Welcome to the first chapter of the 'Potters and the Days of War'.

It's a story based in the Marauder era with James Potter and his fraternal twin Harry Potter.

Yeah, Harry was never born as James and Lily's son in this story but he will be much like his original self.

The story will stick to an 'M' rating which means that there will be no lemons or sexual scenes. Suggestive sexual themes might be prevalent later on in the story. Swearing will occur and violence and gore will be prevalent.

The timeline will be quite different from canon. Like Andromeda Tonks completed her Hogwarts years in the 60s but in this story, she's still in Hogwarts.

The story will begin in their sixth year and Voldemort's presence will be prevalent in Hogwarts. There will be no batcrap crazy prophecy.

Pairing: James Potter/Lily Evans, Harry Potter/Amelia Bones

There will be no slash content in this story. Maybe.


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Chapter 1: The Potter Curse

1 September 1976

8:00 A.M.

Potter Manor

"Get up, jackass!" A voice rang through the room which was covered in rather bright red and gold.

On the left wall, a red crest with golden borders with a huge lion in the middle of it was prominent. Under the lion in bold black words the word 'Gryffindor' was written. Along with that, there was a red curled sash that adorned the bottom of the crest. It had the words, 'Where Dwell the Brave at Heart' written on it.

On the right wall, a huge family tapestry was prominent. A silver gryphon with a golden crown in the middle of a red and golden crest was engraved on the top of the tapestry. The crest of House Potter. Underneath it, the Potter family motto was engraved in bold gold letters, 'Honour Thy Blood'. That was what was done.

The first names on the tapestry were of Hardwin Potter and Iolanthe Peverell, the daughter of Ignotus Peverell. The only Peverell brother to ever have children. That meant that the living Potters would be the heads of both Potter and Peverell houses. Few notable names were also present in the tapestry. One or two names had been blasted off the tapestry due to acts of treachery against the family. The pictures of the living Potters gave off a slight gold aura. There were two brothers Charlus Potter and Fleamont Potter. Fleamont Potter married Euphemia and Charlus Potter married Dorea Black. They had two children, James Potter who was the heir of Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and Harry Potter who was the heir of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverell.

The Head of the family would decide which of the next generation of Potters would take on which roles if they were of the same age. Charlus and Fleamont's father decided that Charlus would be the head of both Houses. Thus, he had the power to make James and Harry the heir to House Potter and House Peverell respectively.

Several magical posters of various Quidditch teams were put up on the middle wall along with a symbol which was feared by the rest of the wizarding community.

A large black triangle stood at the head of the sole bed in the room. A large circle was inscribed within the triangle. Along with that, a long straight wand-like structure went through the triangle as well. Underneath, on a black curled slash in big silver letters was written, 'The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed is Death'. It helped in bringing down the extreme brightness in the room.

Most witches and wizards would see this as a symbol of the death and destruction caused by Gellert Grindelwald but very few alive knew what it actually meant.

The Peverell coat of arms. Or the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. The wand-like line represented the Elder Wand which was made of the rarest wood available for wand crafting, Elder wood. It was the only hallow that was not passed onto the next person through a rite of inheritance. A dangerous wand for the one who held it. Many people spilt blood to get their hands on the strongest wand in the world. That's why whoever held it rarely broadcasted that particular fact.

The circle represented the Resurrection stone. A black and cold stone that could call on the spirits of the dead for a short time. It was said to drive the owner of the stone insane if he/she used it regularly. It was rumoured to be in the hands of the last "descendants" of Salazar Slytherin. Their ancestry was never proved because the only people who could do that were Gringotts and they did not seem to be so willing.

The triangle represented the most useful of the hallows. An invisibility cloak that hid the existence of the person underneath. This was the hallow that was in the possession of the Potter family. It was passed from the head of the Peverell family to his son or daughter. It was originally in the possession of Iolanthe Peverell and due to a lack of heirs, it was passed down in the Potter family.

