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Chapter 53

An echoing sound ruptures in the large cave as the wind comes from cracks on the roof, allowing a well-welcoming scent to the darkness of the place. A relatively secluded but not empty place, since it was confirmed that a cave maybe not be the best place to hold the title of the most comfortable place to live. However, there were times in which particular creatures would find it relaxing and whatnot. And some of those creatures were notorious for their usage of such hollow and dark places. So, the current beast enjoying the peace and quiet was not other than a dragon. But not just a typical dragon, but a Dragon Lord.

The Brightness Dragon Lord was a dragon with a powerful title. Yet, while it was established that he was among the strongest Dragon Lords in the world. It was easier to say that. The Brightness Dragon Lord was just among the strongest. He doesn't see himself as more powerful than some of his colleagues. The Deep Darkness Dragon Lord and the Heavenly Dragon Lord could hold such titles, but not him. Or at least, that's what he thought in anycase.

The Brightness Dragon Lord, for his part, wasn't a warrior type of Dragon. Not truly. He didn't enjoy battles unless it was for his life. Most of the time. The Brightness Dragon Lord would rather spend his time experimenting in his cave, or simply breeding with other races, just to see what comes out of it. That was perhaps, one of the reasons why was he just feared by his fellow Dragon Lords. He meddles with the lesser beings, a great deal, and not in a way a normal Dragon Lord would. The Brightness Dragon Lord would not waste the opportunity to seek the companionship of a beautiful lady, regardless of her race. He was a pervert.

Of course, that doesn't mean he was a lustful person, just because. The Brightness Dragon Lord was not a rapist. No, he would seduce and court lovely females to achieve his goals. In the past, the Dragon Lord has been married and has loved his many wives dearly. He considers himself to be a good partner and lover. Yet, at the same time. The Brightness Dragon Lord was also arrogant, just like his brethren, and wasted no time proving that by acting like a know-it-all. It was something that could irritate the fellow Dragon Lords, to not end. Yet, among all of that. The Brightness Dragon Lord enjoys his life away from them. A peaceful one, where he would sometimes find a lover to keep him company and keep going with the flow of time.

That was it, pretty much.

However, he would avoid mortal problems since it was not his concern. Yet, the Brightness Dragon Lord has noticed a sudden change in the world. A feeling that made him wonder what was truly going on outside the mountain halls. Those dark clouds and those earthquakes brought a lot of questions.

"I wonder if I should pay a visit, Tsaindorcus," the Brightness Dragon Lord muttered thoughtfully. He slowly stood up from his comfortable mattress, made of rocks and diamonds.

"No doubt, he'll try to get me to work with the rest in that annoying council."

The Brightness Dragon Lord groaned, walking past many ancient ruins. His home was indeed an empty mausoleum of past wonders. Many gifts and relics of ancient nations and kingdoms. He liked collecting stuff such as old sculptures, figures, and artworks just to remember what would be a better time. He stared ahead of him, where the sunlight was slowly entering the dim cavern, and with a sigh, he allowed his body to bask in the glory of daylight.

"I'll have to deal with his self-righteous attitude. Maybe, it would be better to just stay out of it. It's not like he needs my help. Two hundred years ago, he did just fine on his own."

The Brightness Dragon Lord muttered, staring at the valley from his point, all the way up from the mountain.

"Ah, such a beautiful place!" He exclaimed jovially. "I shouldn't get involved with whatever is happening in the world. It's a pain in the ass. I rather stay here, in this beautiful valley, and enjoy life! I wonder if I should try to get laid?"

The Brightness Dragon Lord's home was at the peak of a mountain surrounded by three smaller mountains, creating a triangle of sorts made by an extensive mountain range. And it was on the foot of the mountain range where life bloomed with such beauty.

Rivers, waterfalls, and a deep green forest filled with life of all kinds. A perfect place for a dragon to live, no doubt. The Brightness Dragon Lord sighed deeply, enjoying the beauty of the site. Once, he founded the Dragon Kingdom and got quite dull with all the nuisance that comes with ruling a kingdom. He left his domains to his descendants and looked for a place where he could just rest.

It didn't take long enough to find it. The only thing the Brightness Dragon Lord had to do was fly north of the Dragonic Kingdom, and that was all. There, a place untouched by time, yelled at him to be claimed. And so he did, creating his palace deep within the tallest peak and floundering in the pleasures of being a Dragon Lord. Nothing could take his joy away.

