heartbeat. Even in that dreaming-like, Galadriel understood she was holding something important, something with an unmeasurable value to her.

Who are you? Galadriel wondered, now looking at the baby with increasing curiosity. But then the image of the baby got clearer and saw, and behold, a gentle face. A beautiful face, with big red cheeks, and cute big lips were forming a big smile while looking at her. The heart of the Demon Empress melted at such an image. But it was more than that. Those big golden eyes were looking at Galadriel with such pure love, with such innocence. It brought Galadriel to her knees.

Now, Galadriel knew that the baby in her arms was her daughter. Her heart exploded, and tears ran from her eyes as she held the baby close to her. The waves of emotions had no explanation. It was impossible. The joy of life, the blissfulness of holding her newborn child, had no equal. Galadriel was crying openly while holding it. And while she was not hearing the baby speak, or make a sound. Galadriel knew it had to be real. It needed.

A baby… I have a baby! My daughter! I have a daughter! Galadriel whispered in her dreams, with such raw emotion, that no one would ever believe she had in her, to cry in such a fashion. A joyful cry. Images of her childhood came to her mind. Galadriel's mother, holding her hand, looked at her as if she was the only thing in the world that mattered to her. The smiles, those smiles filled with devotion and love. Those were the memories Galadriel had locked in her heart. Those precious memories were one of the most valuable things to her.

Now she understood. Now, Galadriel comprehends what her mother felt when looking at her. She could finally recognize the love of a mother. But Galadriel suddenly felt a shift, a change coming to undo her happiness. She slowly faded away, and the image of the beautiful child in her arms disappeared like mist as if it never existed. It was such a cruel joke, a horrible prank. Galadriel couldn't stop it. No matter how powerful she was, no matter her many items she tried. Galadriel couldn't stop the inevitable.

Galadriel tried desperately to hold on to her, but her body didn't respond. She tried with everything, nails, arms, and legs, whatever it was at her disposal, to never leave her child. But it was fruitless. And like a puppet whose strings have been cut down, Galadriel fell to the endless void of her mind. Incapable of doing nothing but to see her child leaving her.

And that's the moment Galadriel woke up. And it was quite difficult to explain, but she was out of breath. Completely lost in a sea of broken thoughts, like waking up from a long nightmare. But it was not a terrifying dream, but one so beautiful that when she realized it was nothing but her imagination. Nothing but a gash, an open wound remains, deep in her soul. It wasn't fair to have something that brought so much joy to yourself, only to be ripped away.

"It… it was there, in my hands…!"

Galadriel stuttered, with no air in her lungs, while her inner feeling was trying to get back to normal. Her demonic side was pushing those feelings away furiously, those feelings of weakness and sadness. Yet, at the same time, was furious, and in pain for the same dream of joy and the sight of a child that was hers being taken away.

It was a mixed bag, and it was causing pain to Galadriel, and the Demon Empress's beloved succubus, who was sleeping next to her, woke up immediately, hearing the whimpers of the pain of her lover.

"My love! What is it?! What happened?!" Albedo asked as she stared at her lady with a panicked face. The succubus was inspecting her lady, as her life depended on it. She looked over at her and furiously started to use any ability that could heal whatever injuries Galadriel may have.

"P-Please, my lady…! I'll call Pestonya immediately! Please, my love, Galadriel! Don't die on me!"

Albedo yelled out of her mind, but by that point, Galadriel was able to regain her composure and stared at Albedo with an amused yet anxious face.

"Albedo is alright. I am not hurt."

Galadriel told Albedo and the succubus, who was still very much naked from the previous night, was standing before her beloved, holding her hand, as if Galadriel was about to die. A rather endearing view to be sure, but one a bit cruel considering the last minutes.

"I see," Albedo said with an enormous sigh, feeling more relaxed than before. Yet, worried still, linger in the eyes of the succubus. Since what she has witnessed was not something normal. The overseer of the guardians knew it all too well. That's why Albedo still held Galadriel's hand, looking at her for any answer.

"My love, please, tell me, what happened?" Albedo asked, and Galadriel sighed deeply, as she rested her head on the soft pillow once more, wondering how could she tell Albedo. Even now, Galadriel was having problems, understanding what was that all about. And it was at that moment that Galadriel realized something important. A rather vital point about the whole thing.