The connection of the Peverell and the deathly hallows had been declared a family secret centuries ago by Hardwin Potter and the information was passed down only among the Potter family. Even the "descendants" of Salazar Slytherin who were said to have the resurrection stone were unaware of this fact.

Right now, we are in the room of one Harry James Potter.

A pillow ricocheted across the room towards the voice. It was followed by a tired voice, "Shut up James. Let me sleep."

The pillow came back with a vengeance from a boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes. He was currently dressed in a muggle attire. The Potters often associated with the Muggles, so this was far from a shocking appearance.

"We're going to be late for the train. Our sixth year starts today Shadow!"

Harry got up and rubbed his eyes, "How the hell are you excited so much about school, Prongs?"

Harry had similar messy black hair like his brother but his eyes were like a ring of emerald fire which held immense power. He had a scar running down from his eyebrow to the right of his jaw…

"Whoa! How the bloody hell did you get that?" James asked.

Harry looked like a deer caught in headlights, "I… uh… None of your business!" He finally snapped.

James understood by his brother's behaviour where he had been, "You followed an Auror tip from Kingsley, didn't you?"

Harry reached across the bed to his table where a single cauterized finger lay. He held it in his hand as he remembered his adventure two nights ago. He had not returned yesterday because of what his parents might do. But now, he had to face them.


30 July 1996

9:00 P.M.

Unknown Location

A silent wind blew through the trees which covered the large clearing. This was the calm before the storm.

A silent pop echoed through the forest as a boy with a black cloak on appeared in the middle of the forest. The boy brought out a vial which contained a blue potion.

The boy cracked open the vial and downed in one gulp. Instantly, the boy's body began to change. Instead of a 5'10'', sixteen-year-old boy there now stood a 6'2'', twenty-year-old man. The man took out his wand and quickly changed the colour of his hair to a slightly dirty blonde colour. He tapped his wand on his clothes and instantly, he had donned the purple robes of an Auror.

"Kingsley better be right or else he's going to see how bad the combined grimoires of Black, Potter and Peverell family can be." The man grumbled to himself.

Suddenly, there was a change in the air.

A ripple of magic went through the entire forest.

The man looked up to see a skull in the sky with a large snake floating out of its mouth.

The attack had begun.

The man flicked his wrist and his wand was in his hand. He ran towards the noise of fighting. He came out of the forest to see, half transformed werewolves wreaking havoc on a village.

A village with innocent children, women and men who had done nothing wrong.

Unbridled fury and rage went through the once boy.

He cleared his mind and focused the rage on one target.

Fenrir Greyback.

Several men and women in Auror robes were subduing the attack.

Non-lethal spells. How pathetic, the man thought to himself.

If there was one thing he liked about Barty Crouch was his bill to use lethal spells against these sick bastards, which was denied by the pureblood bigots. How he wished to rip apart those people.

Alas, he could do only so much at the age of sixteen.

A single death eater spotted him and shot a green spell towards him.

That's more like it. I was beginning to think that I would get no warm-up, the man though with sarcasm.

He lifted his wand to cast a shield charm against the incoming blasting curse.

He slashed his wand in an arc and whispered, "Diffindo."

A red-coloured arc shot towards the man in black robes and a silver mask. The arc cut his hand a bit but that was all it did.

An organ liquefying curse was sent his way which he blocked by conjuring a piece of wood in front of him. The wood blasted apart giving him time to disappear using the disillusionment charm.

His opponent looked for him frantically. Amidst the screams of the villagers, he never noticed Harry appearing behind him.

"Fragmina Ossis." He whispered with the wand aimed at the DE's neck. The death eater's neck shattered from the impact of the spell and he fell dead on the floor.

The hair on the back of his neck was raised and he tried apparating away but found he couldn't.

Anti-Apparating wards. How irritating.

He jumped out of the way of a particular green spell which used a lot of hate as a power source.

He jumped up and raised a shield against a blood boiling curse aimed his way from another death eater.

This one was relatively stronger than the previous one which was why he found himself dodging and blocking the attacks.