"Still, it's been a long time since I had contact with anyone. I think I should look for a few concubines or wives. Yes, I long for someone to love and enjoy life."

The Brightness Dragon Lord smiled, thinking how much he loved his life.

"Maybe, an elf? Mm, or a human woman?" He pondered. "Mmhm, I did enjoy that Lizard woman from the past."

The Brightness Dragon Lord spread his long reddish wings, covered in gleaming rocks that seemed to be incrusted in his scales, after a long time of resting in one place. His unusual and long-tail dragged behind him as his long mouth showed his many sharp teeth and fangs. The Brightness Dragon Lord wasn't the tallest of the Dragon Lords. But, he was one of the longest. He had a very sharp face with long and pointy horns. The tongue of his mouth was rather long as well, and it was hard to keep it inside. So, most of the time, like a dog. The Brightness Dragon Lord would keep it outside, moving it like a snake. And with four limbs, with long and sharp nails.

The Dragon Lord of the mountains breathed in. Extending his muscles after such a long nap. His size was so that a human could look at him even from the deepest part of the valley. That's how big he was. The only other Dragon Lord he would consider bigger than him would be Cure Elim Los Malvar. And it was because that Dragon Lord was more like a snake than anything else.

Regardless of everything in his mind and around him, Dragon Brightness Lord smiled at what was ahead of him. He didn't care about anything else, nothing but himself. So, for him, the start of a new decade was beginning, and it looked incredible.

"Ah, should I visit, my descendant? Mmhm, would she remember me? It's been a long time since I last visit my kingdom. Maybe, checking things wouldn't be bad."

The Brightness Dragon muttered, wondering where his first stop could be. A dragon's time was precious, so he didn't want to waste it on pointless endeavors.

"Perhaps, after a few hours flying. I'll think of what can I do."

Then, deciding to just allow his wings to taste the sky once more. The Brightness Dragon Lord chose to let his body slowly leave the soil behind. Soon, his wings got more power, and he smiled at the sky. Yet, before he could even think of what was going on. Before, his body could react to anything meaningful in the world.

From the sky, a bright and blinding light came downwards to him. But it was not a shooting star. But hundreds of them, hitting the mountain with ferocity and disregards.


The Brightness Dragon Lord exclaimed, not believing what was happening. How those tiny little arrows were capable of hurting him?! A dragon?! Nonsense, he would think, if he wasn't getting hurt by it. It was a cascade of needles burying themselves in his scales. He hissed angrily but didn't let a surprise attack get the best of him.

"[Grand Earth Wall]"

The Brightness Dragon Lord said, and before him, a ridge appeared, blocking the hundreds of lighting arrows from striking him more. Tier magic, wasn't his favorite type of magic. Nothing beats the magic of a True Dragon. Yet, he also understood, that while fighting one must use all of his power to survive. He growled and soon noticed the presence of a powerful being in front of him, just behind the wall. And so, a loud attack broke through the earth barrier.

"[Vidyaraja Strike]"

Soon enough, The Brightness Dragon Lord moved from his place, latching himself to the body of the giant mountain, circling it as if he was a snake. He finally saw who his enemy was. There, looking up at him with defiance and determination. A bug of sorts, a metal creature with an icy breath, glared at the Dragon Lord.

"Who dares to attack me?!" The Brightness Dragon Lord yelled, hitting the side of the mountain with his long and thick tail.

And with four weapons in each arm, the creature didn't look intimidated. One could say that the strange beat was rather excited about the upcoming fight.

"My name is Cocytus. Floor Guardian of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and fervent servant of the Great One. Galadriel Melkor. Prepare to die."

Cocytus announced. The Brightness Dragon Lord was shocked to hear the name of the Ancient One, of everything he expected to listen to after he woke up. That was indeed the last of it. Yet, he had no time to dwell on it. Since Cocytus currently was not waiting to allow a reply.

"[Acalanatha Strike]"

Cocytus has four arms. Each wore the highest weapons in his inventory. But not only that, Cocytus had on him a World Item, next to his armor, and many other items. All to fight the Dragon Lord and his Wild Magic. Cocytus couldn't stop shaking with excitement after such a long time. He could bring glory to Nazarick by defeating a Dragon Lord and earning his lady's praise. That's why he would hold nothing back.

