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"Worthless boy! You will marry Akane and unite the schools right now!" = Regular Speech

'Stupid Pops thinks he's so clever!' = Someone's Thoughts

[You speak the Chinese language, too?] = Foreign Language/Dragon Speak… and Genma's Panda Form

"Silence, mortals!" = Someone Yelling


Up in the mountain peaks in the country, two of the most powerful creatures in the mortal world were resting after a successful hunt. These creatures are known as dragons. And they are, barring the Gods and Goddesses themselves, the most powerful beings in existence. Matched only in power and regal status by vampires. Now, many people know of dragons as giant, flying reptiles that collect hordes of treasure which they will guard jealously. And this is true that they do horde treasure, but they do not needlessly attack people who come near their gold by accident.

In fact, dragons are known to be some of the most benevolent creatures in the known world. At least, for the most part. There are the occasional evil dragons that crop up here and there, but they're so rare that they practically don't exist. Usually, dragons prefer to keep their distance from humans and other youki in the world so as to avoid any unnecessary conflict with each other. After all, human warriors called knight and vikings used to hunt and kill them back in the day. Though, that was partially their own fault, and they acknowledge this. They started it by stealing livestock from the humans, but what were they supposed to do? Their usual food sources were all becoming harder and harder to find because of how much of their natural habitat was being destroyed so humans could settle and create farmland.

They had no choice but to steal livestock from them. It was either that or starving to death, and neither option sounded very appealing.

Anyway, the two dragons who live in this cave are very powerful dragons, even though they are not elders. Both of them are the species of dragons that come from the European Territories, though they appear vastly different from one another. One of these dragons is a big male whose body is rippling with powerful muscles that grant strength while not hindering speed or agility. His scales are primarily silver with a darker drey underbelly. His horns grow back from the back of his head, but have the appearance of antlers that belong on a pronghorn antelope. His large wings are covered in what appears to be a layer of feathers, unlike most dragons which are known to have leathery wings like those of a bat. His talons appear sharp enough to cut through anything, and even his teeth look strong enough to tear off large chunks of flesh. Unlike most dragons, he has no talons on his wing joints, and he has a beautiful frill going down the length of his spine from the back of his head down to his tail. There's even a small frill on his chin which resembles a goatee.

His mate is a beautiful blue dragon with a slender frame that's aerodynamic and built for fast flying. Like her mate, she too has a layer of feathers on her wings. Even her eyes are a deep sapphire blue.

These two are known as the King and Queen of all dragons, Eragon and Saphira. Now, lately, the two of them have been thinking about having a hatchling of their own knowing that their bloodlines will come to an end if they don't have a clutch of eggs. That, and they feel that they're finally ready to raise a clutch of their own. However, dragon eggs take about the same amount of time to hatch as human babies take to be born. Around eight to nine months. While this may be quick by dragon standards, it's still a lot of hard work to incubate their young. While one parent will go out to find food, the other will remain in the den and keep the eggs warm by stoking the nest with their own dragon fire.

They have a small clutch of eggs already in their own nest of rocks that's burning in a fire like a kiln. Three eggs in total. And the new dragon parents are mighty proud. Stirring from his slumber, Eragon left his mate's side to check on the clutch. Making his way to a small nest of rocks surrounding the three eggs, he saw that he awoke just in the nick of time. The fire is too low.

Using his dragon fire, he stokes the flames of the nest by literally breathing fire onto it. Temperature control is critical for the development of reptile eggs. If the flames burn too high, the embryos will cook in their shell. Too low, and the babies freeze to death. But temperature control is also critical in deciding the gender of the hatchlings inside. Lower temperatures mean more females will be born while higher temperatures mean they'll mostly be males. Now, Eragon is hoping for at least one son among his hatchlings, but he will love all of his hatchlings equally. No matter if they're male or female.

He swore that he would never be such a petty father as to play favorites with his hatchlings… like many human parents tend to do with their own offspring for many reasons.

With the fires of the nest stoked and up to a safe temperature, nice and warm for his little ones, Eragon decided to go out hunting for food. He knows that his mate will be hungry when she wakes up, and if there's one thing even a dragon doesn't want to ever deal with, it's a hangry mate. So he slowly and quietly walked to the entrance of their cave in the mountain, leapt from his perch, and spread his wings as he took flight to his usual hunting grounds, all while making sure to stay above the clouds and out of sight of any humans. And their strange flying machines. What he didn't know, however, was that today's hunting trip would be much different from his usual trips.

