For the next week he spent all of his time in the spare room he was occupying. Only leaving to eat meals or, on occasion, go into the library only to grow bored within the hour and leave again heading back to the spare room. Those days passed by excruciatingly slow with the same routine. Wake up, go to breakfast, head back to the room and look out the window for the next four and a half hours counting birds as they pass by (So far his record was 117 in one sitting) and just simply staring out into oblivion lost in his thoughts. After lunch he would head back to the room once again and try to read but usually could only do it for about 20 minute intervals meaning in between these reading phases he would simply sit on the bed bored or he would shower if he felt he needed it. This went on to occupy the next six hours until it was dinner time. After he finished his dinner he would head to the library for as long as it could hold his attention (not very long) then he would cave and simply head back to the room until he eventually fell asleep or it was lights out.

This routine added up to create a painfully boring week for Harry. It was now already the 15th of July.

"Headmaster Dumbledore has requested that we resume occlumency training as soon as possible." Harrys head jerked up from where it was previously propped up on an open hand as he dozed off at the library desk, a charms book open in front of him on a random page.

Harry simply stared at him for a moment, eyes still glazed over from his drowsiness, but then the words sunk in and his eyes immediately cleared and went wide. Arm falling, palm slapping against the table. Snape would have found his reaction amusing if he didn't feel the same way, although he would never express it. "What? Why?" He asked in a slightly panicked voice, looking as though he did not agree with this new development at all. "The dark lord is growing stronger everyday and once he finds out about how truly deep this... connection.. you share, he will exploit it. He will use it to harm you in more ways then he has already done." Harry continued to look like he would still rather not do it. Snape let out a breath of annoyance.

"Tell me Potter, when he casts a curse do you deal this pain? Do experience the effects?" He drawled and Harry scrunched his face up in an annoyed manner. "Yes, but not to the same degree that the victim usually does, unless he's really mad." He grumbled out reluctantly.

"And he does not know you feel these curses, only that you see it happening, sometimes even without his knowledge, correct? But what will happen once he realizes you are seeing more that he knows? What do you believe he will make you feel once he realizes you feel the curses he throws? Will he not throw curses simply to harm you? He will kidnap more people and torture with the intention of making you watch and will have great satisfaction knowing you are feeling the same pain as them. If he so pleased he could simply kill you through this bond." Snape looked over at Harry who was looking down at his hands now, eyebrows furrowed. He noticed how his face had paled considerably and he was picking at his cuticles in what Snape assumed was nerves.

"Fortunately, the dark lord has yet to realize this meaning we have time to stop the problem before it even begins in earnest. Don't take this opportunity for granted you foolish boy. There are lives at stake. You can't simply not co-"

"Alright I'll learn occlumency"

"You will not interrupt me Potter. As I was saying there are lives at stake. You can't simply just not cooperate. We will begin these lessons tomorrow evening at 7:30 for an hour. I suggest you read and learn as much as you can on the topic until then to attempt to prepare yourself for once." With that Snape turned and stalked out of the room robes billowing behind him. Harry sighed and rubbed his temples.

This is going to be a long summer.



Harry's head snaps up and immediately from the occlumency book he was reading in the spare bed. He looks towards the closed door of the room, eyes wide. He hears a groan then what sounds like a continuous strings of curses coming from down the hallway and he opens his door just as Snapes walking by.

"Draco will be staying here for the week. Lucky for you that means your lessons will have to be postponed." Harry let's himself feel a small bit of satisfaction at that. "However," Snape glared at him. "In this time I expect you to read continuously and you should be an expert in the written theory of the subject by the time we begin." Harry watched as the man walks down the stairs with a smirk on his face. Letting out a sigh he heads over to the top of the stairs to the exact same position he found himself at only nights before.

Standing right before him at the bottom of the stairs he could see Mr. Malfoy, holding his snake head cane his hair loose falling down to below his shoulders in all its signature white blonde glory. Harry was surprised to see that the man look far more casual then usual. He was wearing nothing but a black tight form fitting long sleeved turtleneck as well as dress pants and shoes. He could tell it was still all obviously custom and designer made. He hung his black outdoor robe, which Harry could see had small silver trimming as-well as a detailed designed, on his arm.

Malfoy on the other hand, the one his age of course, Draco, was wearing a black button up dress shirt tucked into a pair of dark grey trousers with a pair of slacks. All custom designer made also. Although he noticed that his hair wasn't nearly as perfect as it was in school. It definitely wasn't even close to being as untamed as Harry's but there was no gel or other noticeable product in it. It was swooped to the right, the white blonde waves landed just above his eyes instead of the straight perfectly parted gelled hair he was used to seeing on the teen everyday for the past five years. Then off to the right standing near the doorway was Tibby standing there collecting the bags that were dropped and apperating away to, where Harry assumed, was Dracos room.