And so he showed with his attack. The Brightness Dragon Lord again used [Grand Earth Wall], But such a strike was hard to avoid. Cocytus attacks lead by his creator's sword. Broke the earth's defenses. The sound of stone cracking under the pressure of a mighty cutting wind was sensed across the valley.

Cocytus soon went on the offensive, getting close enough to the large Dragon Lord, who dwarfed the Floor Guardian. However, the attacks from the 5th Floor Guardian seemed to be from a giant. The Brightness Dragon Lord felt his pride tarnished as he was pushed back to the mountainside. Still, he was a Dragon Lord and an old one too. So, not allowing himself to fall back, he, too, went on the offensive.

"The gall to attack me! A Dragon Lord!"

The Brightness Dragon Lord hissed, using his long paws and tail to push forward his anger. Cocytus saw it coming and masterfully blocked those attempts and hit the right leg of The Brightness Dragon Lord with his God Slaying Emperor Blade. Incrusting his sword deep into the skin of the Dragon Lord, who hissed in pain.

"What...?! My scale...!"

The Brightness Dragon Lord muttered, bringing a chunk of the mountain on Cocytus to gain time. The Dragon Lord was confused. He may not be as powerful as the rest of his brethren on the offensive. But he had high defenses. So, watching how a sword of the sort could penetrate the first layers of his armor was a shocking surprise.

"There's nothing my swords can't cut," Cocytus replied, looking at the Dragon Lord shamelessly hugging the side of the giant mountain. It was hard to see such a large creature looking terrified of someone who was the size of his nail. And while it was confirmed that the Brightness Dragon Lord was shaken. He was still confident in his skill. Things have to yet make him afraid.

"Are you a Player then? A follower of that thing?" The Dragon Lord muttered hissingly.

Cocytus didn't give in. He knew what the Dragon Lord was trying to accomplish. Cocytus shrugged off whatever the Dragon Lord threw at him to distract him.

"You pest in this world. A servant of the Ancient One?! Don't make me laugh! A fake God is not a match to a Dragon Lord!"

The Brightness Dragon Lord exclaimed as he again ripped another chunk of the mountain and threw it at Cocytus.

"Your words don't concern me. Only victory!" Cocytus yelled, having no problem removing the obstacle from his sight.

"Fool!" The Brightness Dragon Lord yelled, and an eery sound emerged when he opened his mouth. Around Cocytus, the air was being sucked in by the Dragon Lord. The Dragon Lord was eating it; it was so strong that entire trees were ripped from the ground up. The Brightness Dragon Lord's mouth was a hole swallowing everything going inside of it. Cocytus was still, unfazed, and focused on his task.

"Dragon breath?" Cocytus whispered. "[Ice Pillars]" He said, clenching two of his hand to them. Helping him to remain in place. Yet, he saw how then it stopped. The Dragon Lord was filled with all the debris he absorbed, and suddenly, he glared at Cocytus, and while the Floor Guardian couldn't hear him speak. He understood what was the Dragon Lord thinking in those moments.

"[Dragon's Breath]"

All Brightness Dragon Lord inhaled was spit out with the company of powerful winds that ripped even the sturdiest of rocks from the ground. Cocytus saw how much the Dragon's Breath covered. Since, from the perspective of an average person. It may look like a Cone Tornado just appeared from the Dragon Lord's mouth, destroying everything in his path. Yet, Cocytus remain still.

"Let it come!" Cocytus yelled, taking the attack head-on.

The Dragon Lord's attack was relentless. Cocytus had to give it credit. It was a powerful attack. However, he showed no fear or worry. And while he was indeed taking some damage. But it wasn't something to worry about. No, Cocytus was just starting. He was the spear of the entire operation. His job was to push the Dragon Lord out of his comfort zone and force him to react to Cocytus's power.

The objective was to see how mighty the Dragon Lord was and if he had a sort of World Item, unique ability, or anything besides what they knew. But so far, Cocytus hasn't seen anything that screams of danger.

"I'll have to push him a bit more," Cocytus said while swallowed by the violent wind.

The Dragon Lord, however, stared at the destruction left behind by his attack. He felt horrible to see a part of his mountain and the valley destroyed by his attack. Yet, he couldn't just put it above his life.

"Tell me, do you know who am I?" The Dragon Lord asked arrogantly, noticing how the creature was still alive after his attack.

Mmhm, he took my attack without hesitation. No doubt he's a Player. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to survive. I must be careful now.