Wait… did I just dream? Did I just have a dream?

Galadriel thought, trying to think about the last time she ever had a dream. And the answer was, not since she came to the new world. When Galadriel sleeps, when she goes to bed. She was mostly just turning herself off if that made some sense. It was at will. Galadriel sometimes felt as if she just pressed a button and that was it. She was sleeping. Galadriel could wake up whenever she wanted. But, most of the time, the sensation was mostly of hibernating. A slumber that she had control over. Not at all what a normal human could ever understand. Yet, it was the reason Galadriel was so surprised about the whole dreaming thing.

"I had a dream… a strange dream."

Galadriel whispered while looking at the roof of her room.

"A dream, my lady?" Albedo asked. "It sounded as if you had a nightmare instead."

Galadriel chuckled but had to give it to Albedo. Since her sudden reaction, it may well have been a nightmare for all intents and purposes. Yet, her mind was still deep in thought. As she couldn't leave behind that beautiful smile from the child she held in her arms.

"What was the dream about, my love?" Albedo asked, slowly stroking Galadriel's hand.

"I was holding a baby."

"A baby?" Albedo now looked baffled at those words. Yet, she stared at her lady and noticed a huge amount of pain in her eyes. They were yearning for something so pure and loveable that Albedo understood the discomfort in her lady's eyes. The dream must have been so vivid, and so raw, that when she woke up. My love felt disoriented. Albedo thought, sharing her beloved one's suffering. Since, currently, that was the only thing she could do.

"She was perfect, Albedo. She was, in every sense of the word, perfect."

Galadriel whispered, while in her mind she could picture her child as clear as day. Galadriel's hand slowly strokes her flat stomach, wondering if that dream was a sort of sign. Or maybe it was Galadriel's own mind playing tricks on her.

"I held her close, as she smiled. A beautiful baby girl with my eyes."

Galadriel then turned at Albedo, who seemed deep in thought.

"She had your cheekbones," Galadriel said, surprising Albedo, who pushed away any thoughts and crawled back into bed, hugging Galadriel tightly.

There was nothing Albedo could say. Not really. She had no words. and Albedo couldn't be sure why. Maybe it was because of the surprising confession of her lady. The overseer knew that currently, inside her beloved room. There was a set of rules she followed. There, in the intimacy of her most private home. Albedo and Galadriel were just two women, two people, two lovers. And nothing more. It was a place where Galadriel could relax, and act however she wanted. And it allows for a more natural and genuine relationship with Albedo and Galadriel's many other lovers.

So, with that in mind, Albedo currently saw fit to make sure her love was fine.

"Of course, she was beautiful, my love. It was our baby," Albedo whispered with tenderness. As Galadriel closed her eyes while rejoicing in Albedo's arms.

"Our baby," Galadriel replied, with genuine passion. Yet, she had to accept the truth.

It was but a dream, and nothing more.

The morning sun came into view, holding with it the promise of a new dawn, yet the reality of it all was that no peaceful day was ahead of the city. The feeling of gloominess and the prospect of hardships continue and the many spheres of hope were slowly bursting away. Still, for those who believed, not all was lost. And there, the Holy Queen Calca Bessarez sighed deeply at the news of the army of demi-humans who seemed to be preparing for an assault. It was yet to be determined where they would do it, but the queen knew it would be soon.

"We have to prepare."

She whispered while looking at the reports. But the feeling of an important battle was making her nervous. There was something else that made her feel rather joyful. Incredibly so. And it was the news, the glorious news of the Ancient One awakening. Calca, like many others, didn't believe it at first. It was hard to do so. The revival of being responsible for the world to exist was a bit too much for anyone. Yet, hearing the words of the one who bears witness to it, how the world reacted to such presence, the dark skies, and the sudden clearance of it as if someone decided to reset the world, was adding to the belief it was true.

"These times are testing our faith. We must decide if we are either the Four Great Gods followers or the Ancient One."

Calca whispered to no one but herself. She already knew her answer. No doubt.

"I must pray for the Supreme one's help."

