Rath's thoughts in a poem

My heart is breaking it is shattering chained to the dark
Soul screams but I can't
If I scream they will know that I'm being ripped apart
Torn to shreds

I want to die
To just let go
To be alone with the demons of my soul
Can't stay
Can't run away
Cuss you will know

I want to run
To hide from it all
To be alone
So that you will never know
To lock my self away never to see the light of day
But if I do then you will all know

If you know you will come
You must stay away
You must never see my soul
Must never know my pain

I stayed to long
Learned to love
And can't love
CUs then you will love me
Then if I hurt so will you
And I don't want to hurt you

So I hide in the dark
So you will never see
When to pain shatters me
Brings me to my knees
You won't see
And won't hurt for me

I want to die
I want to bleed
I want to be free

Free from it all

This just came to me out of the blue and I typed as fast as I could to keep
up with my self and that was very hard. Pika Cheeka's Thrown Away inspired
it. I was also thinking of the song Hold On by
Good Charlotte when I was writing this and I better post it before I try to
change something and screw the whole thing up.
Ja Ne!