The Brightness Dragon Lord thought with disdain.

Cocytus, glaring at him, simply remained impassive, something that unnerved the Dragon Lord a great deal.

"An enemy, only that."

"Such insolent," the Dragon Lord said. "But it is to be expected from your kind. Very well. I shall destroy you here and now! And let the world remember that dragons still rule this world!"

"There is only one true ruler, and it is not you," Cocytus said as he got ready to attack once again.

Far away, on the most miniature and farthest mountain, a certain True Vampire was passing around anxiously.

"Ugh! What can we just go?!" Shalltear whined loudly, earning a growl from Aura.

"Because it's not the right time! Let me first see this dragon stats!" Aura replied annoyingly.

"Ahh! Cocytus is taking all the credit," Shalltear whispered sadly. She noticed how the Dragon Lord started attacking Cocytus with his tail and some spells she didn't recognize.

"That's a big Dragon Lord," Mare whispered, watching from a safe distance.

"Mm, it doesn't seem particularly strong, to be honest," Mare added, humming softly at the sudden sound of a mountain ripped apart by the Dragon Lord.

"Maybe, he's hiding something?" Aura muttered while still doing her spell.


"Not fair...! I could have taken him by myself! I... I want to fight for my lady," Shalltear said sadly, while Aura rolled her eyes at the depressing True Vampire.

"Don't worry, Shalltear, I am sure you're going to have your turn," Demiurge said. "How is it, Aura? Anything useful from the Dragon Lord?"

Aura was focused on her spell, and a sound came, with a sort of screen and different colors which allowed Aura to see, the many different and unique stats of the Dragon Lord. This surprised Aura since she believed someone like a Dragon Lord would have a skill that would interfere with her own. Yet, nothing of sorts happen. Perhaps, the Dragon Lord had not the ability, or maybe, he was too arrogant to hide his stats.

"Mm, well, it seems he's a level... what?" Aura muttered, surprised, earning multiple stares from her fellow guardians.


"What is it, Aura?" Demiurge asked immediately, standing beside the young Dark Elf.

"Ah, is just that the stats of the Dragon Lord are... eh? Surprisingly low."

Aura said honestly while scratching her head cutely. "I guess you could say he's around 90? All things consider?"

"90, you say?" Demiurge muttered, a bit disappointing.

"I thought Dragons were the most powerful creatures. I guess that's not true," Shalltear sighed as she kicked a rock. "And here I thought, it would be an excellent opportunity to show my lady my power," Shalltear moaned softly.

"Uh, then, Cocytus can defeat the Dragon Lord by himself without no problem, right?" Mare asked, looking in the direction of the current battle.

"You're right. I think Cocytus could end it easily enough," Demiurge replied. "I'll have to bring this information to our lady. No doubt she'll be quite disappointed."

"Wait...! Demiurge!"

Aura suddenly called, and everyone saw how she was looking at the stats screen, confused by what she was seeing.

"What is it, Aura?" Demiurge asked, again returning to his serious self.

"The Dragon's stats... are increasing," Aura replied, amazed. "His health bar and his Physical Defences are increasing."

"By how much?" Demiurge asked urgently.

"5... 10... 15. It's gradually."

"Uh, sister, look!" Mare said, pointing his finger toward the Dragon Lord, and they saw how the Brightness Dragon Lord was being covered by rock. The mountain itself was crawling to him, slowly engulfing the Dragon Lord.

They saw how the entire valley, with all the rivers and trees, was now part of the Dragon Lord. They saw how the size of the Dragon was slowly growing. It was then that Demiurge understood why the stats were also increasing.

"It seems that this is part of the Dragon Lord's Wild Magic, maybe. He is absorbing all the earth around him, allowing him to increase his Health stats and Physical Defences. But, I wonder, what would be the limit?" Demiurge pondered. "Maybe, it's why he chose to live in such a secluded area, with many mountains around him?"

"Whoa, it is becoming bigger!" Mare exclaimed, entertained.

"What other stats are increasing, Aura?" Demiurge asked.

"Only his health and Physical defense. Well, his size as well. But I don't see any indication that his attack power is also increasing. But... I wouldn't doubt if something else was also leveling up."

"I see. Mmhm, if it keeps growing up at this rate. It could cause problems. But I doubt it would create any issues for Cocytus," Demiurge added.