Why am I here? The man thought with determination, Revenge. For Moony. And… He shook his head. It would not be good if he focused on that memory.

He focused on the icy rage in his body and used that to power himself. He launched the disarming spell against his opponent.

His opponent laughed, "A simple disarming spell against a Lestrange? You will die here, blood traitor!"

A Lestrange? Now, I have to kill him.

He tried firing several spells but they were either blocked or met with another curse.

"Sectumsempera!" Lestrange roared. A blue arc sped towards him and cut his arm.

Dammit. What spell was that? He quickly used a basic healing spell which covered the several lacerations that had emerged on his arm.

He looked around to see the Aurors reaching the centre of the carnage.

I need a distraction.

One thing came to mind. It would distract both the Aurors and Lestrange. A curse that only a Peverell could control. A spell with adverse effects on whoever the target was. A version of Fiendfyre that could not be blocked.

"Maledictus Ignis."

A huge stream of purple fire ejected from his wand. The flames slowly took shape. A skeletal face formed with leathery purple wings coming out of the back of the creature. Its eyes were pitch black and craved for blood and revenge. He smiled a bit at that. After all, a thestral was his animagus form.

"Kill anything with a dark mark." Normally, this would be an impossible command. But, the most important thing he learned from the Peverell grimoire was that no magic was light or dark. It focused solely on intent. Thus, if the conjurer knew what he wanted to target, the cursed fire would target exactly that.

The thestral charged towards Lestrange who tried to block it in vain. The thestral consumed the body and left in ash.

The Aurors left their previous attempts to subdue the remaining death eaters to subdue his curse.


Of course, his curse wasn't going to hurt them. But, he wanted some alone time with a particular werewolf.

He walked towards the village enjoying the destruction of death eaters his spell was causing. He may be on the other side but everyone had a mean streak within them.

Another death eater came towards him.

He ducked the incoming spell and erected a shield against the next one.


A red arc ran towards the man who jumped out of the way. The green killing curse ran towards him and he transfigured a nearby rock into a wall.

Transfiguration always came easy to me. Minnie would be proud of what I'm about to do.

"Periculo Anguis." This spell came from neither grimoire. It was his own creation using battle transfiguration. A variation of Serpensortia. Several snakes were conjured in front of him.

$Kill him.$ A trait from his Black heritage. Nobody knew of this except his mother.

The snakes charged towards him and at the last moment transfigured into deadly weapons. Half of the snakes turned into a clean silver knife while the others turned into a throwing star used in the muggle world. It's quite useful. The man was dismembered from various places and would bleed out soon enough.

A nearby werewolf was about to attack a girl. He raised his wand and moved it in a whip motion.

"Flagellum Ignis."

A whip made of fire came out of his wand and grabbed the werewolf by his neck. The werewolf howled with pain and he let the whip stand for a minute.

He held his wand at the wand, who was scared for a minute.

"Obscuro." A blindfold appeared on the girl's eyes.

The werewolf croaked, "Mercy."

He conjured a silver knife out of thin air. And stabbed the werewolf in his heart.

"You deserve to die for what you let your other side do." He spoke as the life ebbed away from the werewolf's eyes.

He knelt by the girl and removed the blindfold.

"Are you okay?"

The girl nodded.

"You'll be fine. Now, run away from here and remember to be as silent as possible."

The girl nodded and ran away.

Honestly. These werewolves are nothing short of monsters.

He ran towards the carnage and then he spotted his target.

Hunched over the body of a boy, was Fenrir Greyback.

That could have been Moony. That had been…

Shut up! You cannot focus on that right now! He cut off his original thought.

That sent his rage into a new mode. In his rage, he missed his blasting curse which only sent Greyback flying.

He cursed himself and cleared his mind.

Greyback got up and howled. He was not in his complete form. That had to be an advantage. It meant that he could get close without risking himself with lycanthropy.

Greyback charged towards him with amazing speed and tackled him to the ground.

He flicked his wand back and punched Greyback in the face.