Ranma's POV.

Stupid Pops and his no good, lying, cheating, fat ass! Ever since we started on this ridiculous training journey he's done everything in his power to try and kill me while making me stronger! As if the Neko-Ken training wasn't bad enough, giving me a severe phobia of cats if I may add, he sold me to some guy for a bowl of rice, two fish, and a few pickles in order to feed his fat belly when I was only three years old! And then stole me right back in the middle of the night!

Oh, he might think that I don't remember half of what's been happening in my life, but I do. I remember it all clear as day all thanks to my photographic memory. And Pops has also tried to keep me ignorant as well. But what he doesn't know is that I'm actually a genius, both in fighting and in academics. Honestly, I think he's just bitter because I seem to be better than him at almost everything now. Academics, learning different languages, oh and my favorite, personal grooming. Not that he even has anything to groom anymore, aside from the bushes he calls his armpit hair. I mean, seriously, you do NOT want to see what he has in his underarms! Pretty sure I saw a bird fly out of those things once…

But anyway, as bad as the training was for quite some time, it wasn't near as bad until we actually got to China and arrived at a dangerous and forbidden training ground known as the Jusenkyo. A series of hot springs that have been cursed by certain life forms drowning in their waters hundreds of years ago. Long story short, Pops knocked us both into the springs when we first got there and now we're both cursed. I fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl while he fell into the Spring of Drowned Panda Bear. Now, whenever we're splashed with cold water we turn into a girl and a panda bear respectively, while hot water reverses the curse.

Being fifteen and going through puberty as a boy is hard enough. But now that I also have a female half that's going through an entirely different set of hormonal changes? Never mind the fact that Pops seems dead set on using me to fulfill his own agenda, whatever it may be, and yeah. I am considerably stressed. In fact, 'stressed' is probably too light of a word to use.

My only hope at possibly reversing this curse is to find a village that I'd heard about in passing. A village of Amazons, a warrior race of women, who have a law that if they defeat a female outsider in challenged combat then the outsider dies. But if a man who is an outsider is challenged by an Amazon woman and wins, then the loser is automatically married to him. At least, as far as I understand. I might be wrong. But these Amazons have lived here in China for many years. If anyone knows of a way to rid me of my curse, it's them.

Good thing I slipped several sleeping pills in with mine and Pops' breakfast. The fat panda ate both our meals and should be asleep for the whole day, if I'm lucky.

But I started this search at the crack of dawn, which was about five in the morning, and I've been walking for about four hours now in search of these Amazons. How is it that a village full of warrior women can be this hard to track down? I ask you!

(Swish! Thunk!)

...Well, judging from the spear that just lodged itself into the tree right in front of me, I think the Amazons found me rather than the other way around. I just hope they'll wait long enough to listen to me before they decide to turn me into a human shishkabob. Walking out of the woods were several women carrying assorted weapons such as rather primitive looking spears. I can tell that they're primitive due to the spearheads being made of chipped stone rather than metal. Each one wears clothing made from animal hides that are obviously made for both maximum mobility when fighting… and possibly seduction purposes.

And I'll be honest, it's working.

Though one of them stands out from the rest. A very tiny elderly woman who's wearing clothes that are of chinese tradition as well as being very conservative. And by tiny, I mean she's only about up to halfway up my shin in height. And she's apparently using a walking stick to get around by using it as a pogo stick.

[Who are you, young man? Why have you come so close to our village?] she asked in her native tongue.

Okay, time to put those Chinese language lessons to good use. I don't want to make any enemies by being disrespectful. Clearing my throat, I began to speak.

[It was not my intention to intrude on your land, Elder. I was in search of the local Amazon tribe in hopes that you might assist me with a curse that has afflicted me.]

[A curse, you say?] she asked while motioning to her fellow Amazons to put away their weapons.

Good thing, too, because it was becoming really difficult to remember my Chinese with them pointing those sharp, pointy sticks at me. Not to mention other blunt, yet highly dangerous weapons.

[What is this curse you speak of?] the elder asked.

Taking a deep breath, I gathered my thoughts so that I could explain my situation to the elder as best I could.

[Allow me to answer your question with another question.] I said as I looked the elder dead in the eye. [What do you know of the Cursed Springs?]

*To Be Continued…*

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