"He has practically no magic resist from what I can see. If he continues to grow bigger, he could become a problem for physical attacks. Perhaps, he could even break the last record, right? That rather strange tree with quite a lot of health," Demiurge said, smiling.

"Uhm, it could very well be," Aura replied, without concern on her face. "Maybe, if we let him eat those mountains, he could become quite the annoyances to even Cocytus and me. If he can truly surpass the limits, that is. But it would take a long time, from what I can see. It takes quite a while to gather what he needs to grow. And he's limited to his surroundings."

Then a powerful earthquake trembled across the valley, and the guardians were currently standing.

"An earthquake. An elemental Dragon, maybe?" Demiurge muttered, letting his mind wander about the Dragon's origins.

"He doesn't behave like one, isn't that right, sister?" Mare said, and Aura only nodded, relatively unbothered.

"Yeah, we would have known if he was an Elemental Dragon. Maybe, he is a sort of... Earth Dragon, or something like that?" Mare ponders, and Demiurge hummed.

"Perhaps, you're right. Nevertheless, we shouldn't waste more time here. Maybe, this Dragon Lord isn't as strong as we thought. But that was always a possibility. Yet, we can't allow this Dragon Lord to get stronger. Thankfully, and for the Dragon Lord's misfortune. He seems to be weak against casters. And we have two."

Demiurge spoke, figuring out the best way to help his fellow guardians. It was clear to him that while this current Dragon Lord wasn't the strongest among the Dragon Lords. He was still more powerful than the evil tree in intelligence and endurance. Yet, Demiurge felt as if the Dragon itself could still show more raw power and be waiting just for the right moment. The Dragon Lord hasn't used any Wild Magic that could be considered a large AOE spell. Well, besides that Dragon's breath Demiurge saw not too long ago. Yet, it wasn't enough. The Dragon Lord, his lady, fought, was using a mannequin, so his power was still unknown. And so it was for the rest of the Dragon Lords. Maybe their power varied from each one. Perhaps, some were weaker and others powerful. Or perhaps, they were all worthless. Nevermind. The guardians would hunt them all down.

He must still have some secret under his sleeve.

Demiurge thought about how the Dragon Lord was starting to beat the earth beneath him.

"What is he doing?" Demiurge muttered, and soon, he saw how a hole was created, and something started to mold under the valley.

"It would be better for you to enter the fight now. Whatever the Dragon Lord is planning must not be allowed to continue," Demiurge said. "Remember to not underestimate your enemy. No matter how weak they may appear to lool. Those are our lady's words."

"Don't worry, Demiurge. We have been practicing for this moment!" Aura replied with a confident smile. "We won't disappoint our lady!"

"Y-Yeah! We have been training hard!" Aura added with a proud smile.

"That's right, whatever that pathetic Dragon Lord throws, we will be ready," Shalltear said with an arrogant smirk.

Demiurge chuckled slightly but couldn't help but feel proud of his colleagues.

"I know, also remember. Our lady is watching. It's time for you... and us, to show our teamwork. The best of lucks."

Demiurge said while going to his destinated position, where his lady was watching everything unfold with keen eyes.

Galadriel stared at what was transpiring with an intense look on her face. She was far removed from the valley where the fighting was taking place. Yet, many window screens allowed her to see where the position of all her guardians was at all times. She moved her legs anxiously, watching the Dragon Lord get bigger each minute.

Galadriel wasn't worried about the Dragon Lord itself, not at all. She believed that even if he had a World Item, a relatively minuscule possibility. Her guardians would do just fine on their own. Galadriel was worried about the likelihood of them learning to work together as a unit and team. So far, they haven't met a dangerous enemy. But when they do, Galadriel wanted them to understand what was a stake.

Also, Galadriel just feels on edge lately. She couldn't explain it. It was a sensation of nervousness and apprehension. It was a sort of expectation, but why she felt that exactly, she doesn't know. But, she also feels, rather, sick. Well, Galadriel would not use the word "sick" more like indisposed, or queasy.

I must be somewhat stressed out, perhaps. Like, this makes me feel... eh, hormonal? Strange. I have forgotten what it feels like to have my period. Galadriel hummed, remembering the sensations she used to get before her period started. It was something she had ignored since she arrived in the New World.

I mean, not feeling as if my womb was killing me every month is something I don't miss. My periods used to be quite harsh on me. I hated it a lot. But since I arrived here. I don't have them any longer. Uh, could it mean that my race doesn't have... periods? Or maybe I have them, but I don't feel them because of my high stats?