Greyback staggered back a bit after being hit in the face.

Wasn't expecting that, were you?

Greyback lunged for him with his partially transformed claws. He jumped back but not enough. A single claw raked from his eyebrow to his jaw.

That's gonna leave a mark.

He charged towards Greyback and punched him in the gut which sent him sprawling.

Greyback got up and laughed, "You're no Auror, are you?"

"Guessed right, you son of a bitch."

"Words ain't gonna do nothing. I'm gonna rip you apart with my bare hands."

He smirked, "You might wanna ask Lestrange about how I battle."

Greyback's eyes widened. How the hell did he kill Lestrange? Greyback thought.

Harry flicked his wrist and his wand was in his hand.

"You want to do this with wands? Because I'm good either way."

I'll have an advantage when I use the Dark Arts. All the Light side idiots use non-lethal spells. Greyback mused.

Greyback summoned his wand which was lying in the carnage.

"Furnunculus." An orange ball shot out of Harry's wand.

Greyback dodged as he was shocked at the speed of the spell.

"Avada Kedavra." The green spell was blocked with a wall transfigured from a wood piece.

"Is that the only spell you guys know? Expelliarmus." A red ball shot out and it was blocked with the use of the Killing Curse.

"You'll lose. You stand no chance in front of me."

Lure him into overconfidence and that's when you have won the game.

"Effusus Sanguis." A purple coloured beam struck Greyback straight in the chest.

Greyback's eyes widened and he howled as his blood literally boiled.

"Incarcerous." Thick black roped bound Greyback into place.

He aimed his wand at Greyback's knees and murmured, "Fragmina Ossis." Greyback screamed as both of his knees were shattered.

He aimed his wand at a single finger on Greyback's right hand which held a single black ring with a black wolf crest. "Diffindo." The finger was cut clean.

He brought out his silver knife and murmured, "Incendio." The blade was heated to a certain amount. He held the blade to the bleeding end of the finger. The bleeding stopped and he placed the finger in his pocket.

He twirled the blade in his hand and looked at Greyback with a maniacal grin. That grin scared Greyback because it was eerily similar to that of his master. Harry raised his wand first and aimed it at Greyback's eyes and spoke, "Legilimens."

Instantly, he was covered in darkness. A howl went off to his left and he barely dodged the slash of a fully formed werewolf.

"The bastard knows Occlumency. That'll make it even more fun. Should I rip apart his defences or be sneaky about it?" He spoke to himself as he dodged the attacks of the werewolf. After he missed another slash at his face, he made up his mind.

"Maledictus Ignis." The purple fire took the form of a thestral yet again. It charged down and turned the werewolf into ash. It charged down and any other obstacle that came its way was turned into ash. He calmly followed the carnage caused by his thestral. Slowly, the thestral destroyed all the defences and Harry watched the memories of Voldemort in Greyback's mind. Voldemort was angry. The Ministry was causing him trouble and Dumbledore was his biggest threat. Harry caught the words, 'Hogwarts Attack' and 'Order of Phoenix'.

Harry decided that he was going to confront the Headmaster about this 'Order of Phoenix'. Another memory came up. Greyback was hunched over a body in the depths of a dark alley. He pulled out abruptly and he was standing in front of Greyback.

When Greyback saw his eyes, which were burning like an emerald fire, he whimpered. Fenrir Greyback, the most savage werewolf whimpered. Harry raised the knife and growled.

"This is for Remus Lupin and… Rose Potter."

He drove the blade straight into Greyback's brain. The life slowly vanished from the savage werewolf's eyes.

He held his wand above his hand and shot a blue spell in the sky which dispersed the dark mark but it changed into another writing.

You're Next Tom.

He disillusioned himself and ran towards the forest from where he apparated to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

Flashback Ends

"I killed him Prongs." He looked at his brother with fire in his eyes.

James gasped. His brother was hell-bent on killing Greyback and only his death could cause such emotion in his twin. All the Marauders wanted revenge on Greyback and it had been fulfilled.