Calca said as she stared at the painting of the only true God in her life. Calca wasn't a follower of the Creed of the Ancient one. Not necessarily. Yet, she was a firm believer in the Supreme God that was Galadriel Melkor. She does remember the time she saw the grand statue of the Ancient One, in the middle of the capital of the Slane Theocracy as a child. It felt as if the Ancient One was speaking to her, and only Calca could hear the words. That moment changed her life, without a doubt.

It was one of the reasons Calca wasn't so liked in the South of the Kingdom. They see her as a blasphemous queen who does not share the same belief as them. Since they worshipped the Four Great Gods. It was one of the many cultural points about North and South and how, even after 200 years, the Holy Roble Kingdom hasn't been able to be truly united under one ruler. But now, Calca would like to see their faces. She would rejoice in the reactions from those annoying nobles who called her so many names over many years.

But that was aside now. Calca had to make sure to come up with a plan that could save her kingdom.

"We can't survive a full-scale attack by the demi-humans. It's just not possible. Our resources are limited, and with the civil war starting up in the Slane Theocracy. We are not in a pleasant spot."

Calca whispered, weary of any weak point in her kingdom's defense and her own standing, still worried the southerner nobles would try to do something. But the arrival of a certain friend of hers interrupted her thoughts.

"Your highness," Remedios said, arriving with eagerness, and Calca only sighed but smiled at her long-time friend.

"Remedios, what has brought you here? I thought you were training the new recruits."

"I was, but we have heard reports from the travelers from the north about the city being under the control of the Ancient One."

Remedios said, with a sort of strange and sadistic smile on her face.

"Some estimate around 300.000 soldiers from both the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire killed. Destroyed like the vermin they are."

Remedios didn't hide her morbid satisfaction. The holy knight was, without a doubt, an incredibly self-righteous person. Her dedication and blind loyalty to her queen and ideals were quite dangerous. And idiotic, for some parts. But Calca couldn't deny that a part of her respected Remedios's faith in the Ancient One. A belief Remedios would kill for. Yet, it wasn't feelings of hate without reason. From what Calca knows, her dear friend has a deep history with the cult of the Ancient One. Since she was a child. So, Remedios became a fervent believer of Galadriel Melkor.

Only one god truly wants prosperity for all of us. And is the Ancient One! Those were the words Remedios would often say to Calca.

Remedios truly believed that, in order to have a feeling of peace in the world. They had to follow the Creed of the Ancient One, as simple as that.

Remedios loves peace, and she can be quite decent and good-hearted, deep inside. But because she believes so much in peace and a world without suffering, and the Ancient One. Remedios would kill even children to achieve it. Calca thought with a sigh.

Calca nodded at that news. "Yes, I have heard the same. After the… battle of the Katze Plains. It has shaken the world to its core." Calca said, trying to use the word battle the best way she could. From what she has read. It was more like a massacre than an actual battle. Yet, it was not surprising considering who took part in it.

"So, your highness. Please tell me, are we going to join our lady in E-Rantel?!" Remedios asked with a grin on her face.

"I have thought about it. But currently, we have heard other reports. About the army of demi-humans gathering close to our borders. An incredible amount of them."

Calca said, and Remedios looked down at the map.

"It's not the best time for me to leave… even though I would love it," Calca told Remedios, sighing.

"Yes, of course. You're right, your highness, as always. I just… wanted to see the glory of the Ancient One."

Remedios whispered, and Calca giggled. "We will. But we need to find a way for us to defend our borders. And the south is still refusing to help us in any significant manner."

Remedios then scoffed. "We should have dealt with them a long ago."

"We incredibly spread our armies out as of now. We can't have a civil war right now. It will just give a window to the demi-humans. And as you know. The Slane Theocracy is not in a position to help us in any meaningful manner."

Remedios hummed, as she couldn't quite grasp the reasoning behind the civil war in the Slane Theocracy. Yet, what she knows, was that the Creed of the Ancient One was now becoming more powerful and more widespread, something she was glad for.

"Yet, we need help… perhaps… Remedios. Do you think we could ask for help?" Calca whispered, and Remedios looked at her, trying to put pieces together.

"To whom…?"

"To the Ancient One."