"Ah, there you are Severus, I was simply dropping off my son for his customary week."

"I see, would you care for a cup of tea, or perhaps something stronger?" Snape asked and Lucius threw a practiced blinding smile at him showing his perfectly straight pearly white teeth. "Of course, it would be rude to refuse such a generous offer." He said handing his robe to Tibby who had returned and Draco did the same. He could practically feel Snape rolling his eyes from where he was standing. "Draco why don't you go get settled in we will be in the living room when you are done." Draco, knowing an order when he got one, nodded his head and without a word started heading directly to Harry. Panicking he rushed back to the spare room.

He heard Malfoy walking past his room and then a door open somewhere further down the hall. The breath of relief he released when he realized Malfoy wasn't going to enter the same room was long. He flopped down on the bed then rolled over onto his stomach, feet where his head was meant to be. Reaching down under the bed he yanked out his trunk and continued to search through it to find something to cure his boredom. Assuming that the elder Malfoy would be here for a little while yet he planned on staying in the room as to not be seen.

What he was not expecting however was to hear the door creak open. Snapping his head up from the trunk and over to the door his eyes went wide and he immediately sat up when he saw the younger man standing there his own eyes wide and mouth slightly gaping. Within the blink of an eye Malfoy had his wand drawn and pointing directly at Harry's chest. "Father! Unc- professor!" He yelled tilting his head towards the stairs but not taking his eyes off of Harry, who's breath had begun to speed up. 'Oh crap, what's Mr. Malfoy going to do to me? He'll probably just take me straight to Voldemort. Snape's gonna be pissed.' were his last sane thoughts before he went into full panic mode and went to reach for his wand only for Malfoy to step closer, gripping his wand tighter. "Don't bloody move Potter." Was sneered out threateningly.

"What is going on Dra- oh merlin, Severus you've managed to captured the boy!" Lucius said appearing right behind his son in the doorway going to take his own wand out. "Well done!" He praised once more. Harry was, well, for lack of a better word, frantic. His thoughts going wild.

Suddenly Snape also appeared in the doorway. "Lucius if I had captured the boy he would not still be armed and simply sitting in my spare room, with all his possessions, calmly now would he?" Snape rolled his eyes at the man that was standing next to him who was sending him a poorly concealed look of confusion. Harry's was quickly looking between all three of them, lingering on the younger considering he had yet to lower his wand. "Explain Severus."

Letting out a sigh Snape placed his hand on Draco's forearm pushing down slightly in a sign for him to lower his wand. Draco sent him a look similar to the one his own father had just a moment earlier but lowered his wand a second later with reluctance. "Very well Lucius, I feel we should all head back down to the living room. Draco you can finish unpacking after if you are not done yet. Potter you will be joining us." Then without another word he turned and stalked away. Lucius immediately following them Draco sent one last glare at Harry before following his father out of the doorway also. Sitting on the bed still he thought for a moment.

'Should I go? They could kidnap me! But Snape wouldn't allow that would he? And they haven't kidnapped me yet. And if I don't go, being kidnapped will be the least of my worries' Thought Harry. 'Snape will kill me himself if I don't go down like he said anyways.' Not wanting to deal with an angry Snape, Harry made his way out of his room, down the hall, down the stairs, and into the living room where he saw Snape sitting in the leather chair that was next to the fire with a glass of some amber liquid. The two Malfoys were sitting next to each other on the couch that was directly in front of the lit fireplace and empty coffee table leaving Harry to take the identical chair opposite of Snape.

Harry hadn't really been in the living room since his very first night here when he stumbled out through the fireplace. He of course had walked though it to go to and from the upstairs meaning he never really got a good look around. He spotted the impressive chandelier above that he recalled commenting on his first night. He was about to try and get a closer look from his spot on the chair of the picture frames that were about in the room when Snape cleared his throat. "Potter will be staying with me for the rest of the summer under the headmasters orders." He spoke bluntly.

"Is the dark lord aware of this?" Lucius asked, he whispered harshly to him and both Harry and Malfoy watched as Snape took a long drink from his glass while watching the fire. "Of course not, if he did he would surely order me to take the boy to him which cannot happen." He looked over straight into Lucius' eyes and raised an eyebrow. "Dumbledores orders of course." He drawled out with a smirk and Harry struggled to try not to let out a snort of laughter. He watched as Lucius let out a huff and pursed his lips. "What is going on! Just spit it out already I don't like being kept in the dark Severus." He growled out in a near shout and he saw Draco give a nod of his head in agreement.

"It's as I said, Albus had instructed that the boy stay here in my care for the remainder of the summer holidays for his own safety considering his relatives home is no longer safe at the moment." Lucius rubbed his temples and Harry was quickly beginning to find this situation highly amusing and continued to struggle trying not to let it show.