"How?" He asked in a small voice.

"Ageing potion. Silver blade in his brain." He chuckled without any mirth.

James jumped at his twin and hugged him with all his might with unshed tears in his eyes.

They both hugged each other.

After a minute, James let out a watery chuckle, "Mum's gonna kill you."

"That's why I didn't come back till yesterday night."

"And where exactly were you?" A stern voice came across the room.

There at the door stood Dorea Potter in all her glory.

Blood red hair tied up in a neat bun and green eyes blazing with anger. Even at the age of 52 she had no wrinkles and looked as if she was 30.

When her eyes fell on the scar on Harry's face her eyes softened.

She walked towards him and examined his face, "Who did this to you?"

Harry hesitated and James piped up, "You better tell her. Her passive legilimency is stronger than Dad and she could rip apart your defences if it did not cause pain."

Harry glared at James and turned to meet green eyes similar to his with anger burning in them, "What. Did. You. Do?"

Harry gulped, "Go on downstairs. I'll tell you along with Dad."

Dorea got up, "You better tell us the truth, Harry. Because whoever gave you this will pay."

Dorea dragged James along with her out of the room.

Harry got out of bed and changed into cleaner attire. He knelt by his name on the tapestry and brought out his wand.

His wand was a pitch-black colour with a white handle. On the handle, the crest of the Peverell family was engraved. His wand was thirteen inches, made of ebony wood and had a phoenix tail feather. A powerful wand which was hardly chosen due to its power.

He waved his wand and beside his name, another name became visible with a picture.

A girl of about nine years stared back with her hazel eyes and long red hair. Underneath the image the name, 'Rose Potter' was visible. There was no gold aura from that picture.

"I miss you, Rosie." He murmured as he touched the picture. He waved his wand and the picture vanished. He got up and checked his trunk which was packed with all his books and his secret training room.

He snorted at that. As if he didn't already have the best training room anybody could have.

He shrunk his trunk and tucked it in his pocket. He grabbed the empty owl cage and shrunk it as well. His owl would return when she wanted to.

He trudged down the stairs and sat on the table where everyone was sitting.

Charlus Potter looked at his son's face and groaned, "What did you do this time? School's not even started yet."

"Hey! Why do you always assume I did something?" Harry said indignantly.

James chose that moment to pipe up, "This time, you did do something."

Harry glared at James, "Not helping James. Not helping."

"Harry," Dorea began, "Tell us what happened."

Harry took a deep breath, "You know how Kingsley owes me for saving his life when I was in the third year?"

Charlus thought to himself for a moment, "The Kingsley who's in Auror training right now?"

Harry meekly nodded.

Dorea's eyes widened at the implication, "Tell me you did not do what I think you did."

Harry shrugged, "I don't know what you're thinking but I'll tell you this. Werewolf attacks were increasing, so I asked Kingsley to keep an eye out for Greyback."

Charlus asked carefully, "Fenrir Greyback?"

Harry nodded, "He told me two days ago, that on that night an attack was going to occur. I apparated to the location, took an ageing potion and joined the Aurors on the defence." A disgusted expression replaced the previous meek expression, "Idiots didn't even use anything other than stunners. I don't know how the hell they think they're gonna win if they use only stunners."

Dorea's eyes widened, "You killed?"

"Of course I killed," Harry snapped but then calmed down, "It's what they deserve. Lestrange and Greyback deserved worse than what I did."

This time Charlus's eyes widened, "You killed Randolph Lestrange?"

Harry nodded, "Using cursed fire."

James asked, "Fiendfyre?"

Harry shook his head, "The original cursed fire."

Charlus gasped, "Maledictus Ignis. How the hell did you control it? On the second hand, why the hell did you use it?"

"Randolph was proving to be a challenge and I needed to get to Greyback before the Aurors. I needed a distraction and I used it. I also told it to kill any person with a Dark Mark."

Charlus nodded, "The most important thing about magic is…"

All members completed together, "Intent."