Remedios wanted to say something, but couldn't do so. Remedios wanted to ask for help, but at the same time, she thought of such an idea as heresy. Who are they to demand help from a god? Remedios couldn't stop thinking. But it was the perfect opportunity to see with her own eyes. The blissful view of the being who saved her and her sister's lives so many years ago.

"As believers… would our god help us in our darkest hour of need?" Calca asked, and Remedios nodded.

"Then please, your highness. Let me go, personally, to meet the Ancient One, to beg her for help! Allow me to do my duty as a knight, to bring help and security to our kingdom, to our people!" Remedios said, and Calca smiled.

"That we could do."

"I'll gather a small party. And march immediately to E-Rantel!"

"Please do so, and also… I think it would do well if you take our informant. The girl who witnessed the revival of our lady first hand."

Calca said and Remedios had to keep up a fake smile, hating the idea of taking such a lowly individual with them. But it was her queen's orders, so she obeyed.

"It shall be done, your highness."

The capital of the Roble Holy Kingdom, Hoburns, was quite the beauty to be held during summers times. Yet, the sudden civil war in the Slane Theocracy and the sudden takeover of the Re-Estize Kingdom city of E-Rantel created a refugee crisis like never before. And it wasn't as if those people were rushing to the Holy Roble Kingdom for obvious reasons, no. They were just leaving to whatever place would take them. As simple as that.

And it was not only refugees coming there. But many other people with different objectives. Yet, that was not what a certain girl with sharp eyes was thinking about as she stared at the middle of the plaza.

"So many people are here now."

Neia whispered while staring at a strange woman with shiny golden hair and deep red eyes.

"She looks like a nun of sorts."

Neia said as she tried to hear what that woman was trying to preach.

"Rejoice, now! The world of our lady awaits us! And only those who believe will be saved from the clutches of the old world! Repent and join us! Repent the old beliefs and baptize yourself with the glory of the only true God!"

Neia mulled over those words. Since she has returned from that mission, from the tomb, where she lay witness to the reality of the world. Neia has spent a lot of time thinking about her own religious beliefs. She was never a true child of God, so to speak. She barely bothers praying to anyone, but not anymore. How could she forget the power she saw? How could she even comprehend the world now? Well, Neia had to admit. Becoming a believer was surely something she has thought about.

"I saw her. Truly I saw the Ancient One."

Neia muttered as she looked at the sky, wondering what would happen to her now.

"Excuse me, would you like to bless?"

Neia squealed at the soft voice coming from behind her. She then turned around and saw a cute girl with a sort of nun outfit. A very strange vestal outfit.

"Ah, sorry, for scaring you. It wasn't my intention."

"N-No, it's alright!" Neia said, trying to defuse the tension, but the girl only smiled and Neia couldn't look away from those beautiful, deep blue eyes.

"You're very kind. But I used to be an adventurer. Walking softly and without making much sound was something I learned quickly."

The nun girl said with a dashing and gentle smile.

"You used to be an adventurer?" Neia asked, a bit surprised.

"A while ago. Now, I serve the Ancient One. Trying to spread the word to the world. Hoping they'll listen."

"Ah, I see… that's why you're here now? Are you from the Creed of the Ancient One?"

The girl smiled proudly. "Yes, my name is Ninya."

"Ah… it's nice to meet you, eh… sister Ninya?" Neia said, a bit nervous.

"Just Ninya."

Ninya smiled and for a moment, Neia saw something so pure. A person with no pain or weight on her shoulders. As if all her problems were solved already, and she was now spreading her happiness. Neia was a bit jealous of her.

"My name is Neia Baraja. I am squire of the Holy Kingdom's army."

"Oh, a squire. Do you wish to be a knight?" Ninya asked.

"Well… uh, yeah."

Neia said, a bit embarrassed, still wanting to be someone, and at least make sure her father sees her with some pride. And hopefully, she would make her mother proud, too.

"Do you have a family member in the order?" Ninya asked, with genuine intrigue.

"Oh, yeah, my father is part of the Nine colors! A group of the strongest warriors in the kingdom!" Neia declared with pride, and Ninya only smiled at her.

"You must love your father dearly."

