At this time it was easy for Harry to wish he had died last year in the ministry of magic along with Sirius as he laid on the wood bed with the hole filled blanket and nearly flat pillow in Dudley's second bedroom. He lied there thinking about how things could have been different, how he could be at Grimmauld place laughing and hanging out with his godfather but is instead on a pitiful excuse of a bed not wanting to move in fear of causing pain.

"Get down here now and cook breakfast!" Harry heard his uncle yell up the Stairs bringing him back to reality as he slowly sat up and swung his legs over the bed and stood up making his way to the door, down the stairs in almost a robotic way. He pulled out the pan and took out some bacon turning on the stove as he thought about how his sixth year will go. "Watch you don't burn the bacon again brat!"

"Yes aunt Petunia." He said back setting the table while he waited for the bacon to finish and then started on the eggs and French toast.

'I'll have to see McGonagall before term starts, I still haven't picked out my classes." Harry thought as he placed the food onto the plates while his whale of an uncle walked in and his horse of an aunt followed with Dudley not far behind heading to the table ready to eat.

"I thought I told you not to burn it! Are you that dim witted?" Harry looked at the bacon on the plate, which to him looked perfectly fine and his stomach even rumbled with the need for the food he had been denied for just over a week now. "It looks fine to me, I will eat it if you don't want it." He said but instantly regretted it as his uncles face turned red and he looked over at Him. "You ungrateful freak! Get out of the house now! Weed the gardens, mow the lawn, trim the bushes, mop the deck, and clean the drain!" He snapped at his pointing to the door.

Harry threw a glare at his relatives stomping outside. No food again it looks like, he thought as he dropped to his knees by the garden and started weeding while his brain once again drifted off to the event of last year.

Thoughts of Umbridge forcing him to carve words into one of his hands and then writing with the blood, oh how he wished for that woman to be sacked and punished for her doings. Thoughts about DA and how much he had learned himself and what he had taught others, one of the only good memories of that year. He thought about how he now had a lifetime ban from quidditch.

He thought about the Occlumency lessons with Snape. Oh How he hated that man, he hated that Snape had seen the memories that he had worked hard to keep from everyone including himself. He hated how after Snape had found out about the neglect from his relatives he only sneered at him and didn't even care about the fact that he was nearly starved summer after summer, or how he is occasionally hit or shoved or kicked by his uncle, or smacked on the back of the head by a frying pan from his aunt a couple of times, or how Dudley and his gang of friends chase him around beating him up, throwing things at him or playing there favourite game 'Harry hunting'. He hated that no one truly cared for him in the way he would like.

He then thought about Sirius, the only person who had ever offered to love him like his very own a parent figure. He of course had mrs Weasley but it wasn't the same. Then there was Hagrid and, loath as he was to admit it, the man wasn't suited for the job. But Sirius, who had giving him an option to leave his relatives house, who told him some things that were going on in the meetings. The only man who saw Harry not as someone famous who was destined to save the world or some child who was to young to know about issues that were concerning even himself, the only one who saw Harry as a person who was not some stupid little kid who shouldn't know anything but someone who had a right to know what was going on. Someone who had too big of a weight to carry all on his own, Someone who saw him as a normal person who had to grow up to fast and was willing to tell him what he needed to know.

But I had to rush off to the ministry and end up getting him killed, Harry thought and suddenly realized that he had been weeding the garden for nearly an hour and decided that he should quickly finish the rest of his chores and head up to his room where he can try to get some sleep that he desperately needed.


Once completed all the chores it was already nearly dark outside and he walked inside of the house and daringly snuck an apple and a bun before quickly dragging his feet up the stairs before the Dursley's could either give him more work, hit him, or see that he had taken food without permission which was always a risky thing to do.

Harry pulled out a wizard magazine called '99 beautiful abandoned homes of britain' that came out nearly 80 years ago (which had Harry shocked) he had found it in the room of requirements one evening before the whole ministry incident and had taken it thinking of how it could possibly give him some form of entertainment during his long summer. Harry flipped through the pages not really reading only looking at the pictures of the abandoned places arranging from castles to manors to homes to cabins only stopping a few times throughout to look at a couple that caught his eye.

His favourite so far was called the 'Snapmint manor' it was large and black, almost like an old Victorian style, with 2 different floors with dark old wood that looked nearly black and it looked to have almost lime green vines growing in a swirling design on the front with a couple small white flowers growing in random places throughout the vines, it also showed a photo from the back of the house which featured what it looked like could have been a absolutely gorgeous garden of all different flowers and herbs but were all now dead like the vines because of the place being abandoned.

Slightly disappointed that there were no images of the inside of the manor ,Harry read the article which went with the house which explains that it had been abandoned since 1684 because the family who had lived there were killed and no one would move in claiming it was haunted or it gave off bad auras so it sat there for decades.

Suddenly Harry heard a couple loud hoots and the cage walls bang slightly as Hedwig tried to flap her wings. He threw the apple he had snuck, under the bed before quickly, but quietly, standing up and going over to Hedwig. "Shhh Hedwig or uncle Vernon will come." Harry tried to quiet down his owl frantically but could already hear the heaving stomps of his uncle walking up the stairs and down the hallways to his door making Harry gulp.

"I've had it with that stupid owl of yours! It's nearly 10 at night! And it won't shut up, give it to me now!" Vernon storms into the room looking livid and Harry is slightly shocked at how mad his uncle was getting over the couple hoots his owl let out.

"You don't touch her!" He yelled back quickly going to grab Hedwig who was still in her cage to protect her from his uncle. "Oh no you don't! I'm tired of your freaky owl making noise and I'm tired of you!" He bellowed shoving Harry to the floor who tried to fight back but it was no use without his wand. He was screaming and yelling at his uncle to leave Hedwig alone as he ripped the owl out of her cage earning many squawks from Hedwig who's wing had most definitely just broke, and was being harmed as Harry punched and kicked to get out of his uncles hold.

"Stop it! Stop! Your going to kill her! Leave her alone!" Harry screamed crying as Hedwig laid on the ground letting out horrible squawks of pain while trying to get away from Vernon's foot who was kicking her and Harry tried to break free.

"STOP!" Harry screamed so loud Harry could have sworn you could hear him from 4 houses down and he finally broke free from his uncle racing over to his dying owl who was just beat to the brink of death with blood on her normally winter white feathers, dropping to his knees next to her still crying and trying to comfort her while frantic himself. "Why you-! How dare you!" His uncle yelled at his giving him a kick to his already fractured rib and a punch is the jaw. Harry let's out a loud gasp and put Hedwig back into her cage as quickly and pain free as possible, grabbed his wand and ran out of his room down the stairs, his uncle going after him.

"Boy! You get back here right now! I am not through with you or that bloody pigeon of yours!" Harry heard his uncle coming down the stairs but didn't slow down as he flung his old cupboard open grabbing his trunk which had all his shrunken thing inside already from school then grabbed a pouch from one of the side pockets and rushed into the living room Hedwig, his trunk, and wand in hand.

"Stay back." Harry threatened pointing his wand and his uncle who stood by the couch as he stood in front of the fire. "You can't do magic outside of school" his uncle smirks walking up to him and Harry tightens his grip sneering at him "you wanna bet? I dare you." He snaps at him and Vernon stops in his tracks for only a split second but that was enough time for Harry to grab his things and step into the fireplace to shout the first place that came to his land in a desperate attempt to get away from here, anywhere would be better then here where he was hit, stared and neglected and where his only pet was being killed.

Harry threw the floo powder out of the small pouch he had taken out onto the ground and was included in green flames

"Snapmint manor!"