"So," Lucius began after a few moments of silence. "You are genuinely keeping the boy safe from harm and our lord." Harry looked over and saw that Snape was about to open up his mouth to respond but Lucius continued to talk before even giving the man a moment to answer his own question. "He's not your lord anymore is he? You've discovered a way out and now you're working for the old coot." Harry's eyes grew wide in shock. How had he come to the correct assumption so quickly. Dracos eyes were also wide but for other reasons entirely.

"Hell Severus!" Lucius suddenly shouted and Harry jumped while Snape simply gazed at him. "Yes Lucius?" He asked calmly and Lucius' jaw visibly clenched. "How long? How long have you been working against me?" He asked in a voice Harry could only descibe as attempted hidden desperation, betrayal and hurt. Looking over to Snape Harry could have sworn he saw a look of regret and pain on his face but it was gone before he could be sure.

Sitting up straight he sat his glass down on the coffee table and looked directly at Lucius once more who was still looking back with the same look. "I have not betrayed you Lucius nor will I ever work against you. I am simply trying to repent for my sins by telling Albus all I can about the meetings we have and he does the rest." At some point during Snape's speech Lucius had looked away and was staring at the fire, his elbows resting on his knees hands intertwined. He closed his eyes and drew in a slow breath. "How long?" He asked again.

"Lucius look at me."

"Dammit Severus How long!" Lucius bellowed and stood up suddenly causing Draco and Harry to jump simultaneously and looked at each other with wide eyes before snapping them to Snape who spoke now.

"Since Regulus!" He snapped. 'Who the hell is regulus' he thought quickly.

"I went and begged dumbledore to help me, he agreed but only if I vowed to protect this boy," he pointed a vicious finger over towards Harry. "With my life and If I became a spy. So that is what I've done. Now dammit Lucius I said look at me!" He shouted that last sentence and stood up now as-well. Lucius continued to stare at the ground with his arms crossed and Snape took two quick long strides towards him and ended up standing directly towards him but yet Lucius didn't budge.

Snape let out a sound that Harry could only describe as a deep growl coming somewhere from his throat and he grasped Lucius' face with his hand yanking it up so the man would have no choice but to look at him. Eyes blazing Snape began to speak once more. "Lucius, I promise I did not betray you, and I never will, remember our promise! Never would I betray you two! I would rather sooner die! You fool!" He was practically shouting in Lucius face who just looked at him in what was now clear desperation.

"Why did you not tell me Severus?" He asked softly letting his arms fall limp at his sides and Snape dropped his face in favour of inning it down his own no while letting out a sigh. "If I had told you you would've been in even more danger, I-"

"You what?!"

"I couldn't lose you as well! You great big prissy prat! We had just lost Regulus and I couldn't risk losing you as well! Dammit Lucius if you had known then it was more likely for the dark lord to discover and he would kill us too! Just like he did to Reg! Don't you see? I'm protecting us! I've failed once and I will NOT fail again!" His face now had ugly red splotches of red on his cheeks from the yelling. His hands we clenched at his sides. Harry thought he had seen Snape as mad and scary as he could possibly get but now when he compared the two the original seems like fluffy kittens compared to the scene that was unfolding before him now and who the hell was Regulus?!

"Severus, you are not at fault for Regulus death. Don't tell me you've been thinking that ridiculous thought all these years." Lucius sighed. "I'm not mad at you Severus, I understand your decision and won't fight with you over it. But you must stop blaming yourself for everything, your guilt is not necessary and you are doing nothing but harming yourself with it."

"Albus has requested that I teach the boy occlumency before the summer is over." Snape said calmly and Harry reeled back in shock. What the hell was happening? The sudden change in topic was obvious to everyone in the room and they could all clearly see that Snape had once more slid his mask back over his mind and emotions. Letting out a sigh of defeat Snape sat back down next to Draco who looked nearly as shocked as Harry. but Harry noticed he didn't seem as confused. 'He must know who this Regulus man is.'

"Why, is he asking this of you?" He was rubbing his temples while Snape sat back down in his chair picking up his drink once more taking a sip. "The dark lord is placing images into his head and forcing him to watch his tortures at times. This is causing him to lose sleep and harming him both physically and mentally."


"Potter can at times feel the curses that the dark lord places on his victimes and sometimes gets the same after affects, although not as strong, over time the damages can build up to be even more severe." He let out a breath and pinched the bridge of his nose shutting his eyes while his brows furrowed. "Well, that does seem like a problem then dosent it. You should probably fix that." Lucius said and Harry saw his lips twitch in amusement while Snape let out a snort opening his eyes and letting go of the bridge of his nose only to throw a glare at the man and take one last gulp of his drink downing all that was left in the glass.