Dear Bella,

It has been a week. I am only now able to think about my new reality, one where you no longer exist. I guess that is not quite accurate, for you will always be my reality. Rather, your physical presence is no longer here, I am unable to lay my head on your shoulder and share the defeat I am feeling. The comfort of your hand on my cheek while I cry, assuring me it will all be okay. It feels like nothing will be okay again, but it must be, for her.

My Bella, how I wish you were here to see her. She looks just like you and when her eyes meet mine with the same rich brown color of yours, they break my heart as much as they mend it at the same time. How can I do this without you? How will I raise our little girl without your unconditional love and support? I cannot fail her… I refuse to fail her.

For you, I won't fail her.


Your Edward