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"Worthless boy! You will marry Akane and unite the schools right now!" = Regular Speech

'Stupid Pops thinks he's so clever!' = Someone's Thoughts

[You speak the Chinese language, too?] = Foreign Language/Dragon Speak… and Genma's Panda Form

"Silence, mortals!" = Someone Yelling

Third Person POV.

"I see. So your father took you to the cursed training grounds and caused you both to fall into the springs. He fell into the Spring of Drowned Panda Bear while you fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl. Now, whenever your father is splashed with cold water he becomes a panda, but when you are splashed with cold water, you become a girl with red hair and blue eyes. Am I correct so far?" asked Elder Ku Lon.

After mentioning the cursed springs to the Amazons who had found him, Ranma was quickly brought to their village to talk peacefully. Fortunately for Ranma, he was being treated as a guest of the village rather than as an outsider. So, after preparing some tea for them to talk over and inviting him to her home, Ranma was surprised to learn that the ancient elder was indeed quite fluent in the Japanese language. After he got over the shock he took the time to explain to Ku Lon, or Cologne as she allows people to call her, everything that Genma has done to him since this 'training trip' had ever started.

He spared no grisly detail.

He told the elder everything, right down to how the man sold him for a bowl of rice and two small fish and then stole him back that very same night. Plus pickles, but that's beside the point.

When he got to the Neko-Ken training, there wasn't a single Amazon who didn't gasp in horror at a child having to go through such a terrible ordeal as that. It's a forbidden technique for a reason, after all. It may grant whoever learns and masters it amazing power, speed, and reflexes like a cat, but it also gives the learner a permanent phobia of all things feline. It's an especially terrible outcome for pet owners who are cat people, as they can never interact with their cats again. Not without showing fear of them, at least.

"Yes, Honored Elder. It is as you say." Ranma replied respectfully. "And my curse is one of the reasons that I have snuck away from my father using sleeping pills on him. I seek a way to cure my curse and rid myself of all knowledge of the Neko-Ken. Can you help me?"

Cologne hummed and took a sip of her tea. Clearly this boy is strong. Despite all of the terrible hardships and the atrocities that his father has put him through for his own benefit, it would seem as though this 'Genma' has done his job in making Ranma strong. But he could be stronger if he were trained properly. It's clear that the boy is not truly compatible with this 'Saotome Style of Anything Goes' martial arts. He can most certainly use it effectively, but he'll never be able to truly master it to the point where he can use it to its full potential.

Especially not with something as terrible as the Neko-Ken under his belt.

Cologne set down her teacup and said "I can help you with your Neko-Ken problem, young one. But as for your curse, I'm afraid there is no way known by man to cure it. You see, the curses of the springs are a rather tricky thing. The curses are known for mixing and merging with each other. For example, if a girl were to fall into the Spring of Drowned Boy but wanted to be all girl again, she would need to take water from the Spring of Drowned Girl and another cursed spring and mix the two together before splashing herself with this water. This way, she would still have a cursed form, but she could at least ensure that she remains female when she transforms."

Ranma looked a little disappointed that he wouldn't be able to truly get rid of his curse, but he was at least happy that the Chinese Amazons at least knew of a way to rid him of the Neko-Ken. Better than nothing, obviously. However, Cologne seemed to know something.

"Don't give in to despair, Ranma, for I believe there may just be a way to truly free yourself from your curse." Cologne said as she downed the rest of her tea in one go. "Our tribe has long kept a great secret from those who would seek to use what we guard for their own gains."

Cologne hopped on her walking stick and led Ranma to a part of the village where he could easily see a great mountain. One that easily dwarfed any others that he's ever been to.

"At the top of that mountain is a cave in which lies two great beasts of unimaginable power, with mystical abilities that defy comprehension. If you journey there and speak to the beasts, tell them your tale, they may be able to help you." Cologne said. "But you must be careful. There are many dangers that lay ahead. If you truly wish to find a cure for your curse, then stay and rest here for the night before traveling there in the morning."

"Thank you, Elder. Your generosity is deeply appreciated." Ranma said as he bowed to Cologne. "I will head for the mountain first thing tomorrow morning."

"Come, it's late. You will need to rest before you embark on such a journey." Cologne said.

With that, she led Ranma to where he would be staying while in the village. But they both seemed to be completely unaware of a certain beady eyed panda bear watching them from the shadows of the bamboo forest. Clearly, the creature is biding its time, awaiting the perfect moment to strike.

Genma's POV.

I never would have thought that that stupid boy that I call my son would ever use a whole bottle of sleeping pills on me just to get me to stay asleep long enough to make a run for it. Lucky for me, I'm far stronger than the average human being. If it were anyone else, they'd no doubt be dead from a massive overdose. But in my case, I was just rendered unconscious for most of the day.

...Didn't think the boy had it in him.

When I woke up and saw he was gone, I knew I had to find him before he reported my ass to the proper authorities. Or worse… found his way back to Nodoka! She'd skin me alive and use my hide as a panda skin rug if she found out all the things I've done without her there to stop me!

As much as I loathed doing so, I quickly jumped into a nearby pond in which the water remained cold, and transformed into my panda form. Bears have a highly acute sense of smell, so I was able to quickly lock on to the boy's scent and track him down… as well as catching the scent of a freshly baked apple pie. After taking a moment to 'liberate' said pie, I ran after the boy by following his scent. I just now managed to track him down and found him in that Amazon village that the guide had warned us about.

This isn't good. They must have taken the boy as their prisoner and are now planning to use him for their own benefit. They can't do that! That's MY job!

At first, when I saw the boy out in the open with that old ghoul who, quite honestly looks older than my old master, Happousai, I was so tempted to just charge in, grab the boy and make a run for it. Must be the more animalistic instincts of my cursed side acting up. But my more rational human side won out when I saw the various women all holding weapons such as spears, blades, tonfa, and even simple wooden staffs. And while I doubt any of those women are strong enough to defeat a man like myself, it's clear to me that they have at least SOME weapons training.

If they attacked me all at once, they might actually get in some lucky hits and do some damage. I'll have to wait until nightfall and sneak in to get the boy out.

My cushy retirement depends on it!

***To Be Continued…***

Looks like Genma is once again up to no good. Let's see just what happens in the next chapter, shall we? I apologise for the chapter being as short as it is.