Neia blushed since it's been quite a while since she had shown any affection to her father. She loves him. No doubt. She still remembers when she used to hug him every time she could. Yet, those moments were long gone.

"I do. He is the reason I want to become a knight," Neia said, and while it was true that she has long stopped showing affection for him. The inspiration to be someone remains.

"I see."

Ninya said with a gentle smile as soon they both stared at the center of the plaza, where a certain nun kept on preaching the good word. Yet, Neia noticed how serious the woman was when speaking about the future.

"I have seen the light; I have washed my sins on it. Cleanse my body of any crime. That's the only way to reach divinity. Do not let your future be erased by the works of those who wished you harm! Stand up and join me, brothers and sisters, for the future that awaits us is one of peace and harmony!"

"I have seen the light?" Neia replied, a bit confused.

"Sister Clementine has a candied way to say words. But, she, like many others, has seen it."

Ninya said, with strange eyes gleaming under the light. And Neia had to admit that she has seen it too. Neia now believes, and perhaps that was one of the hardest parts. That she has to live knowing that everything she has ever heard about in the past about gods was mostly true. And the most powerful of those entities that claimed to have created the world was now walking among them. So, yeah, Neia has seen the light, and she was afraid.

"I guess that's a way to put it. We all have seen some of it, no doubt," Neia muttered.

Ninya was about to say something before a sudden commotion started among some of the people near the plaza. A group of what it looks to be priests gathered around Clementine, with nothing but hatred and rage.

"Stop this nonsense! You are spreading lies!" One of them said, with a rather nasty set of eyes. Clementine wasn't even aware of their presence until they got closer to her.

"You're one of those loonies from the creed of the Ancient One, aren't you?! Those idiots who believe the Ancient One is back?!"

Clementine kept quiet, as she only stared at them with no emotion on her face.

"Eh?! Answer me!"

"I pity your blindness but not your ignorance of the surrounding truth. I was once like you, filled with rage, jealousy, and pain. But no more. I am free of those feelings and memories. Now my life has a purpose, and that purpose is to serve the glory that is the Ancient One."

"There is no Ancient One...!"

"She does exist, I have seen her! And feel her glory! You're a fool, following fake gods! But soon your time will come to an end, for all who wished harm upon this world, will fade away."

"How dare you...! You heretic bitch!"

The priest filled with rage and desperation since they were losing more of the faithful to the Creed of the Ancient One. Reacted the only way he could, and it was with a backhanded hand, hitting Clementine's cheek.

"As I say... violence is your only tool... just like mine used to be," Clementine replied, with undying dignity, making the priest even angrier.

"Silence you infidel! The only true gods are the Four Great Gods and no one else!"

The priest said, and those around him, who came with him, all nodded in agreement. Yet Clementine only sighed. The pain on her cheek was nothing to be concerned about. She had worse, far worse. Still, Clementine only had one thing in mind, and was to show the people there that the time of false gods was over.

"You call me an infidel and used violence to prove your point. I ask the people of the Roble Holy Kingdom, what has the church of the four Great gods done to any of you? What have they contributed to society?"

Clementine said, and suddenly, muttering started to be heard.

"Have they stopped the demi-humans from attacking?" She said, and now everyone was paying attention to her.

"Have they done anything worth mentioning? Look at their clothes! For the priest who supposedly serve the people, they do sure love wearing gold."

Clementine said, and around her, everyone seemed to agree with her.

"That's true. They only ask for gold, but they don't do anything else!"

"They don't even help the poor! And they asked for incredible amounts of money to heal people!"

"I hear they are part of some of the criminal groups in the kingdom!"

The people started to speculate and, while it wasn't necessary, true. Well, some of it. It was clear that recent events have been pushing away much of a cleric in the country, and allowing the Creed of the Ancient One to gain momentum. And it wasn't only in the Robe Holy Kingdom, but across the continent as well. And it was only starting.

"That's not true!" He yelled, but no one believed him.

The priest looked awkwardly around him, as the people started to notice the clear jewelry and many precious stones.

"Your gods are like your ethics, non-existent," Clementine added with a gentle smile.

"How dare you…!"