Galadriel thought, scratching her head. She then looked at Albedo, who was focusing on her window screen in front of her.

Does a Succubus have menstrual cycles as well? Ah, maybe... Albedo doesn't seem to have them. And neither do the Pleiades maids or the Homonculus maids... I think. But that doesn't explain why I feel so, bilious.

Galadriel just took a deep breath, wondering why she was now thinking of such a thing. Maybe it was simple curiosity or something else. Regardless she decided to attribute her current state to simple stress and nothing more.

"My lady," Demiurge said, arriving at the small gathering of forces.

Galadriel was surrounded by Albedo and Sebas as her primary defenders, with Yuri, CZ, and Entoma as backups. But on the surrounding hills and forest. Many Nazarick citizens were circling the area. Nothing could go in or out without the Guardians knowing. All in preparation for the worst-case scenario.

"Demiurge, you have arrived. Tell me, how are they?" Galadriel asked gently.

"They are excited about it. Cocytus seems to be having quite a lot of un, if I could say so myself," Demiurge replied with his usual smirk.

Galadriel saw one of the window screens and smiled amusingly at Cocytus fighting, like a manic against the Dragon Lord. He was already getting as big as a mountain.

"He is a warrior. Standing on the back and doing paperwork is not his forte. He has been waiting for a moment like this, where he could fight something capable of holding his ground," Galadriel said as Albedo sighed.

"I hope he doesn't get to excite it," the Succubus muttered.

"Now, my dear. Let's trust Cocytus," Galadriel said, smiling, as she turned to Demiurge.

"Now, what do we know about this Dragon Lord. What about his skills, and why is he getting bigger?"

"Yes, my lady. Aura has told me that the Dragon Lord could be around level 90. Not powerful, but not weak either. Yet, it seems he possesses an ability that allows him to grow in health and physical defenses during battle. We don't know if he has a cap. But it seems he would keep growing as long as he is near a mountain."

Galadriel nodded, understanding the implications of those words.

"I see. It now makes sense why this Dragon Lord is hiding in such a place. There are three prominent peaks, with a mountain rage around him. A perfect spot for him to fight."

Galadriel thought about the many monsters back in Yggdrasil that had such an ability. It was not new at all.

"But even though he's not as strong as the Guardians. If allowed to grow, he could present quite a challenge. And he hasn't shown any true ability yet."

"I have told them as much, my lady. We don't know if he had a World Item. Or hiding a secret ability."

Demiurge said, and Galadriel nodded. "Good."

"My lady, our agents have not reported any suspicious in our surroundings. This Dragon Lord is truly alone. And Lupusregina and Narberal are reporting nothing suspicious from their side. It seems that the Platinum Dragon Lord has no idea what's going on."

Galadriel smiled sincerely, knowing that nothing would come on to save this poor victim.

"I wonder what type of loot would this Dragon Lord would drop. He's a level 90, yeah? Maybe he has something of value," Galadriel said, earning a chuckle from Demiurge.

"My lady, I would like to experience the skin of the Dragon Lord. It could be useful."

"Ah, you're right. You have experimented with sheep skin, right?" Galadriel asked, intrigued.

"Among other types of skin," Demiurge replied, smirking.

"It would be interesting what can we do with the Dragon Lord's body. I'll give you full access to it, Demiurge."

"Thank you, my lady!"

"My lady, look," Albedo called, and Galadriel then saw one of the window screens and was surprised by what she was seeing.

"Well, this Dragon Lord is not as weak as we thought."

Galadriel said, amused, watching how the Dragon Lord seemed to summon two other earth dragons of his exact size. Like copies of himself. Now, three Dragon Lords were slowly eating away the mountains and growing in power. Yet, Galadriel still held a smile on her face.

"Don't disappoint me, my dear guardians. This is your time to shine."


I wanted to keep it as canon as possible. Since we know that the Brightness Dragon Lord is weaker than Cure Elim Los Malvar. Since canonically, Cure Elim is level 95. So, I wage the Brightness Dragon Lord to around 90, perhaps a bit lower. We don't know yet. So, I just went with what we know about the previous Dragon Lords.

Also, something about only two Dragon Lords can go 1-on-1 against the guardians. I think the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord and Heavenly Dragon Lord are the strongest. I don't remember. Please correct me if I am wrong!