Dorea who now had a proud gleam in her eyes told Harry, "Before we go, I would like to see the memory, Harry."

Harry nodded and held his wand at his temple. He slowly removed the wand and with it came a transparent string. While he was doing this James summoned the family pensieve.

Harry dropped the memory in the pensieve and waited for his family to come back out.

After a few minutes, they came out and Harry was wrapped in a tight hug.

"I'm fine, Mum."

Dorea shook her head, "It's not that. I know there's a war going on outside and you want to be in the middle of it just like your father. I wanted to ask you why are you doing this?"

Harry shook his head, "I can't tell you the reason, Mum."

Dorea sighed, "Fine. But you have to tell me whenever you go on such adventures. Understood?"

Harry nodded.

Dorea ruffled his hair and kissed him on the forehead, "I would never stop you from what you want to do. No matter how dangerous."

Dorea walked out of the room, leaving only the Potter males.

James hugged his twin again, "Moony will be ecstatic."

Harry hugged him back, "I know."

Both of them looked at their father who looked deep in thought.

"Dad?" Harry tentatively spoke up.

Charlus looked at both of them and spoke up, "You need fighting experience. Because if I know James, he won't ever let his brother take part in the war alone. When you get back home after your year, we're going to train and you're gonna perform the rituals the Potter family designed for such cases."

"Really?" Both the twins looked excited.

Charlus nodded.

"Wait," Harry began, "Aren't we coming back on Christmas and Easter?"

Charlus looked at them with a mischievous glint in his eyes, "You'll find out when you reach Hogwarts."

Harry shrugged but James wanted to protests so, he started dragging James away.

They both began to run off but he stopped them, "Wait. I need to tell you both something else."

Harry and James came back and sat in front of their father.

"Today, I'll tell you about the Potter Curse."

"WHAT?!" Both of them shouted at the same time.

"Calm down. It's nothing serious."

"Then why is it called a Curse?" James asked incredulously, pushing up his glasses which had fallen off when he stood up abruptly.

"Because we were cursed. However, it's nothing serious if you don't like redheads." Charlus said the last part underneath his breath.

He took a deep breath, "Centuries ago, one Harold Potter offended a powerful witch by saying that her hair was a disgrace. You know, how women can get when you insult their appearance, so she blew up in anger and cursed Harold by saying that all his male descendants would end up marrying a red-haired witch for all eternity."

Harry and James looked at each other then burst out laughing.

Charlus observed them and let them take it in for a moment. Harry looked at his father's serious expression and abruptly stopped.

"Wait, you're serious."

"Of course I am."

"But it's not anything dangerous. So, why are you telling us this?"

Harry cuffed James at the back of his head, "Because it's a warning to not chase after other witches. Let nature play its course."

Charlus nodded, "Correct. I never thought that I would fall for your mother. But it happened. So, be aware of that fact and don't waste time on other witches."

"Aren't there any exceptions?"

"I'll let you see. I married your mother who is a redhead. Your uncle Fleamont married Euphemia who has red hair as well. Your grandfather Hardwin also married a red-haired witch. And on and on."

"I have a question," James began, "How the hell do we not have red hair?"

"Magic," Charlus said and walked away.

Harry and James looked at each other.

"He's mad. That's what he is." James told his brother.

Harry shrugged, "Well, at least you got your redhead."

James got a dreamy expression on his face at that.

Harry cuffed him, "Don't get lost in La La Land. You'll have to be really lucky if Lils even accepts one date from you."

"How the hell are you, such good friends, with her when none of the other Marauders is?"

"I'm a prefect."

James huffed, then his eyes got a mischievous glint, "Even you have your redhead." He proclaimed.

"What? Who?" He said before drinking water.


Harry spat out his water, "Hell no. She hates me and I hate her."

James scoffed, "Please. The amount of sexual tension when you two are in a room can be cut with a wand." James wiggled his eyebrows then ran away when his brother got up and chased after him.

For now, life was good.

Harry scoffed, "Yeah right."


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