The priest hissed, but before he added more to his speech of hatred. He noticed how the people were looking at him with disgust. The priest also noticed that he was not fully welcomed in that place. The North was different from the south, and they were more openly free of other religions. So, noticing he was not in place to do anything about it, only glared at Clementine and begrudgingly left.

"I'll remember this! The Great Four Gods will remember this!"

The group left, leaving behind Clementine and the group of people who kept on hearing Clementine's words. Yet, Ninya and Neia only stared back.

"That was something," Neia whispered, as Ninya only chuckled.

"It was less problematic than I expected. But yeah, there are fewer problems here than in other kingdoms. Please, let me ask you something, Squire Neia. Would you accept joining the creed of the Ancient One? I know you'll be important one day. I can feel it."

Ninya said, and Neia only stared at the sky, wondering what would she do. She has seen firsthand the Ancient One. Neia has experienced the power to change the world, and a part of her couldn't help but wonder. What would her part be? What would she do? Neia doesn't know.

"What could I do…? I am just a mere squire, with no power of my own."

"And I was just a mere adventurer, and I died and was brought back by our lady's grace. Believe, Neia Baraja, believe in our lady."

Neia had a troubled face, but a part of her wondered if things were truly destined to be true. So far, she doesn't know. But the words said by Ninya echoed in her mind.

"Believe… would my father approve?"

Those were Neia's words before looking at the sky once again. So far, life has surprised her in a way she never thought possible. And now, Neia has seen a true god. The Creed of the Ancient One seems in her eye true faith that truly means something. So, maybe, she could find purpose in her life. Perhaps Neia could be something more. Only time would tell.

Back at Nazarick, Galadriel stared at the map, and while she was focusing on the next big operation. Her mind was still rather occupied with something else. And it was the dream she had. It's been a few days since that, and she couldn't quite forget about it. And not only that, Galadriel felt out of herself. Strange even. She doesn't know why, but there was something weird going on. And currently, everyone around her felt it.

"My lady, is everything alright?" Albedo asked, as Galadriel only nodded, albeit not really knowing how to respond.

"Yeah, so… out of myself. I guess."

Galadriel said, not sounding sure of herself. Yet, she did her best to push it away. There were more important matters at hand.

"Nevertheless, Albedo. We need to focus on the next operation. Is everyone ready?" Galadriel asked, and Albedo had to ignore her worries for now. But Albedo couldn't just shrug it off. It was something deep inside, worrying for her love.

"My lady, please… do you feel unwell?" Albedo whispered, and Galadriel, for an odd reason, felt annoyed.

"I won't repeat myself, Albedo. I am fine."

Galadriel said sharply, making Albedo flinch at the bitter voice she heard. The overseer of the guardians looked down, staring at her feet nervously.

"I apologize, my lady. I won't bother you again," Albedo whispered, very softly, making Galadriel just realize how was she behaving. The Demon Empress pinched her nose and took a deep breath. She didn't even know why she felt like that. Maybe it was the stress, who knows?

That's why Galadriel relaxed a bit and approached Albedo, softly kissing her succubus lover's lips.

"Sorry, Albedo… I should have spoken to you in such a manner."

Albedo look at her lady's eyes and gave a soft smile.

"I worry for you, that's all, my love."

"I know, but please do not worry," Galadriel said, trying to sound confident and sure of herself. Yet, Albedo still seems bothered by her lady's lack of self-care. Albedo took Galadriel's hand. Her face was pleading to her lady, begging for her to be more careful with her health. And while, it would be rather ludicrous to worry for the health of a Demon Empress, who was a level 100 player. Albedo's fear of her lady's well-being couldn't be quenched.

"My lady…"

Galadriel sighed, knowing she wasn't convincing Albedo at all. I guess this is my doing. I really need to take a slight break. But not now. Not before this.

"Alright, alright, what about this? After this operation. I'll take a small break. What do you say?" Galadriel said, and Albedo had to take the bargain.

"That's all I want, my love."

Albedo said, and Galadriel chuckled. "Then, let's end finish this."

Galadriel said, as both entered the throne room, where the rest of the guardians were waiting for their master. All of them, wearing their items and weapons. All of them were ready.

"It's time… let's hunt our first dragon lord."